Button To Open Entry Form

Mar 23, 2014

Excel has a built in data entry form window which is opened from the ribbon, how can I create a button which opens this form for a specific table on the worksheet. It should allow the user to create or edit entries in the table. I tried creating a macro to select the data range and open the form, but this returns an error.

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Press Button To Open Form For Data Entry And Then Send Matching Data To Another Sheet

May 5, 2009

Now that the calculations are working, with the press of a button, I need to be able to select a range of dates and copy all lines within the range to a seperate sheet with the desired name under the same headings they currently reside under. I have included some modified code that is being used in another spreadsheet that was created for me, but I do not pretent to understand all of it and I no longer work with the creator of the spreadsheet. How do I use a button to open the form for date selections and entering the name of the new sheet, and then use the start button on the form to begin the matching and copying to a new sheet? If there is an easier way I am all for that too.

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Excel 2010 :: Open Form From Worksheet Control Button?

Aug 5, 2013

Excel 2010. How/where to define userform object?

Button on worksheet has following code:

Sub Button1_Click()
Load UserForm1
End Sub

Execution of this code generates following error:

Run time error 424
Object required

How/where to define userform object?

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Tranferring Variable Entry From Form Entry To Macro

May 1, 2009

I used a form with textboxes for data input for one of my vb macros. Currently I have the private sub from the form transfer those entries to a remote cell on the spreadsheet, (like in column "HZ"), so that the macro that will actually utilize them can retrieve them. Is there a way to pass that data directly from what is entered in the form in the textboxes to the macro that will actually use them?

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Nested Forms (pull Up A Second Form From A Command Button Within A Form)

May 7, 2009

I'm trying to pull up a second form from a command button within a form. There's a command button in a sheet to open the first form (frmOrderInput.) Then there's another command button in that form to open the second form (frmPriceInput.)

The Module to open the first is this:

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Macro Works With Form Button But Not Command Button

Oct 5, 2006

This is probably really straight forward but cant see why it happens, the following macro works fine when called by a button created by the form toolbar but doesnt when called by a command button, get the runtime error 1004, "select method of range class failed"


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Form Button On Spreadsheet - Identifying Which Row The Button Is On

Jul 23, 2014

I am imagining a spreadsheet with the equivalent of an info button in each cell of column A. The idea is the user clicks the button to open a User Form containing additional info about the entitity represented by values on that row.

E.g., Row 1 is labels, row 2 is all about Bob, 3 is about Jane, 4 is about Freddy. If the user clicks the info button on row 3 then a user form opens up and displays additonal info about Jane.

I am wondering if there is a way for VB to identify which row the clicked button was on without having to write individual code for each button telling VB which row the button was on.

I am hoping there is some form button property I can reference or interrogate which will give me a cell address; a button.position property or similar. This will obviously save me a lot of coding if VB can dynamically determine which row is being interrogated as there will be a couple of hundred of these to start with, potentially thousands. (I realise Access is a better solution for database interrogation, but I have to work with excel at present).

Ultimately, the user form that the button calls up will have a list box on it and I want the list box to default to the entity on that row, and allow the user to browse the other entities if they want to.

If there isn't a solution for this I will just have a single info button for the users to click that opens the user form and then they can select the entity from a list box. But I would like to offer the "intelligent display" option but don't relish coding the equivalent of several hundred "You clicked button four hundred and seventy six, default to info card for bert".

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New Form Per Entry

Sep 21, 2013

I have a workbook I need to input information into sheet 1 and have it populate and print sheet 2 for every row that filled in. Sheet 2 is set up to take the data in various cells. Is this possible?

