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Automatically Increment/Decrease Cell Value By One

I have a single cell in a spreadsheet which I'm trying to increment by 1 on demand.

My ideal would be a button which increments by 1, and another button which decreases the value by 1.

Is there any simple way to do this?

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Automatically Increment Cell Once Per Day
I need to add or subtract a specific amount daily from a sheet with little or no manual intervention.

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Automatically Increment Worksheet Numbers
In my workbook I have a summary sheet and then will have approx 200 tabs (worksheets) after the summary sheet. Of those 200 tabs each tab is exactly the same and i need to pull the exact same data from each and every tab into the summary sheet.

e.g. My tab numbers will be 01 through to 200. I am currently using as a formula: ='01'!$L$6

Obviously pointing to Tab 01 and in that tab Cell L6..

i need this to automatically change when i drag the cell down to:
='200'!$L$6 ... and so on.

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Automatically Increment Column Number In Vlookup
I have the following formula. How can I change it so thst when copy/drag the column number automatically increments by 1

IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A2,'Purchase Order Pivot Table'!$5:$500,67,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP($A2,'Purchase Order Pivot Table'!$5:$500,67,FALSE))

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Decrease Cell Value
Is there a formula or maybe some VB code that can be used to decrease a cell value if another cell's value is changed. e.g. I have a userform that has a Textbox that will put a 6 digit number in cell J4 & a Combobox that enters a number in cell E4. If the value of J4 is changed from the Textbox, I would like to have cell E4's value decrease by 1. If J4 doesn't change, cell E4 remains unchanged.

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Change Cell Color After Every Decrease Up To Increase
I have a 49 numbers in cell A1:AW1 they are not in acceding order. I want to separate all groups start from lowest number to highest giving them deferent color. As shown in example table below in cell (A2 start with n 6 and increase up to n 47 till cell F2 =yellow color) then Cell (G3 decrease n 3 and increase up to n 49 till cell L49=Green Color) and continue same process for rest ....

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: Due To Sum Increase Or Decrease
how to change the cell colour due to a sum increase or decrease? For example: if the amount is greater than 200, change cell colour to green. If under 200 change cell colour to yellow.

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Increment A Cell By 1
How do I increment a cell by 1 when data in another cell is changed. In other words...I am logging phone calls made. When I enter the date I made a call I want a cell labeled "times called" to increase by one.

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Worksheets-a Value Within A Cell To Increment
How do you get a value within a cell to increment, by say, 1, for each and
every worksheet within my workbook?

For example, the value in sheet1 in cell A1 is 100

in sheet2, I input...= 1 + 'sheet1'!A1 in cell A1 (value now is 101)

then, in sheet 3, I input...= 1 + 'sheet2'!A1 in cell A1 (value now is 102)

then, in sheet 4, I input...= 1 + 'sheet3'!A1 in cell A1 (value now is 103)


How can I input a formula...then copy and paste it into my sheets without
having to go to each and every worksheet to input the formula?

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Increment Cell Value Macro
I currently have a Macro which increments a cell by 1, as follows:

Sub Up_One()
ActiveCell.Value = ActiveCell.Value + 1
End Sub
Sub Down_One()
ActiveCell.Value = ActiveCell.Value - 1
End Sub

How do I amend this so the selected cell 'goes to' cell A4 before carrying out the macro above?

My employees keep forgetting to click in cell A4, and the macro will simply increment whatever cell you're in at the time of click...

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Increment Date In Cell
I have figured out how to get the average. My next problem is getting the dates to increment. I want the time and date to go as follows: 07/12/07/9:00 then 07/12/07/10:00 ...... 07/12/07/23:00, 07/13/07/0:00 like this.

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Increment Cell Value On Each Print
I've created a sheet that I would like to place a check number in say cell C4 and set this number to start at 1001. Now when I select to print 20 pages for example I would like the Cell C4 to equal 1001 for the first page and then page 2 in C4 have the number increase by 1 to 1002 and so on.

If I could figure out away to use the header/footer &[page] command on my worksheet I would be all set but I can't seem to figure how to use that outside of the header/footer.

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Increment Cell Between 2 Numbers
Im trying to write a very basic macro that will let me increment a cell value from 0 to 20. in this instance im trying to make cell a40 change from 0 to 20 and im trying to make it increment by 1 every time and then go back down from 20 to 0. In this code i need to be able to see the changes happening as i will be showing the incrementation on a graph.

