Average Of Monthly Totals In Pivot Table

Sep 22, 2011

How can I get a pivot table to calculate the average of the monthly totals and not the average of all the raw data.

Below is a pivot table of the data on the left. When the pivot table averages the months it calculates the average of every single record, 48.83. How can I get it to average the monthly totals:average(apr,may,Jun)= 179.05

Date cost Sum of cost Years Date
4/1/2011 -75.00 2011

2011 Average Monthly Average
4/11/2011 -58.88
Apr May Jun

[Code] ........

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Monthly Totals *without* Pivot-table Grouping

May 20, 2008

I have an expense ledger that looks essentially like this but spans seven months and counting:

HTML 18-Apr-08pizza$10.00Food
13-Apr-08milk $3.99Food
13-Apr-08soap $3.99Grooming
I have been using pivot tables with great success to summarize my data according to categories, payment methods, etc. But now that I want to track monthly spending for each category, it is not working out. Grouping the date fields doesn't work for me for the following reasons:
1. After grouping, the pivot table treats Jan as the oldest month for sorting purposes even though it isn't so in my data set.
2. Based on #1, I believe that the pivot tables monthly grouping works like the month() function, which returns the month without the year attached. This will not work for my data, which will likely span more than a year eventually.
3. When I choose to group the date fields in one pivot table, they also get grouped in other tables where such grouping is undesirable.
Can I use sumif() or sumproduct() in conjunction with a pivot table or some other way to tabulate my monthly totals?

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Pivot Table Row Totals?

Mar 26, 2012

I've gone into the table options and ticked Show totals for Rows and Columns but as you can see it only shows a total for column????? I've manually done a sum but that means it won;t be included on my pivot graph? [Code]....

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Sum Pivot Table Totals

Sep 28, 2007

I am using a database sheet to log pupil misdemeanors, namely Lates, Disruption and Absconding. From this database a pivot table is generated from which a 'hit list' of the worst 10 latecomers are compiled. The code that I have at the moment (see below) sums all misdemeanor activity by pupils rather that just values relating to lateness.

I have included a sample file with expected output ....

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Remove Totals From Pivot Table

Jan 15, 2009

How do I remove the totals and grand total from the pivot table? I only want to show the individual count.

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Pivot Table & Monthly Worksheets

Nov 3, 2009

I want to create a summary pivot table report + chart. What I have is 12 worksheets, one for each month, each with total amount invoiced and gross profit by client.

I want a pivot table that shows me the clients and amounts each month (this is the bit stumping me). Basically I want a drop down box to select the month on the pivot table, which then shows the data from the relevant worksheet (Aug-09, Sep-09 or whatever).

I've tried using multiple consolidation ranges but this just aggregates all the data; it doesn't allow me to limit by the worksheet the data has come from.

I'm wondering if I have to consolidate all my months into one big sheet, then add a field for the month. I would rather avoid this but accept it might be the only way.

Final thing; can't use VBA at all (too much hassle for IT apparently).

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Eliminate Blank Totals In Pivot Table?

Feb 5, 2014

I have a pivot table with 3 levels of titles in the Row Labels - Grouping, SubGrouping and Name. In many cases there is a Grouping but no SubGrouping and always there is data in the "Name" category. I am trying to eliminate the Subtotal for the blank SubGroupings but when I try to filter out the blanks it no longer shows me any Groupings where a SubGrouping doesn't exist.

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Totals And Subtotals Of A Calculated Item In A Pivot Table?

Mar 17, 2014

I have an issue with a calculated item in my pivot table, because in the totals and subtotal it shows the sum of the column but I want to show the formula that I've specified to the calculated item.

For example, in the attached file, I have in rows the field "name" that has four values (A,B,C,D), in columns the field "Groups" that has "G1" and "G2". I add in the rows the calculated item "G1/G2" that has the formula G1/G2. The problem is that in the total the column "G1/G2" doesn't show the division of the total of "G1" and "G2".

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Excel 2007 :: Pivot Table - Daily And Monthly Field Grouping

Oct 17, 2011

I'm using Excel 2007 and am having an issue with grouping/ungrouping fields in pivot tables.

I have 2 separate pivot tables, both from the same named data source, but summarizing different data selections. Both tables include the date field, I am trying to produce both a daily and a monthly table, but whenever I change the grouping/ungrouping of the date field setting on one table, the other table changes to the same grouping.

