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Calculate Best Fit Equation Of Curve

I am trying to calculate the equation of a curve which best fits some data. On the x-axis is date and y-axis the readings. The curve is quadratic, so on the chart I am fitting a 2nd order polyomial and displaying the equation. To prove that the equation the trendline gives me is reasonable, I am applying the equation on the x parameter to get the y parameter estimate and looking to see the error between predicted and actual - see attached.

The equation and the output from it are clearly rubbish, even though on the graph the trendline is a reasonable fit - see attached. Has anyone any ideas why? I think it has something to do with using a date on the x-axis but no idea why. Is there a way to correct for this? I also tried using the following I to calculate the coefficients which came up with a reasonable forecast (although linest should only be used for linear data): =LINEST(C3:C15,B3:B15^{1,2,3})

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How Do I Calculate A Polynomial Curve Fit
For Excel 2007 -

I am looking for a function [or method] to calculate a polynomial curve fit. I can do it on a graph with the existing graph and chart tools, but I need to calculate it myself. Does such software exist somewhere in my Excel 2007 package, or can anyone recommend a freeware program? I am hesitant to download an unknown, un-recommended add-in.

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Given Points On Curve, Solve For Equation
Is it possible in excel to find the equation for a curve?

I have 6 known x,y data points on a curve. I need to find the equation for the curve.

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Find Max In Xy Chart Curve Fit
How I can find a max in an xy chart curve fit?

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Vba To Get Best Fit Equation Into Cells
i am plotting graphs which i need the equation of the line from. i have been manually typing the x^3, X^2, X^1 and X^0 values into 4 cells which is then used elsewhere, but wanted to know if its possible to get some code to do that for me?

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Calculate Area Under The Curve
i am getting some data via RS 232 port and plotting it straight to excel, which comes out to be in forms of waves you can say sine waves, now i need to calculate area under the curve, say like if i highlight some area it will automatically calculate the area, or if i select two points on the curve it will calculate the area. please help me out i am really stuck at this part.

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Calculate Maximum Point On Curve From Xy Scatter Graph
I have put my values into a XY scatter graph but need to find the maximum point i.e when the gradient is zero. I am using visual basic to obtain my data and draw my graph.

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Calculate A Multi-variable Equation Based Off Of Data In A Table With Different Criteria
I'm trying to calculate a multi-variable equation based off of data in a table with different criteria. If you reference the attached spreadsheet I am trying to calculate cost based on weight and zone. For the data entered in cells B1 and B2 944.01 would be the cost. If you look at the table in G2:N3 you'll notice that the values in G2 and G3 are the weight limits G2 is from 0-4999 and G3 is 5000+, this should impact where the value in B1 falls. B2 should select from H1 to N1.

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Calculating The Radius Of A Curve
I am trying to find a formula to calculate the total size from a to b with the curve being in cluded in the total.

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Apply A Curve To A Column
I'd like to apply a curve to a column of student exam grades and have the curved grades displayed in the adjacent column. Here is how I'd like to curve:

I like to make a linear function out of two coordinate pairs.

First Pair (x1,y1) = (Highest Exam Grade, 99) = (H,99)

Second Pair (x2,y2) = (Class Exam Average, Desired Exam Average) =(C,D)

Slope = (99-D)/(H-C) = m

Linear Function = Y-y = m(X-x) = Y-99=m(X-H)

Each student grade would = "Y" i.e. Y=m(X-H)+99

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Price Curve Formula
I'm trying Calculate Curved Price Rate by SF.

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Create Growth Curve
Does anyone know of a statistical formula that would create a normal growth curve?

For example. Let's assume that I want to forcast growth from January through December. I know that in January I will have 100 units. In December, I will have 1,000 units. Is there a formula to predict the the units in Feb-Nov (using a normal growth curve)?

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Formula To Distribute A Value Along A Bell Curve.
I'm trying to find a formula that would spread out a value amongst multiple cells along a bell curve. Say I have $x,xxx. I want to spread that amount out in a certain proportion, regardless of how many cells I'm spreading it throughout.

Say I have a $10,000 project. I want to be able to spread it out like a bell curve in the cells I choose. For instance, if it was a five month project it would be distributed as

January - $1,000
February - $2,500
March - $3,000
April - $2,500
May - $1,000

If I added another month it would change to
January - $833.33
February - $1,666.66
March - $2,500.00
April - $2,500.00
May - $1,666.66
June - $833.33

I already thought of manually adding percentages to each cell, but the formula needs to be dynamic.

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Put Together A Cancel Curve On An Annual Membership Model
What would be the best way to put together a cancel curve on an annual membership model?

