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Calculating The Radius Of A Curve

I am trying to find a formula to calculate the total size from a to b with the curve being in cluded in the total.

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Calculate Facets Lengths And Radius
I have used ROW function to determine the facets lengths and the number of internal angles and also the radius's
the offset figure is the distance the track or pole is set from the frame this can be adjustable by us or the end user

the radius measurement is a minimum and a maximum that the aluminium can be bent, will probably
be set parametrs to work with

Now bay widows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes
90 degree angle bays
2 bend bays
3 bend bays this is why I am using the row function, once the measurments are entered can excel generate

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How Do I Calculate A Polynomial Curve Fit
For Excel 2007 -

I am looking for a function [or method] to calculate a polynomial curve fit. I can do it on a graph with the existing graph and chart tools, but I need to calculate it myself. Does such software exist somewhere in my Excel 2007 package, or can anyone recommend a freeware program? I am hesitant to download an unknown, un-recommended add-in.

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Find Max In Xy Chart Curve Fit
How I can find a max in an xy chart curve fit?

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Apply A Curve To A Column
I'd like to apply a curve to a column of student exam grades and have the curved grades displayed in the adjacent column. Here is how I'd like to curve:

I like to make a linear function out of two coordinate pairs.

First Pair (x1,y1) = (Highest Exam Grade, 99) = (H,99)

Second Pair (x2,y2) = (Class Exam Average, Desired Exam Average) =(C,D)

Slope = (99-D)/(H-C) = m

Linear Function = Y-y = m(X-x) = Y-99=m(X-H)

Each student grade would = "Y" i.e. Y=m(X-H)+99

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Calculate Area Under The Curve
i am getting some data via RS 232 port and plotting it straight to excel, which comes out to be in forms of waves you can say sine waves, now i need to calculate area under the curve, say like if i highlight some area it will automatically calculate the area, or if i select two points on the curve it will calculate the area. please help me out i am really stuck at this part.

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Price Curve Formula
I'm trying Calculate Curved Price Rate by SF.

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Create Growth Curve
Does anyone know of a statistical formula that would create a normal growth curve?

For example. Let's assume that I want to forcast growth from January through December. I know that in January I will have 100 units. In December, I will have 1,000 units. Is there a formula to predict the the units in Feb-Nov (using a normal growth curve)?

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Calculate Best Fit Equation Of Curve
I am trying to calculate the equation of a curve which best fits some data. On the x-axis is date and y-axis the readings. The curve is quadratic, so on the chart I am fitting a 2nd order polyomial and displaying the equation. To prove that the equation the trendline gives me is reasonable, I am applying the equation on the x parameter to get the y parameter estimate and looking to see the error between predicted and actual - see attached.

The equation and the output from it are clearly rubbish, even though on the graph the trendline is a reasonable fit - see attached. Has anyone any ideas why? I think it has something to do with using a date on the x-axis but no idea why. Is there a way to correct for this? I also tried using the following I to calculate the coefficients which came up with a reasonable forecast (although linest should only be used for linear data): =LINEST(C3:C15,B3:B15^{1,2,3})

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Given Points On Curve, Solve For Equation
Is it possible in excel to find the equation for a curve?

I have 6 known x,y data points on a curve. I need to find the equation for the curve.

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Formula To Distribute A Value Along A Bell Curve.
I'm trying to find a formula that would spread out a value amongst multiple cells along a bell curve. Say I have $x,xxx. I want to spread that amount out in a certain proportion, regardless of how many cells I'm spreading it throughout.

Say I have a $10,000 project. I want to be able to spread it out like a bell curve in the cells I choose. For instance, if it was a five month project it would be distributed as

January - $1,000
February - $2,500
March - $3,000
April - $2,500
May - $1,000

If I added another month it would change to
January - $833.33
February - $1,666.66
March - $2,500.00
April - $2,500.00
May - $1,666.66
June - $833.33

I already thought of manually adding percentages to each cell, but the formula needs to be dynamic.

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Put Together A Cancel Curve On An Annual Membership Model
What would be the best way to put together a cancel curve on an annual membership model?