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Increment Cell By One Row In Variable
I am working on a Loop, I have most of it working except incrementing the cell.

I have this,

PartN = Worksheets("Parts").Range("A3").Value

then the loop. what I can't figure out is I need for A3 to increment by one row until the loop is done. i.e. loop runs as A3, then A4, then A5 etc.. until the specified number of the loop is reached (which is basically the number of rows I have)

I tired something like

Dim CellN As Variable
CellN = "A3"
Do Until xxx
PartN = Worksheets("Parts").Range(CellN).Value

then before the Loop statement at the bottom I put

CellN = CellN + 1

but I get a type mismatch error

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Name Cell At Each Loop Increment
I am experimenting one way to solve one problem, but to do this I have to Name some cells with some values, thing that normaly in VBA is symple but I have never done before in coding. May be my problem is because what I am doing is not valid with the vlookup but if you can take a look to my file. The problem is that when I run the Macros the Named Cells are totaly out of place...

Sub Lookup()
dercell_unit = Range("C65500").End(xlUp).Row
Range("B" & dercell_unit, "E2").Select
Set Rango = Range("B" & dercell_unit, "E2")
For i = 2 To dercell_unit
Names.Add "VALrsa", "=$C" & i
Names.Add "RESOLdds", "=$D" & i
Cells(i, 7) = Application.VLookup(Cells(i, 2), Rango, 4, False)
Next i
End Sub

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Find Last Cell In Column And Increment
I have a worksheet (Sheet1) with column A labeled MissionNumber. I have also created a Form which I can use to enter the next mission number into that column. However, instead of manually entering the number...when opening the form I would like it to check column A for the last entry...and automatically increment the mission number by 1 and have it displayed on the form.

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Increment Cell Value At Each Print Of Sheet
Basically I have a sheet that changes it's values depending on the value in C2. What I'd like to create is a loop that prints the sheet, increases the value of the cell by one, prints the sheet again and so on. Before printing I'd like to check that the value of e.g. B5 is not equal to zero.

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Increment Cell Location Up By One Cell For A Column
Increment all cells located in Column H up by one (the one above it) cell Except for the header cell (since its the header)(H1),

H2 will always be a blank due to the make up of my database so that will not cause the header to be re-written.

Column H is not an entirely filled column and some cells are empty (if this info was needed in optimizing the code),

Im seeking the quickest and easiest way of implementing this since the database is very large.

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Increment Cell Value & Print Sheet At Each Step
I am trying to automatically increment a cell value then print the sheet. I need it to increment up to 220, or possible higher, and then print at each increment; 1,2,3,etc. as opposed to typing 1 then print, 2 then print, 3 then print...etc. Can this be done with a macro? I've attached a file if you want to view it (cell J2 of "NEW PART ENTRY" sheet).

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Auto Increment Cell Number Upon Open
I am trying to get my invoice sheet to automatically increment the invoice number when I open the workbook. I know it is in the code i.e. private sub? but it doesnt seem to work.

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Increment Cell Each Time Workbook Is Opened
Below the code allows me to get the last modified, but I want to get the last time the file was access. How do get the "Last Accessed" Date/Time?

If CurrentTime < ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time") Then
MsgBox "Date Moved"

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Absolute Cell Reference :: Alpha Characters To Increment
I've got a worksheet here that i need to update every week. The problem i'm having is that i have a table of values that's drawing values in from another larger table. For example in B9 the cell is referenceing the I2 cell in another sheet. When i pull down the formula in B9 i want the cell below to reference J2 and so on. In other words, I only want the alpha characters to increment. Tried messing around with dollar signs but it doesn't seem to be doing what i want.

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Copy Cell Reference From Seperate Sheet To Increment Correctly
I have two sheets in my workbook, and I am trying to reference one chart's value into the other. (attached)

I have referenced successfully by manually typing in the reference on row 2 for all values on Sheet 1:
Sheet 1 - C2 needs to reference Sheet 2 - B2. (Sheet2!B2) - no problem all the way across to F2. All those values are correct b/c I manually typed in the reference.

The problem comes when I just want to drag over that same formula to increment for the other cells. It's not incrementing the formula like I need it to.