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Equation Behind The Function
How do I get to see the equation behind Excel Functions? For instance, the
result of pmt() is not making sense to me, I'd like to see what this function
is doing and how it is calculating its value. Trial and Error is rather
time-consuming and tedious.

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Multiply And Round In One Equation
I need to take a number, multiply it by a precentage, & then round it to the nearest multiple of 5.

B2=A1*50%,(then rounded to nearest multiple of 5)

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Regress Nonlinear Equation
Below is a nonlinear model, together with calibration data for which I would like to find the parameters Ro, Kc, a and b.

R = Ro + Kc * (1/(1 + exp(-(a + b*lnC))

Calibration Data


Given the calibration data above, how can I calculate or at least estimate these parameters?
I do not want to use an add-in program, like Solver, in Excel. I do, however, want to be able to use any existing functions, if necessary, in Excel. i'd appreciate it if someone can walk me through the steps.

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Using Another Cell's Value In Equation
Lets say I write an equation on my sheet such as:

but instead of hard coding the A1 sheet name, I want that to be a value that I can put in a different cell (lets say cell C1) on my same sheet in such a way that it will reference the value in my other cell (Cell C1) and put its value into that equation.

So if I make the value in C1 = A99 then the equation becomes

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Get The Result Of An Equation In A Cell
I will like to ask, if there is a way to get in a cell the result of a simple equation without having to copy the contents of that cell with a = in front for example if i have in one cell


in the next cell to display the result


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SUM IF- Excluded From The Equation
I have the following formula.


very simple.

for the totals in J, if there is a (-) negative number, i would like that excluided from the equation.

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Setting Up A Log Equation
It looks like this (log(X/Y))/log2. The X and Y are celldirections (E2 or F4 and so on). How do i setup that formula in excell?

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Removing Sections Of Equation If Any Value = 0
The equation is basically: 10^[A/20]+10^[B/20]+10^[C/20]. Now imagine that there is no input value for C. I need to make it so that it won't add the bit I've highlighted in green.

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SUMPRODUCT Equation Based On Multiples
to create the following formula which I'm now repeating in more elaborate forms. At the moment I am using the formula below but I need to get the bit in red in the second half of the formula to search on more than the one condition.

Currently it is searching a postcode abbreviation field and is picking up all those with 'BS' however I don't just want to search on BS. I would like to search on BS, BA, SN, TA, GL. I have tried putting different combination using commas and plus signs etc in but excel doens't seem to like the way I'm doing it.


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Equations :: Solve An Equation For X With Two Variables
Can excel solve an equation for x with two variables.

Example: 102=125000(X-910)/50000.

I need excel to solve for X

The variables are 102 and 125000

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ComboBox: Equation In A Column Of Cells
I want to do is a simple list, 2 items, call them "Thing_1" and "Thing_2". I have an equation in a column of cells. The equation is a simple If statement. If the user selects "Thing_1" then the first equation will run, and if "Thing_2" is selected then the second equation will be used. That's it. No more complex than that.

My original questions about how to initialize a ComboBox are cross-posted here:

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Referencing The Value In A Cell For A Max Equation
I have a cell on ' Sheet 2' with the following formula:


ie. it chooses the maximum value from column C between rows 3 and 10 on "Sheet 1".

Lets say the cell reference C10 is now entered into cell B1 on Sheet 2. How do I modify the above formula to reference B1?

I have tried INDIRECT function but can't get it to work.

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Result Of Text Equation In Cell
I have two cells (c1 and c2). c1 contains (2+3*4)*3 without "=" at start. c2 must contain the result of c1 it means 42. I think it has a very simple sulution but I don't know it. In the attached file I have a few variants I tried to solve it but they both don't fit.

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Compents Of Chart Trendline Equation
I'm in the middle of designing a sheet that (amongst many other things) takes the equation of a graph trendline, pastes it, and calculates the various values along it. I can do it by hand, but when I try to record a macro, it doesn't register that I've highlighted the equation and hit copy. Here's the code I'm working with:

ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
Windows("Copy of HRA Design calculator1.xls").Activate
Sheets("Binder @ max. stability").Select

The problem is line 4 - it can't copy because the text isn't selected.

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Complex Equation- Copy Paste To About 300 Cells
im trying to implement the equation bellow in one cell so that i can then copy paste to about 300 cells.

A= 0

A= A + {IF(B279 = B(i), C(i), 0)}

= ‡”i= 6 B(i) & ‡”i= 6 C(i)
........i= 274 .............i= 274

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Sum/count In An IF Equation If The Condition Falls Between 2 Points
Is there a way I can get Excel to sum/count in an IF equation if the condition falls between 2 points?

For instance:

I want to count the amount of days between two dates.. I am currently looking at something like:

=If(cell>[date1]&cell<[date2],sum(cell yada yada....)