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Calculate Maximum Point On Curve From Xy Scatter Graph
I have put my values into a XY scatter graph but need to find the maximum point i.e when the gradient is zero. I am using visual basic to obtain my data and draw my graph.

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Calculating TAT
I have some activities that needs to be done ina specified time

Like for example


And i have a sheet where in i need to calculate turn around time

ActivityStart timeEnd timeTATACT 1ACT 2ACT 3ACT 4ACT 5

Based on time entered in start time and end time the TAT column should calculate the TAT based on the above standards.

I also would liuke to exclude weekends(Saturday, sunday). Also the TAT should only be calculated during working hrs between 7:30 PM to 4:30 AM.

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Calculating % GP Anyone
im running a new bar in Leeds and im trying to create a spreadsheet which will tell me how much to charge per drink to gain a 80% GP on products, ive got as far as listing the products and prices and calculating how much every measure (25ml) will cost. In the past ive used formulas where I can input the price i charge and it will calculate the GP (=SUM(D10/E10)*100-100) for example but id like to be able to type in the GP I want and for it to tell me the price i need, im not sure if tis possible but it will be a massive time saver.

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Calculating Months
I input a month as a start date, and then want the next x number of cells to increment by one month based on the start date. I thought this would be easy using the preset DATE function but I can't get the thing to do what I want.

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Calculating Using Time
Firstly, i'd like cell G5 to show the amount of time worked i.e diff between E6 & F6. Secondly I'd like help with the formula for cells AF6 & AG6 which would require AB6-AC6 divided by the frames, every time I try it I get a messed up answer.

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Calculating Cells ..
I have the workbook set to Auto Calc the Cells, which seems to be a bad idea, because with the amount of formula in the workbook, it slows the whole thing down and makes it impossible to do anything within it.

Is there a way that I can speed this process up, using some code when I run certain sections?

There is a copy of what I am doing, so you can see the amount of formula.

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Calculating Cost Per Second
I'm trying to make a worksheet where I can calculate the cost of a mobile postpaid subscription. It is charged per minute and the cost differs depending on which of the 2 available networks the customer is calling to. The first 20 minutes are free, not depending on network.

Charges to network A is 1,79,- per minute after the first 20 minutes are spent.
Charges to network B is 2,29,- per minute after the first 20 minutes are spent.

To sum up:
1. The customer makes a call.
2. If there there are available free minutes, these should be spent first.
3. The customer is charged per minute, depending on network called.

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Calculating Median
I have a list of hotel IDs in one column of my spreadsheet. In the next few columns, I have ratings that customers gave the hotel for cleanliness, location, room, etc.

What I need to do is calculate the median of all the ratings for each specific hotel, in a separate column.

An example of what I have: ...

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Calculating Time In
=INDEX({"$5.00","$3.00","You Were Late"},MATCH(L17,{7:00am,7:05am,7:06am},1))

i have this formula in excel...this formula sanrv1f posted to help with another question (values changed) but i thought i would work with what i wanted but i get a (Value) error

so what im trying to do is base on the system time is if the person typed in

if they were early 6:45am to 7am they get Extra $5 on top of the $5 they get for being on time.

6:55am gets $5
7:00am they get $5.00 for being on time
if they type 7:01am to 7:05am they get $3.00
if they type 7:06 to 7:10am would return You Were Late
after 7:10am would return No Pay

so Ex

D4 *answers in E4 *

7am would get $5

7:03am am would get $3

7:07am would get You Were Late

7:11am Would get No Pay

if they were on time 5 times (ie 5days in a row) they would get a bonus of $20 i tried factoring this in could not do it :/

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Calculating A Median Age
I have a list of ages 10-65 and then different number of participants associated with each age, ie: 10 - 5,071, 11 - 6,069, 12 - 8,465, etc. to age 65. I am try to calculate the median age of all participants.

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Calculating The Ballots That Come In
I am on an auto show board and want to come up with a way of calculating the ballots that come in, using excel. Ballot points are accrued as follows: 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place. With about 25 different categories (classes) and I am estimating participants at around 100.where I can in the automotive field knowing there is nothing besides personal gain.