So, Sheet 1, Row 2 shows how the correct values I need to pull over but was done in a manual way. Sheet 1, Row 5 shows how it increments incorrectly when I try to just drag/copy the formula over. What I need is for Sheet 1 - D5 to reference Sheet 2 - C3, but instead if I try and drag to copy the formula instead of manually typing it in, it increments when I drag reference D2 instead of C3.

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Formula Calculation To Be 1 Of 2 Values & Increment Cell Based On Result
I'm quite a novice at Excel. I have a column of values that I sum as follows;


0 <----------------sum of A1:A5

A formula may change one of the values in the above column to a '1' which means the sum will become '1'. The sum can only be '1' or '0' and only one value in the column will ever change. I need to add a value of 2 to another cell (say, C1) when the sum of A1:A5 changes from a value of '0' to '1'. I know this will probably involve the worksheet change event but am having a problem implementing it.

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% Of Increase - Decrease - Formula
I have a this years total in A1, last years total in B1, difference +/- in C1


I am trying to get a % of Increase/Decrease (Between A1 and B1) in D1.
Not as a dollar amount but as a %.

I have tried Percentile and PercentRank and some other stuff. No joy.

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Increment Cell By 1 By Clicking Another Cell
I would like to click on "B1" (making this a button) and have it add "1" to blocks "B9" and "C9". Both blocks would start out with "0". I would need it to add in sequential order everytime I clicked on "B1". Basically, when I open my document the very first time, "B9" and "C9" will read "0". When I click on "B1", they should then read "1". Then next time I click "B1", they should read "2", and so forth.

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Decrease Time From Splash Screens
In this sheet are 2 Splash screens which randomly open on startup. This is the code for them:

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How To Count Decrease To Increase Match
Below i have example table in which Cells B2:G4 have draw numbers. In Cells I2:X4 I have numbers in 3 groups, Group start with small number and finish with highest number.

For example in row 2 first groups is 5 to 36, second group is 10 to 30 and third group is 4 to 41 and continue same for rest rows ....

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Getting A Value To Increase Or Decrease Number Or Rows...
I need to be able to select a certain number (from, say, 1-20) from a drop down menu, which will decide a number of rows (filled with data) on the next sheet. As I prefer not to give anyone the sheet I'm actually working on I made a quick look-a-like which might explain this better.

A and B are different scenarios, with different values in the fake drop-down menu I made. Just to pass on the understanding of what I want the values to do. If putting a drop-down menu there is troublesome, then I can live without them. But entering a certain value in the field and getting that number of rows for a certain product is what I need. I tried searching for a function/macro to use for this, but I dont know what exactly to look for. Name, etc

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Increase/decrease Values Individually?
I have a single simple question, so let's get straight to the point: I have an A column with these values:

I==================== ....
I 1 I____40____I_________ ....
I 2 I____50____I_________.....
I 3 I____30____I_________.....

And I need each of these values increased/decreased by a constant number.

So far, I only found formulas where all cells are, say, added into a single result, as you can see here:.....

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Increase/Decrease Times By X Hours
in speeding up the below code as it does not seem to matter whether I use For, If loop etc - it runs too slowly. Basically we have one sheet which is input in a different timezone that needs converting to GMT... since daylight saving I wrote some code to cover the +/- 1 hour difference (this seems to work quite well) yet when it comes to converting the actual cells it runs incredibly slowly. I appreciate any help but its only the code after "Sheets("data").Unprotect" that i think needs changing. The time stamp is in column 7 - I hope this makes enough sense - which then gets converted by either 4.5 or 5.5 hours dependent on british summer time.

Sub TimeConvert()

With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
. ScreenUpdating = False
.DisplayAlerts = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With

Dim FirstDate As Date
Dim Position, DayIndex, lgrow, lstrow As Long, TargetMonth As Long, Stweekday, Enweekday, Tdate As Date, TargetYear As Long, cell As Range
Dim bst As Boolean

TargetYear = Year(Now)
TargetMonth = 3
Position = "L"
DayIndex = 1

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Format Number To Increase/decrease
How can i format my excel spreadsheet cell so that a number


displays as


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Increasing/decreasing; Rate Of Decrease - Spreadsheet
Im trying to make this:

Amount of money: 1000 (changeable)
Beginning # of units: 0,1 (changeable)
Delta: 200 (changeable)
Rate of decrease: 50% (changeable)

0,1 unit should be added for every 200$ increase (1000+200=1200; 1200+200=1400; 1400+500=1900; 1900+256=2156 etc)
0,1 unit should be taken away after decreasing by100$ (because the rate of decrease = 50% (changeable))

After increasing of 1000 + 200, quantity of units should also increase for 0,1, so it should be 0,2 (1200), 0,3(1400), 0,4(1600).. Amount of money can increase not only by 200, but for any sum. If that sum is (for example) 500, we should increase by 0,2 etc.