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Creating A Data Entry Form

Feb 6, 2009

I know this problem could be easily solved with the use of access. Unfortunatly I can only use excel. I am creating a uniform stock database. I a trying to create a user friendly face sheet, so that the operator does not have to have any knowledge of excel to use it. My question is to do with a data entry form. Sheet 2 of my spreadsheet has a list of all uniform in stock. At the moment it has two coloumns, "uniform type" and "uniform size". Is it possible to create a form on sheet 1 (the user interface) where a user could imput the type and size of an article of uniform that had just come in, and have it automatically added ot sheet 2?

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Require Entry In User Form

Jan 19, 2009

I want to require that certain Text Boxes in a User Form have entries and I am coding the message box improperly.

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Data Entry And Editing Using A Form

Apr 12, 2006

I am trying to figure out how to enter and edit data using a form for stock traceability.

I have created the form with the headings etc and everything works well at data entry.
However, I am trying to create a search and edit form that searches and edits existing entries.
A third form displays the data in form format when the user types in the appropriate ID.

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Code Data Entry Form

Oct 10, 2007

i have some data and i want search a record by two fields ("hsc and section") with in my data and i want to edit the remaining fields.

the fields of record are "hsc, section, amt, bcrc, date, prno"

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Force User Form Entry Only

Dec 30, 2007

I want to change data through a user form and disable users from going around my form. I want users to see the underlying spreadsheet as the form manipulates data.

If I enable a form in Modal mode users can bypass the form. If I use it without modal form I can't change data from my form. I seem to be in a catch 22.

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Create A Custom Data Entry Form

Jan 30, 2008

I am having trouble creating a custom data entry form in excel. What steps would I need to take..

Attached is a example of the data, the Headers are in bold, the highlighted columns are to be drop boxes.

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Creating A Form Style Data Entry

Jan 21, 2010

I'm wanting to create a simple form type interface for the viewing and changing of data one record at a time. What I'd like is on sheet one, and simple portait form to display

First Name
House Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2

on sheet two each column will be one of the above fields and each row will be a new record. Is there a way to do this in excel? Im trying to create a simple user experience that hide the rows & colums.

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How To Validate Time In Data Entry Form

Apr 12, 2012

I'm making a data entry form for a user, and one of the fields is in a time format (mm:ss). Is there any way that I can validate that field in "cmdOK_Click()" so that when the user clicks "ok" on the data entry form, if they haven't entered a date a msgbox comes up.

I tried IsNumeric with an If function but to no prevail.

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Customer Service Data Entry Form

May 8, 2009

Have a small data base with customer details and comments. I would like a form to sit over that so that people on phones can enter customer # and check info and add further comments etc. for a specific customer. Before I try and design a form is there any templates for this type of thing. Have done a Google and Ozgrid search, but I maybe asking the incorrect names for the procedure.

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Multiple User Data Entry Form

Jun 28, 2007

Basically at the moment our static data group use a generic sheet which lists all possible field variables. However, what I want to do is design something which only shows the fields that need to be filled out (ie if the field is shown it needs to be input).

Once the form is filled out it will get saved and sent via email, where it is then printed out and input by our data group. One way I thought about approaching this was to have 18 sheets which are hidden, and which are then selected when a report type is filled out. The other way would be to have IF statements but I think that would get complicated on the one sheet. Just really looking at ideas at this stage.... For example there are 30 fields on the sheet that we use now, but some reports may only need 5 of these fields - I therefore need to "hide" the remaining 25...

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Data Entry Form With Password Protection

Jun 28, 2007

I making a data entry form that sereval employees will be using. But what I need is data quality protection. My idea is to have a userform with a combo box. The employees would select there name from the combo box and then enter there personal password to get access to the data entry information, which will appear if the password is correct but kept hidden if password is incorrect. I have a example.xls without any code contain in it.

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VBA Data Entry Form - Populating Separate Book

Sep 30, 2009

I have built a data entry form (Input tab) and have code populating a table (Table tab). Currently both are in the same book, but I would like to house them in separately.

What is the proper VBA syntax for this? Will both books need to be open in order to populate the table?