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Calculating The Overtime
We are guaranteed (right now) a 10 hour day. (we are on 4 - 10 hour shifts). So if we work 9 hours say on Monday, we get 9 hours of straight time and an hour of short work week (approx 80% of pay). Now if we work 11 hours on Tuesday (which they can do unfortunately) I get 11 hours of straight time and no overtime. We have to make up for the short work week hour. So a less complicated explanation would be if I dont work more than 40 hours per week, no overtime no matter what I actually worked per day. Seems pretty simple but what I want and need to do is to calculate it per day.

Mon 10 Hours
Tues 11 Hours
Wed 9.5 Hours
Thurs 10 hours

I should get:

Mon 0 overtime
Tues .5 overtime
Wed 0 overtime
Thurs 0 overtime

I got it to the point where If the day where we get short work week is first and overtime after that, it works. But if we work overtime first then get short work week later in the week, it wont calculate it. I know why it wont work now but I dont know how to make it work. LOL Here's a link to the file.

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Calculating Days ..
What I would like to do is insert a formula into column E that would calculate the number of days from when the count is at 50 to when the next count is i.e. for part 6689841 the time between when the count was 50 and when it was at 20, so the difference between 21/01/2008 and 08/08/2008 in the above example. It does not matter what the count number is (it could be any number except 50), I'm only concerned with every time the count is at 50 how long it is until the next count and to show the result in days.

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Calculating A Formula
i need to creat a 12 month calculation of accounts

month 1 month 2 based on a precentage so i need to calulate the cell 1 pluse a precentage equals cell 2 and then cell 1 plus 2 and the precentage equils that

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Copying But Not Calculating
I'm copying a formula and pasting it to a group of cells. It copies correctly, but I DO NOT want it to calculate anything until other input cells are filled in the columns for the rows that I have pasted the formula. I would like it to show "nothing" until other data is inputted.

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Cells Not Calculating?
I am having a problem with some of the cells in a spreadsheet not calculating.

For example, in column A, all the cells have formulas that pull data from another sheet. When I enter the formula, only the formula shows (not the result). I can't figure out what is wrong as the formulas in column B work fine (the results are showing, but not using the same data that column A is).

I am thinking it may have something to do with the data being used to calculate the formulas but not sure. How can I resolve this?

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Calculating Rise In CPI
In order to compute and forecast an estimate of the triennial rent adjustment, i need to compute the rise in the cpi (table) from the lease date (cell c3) and the present date (cell a2) or the closest publishe date existing in the table. The % rise is easy to calculate present index / opening index -1 = % rise in cpi. I update the index monthly when onthe bls publish it.

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Calculating R-squared
I'd like to calculate the r-sqaured of the S&P 500 performance in an election year to see if that has any effect on the market's performance.

The data I have is below. The election years start in 1928 and are every 4 greater than that. How would I set it up to use the rsq forumla?

S&P 500 Index

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Calculating Cost
Problem - billing spreadsheet for prisoner fee.

1 - 8 hrs = $55
9 - 24 hrs = $55 + $65 or $120
Anything over 24 hrs - $65 for each additional (24 hrs) ($185)

So if you were locked up for 6 hrs it is $55. If you were locked up for 18 hrs it is $120. If you were locked up for 28 hrs it is $185. And if you were locked up for 49 hrs it is $250. Cell F5 contains number of hours locked up - I would like cell I5 to calculate the cost of the stay. I am proud of myself for figuring out the date and time subtraction - but this part has me stumped.

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Calculating Between Two Times
I had an excellent response last time I posted here, this time Im stuck again with a new formula. Im trying to calculated amounts between different times, but keep tying my self in knots with complicated IF formulas.

Is there an easier way to work out hours worked between 2 times, but too complicated things further I need three separate amounts so Im guessing Ill need three separate formulas

Hours between 00:00 06:00
Hours between 06:00 19:00
& hours between 19:00 00:00

An example could be, 05:00 20:00 should be 1,13,1

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Calculating Percentages ...
I'm sure this will be an easy calculation for most of you...........

If I have two numbers, ie. 390 and 217, how can I calculate the difference
between the two figures as a percentage? (These two figures represent sales
in two months and I need to know the difference in percentage terms).