But when this some decreasing we are using rate of decrease (for example 50%, (changeable):
0,4 units 1600
0,3 units 1500
0,2 units 1400
0,1 unit 1300

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Command Button Size Increase / Decrease
I'm building a keypad out of commandbutton controls, and there's this strange resizing behavior with the commandbuttons. I've attached an example, as it's much easier to see than describe.... but essentially, clicking a button seems to enlargen it slightly, and then two clicks later, it 'dezooms' back to original size (even with shadows turned off). while this is not hugely noticeable individually, it feels really strange when there's a whole keypad of commandbuttons.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Increase Or Decrease The Number Of Decimals
Is there any keyboard shortcut to increase or decrease the number of decimals shown directly (I mean without having to use ctrl + 1... etc )

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Formula To Decrease A Margin, In Connection With Increasing Basic Value
I'm trying to build a formula to form a price-list. I have some basic prices from a supplier and want to build my prices with a simple rule: the higher the basic price is (column A), the lower my profit margin (in %) should be (column B). Example:

Basic value is $50, my price is $75 (50% margin)
Basic value is $100, my price is $130 (30% margin)
Basic value is $150, my price is $172,5 (15% margin)
And so on...

I forgot most of what I've learned on Excel at my university (long time ago...), so I tried to do it by using simple thresholds, with "if" function:

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Spin Button To Increase Or Decrease By 1 Each Time It Is Clicked Up Or Down
I am having difficulty finding information on coding my spin button on a user form. I searched and haven't found any information. I need to do is code a spin button to increase or decrease by 1 each time it is clicked up or down. I would like it to populate to a text box on my form if that is possible.

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Font Size Decrease In Data Validation List
Using excel 2007, I have a worksheet with numerous data validation drop down lists. I was making a few changes to the worksheet and then I restarted the code. The font size of all my drop down lists displayed as a smaller font (maybe 2 sizes smaller) than had been displayed before. I went back to a previously saved copy of the code and the font size in the drop downs is back at the original size. Did I do something to cause this or is it excel 2007?

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Increment Cell On Selection And Lock/Protect From Re-Selection
I tried very hard to design a leave roster for user to mark their leave application. The criteria are as follows:

1. 4 applications per date
2. a region of worksheet (i.e. "A2 to H20) will be defined for users to "click" on the cells (within the defined region) to mark their application.
3. once a cell is clicked (i.e. marked), it cannot be altered.
4. each click will automatically increase the total by 1.

I got the following code to deal with the situation but user can still click on any cell outside the region (in fact I fail to define the region).

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim m
ad = Mid(ActiveCell.Address, 2, 1)
m = Range(ad & 24).Value 'here a formula "CountA(A2,A20)" will be place in the cell (24, c).......................

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Automatically Update A Protected Cell Based On Contents Of An Unprotected Cell
I am trying to find some VBA that will allow protected cells to be updated when a user enters or selects data in other cells.

For example:

Cell 'A1' starts out blank.
Cell 'B1' has a drop down to select specific items.
Cell 'C1' is the date of the order and is a locked cell.
Cell 'D1' is the date of completion and is a locked cell.
The worksheet is protected to prevent direct changes to cells C1 and D1.

If a user enters any information in A1, then C1 displays the current date.
If a user selects 'Complete' from the drop-down list in B1, then D1 displays the current date. Both of these actions are independant of one another. This format is the same for every cell in the 4 columns indicated above. I thought I was able to do this in another spreadsheet I created a year or so ago but I have not been able to figure out what I did and I do not have the spreadsheet to look at.

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When A Date Entered On A Specific Cell, Automatically Enter A Text In Other Cell
I have 6 Headings in excel named...

"A" in cell A1, B in B1, "C" in C1, "D" in D1, "E" in E1 and "F" in F1.

There are two projects.

Project 1 has phase A, D & F and Project 2 has phase A, B, C, D & E.

My Specification follows...