Is there anyway to have one table with an ungrouped date field and one table with the grouped to month date field?

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Formula For Monthly Totals

May 20, 2009

I need to create a running monthly total formula for a worksheet. This is something i need in the data, so i can manipulate it without using a pivot table.

I think I would use the SUM, MONTH, and IF formulas, and maybe EOMONTH.

I guess where I'm stuck is figuring out how to make conditions for my SUM formula. So as the dates go down the page, I would like a running total in a column to the right, that will also restart with every new month.

Attached is my example.

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Calculating Monthly Totals

Feb 24, 2006

best formula for adding figures in a column that correspond to each month of the year?

I have a sales register with the date of sale and commission on each row but want to display the total commissions for each month of the current year on one worksheet and monthly totals for previous year on athother worksheet.

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How To Get Dynamic Monthly Totals

Nov 26, 2011

Only recently have I really stumbled upon some of the more advanced functionality of excel, and I was literally blown away. I'm now trying to learn more and more about it.


I need the Monthly totals of Apples, Oranges, Apples & Oranges.

I know how to select it by hand with the:

=SUM(, hold shift, mouse select the apples for March, and do the same for the other columns.

But how do you do it via a formula? Also, is it possible to make it dynamic? i.e. you add more transaction dates later, and the whole spread sheet gets updated automatically.

The only way I see how to do that is to write a loop that goes through all of the records. How would such a loop look like? Or is there a better way?

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Adding Weekly Totals To Monthly?

May 14, 2012

I've got data in E4:I4, Monday - Friday.

What I need to do, is add the total of those 5 figures in a total, but then clear the data in those 5 days.

Then when I input the data for the next week in to those days, I want it to add to the previos week.

So basically;
In week 1 the 'Total' is just week 1
In week 2, the 'Total' is week 1 & week 2'

I will only be going up to week 5. (only week 5 once in a 3 month period, so 2 4 weeks and a 5 week)

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Monthly Totals To Display Simultaneously

Apr 10, 2007

Spreadsheet is made up of Col A - Col AK:

Col A = Purchase Date

The info is continuous:

Row1 12/1/06
Row2 1/2/06
Row3 3/5/07

I need monthly totals to display simultaneously. Do not want to use Subtotals option.

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Average IF In Pivot Table

Nov 5, 2009

I have my data in a pivot and need to average some of the data and ignore duplicates, blanks and numbers... another complication is that the data I want to average is in two separate columns (first and last name). I also need the average to be subtotaled based on my pivot...

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Producing Table Of Monthly Values Based On Monthly Growth Rate And Yearly Total

Mar 6, 2013

I have a table of yearly totals for the amount spent by x. I also have a growth rate for each month so for example in 2001 in jan the growth rate might have been 0.3% and feb 0.5% What I want to do is for each month based on the growth rate and the total produce a value for each month which sum to the total amount. It's also important to note that it restarts each year.

Link for excel file is here: [URL] ...........

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Daily Data Conversion To Monthly Totals

Sep 9, 2013

I have a daily rainfall data and I want to convert it to monthly totals. I tried the pivotal table but the arrangement of the data seemed to be confusing (i.e the year, month and day are in different columns).

See the attached data: Raindata_excel_forum.xlsx‎

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Summing Daily Weekly & Monthly Totals

Feb 26, 2009

I assume there's a database (or pivot table?) solution for my task, which is to detect the days, weeks and months within a very long table, and obtain the totals of the data therein.

See attached worksheet.

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Totals Based On Monthly Figures From Last Year

Jun 3, 2006

I need to make a sheet that give totals based on monthly figures from last year.
Then based on difference between the 2 it will show no increase and no bonus, or it will show an increase and bonus based on increments $75.

One month Last year the store made 31.82% on its money.
The bonus for anything over is $75 per 10% increments.
0.00% $400
0.10% $475
0.20% $550
0.30% $625
0.40% $700
So this month was over last months, 37.18% so the bonus was $3,975.

What formula do I use to make this calculation shown under % is nothing but anything over adds up to a relation with $75. added to a base of $400 every 10%.
This hurt my head trying to get it right and im new to this more complicated formulas.