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Calculating Percentiles
For my Intro to Engineering class, I collected data of two filter media in the laboratory. The data included the % of the media which passed through a sieve and the sieve openings. For use in a certain equation, I need the opening size at the 10th, 30th, 50th, 70th and 90th percentiles. I've tried searching on the Microsoft website but I don't think the PERCENTILE function will work correctly with the given data. I also tried using the slope between points to find the opening sizes at the percentiles mentioned, but doing so yielded different results from my professor's. Attached is the data I collected organized in tables and graphs of the data. I have also attached a pdf file of an example which my professor has given us.

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Calculating Field On A VBA From
I have run into a problem I have not found a solution for surprisingly. I need to calculate several fields on the form prior to saving it and thus exporting the data to the worksheet. All I can find is how to calculate the field in a worksheet and then reference it with VB code on the form. Is what I want to do possible?

If I run into many more problems I may want to shop this project out as my schedule barely allows for the work I have let alone attempting to learn VBA on the fly.

If anyone is interested I can post the project so far along with the detail of what I want it do in the end.

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Calculating Time
basically I need an excel sheet to calculate the period of time between cells.

For instance, in A1 I write:


In A2 I write:


Unfortunately I cannot write 18-Feb-09 13:00 in just one cell because it doesn't work.

Now, in B1 I write 19-Feb-10

and in B2 I write 15:14

Now we know that 26 hours and 14 minutes have elapsed between these two times. So if I want this to automatically be calculated in B3, what do I do?

Also, how do I apply the formula to all cells in column 3 so all I have to type in is the date (in column 1) and the time (in column 2)?

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Calculating Totals
I am attempting to build a spreadsheet for work, and I'm having trouble calculating a correct total.

In essence, the bit of my spreadsheet I'm concentrating on is 2 columns:

Column A is headed "Type of Work" and Column B is headed "Completed".

The Type of Work will either be Letters or Memos, and the Completed will either be Yes or left blank to indicate No. For other reasons, No has to be represented by a blank cell.

At the moment, I have 12 rows, going from A2 to B13, with data such as the following:

Letters Yes
Letters Yes
Letters Yes
Letters Yes
Memos Yes
Memos Yes

I need a summary section at the side with the following calculations:

Total Number of Entries
Total Number Outstanding
Total Number of Letters Outstanding
Total Number of Memos Outstanding

However, as I have only populated it with 12 rows of data for my testing purposes, I need to build formulas to take into account the fact that a maximum of 2000 rows may be filled in by other people over the next few months. Therefore, my formulas look like the following:

Total Number of Entries (stored in E2):

Total Number Outstanding (stored in F2):

Both of the above formulas work perfectly, and when I enter a 13th and 14th row, the totals update as I want them to, so I have no problems there.

However, I am struggling to enter a correct formula which will calculate the total number of Letters that aren't Completed.

I did set some names and tried to use:

but it gave me a #NA error, presumably because the named range was looking at all the empty cells up to A2000.

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Calculating Percentages In XL 03
I work at a library and have been asked for help by the Asst. Director. The problem is, I have next to no Excel experience, just what I've been reading in the Help files and Online.

We are using Excel 2003 and running XP. Here is his predicament: he has an excel document that lists the books we have ordered from a publisher. Column I has the MSRP for the book and Column J has the discounted price for the book. We are trying to get Column L to show the percentage of the discount that we received. This is what i've come up with:

example for line 255 typed in as formula for L: =1-7.95/14.98

It comes out correct when I type in the formula as I show above, but when I try typing in the formula (as it should look:=1-J255/I255) , i get an error message: #VALUE! ...

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Calculating Overtime
I'm looking to calculate OT wages when they happen vs only at the End of Week totals. ie... if the employee hits 40 hours midshift on a Wed, I want to calculate what the total dollars would be for Wed.... a few hours at regular time plus what ever hours above 40 at time and a half.

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Calculating Percentages
I think a really easy no brianer, I need to find the difference in percentage terms of two values. I am using =(B2-A2)/ABS(A2)

where B2 = 24.09
and A2 = 21.08

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Sum Function Not Calculating
im currently working on a spreadsheet that tallies financial information for a few national conferences we are hosting at work. It is structured along the lines of below:......