Using <> wont work in this instance.

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Set Up An Equation For An Unknown Variable In A Formula Equal To 0
how to set up an equation for an unknown variable in a formula equal to 0 (an Even-Money Probability Formula for Risk Arbitrage assessments).

The formula is as follows, where I am attempting to solve for Pe:


Pe=even money probability (placed in column B1 in Excel)
EP=expected profit if deal closes (placed in column B2 in Excel)
P2=probability of deal breaking up (=1-Pe) (placed in column B3 in Excel)
EL=expected loss if deal breaks up (placed in column B4 in Excel)


So, once again, I am attempting to solve for Pe, or column B1


say, EP (or B2) =$2.00 and EL (or B4)=-$4.00



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Specific Find Followed By Equation Applied And Outputted To A New Column
I have the data sheet, which is the result of another function. It produces 10 columns with numbers in each cell, there can be any number of rows, but the key is that the rows are outlined as follows. The first row has the first column number bolded, followed by the second row not bolded and then a space and a repeat of the bold cell, followed by the non bold cell. Each row fills up all ten columns. I have attached an example of the sheet.

What I would like to do is create a function which says brings up a box that says "Input Row" and the user would input the bolded number of a row. From here the code would take that value entered and divide it by the inputted bolded number’s adjacent cell, to the right, aka B2 column. This value would then be multiplied by every other bolded rows second cell, B2 column, essentially giving rise to a normalization of that column. The output would then be displayed in a new column, column 11 in italics. Each row would now have its italics value corresponding to the bolded number’s row and not the other rows.

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Fit To Page
I have the following VB code, which doesnt do the job. I want to fit my report to one landscape page. if i manaully click "fit to Page" its reduces the size to 49%. I tried outting this in the code, but seems to ignore it,

With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.Orientation = xlLandscape
.LeftMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(0.7)
.RightMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(0.4)
.TopMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(1.4)
.BottomMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(0.8)
.HeaderMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(0.5)
.FooterMargin = Application.CentimetersToPoints(0.5)
.Zoom = 49
.PrintErrors = 0
End With

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Multiple Best Fit Line
I have excel 2007, i am doing scientific graphing via an X Y scatter plot graph. Is it possible someone could give me step by step instructions on how to fit multiple best fit lines. In particular two lines one for the upper portion data and top portion of curve. The second on the flatter bottom portion ultimately intersecting in the left inner portion of graph. the graph plots appear as a rounded L.

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Fit Image To Cell
I'm looking to see if there is a feature similar to using F2 to paste text into a cell and having the cell automatically expand to the needed row height. I just need it for images. Is there a feature that will allow me to paste a picture/image into a cell and have the cell automatically expand to the height &/or width needed to accommodate the size of the image?

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Best Fit Listbox Columns
best fit listbox columns. i'm filling a listbox with a range name (works great...)

ListBox1.RowSource = "HistoryCust_Item!History_CurrentMonthLast"

but the columns don't adjust ("best fit)...i would like to add that feature

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Fit One Page When Printing
I need to create a macro code to adjust the width of the columns so it fit in one page for printing. So If it only has 3 columns, the widht will be wider but if it has 200 columns then the width will be much smaller.

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More Complex Fit Function Than LOGEST
The function LOGEST fits to the equation y=b*m^x.
Does anyone know if more complex functions can be found in Excel?
Ideally I would like to fit to y=b*m^(x-a) + c. If anyone has come across a method, or some code, which allows this.

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Print Selection Fit 1 Sheet.
i have a buttion on a whole heap of worksheets that is linked to this sub. I want it to print the range on one sheet of paper. though it will print over 4 sheets.

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Scatter Plot With Line Best Fit
I got the following table and it generates a random number either 1 or 0 (win or loss)

trade win/loss Account value
0 10,000
rand() 1 0 9,800
rand() 2 1 11,000
rand() 3 1 12,000
rand() 4 0 11,500

Each time I press F9, the Account value changes because the win/loss is generated randomly. Assuming, I press F9 100 times, how do I create a scatter plot chart with a best line fit for all the account values. I know how to create the scatter plot but how do I save all the values everytime I press F9.

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Resize Print Range To Fit A 4
I am trying to print a range that falls just outside of a normal A4 size. Is there a way of scaling this range to fit the page. Withough changing the column sizes before printing(each column is diffrent size). Or will i need to load the column sizes into a array and resize for the print then back to original size from array.

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Automatically Fit TextBox To Text
I have a textbox showing 7 lines of words.

When it is shown in my computer, everything looks fine.

When I use another computer, the lines in the textbox could be shown completely since the height of the textbox is not enough to show the whole text. I guess it is because the resolution of the screen is different.

