Bold On Copying Cells Which Has A Forumula

Oct 17, 2008

when he copies some data across a worksheet - the new data has a bold format, so he has to unbold everytime.

I can't see any obvious reason why this is happening.

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Merging Cols Changes Bold To Non-bold Or Non-bold To Bold

Jun 8, 2008

I am merging columns. Col B has all text in bold. Col C has all text in regular font. When I use ASAP to merge, the merged column comes out all bold. When I use a formula to merge the merged column comes out all regular. What I want is for the merged column to contain the bold text from Col B in bold, and the regular text from Col C in regular.

What I want is...

This is for service plan B: Take all data and transer to new server.

What I am getting is...

This is for service plan B:Take all data and transer to new server.


This is for service plan B:Take all data and transer to new server.

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Delete All Text Which Is Not 'bold' In Cells With 'mingled Bold' Text

Jan 23, 2010

I want to have a function or macro that if cells have mingled bold text, that only the bold text shall remain in the cells, and all the rest of the text must be deleted.

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Macro To Print Active Area Excluding Cells With Forumula That Doesn't Return Value

Dec 20, 2007

Trying to put together a macro that looks down active sheet for all cells that contain a value, sets a print area and then prints !

Is this possible?

FYG, I have a column that run from 3 - 2000, which contains a formula, which may produce a value depending on corresponding cells.

I used this code from a post on a similar topic, but excel is complaining code
in bold

Private Sub Print_Area_Click()
Dim lastCell As Range
Set lastCell = Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Offset(1, 0)
Do Until Application.Count(lastCell.EntireRow) 0
Set lastCell = lastCell.Offset(-1, 0)
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = Range(Cells(1, 1), lastCell).Address
End Sub

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Counting Bold Cells

Apr 10, 2007

in the Score column I want a 3 for the SnAkEs team and 7 for the dj2 team. How do I total up the bold cells?

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How To Run Macro If Selection Is Not Bold And If Bold Then Do Nothing

Aug 5, 2012

How do we run a macro if the selection is not bold and If bold then do nothing.

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Make 1 Cell Bold If Another 1 Is Bold

Oct 2, 2007

I am trying to create a macro that if a value in a cell in column A is bold, then the value in the same row in column H is bold, then loop it to run on the rest of the worksheet.

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BOLD - Contents Of Cells In 2003

Nov 12, 2008

I cannot "BOLD" the contents of cells in my spreadsheet by clicking "B" on the menu bar. However I can do so by clicking on "Format - Cell - Font" and then using the selecting the Bold option. I wonder why this happens.

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BOLD And UNDERLINE Concatenated Cells

Apr 23, 2006

I need bolding and underlining cells that are "Concatenated". For example, cell format for cell K12 is already bolded and underlined. If I concatenate (C1,K12,D2) I get a result that doesn't carry over the format of those individual cells - particularly K12 which I want BOLDED and UNDERLINED.

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Count BOLD Cells In A Column

Sep 7, 2007

How to count cells in a column that are in BOLD

I looked all over couldnt find it.

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Split Cells By Bold Text

Jul 22, 2008

I have a sheet full of names, addresses and phone numbers in one cell like this

Albert Young 16 teststreer 12C..................7888-6338

The name Albert Young is bold. The thing is I would like to split the cell putting the names in another colomn. Then it would be ideal to split the addresses and phone numbers as well. But I have no idea how to split any of these. I scanned this from a phone book, the dots are different on each row.

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How To Count Bold Cells In Excel Sheet

May 28, 2013

How to count the bolded cells In an excel sheet using the formula

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Making Cells With Text Bold And In Grey

Jan 16, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with rows of cells which are either blank or have text in them.

Is there an easy way to write a formula which will make the cells which have text in them bold and make the cell colour grey. But if the cell is blank keep the cell white.

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And/if/or Forumula

Aug 13, 2008

actual revenue planned revenue
5 4 125%
3 4 75%
-5 -3 -66%
-3 -5 60%

I need to get to those percentages (or close) the tricky part is when the numbers become negative. the forumla is actual revenue over planned revenue. If the actual revenue is below 0 and less than the planned revenue number than the attainment % should be a negative. However, if the actual revenue is below 0, BUT LESS THAN PLANNED revenue the percentage than becomes positive.

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Click Option Button To Make Cells Bold

Mar 25, 2007

Public Sub OptionButton1_click()
ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("OptionButton1").Interior.Font.Bold = True

End Sub

The problem i have is when i click on one of the option buttons it should change the cells ive highlighted to bold.

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User Define Function To Count Bold Cells

Oct 16, 2007

I currently have this macro that helps me SUM all the cells that are bold.

Public Function SumBold(Rng As Range)

Dim Total As Double
Dim Cell As Object

For Each Cell In Rng
If Cell.Font.Bold Then Total = Total + Cell.Value
SumBold = Total

End Function

I want to have the same kind of Macro, but that could COUNT the number of cells that are Bold.

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Rank If Forumula

Feb 4, 2009

Trying to figure out how to write a formula to rank values in B if the values in A are the same? I tried rank(if(A2:A17=A2,B2:B17))but this did not seem to work.

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Macro Seems To Make Entire Text String In Cells Bold

Aug 1, 2014

I have the following code:

[Code] ..........