The total is calculate using the SUM function. For sum reason the SUM function has stopped working in one of our columns. Example, if you take the above example, the SUM function for the income is working, but the SUM function for Expenditure comes up with $ - What does this mean? There are no weird values in any of the cells, the formula is exactly the same as the income column, i just don't know where it has gone wrong?

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Calculating Commission
Sub setcommission()

Dim cellsNum As Integer
Dim commission As Single, rating As String
Dim sales As Single

cellsNum = ActiveCell. CurrentRegion.Row.Count

For i = 1 To cellsNum
If ActiveCell.Value > 150000 Then
commission = ActiveCell.Value * 0.012
rating = "superior"
Else sales > 100000 And sales <150000 Then
commission = ActiveCell.Value * 0.08
rating = "satisfactory"

I am trying to calculate the commission for the sales for sales>150000 a commision charge of 0.012 and rating of superior. for 150000> sales >100000 a commision charge of 0.08 and rating of satisfactory. for other sales a commision charge of 0.04 and rating of unsuperior.

i am finding a few problems with the code 1st a problem with 'cellsNum = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Row.Count' it says complie error: invalid qualifier 2nd a problem with 'Else sales > 100000 and sales <150000 then'

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Formula For Calculating End Date
I was trying to figure out how you could caluculate a project end date, based on a start date (dd,mmm,yyyy) and a project duration of lets say 5 work day and the work week is five days long (monday to friday). If i have a leave on the week days like tuesday is bank holiday then it should give be the date excluding that tuesday and wednesday leave and caluculate 5 working days and shoule give the project end date.

Example date: 5-Oct-09

Project end date:09-Oct-09

If i have bank leave on 06-Oct-09 means.

My project end date:12-Oct-09

Note:Bank holidays are fixed date example(every year bank holiday 06-oct-09,02-Dec-09,25-Dec-09)

Please dont need a macro.

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Calculating Total Forecasting
I have a row of totals in a spreadsheet and I want to calculate a forecasted total based on the previous month's totals.

For example I have two months and I want to know how to calculate the forecasted Jun 09 total: ...

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Calculating Age Of Open Cases
I've spent some time looking through previous threads and found some help, but can't quite get what I need.

I am just trying to look at the age of open cases in a report. I want to know in hours (and maybe minutes) not including weekends. I have the created date and time in J2 and "Now" date and time in K2.

I've used the following that I got from another thread: =NETWORKDAYS(J2,K2-1+MOD(K2,1)-MOD(J2,1))

But it seems to be only giving me hours in 24 hour increments. For example a case raised on 22/5/09 gives a time of 72.00 this morning.

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Formula Not Calculating When Greater Then Zero
Currently I am using the following formula ....

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Formulas Not Calculating Unless Re-Entered
I am working in an excel file with many sheets. I have vlookups on several pages that refer to a different page in my file. However, I am finding that the vlookups are not autocalculating. They are fixed on a value until I click into the cell and hit 'enter'

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Calculating Alternating Values
I have a bunch of start End times in columns calculating total time :-

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Calculating The Distance Round An Arc
I am looking to calculate the distance around an arc, given A-B = 70 and the depth is 70cm.

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Calculating Monthly Returns
I have a list of dates with respective balances. I am wondering how to get Excel to determine if the end of the month has passed after a certain date and then calculate the return for that month. What is the most efficient way in your opinion?

Here is a small data sample:

27/12/2005 06:23 0.3%
27/12/2005 05:47 -0.6%
29/12/2005 06:53 1.3%
04/01/2006 17:55 -0.1%
09/01/2006 15:35 3.99%
09/01/2006 15:46 2.54%
09/01/2006 17:07 1.8%
12/01/2006 07:12 -2%
12/01/2006 13:37 1.5%
12/01/2006 13:39 0.8%
12/01/2006 13:58 0.01%

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Calculating Age When Given Only Date Of Birth

"malvis" wrote:

> Is there a formula that can calculate age when given only Date of Birth?

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