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Calculate Ratio

I'm trying to create a quote... basically I need to find out about calculating ratios.

We have 47 students going on a trip to different venues, we offer 1:10 teachers (i.e. one teacher free, for every ten students going), however some venues offer a different ratio e.g. 1:5 teachers free of charge.

I need to somehow create a column where it will calculate the amount charged for the different ratios the venues offered.

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Ratio With Decimals?
I am trying to get an exact ratio in excel but am unable to do so. Example:

60,000/58000 = 1.03. The ratio should then be 1.03:1. But excel is showing this is 1:1. Here is my formula

=TEXT(E55/E56,"0")&":1". I need it to show it to two decimals.

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Employee Turnover Ratio Report
Need formula to calculate employee turnover ratio and if there is a place to get a free template to download?

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Make A Ratio Of The Results Of One Column Against Another
can Excel make a Ratio of the results of one column against another ?

eg, Col A 2.00
Col B 1.00

in Col C, the ratio result is 2 : 1

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Assign Values To Ratio Buttons
Assign values to ratio buttons

I have created a UserForm in Excel, to gather data for a questionnaire.

For each question, the user must select an answer from a radio button (Yes, No and N/A)

When I add the record (answers) to the sheet1, the results are shown as all being false.

I want to show either Yes or No or N/A

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click():

Dim LastRow As Object

Set LastRow = Sheet1.Range("a65536").End(xlUp)

LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton1.Value
LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton2.Value
LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton3.Value

End Sub

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Formula For Calculating A Ratio Using The Data In The Pivot Table.
I cant seem to work out the formula for calculating a ratio using the data in the pivot table.

Ive added a column next to the pivot table to work out the ratio between to columns.


But what if there is no data in cell (B11), I want to return a (blank space) but it returns a #DIV/0!

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Grow Denominator Ratio By Fixed Percentage Until Equal Or Greater Than
I have what may be a math question as much as an Excel question. See my attached spreadsheet example in which I grow the denominator of a ratio by a fixed percentage until it equals or exceeds the numerator. This results in the denominator being grown X number of times.

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Sub Calculate
I am trying to call a sub calculate but I keep getting errors, is calculate a reserved sub name?

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How To Calculate Combinations ?
I want to see how much combinations are possible when i got 6 numbers..

-- got this numbers 1--2--3--4--5--6
-- want to calculate how much combinations of ( 2 ) numbers possible
-- want to calculate how much of ( 3 ) numbers possible
-- want to calculate how much of ( 4 ) numbers possible
-- want to calculate how much of ( 5) numbers possible

-- never 2 same numbers together (2-2) or (2-2-3) or (2-2-3-4) may not be in list

-- How can i make the result visible in kind of list ?

I would be nice if somebody knows a good solution..

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Calculate Variances
Just wanted to find out if the formulas in the attached apreadsheet are correct. Formulas from E6 to E10.

Also, if you multiply the "new daily target" with "working days" should'nt this give you the "remaining" figure? Currently it's not doing this

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Calculate Attendance
I got struck in preparing absenteesm report from 22nd Sep 08 to 21st Oct 08. I've to put the dates on which a employee was absent ...

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Calculate Totals
I have a spread sheet that is used to review calls placed by a call center.

Column A has the extensions of the phones, and Column E has the type of call (Outgoing or Incoming). Each line is a new phone call.

We have about 8 extensions, but the worksheet could have a couple thousand calls. So, Column A could have extension 1401 from rows 1-100 as extension 1401 made 100 calls. I'm looking for a formula or macro that will summarize how many outgoing and incoming calls extension 1401 had. Thoughts?

My initial thought was something like this:


In this formula, I would type in the extension of H2 and it would scan Column A and add up the values in Column E. The only problem is, that Column H doesn't contain a numerical value. It only has "Incoming" and "Outgoing" (minus the quotes), so this doesn't work.

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Calculate The Variance
i have a dynamic list of numbers....currently 10 numbers in the list.

how can i calculate the variance?

i have the upper limit (=MIN(1,(mean+half width))
i have the lower limit (=MAX(0,mean-half width)
i have the mean (avg of all numbers)
i have the t value (TINV(alpha, (n-1)))
i have the half width (t value * SQRT of Var/N)

i just don't know how to get the VAR/N

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Calculate If There Is Anything In The Cell
Im wanting to do a sum calculate if there is anything in the cell.
Ive tried using the 'count' and 'count if' but both return values of zero.

There are words in the cell, rather than numbers.

I want it to return the value of cells with data in them, and exclude those with nothing ("") in them.

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Calculate Button
I am trying to create a Radio button in a cell that calculates the entire workbook rather than pressing F9.

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How To Calculate Age
to calculate the age from the format date of birth shown below.

SQL Data S1Date of Birth2Jun 9 1947 12:00AM3Jan 1 1957 12:00AM4Jan 1 1958 12:00AM5Jan 1 1956 12:00AM6Jun 4 1951 12:00AM7Dec 10 1963 12:00AM8Jun 17 1958 12:00AM Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Calculate Hours
I am designing a simple time card. Column D=time in, Column E=time out. My formula in column F to calculate total hours is =TEXT(E2-D2,"[h]hrs"). The result is not correct. Example: In at 9:30 out at 5:00 and the calculated total is -4 hours.