1). Take Prject 1 - Which starts from cell A2 I will keyin "A". When the phase comes to an end I will key in the end date of the phase. As soon as I key in the end date in cell A2 Letter D should automatically appear in the cell D2 and when Phase D comes to an end I will key in the end date in Cell D2 which should automatically keyin F in the cell F2. and is the same case for Project 2.

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Automatically Copy Formula To Next Cell When I Enter Something In Perticular Cell
Automatically copy formula to next cell when i enter something in perticular cell ....

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Automatically Shade Cell Dependant Upon Text In Aother Cell
Im writing a spreadsheet that will act as a hotel room booking diary. There will be 52 sheets (representing each week of the year) and each sheet will therefore represent one week

Each sheet will look at operate the same. Running horizontally will be the days of the week and running vertically will be each of the bedrooms. There are 22 bedrooms in total and each room will have 12 cells allotted to it for each day - lets call this a 'block' and presume that the first block runs from C10 to c21. The final of these cells C21 will have a validation and the user can select 'PAID' 'TO PAY' or 'INVOICED'

If the user selects 'PAID' in C21 I want cells C10 through to C21 to shade GREEN
If the user selects 'TO PAY' in C21 I want cells C10 through to C21 to shade RED
If the user selects 'INVOICE' in C21 I want cells C10 through to C21 to shade YELLOW

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Automatically Clear Cell When Corresponding Cell Is Populated
I have a 7 (columns) by 2 (rows) grid of cells which I need to perform the following,

If cell a1 is populated, then it will clear the contents of a2, or if cell e2 then it will clear the contents of e1. Basically if any cell is populated it will clear the other corresponding column entry.

I came across this code which works well for one cell


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Automatically Fill Cell Value Based On Another Cell
I have certain values in cell B4 to B2000. There are 25 unique values in those cells. In cells A4 to A2000 I would like to put a identifier (lets say a letter from A to Y) based on the adjacent B4 to B2000 cell values. I can't use a IF function because I am way over 7 allowed in excel. I could use a vlookup but that seems to slow down the file quite a bit. Is there something else better/faster out there?

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Using 1 Cell Info Automatically If Another Cell Has No Data In It
I have a sheet that counts stock, in cell I5 i have week 4s results in k5 week 5s. what I need is in cell N5 the number in I5 if their is no number in k5 but if k5 has a number in it I want that number in N5

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Add A Day/increment By One
I want to take the date value of a cell, add one day to it and paste it to another sheet's cell. For example if Sheets("x").range("i4").value is 12/12/1999. I want to add a day to it (13/12/1999) and then paste it to Sheets("y").range("d3").value

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Set The Increment Value
I have a sheet with the column for time the format should be h:mm:ss, the time begin with 0:00:00 and 10 sec periods 0:00:10 ...until 50sec again in the next count wud be 0:01:00 again 10sec periods.. How to write the Macro, that automatically increse the values of minute (mm)if the ss attains 60 and increment the hour(h) value if mm get 60.

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Increment Within A Formula
I have a formula that I'd like to have increment by one, but I can't figure out how to do it.

Here's the formula:

I'd like to have the -4 in the equation increment to -5 when I paste it to the next row without having to fix each one of them.

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Alphanumeric Increment
I would like to have a drop down list for cells in a row - say B1:I1.

Firstly, having the list (with only 2 selections) in these cells to place either an "A" or a "0" (zero) in a cell.

Next, if an "A" is added then a selection of a "B" or a "0".

If a "B" is added then a selection of a "C" or a "0". etc etc

If the "0" (zero) is selected and placed in the row then no more alpha but just the next number "2" available to select only then a "3" etc etc.

These would be added from left to right ie: A to H or 1 to 8.

I might be able to do this with a long formula but problem is there are 100's of rows. Maybe VBA would be more efficient?

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Increment Until Value Is Reached
I have a value in cell P1 and is always -ve.
This value is calculated by some tedious calcualtion in some other part of the sheet.

By entering value in Cell P2, the value in cell P1 will progress towards +ve number.

What i want is a formula or Macro to increment the value in Cell P2 by 0.01
until value in Cell P1 becomes +ve...

Below is the example of my manual calculation.

When i have
P2=0 P1=-23.58
P2=0.01 P1=-14.78
P2=0.02 P1= -9.30
P2=0.03 P1= -2.92
P2=.04 P1= 1.05

Since i have achieved P1 to be positive, calculation should stop with value in P2=0.04

I have to do this for 31 column and hence manually doing it takes long time

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