How can I let the text be shown completely in a textbox even on different computers?

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Print To Fit Shrinks Too Small
I created an Excel timesheet, no VBA, which 65 people are using. 64 without a problem but the 65th cannot print the sheet as others can. The last cell on the single sheet is AB61. For the 64 who can print it by selecting the fit to print on one page the percent is 71. For the one person with problems the percent goes down to 10. Even when she opens the read only version on the network it becomes 10%. I checked the magins and everything else I can think of. Short of reinstalling Excel (2000 with Windows 2000)

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Zoom Worksheets To Fit Used Range
to apply a zoom to Fit Selection on all worksheets upon file opening? I've read many posts on this and understand how to apply this via worksheet activation, but haven't discovered how to make this to happen to all worksheets when the file is opened.

Zooming the selection needs to happen in the workbook module due to additional sheets being added at random and because it will facilitate the flow of the meeting so that we don't have to wait for the user to select and zoom.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

LCol = Cells. Find("*", Range("A1"), xlFormulas, , xlByColumns, xlPrevious).Column
Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, LCol)).EntireColumn.Select

' Need code help here to apply to all worksheets
ActiveWindow.Zoom = True ' this works for the worksheet activation event only

Next ws

End Sub

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Count Cells That Fit Criteria
Is there a way to count cells only if they fit a certain criteria in another cell? Example: I want to count the number of moving violations in column F. But, I only want to count this moving violation if it is out of the Monaca terminal, which is defined in column C.

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Delete Rows That Fit Criteria
I have an excel 2007 file, which is quite big: ~10mb. There are situated plenty of columns with coordinates. I would like to transcribe it, modify those data, but it will take me ages. I'm not acquainted with macros, but I heard that people can do with them everything using computers' abilities. I'll abridge my whole problem.

I give you a sample of that file, so please open it. In the file you can see two 'columns'. Every column has two other columns called x and y. As you are thinking now these two columns are containing arguments (in x column) and their values (in column y). Every third column is empty. In attached file you see, that arguments are repeating and values are increasing by one. Sometimes there is an argument without repeats, and sometimes there are only two repeating arguments.

What I wanted to do is delete those repeating arguments leaving arguments with the highest and the lowest value. Example: Please look at range A230:B232. There are three repeating arguments and for this case I should delete row 231 from columns A&B and then move cells up to join separated columns. There are also not repeating arguments, which I need to double. If there will be only two repeating arguments I would like leave them. In the end I should have a clear view for all those coordinates.

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Delete Multiple Columns If They Fit Different Criteria
Macro below would be to only go down to the cell = to the bottom-most cell with data in column A.

These columns below are all in row A (the title row)
If column named "paper" says "white" OR "grey" AND
column named "pizza" says "mushroom" AND
column named "size" says "large" AND
column named "flavor" says "butter pecan"..
(again, only going down to the same matching cell with any data in column a)

Then delete these columns.

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Fit And Convert Data To Table Template
Need to fit my raw data (Raw Data Sheet) to fit my table template.

Need to convert my daily data to weekly to fit to my table template.

Please see attached file for reference.

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3D Linear Algebra. Translate To Best Fit Plane
I have several hundred points in cartesian x,y,z coordinates. I used an Excel add-in program to calculate the equation of best fit to the points. The equation is:

where (for this case):
A= 2.29091
B= -1.77338
C= -192.494

My objective is to define the several hundred x,y,z points in cartesian coordinates about a new cartesian coordinate system whose origin is the centroid of the data points and whose z plane (ie z=0) is equal to the best fit plane defined above (when referenced from the original coordinate system).

Using Pro/e (a cad program), I was able to create the new coordinate system using the x, y, and z intercepts from the best fit plane, and then was able to redefine the points about the new coordinate system. After the points were redefined in Pro/e, I was able to export the points back to Excel; however, I would prefer to only use Excel / VBA because I prefer the calculations be transparent for optimal accuracy and validation.

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Auto Fit Row On Sheet Activation
I have a macro that returns a lot of data and I need it to automatically resize the row in which the data is being returned. Here is an example of what I mean:

Function MyMacro()
ReturnString = "help" & chr(10) & "me"
MyMacro = ReturnString

' resize the row
' need to define "Location", based on the location of the cell in which the data is being returned
End Function

Even if I specifically hardcode the location of the row to be resized in the macro, it still doesn't work. The cell has "Wrap Text" turned on.

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Adjust Cell Height To Fit Text
way to get Excel to automatically expand the cell height when the text becomes to long to display. Is there something I am missing that will accomplish this, or do I need to write some VBA that will make the cell larger once the character limit that will fit on one row is exceeded?

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