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How To Count And Average Pivot Table

Sep 17, 2012

Is there a way to average and counta the values in the row of a each category in pivot table?


Pivot Table
Grad Total


Is this possible?

Grad Total


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Calculate Average In Pivot Table

Dec 20, 2007

With Pivot Tables, there is the ability to add Grand Totals to Rows or Columns, but I want to add Averages to the end of the row instead. Can this be done? I have tried Calculated Fields but can't get the right result. Auto Merged Post;Hi again,

After I posted this I found another similar post, where the answer was that the "Average" calculation has to be done outside the pivot table, ie. there seems to be no way the pivot will give averages for rows, only grand totals.

If this is the case then I will have to work around it.... I was hoping it could be done within the pivot because I have graphs linking to the pivot and they all go spak when I update the pivot with different data. The number of columns will change all the time, meaning the average will need to be reworked. Just trying to save time!

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Pivot Table Average Error

Apr 22, 2008

I am trying to get some averages using pivot tables. However, whenever I set up my pivot table and then go to field settings and pick average, all I get are # DIV/0 errors in all the boxes where there were numbers.

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Automatically Create Monthly Totals From Daily Data

May 20, 2014

I am trying to do an automatic input with my daily total sales.. i did it in total but my problem is i don't know how to make the date change.

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Automatically Create Monthly Totals From Daily Data

Jan 2, 2009

In column A I have dates, in column B I have data.

What I am trying to do is get the monthly totals from the data so instead of:

01/02/08 - 52
06/02/08 - 87
14/03/08 - 23
12/13/08 - 12

I would get:

Feb 08 - 129
Mar 08 - 33

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Automatically Split Weekly Data Into Monthly Totals

Mar 13, 2012

I have the following setup:

52 weeks of 2010 cost with the following structure:

week number | wk1 | wk2 | wk3
week ending | 1/10/2010 | 1/17/2010 | 1/24/2010
weekly cost | 57,000 | 35,000 | 42,000

I want to be able to use the above data to present a summary, but instead of weekly, list the data on a monthly basis:

month | Jan | Feb | Mar
monthly cost | wk1-4 | wk5-8 | wk9-12+3days wk13

Any way to set this up automatically instead of having to split the weekly data as many months share the same weeks?

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Pivot Table Grand Total Average

Apr 10, 2014

On a pivot table, I want the grand total to be the average. When I code it, the code changes all the values in the column to an average.

if a person's % for April is 95% & the sum of all the people in the table is 1924%. If I change the grand total to average, the person's april % changes to 19% (which is an average instead of a total.

[Code] .....

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Date And Time Differences With Blank Cells And Monthly Totals?

Jan 30, 2014

see the attached workbook with two different sheets (same data) using different formulas. Each has problems (red text) preventing me from moving forward.

I need to calculate time in level 1, time in level 2 and total time for each row and then be able to sum for the month. Unfortunately, sometimes there is missing data, but I still need to calculate everything possible using a consistent formula that can be applied to the column/row universally.

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Calculating Average Market Share From Pivot Table

Aug 2, 2006

I created two pivots:

1 provides sales data for companies in a time period,
2 provides market share data for companies in a time period.

Both pivots can be filter by page fields country and category. Now i want to calculate 4 average market share values (because i have 4 defined periods): 1 average MS in period 1, 1 average MS in period 2, etc. In this average i want to exclude companies that are not active in a certain period (pivot table shows MS = "0%") and companies that totally not active in all periods (pivot table doesn't shows market share data at all after a certain selection of the page fields).

Attachment : calculate averages from pivot table.zip

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Pivot Table Subtotal - Average Of The Fill Rate To Be A Value?

May 1, 2014

I am working on a pivot table and am having issues with our subtotal: Sum / Averages.

The pivot is setup as so:
excel help.jpg

The problem is I need the average column to average the viewable area, and not from the data, so for example G28 should be 55 and not 6. Also, I need the Average of the fill rate to be a value.

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Display Grand Total In Pivot Table As Average Rather Than Sum?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a column in my pivot table with values that are formatted as percents. I am trying to make the grand total reflect the average of all values in the column, but it keeps showing a sum of all values.

Example: the values in the % column are 90%, 100%, and 110%. I want it to show 100% (the average), but it is showing 300% (the sum)

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