However, whenever I run the code, if there's even on word that is bold in the cell, then the entire text string in the cell turns bold. How can I stop this from happening? i want to keep the format of the text string the same, only remove and replace the items listed in the code.

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Replace A Forumula With A Vb Function

Jul 6, 2009

I've always used event driven functions - ie. user clicks a button and my function gets called.

What I want to do now is replace a HUGE formula that is impossible to debug with a function. So the idea is, any time the user changes any cell, the function should be called and update a certain cell with a new value.

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Use Forumula As Criteria For Sumifs?

Nov 22, 2008

I'm trying to sort out an accounts receivable ageing into various age categories For example, for a customer with 3 months credit term, i've used the formula =SUMIFS($C3:$AA3,$C$1:$AA$1,">=4",$C$1:$AA$1,"<=9") to sum up amounts that are 1 to 6 months past due. For the next age category 7 to 12 months past due i've used =SUMIFS($C3:$AA3,$C$1:$AA$1,">=10",$C$1:$AA$1,"<=15").

As my customers have different credit terms (30 days, 60 days etc), i've to adjust the above formula accordingly e.g. instead of ">=4", I'll have to change the criterion to ">=7". This is time consuming as i've got a long customer list.

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Copying From Hidden Cells Are Not Copying Protected

Dec 12, 2007

I am trying to make the cells Iam am copying paste hidden cells with all formats - seems to work fine other than the security part of them, Iam makeing a sheet for work and just trying to make it were it will not get destroyed by other users-

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Adding A Condition To An IF And Vlookup Forumula

Aug 28, 2009

Title: How do I add a condition to an IF and Vlookup Formula:

I need to edit a formula to include a condition. I attached an excel file for ease of explaining the problem. I want to say if $E$5 has A to B then F5 will automatically have BOR, but if E5 has anything else then the Vlookup formula applies.

I was thinking something along this formula:
=IF(AND($E$5<>A to B,ISBLANK($B5),"",VLOOKUP($B5,'Drop Down'!$D$1:$E$500,2,FALSE)))

I know I need to add BOR in the formula above somewhere
Where am I going wrong?

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Format Date With Other Text In Same Forumula

Feb 12, 2010

I am trying to display both text and a date in the same line. Currently I have something like ="The Date Is " & A1. where A1 is a cell with a date formatted in a preferred format. However, once I call reference to the cell, excel re-formats it into the serial date, so it displays something like. The Date Is 40220

instead of something like: The Date is 2/11/2010. Does anyone know how to format the number back into a date form? Just going through the format menus and setting it to date does not change it.

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Modify Array Forumula And Preserve Brackets

Dec 11, 2008

How would I modify a (very long) array formula, while preserving the brackets? Or re-creating them? I've tried doing it "at the cell" without luck.

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Forumula To Total Items In Multiple Rows

Jul 31, 2009

I have ~500 rows of data in columns A, B, C that is as follows, for example:.............

I am having trouble with coming up with a formula that will add up the total items shipped for each item. For example, Apples = 62 items shipped.

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Runtime Error 1004 :: User Create Forumula In A Combo Box

May 7, 2007

The app. that I have been developing requires the user to create a formula in a combobox in a userform that I have setup for them.

They have a list of variables that they can choose from, which they are allowed to use in their formula creation.

A typical formula may look like this:

=SUM(25*DistFromBack) where DistFromBack = 4

I then take their formula and place it out on the sheet which returns me a value of (in this case) 100.

Now this works fine until someone wrote a formula that looked like this:


Now with the double brackets at the front it creates a formula that Excel cant deal with and gives me a 'Runtime error 1004'.

I have tried to trap this error (On Error Goto .....) but unsucessful.

I would really like to have a check when the user types an erronous formula, but dont really know how to go about it.

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Copy Cells From Column To Adjacent Column If Bold Or Empty

May 20, 2008

I have a worksheet on which the data is already grouped. At the top of each group is a row that contains only the group name. Since the rest of that row is blank, I want to use a blank cell on that row as a reference, then copy the group name to a newly created column, then fill that column down to the next group.

The goal is to create a column that contains the group name, rather than just having the group name as a " header" at the top of each group.

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Copying Merged Cells (3 Cells) Based On Contents Of Any Of 3 Cells To Right

May 29, 2014

I wish to copy a merged cell (3 cells) based on if only 1 of 3 cells to the right contain "X". if the top cell does not contain "X" than the merged cell is not copied. Also, is therea more elegant to copy 3 columns at a time rather than do one at a time as my code shows:

' CopyICUCAPU Macro
Dim i As Integer


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Copying Various Cells In Ot Different Cells In A Different Sheet

Jul 25, 2007

i have a button and code so that when i click the button it prints, saves and creates a new worksheet ie job 2 ready for data entry,

somewhere in that process i would like it to copy the contents of certain cells from sheet job 1 to sheet job list,

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Copying Cells

Aug 12, 2008

I have a worksheet with columns as follows:

col A Name
col B Category
Col C Subcategory

In column A every row has a name, but in col b and c only the first row of a category or sub are popluated, for example:

Name CAT Sub
a 1 1
c 2 2
d 3
f 3 4

As I work with many of these spreadsheets, they are all different in respect to number of products(name) and number of CAT and SUBCAT.

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