The 'real' data is hosted on sharepoint and is getting darn big. The result is problems opening the doc and looong save times. My thought was to have the secretaries doing data entry open a single sheet (Input Form) which will then populate the data in another sheet. I'm dreaming, aren't I...

I know Access would solve everything, but for cost reasons I am stuck with Excel.

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Post To Different Sheets In Excel User Data Entry Form

May 27, 2014

User form data entry.

I need to save the data of For Eg. A form in Sheet 1, B form in Sheet 2, C form data entry in sheet 3.

what is happening now is that, all the entries are going in the Active Sheet that is open in the excel file. I want to automate the process of data entry, by making it enter data from specific form in specific sheet.

1st form

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
eRow = Sheet1.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
Cells(eRow, 1) = ComboBox1.Text
Cells(eRow, 2) = TextBox12.Text
Cells(eRow, 3) = TextBox2.Text
Cells(eRow, 4) = TextBox3.Text
Cells(eRow, 5) = TextBox4.Text

Unload Me
End With
End Sub
2nd form

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
eRow = Sheet2.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
Cells(eRow, 1) = ComboBox1.Text
Cells(eRow, 2) = TextBox14.Text
Cells(eRow, 3) = TextBox2.Text
Cells(eRow, 4) = TextBox3.Text
Cells(eRow, 5) = TextBox4.Text
Unload Me
End Sub

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Custom Data Entry Form To Post To Separate Worksheets Dependent On A Variable

Nov 25, 2009

I have a custom data entry form which is working fine. The form completes customer data for reviewing at a later date. I have now been asked to change it so it will seperate the data in to customer's who require some documents sent out and some that dont.

Is it possible to have a combobox on the form and if the options on the combobox are Yes and No (original), when either option is selected the data will complete on to a seperate sheet for cases with documents required or documents not required?

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Change Form Button Name

Oct 8, 2009

how can I change the button/shape name of a Form Button in Excel 2003? I assigned a name using the NameBox, however if I try to change the name via the NameBox, it does and work and the old name remains.

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Add A Remove Button To Form

Dec 18, 2008

I have a userform that adds and deletes employees. The add button works but im not sure how to get the delete button to work. I have a defined name of "Employee" that is row "A". What I would like to happen is that when a employee is selected from a userform list and the delete button is pressed the employee is deleted and the form is updated.

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If Form Button Exists Then

Nov 27, 2011

Is there a vba code to determine if a form button exists on a certain worksheet?

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Using VBA Form In Other Sub Or Assigning To Button

Apr 10, 2012

I've built a form in VBA which is working great. I now want to call it by creating a button in a worksheet and then assigning the Form macro to it so the user can just click a button. I've tried looking for it in the Assign Macro dialog and it isn't there (even though I've declared it as a public sub) and I can't call it from a normal Module as it says it's an undeclared variable.

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Font For Button Form

Jan 4, 2007

Can I change font size & color for button form, normal practice for font is disabled when I select button

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Disable Form Button

Mar 27, 2008

I have a macro associated to clicking a form button.

If possible, if a certian cell value is equal to 0, I want to diable this button. I do not wish for theuser to be able to run the macro associated with that button click.

If found something similar, but in my case, I cannot find the equivalent to CommandButton1, if that's even what I'm using.

If Worksheets("SHEET").Range("A1").Value = "" Then
CommandButton1.Enabled = False

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ButtonFace On Form Button

Aug 6, 2008

I have downloaded a great add in. ButtonFace. However, I am not sure how to include these images on my form's buttons. I can do this fine on the worksheet buttons but is there a way to use ButtonFace on a form's button?

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Button To Form Test Box

Sep 23, 2008

how I can connect a button to a form text box for the purpose of making a simple user friendly search box that will work when the sheet is protected.

So someone enters their criteria into the text box (and it is a text box from the form toolbar - not the drawing toobar) and then hits the button "QUICK SEARCH" and it does what the CTRL+F function does in excel.

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