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Calculate The Probabilities
How to calculate probabilities... say that I am buying pop bottles that say "1 in 6 wins" or drawing buttons from hats where 5 of them are numbered 1-5 and the other one is the winner. (Note that you would have to keep putting the buttons back after drawing so there is always 1-5 and a winner whenever you draw)

The possible combininations are easy to figure out... just do 6 to the power of how ever many bottles you buy or how many times you draw a button. So obviously if you draw once, there is 6^1 possible... if you draw twice there are 6^2 (or 36) possible combinations.

To figure out how many winning possibilities (win atleast once) there are it's not too hard at this level... you can just list the possibilities:

First - Second
1-W (1 winning combination)

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Calculate Overtime
I have a time sheet for my employee's that I need to calculate their overtime in 1.5x and 2x rates.

Their overtime totals are done in individule columns from D33 to S33. The first 4 hours per day are charged at 1.5x and anything over that is 2x. I want to show the 1.5x in one box and the 2x in another. I do believe that I need two formulas one in each of the boxes where the final totals would go.

Here's an example, in columns D37 to D41 the employee has worked 12, 14, 9, 16 and 14.5 hours. so that's 17 hours @ 1.5x and 8.5 @ 2x.

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Calculate The Value In The NPV
I have two columns in a payment schedule (which adjusts according to certain user inputs) that I need to use in my NPV calculation.

The first column is the Total Payment and the second is Inducements.

Therefore each value in the NPV calc. needs to be the sum of a given period's payment and inducement (but i don't want/have a separate column which calculates the sums). The number of periods adjusts with the users input of Term. There also may be periods where there is a payment but no inducement.

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Calculate The Percentage
I have attached a file with both a sample section of data on the first sheet and the outcome I would like on the second sheet... I would do it all manually but there are over 200,000 rows in the actual file.

The macro needs to calculate the percentage of sale for each reference number within each part number and move down to the next part number and do the same until it reaches the bottom.

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Calculate How Many Of The Same Value In A Row?
If I have this serie of values in the A column:


And want this results in the B column:


Those numbers will indicate how many of the same are in a row.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

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Calculate The Hours
How to calculate the Hours
Check the attached file

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How To Calculate Time
WHen I was a beginner at Excel, I came up with the following formula to calculate the time difference between two "time" values. Since I was too lazy to add a ":" between my hour and minute, I had decided to simply enter the start (column B) and end time (column C) as a military time (e.g., 0100, 1230, 1500, 1930, 2300, 2359). The following formula would be in Column D.


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Calculate Retrospectively
I need to create a formula to work backwards from a closing balance to establish an inventory value on First In, First Out principles. The attached spreadsheet probably explains it better.

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How To Calculate Date
how to calculate the date for one year. If i have 24-Jun-08 (A1) i need to calculate 24-Jun-09. If i do =A1+365 it gives me an error (the little green thing in the corner of the box) is there a way to do this without the error showing up.

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Calculate Total
I need a formula that will calculate the total of the items in column "W" when the row directly below it contains a "1" in column "V". It will need to calculate the totals from that row all the way up to the next row that contains a "1" in column V.


In X14 (where I will put the formula) it would total W9 through W14. However the formula still needs to be able to calculate the total if there are more or less cells to sum. So that the same formula could calculate that in X8 it will total W5 through W8.

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Calculate The Date..
Is there a formula for calculating date for every 2nd thursday of the month excluding holidays?

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Formula To Calculate A %
I use this formula to calculate a %, but naturally when there is a 0 excel returns the #DIV/0! error. Can someone fix my formula so the error gets replaced with a 0
in the formula the 0 would be in cell W2 =IF(N2="yes",BN2/W2,0.5).

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Calculate Text As Value
trying to calculate a text as value in a formula.

In cell A5 (please see the excel attached) I have a weighted formula that is supoosed to return a final result based on the drop down from cells B5 to V5. Drop downs give the option of choosing a value. Everything is going fine as long as you select a value (5, 3 or 0).

In cells H5, J5, K5, R5, S5, U5 there is also the option of choosing NA. I am trying to get the formula to calculate NA as being equal to 5. Basically, if for the respective parameter someone choses NA, the final result in cell A5 should not be influenced.

If all the parameters are 5 and only one has NA (any of the cells H5, J5, K5, R5, S5, U5), the final result (in cell A5) should be 100.

The same applies if all parameters are 5 & more than one cell or all the cells that have the NA options (H5, J5, K5, R5, S5, U5) are NA.

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Calculate Overlap
Here is my data

Range A1:L8


I am trying to figure out a formula in L3 which is the calculation of overlap of region1 and region2. The top row is the number of days. What formula can I use to calculate the percent overlap? The numbers in column L show the expected result.

(Using XL 07)

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How To Calculate Overtime
I am trying to formulate a formula that will calculate overtime hours worked.
Now standard hours are 17:30pm - 20:45pm. Anything outside these hours are overtime. If the start time is 18:00pm then the person is still paid from 17:30pm @ standard rate regardless.

Now I am trying to work out a formula that will cover hrs outside of the standard hrs AND hrs unworked but paid for.

see attached! September tab {blue highlighted cells}

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Calculate Workbook
I'm opening 2 workbooks and I'm on Manual Calculation option. I wanted to calculate only workbook A. The standard button only give me the option of calculating a worksheet or all open workbooks (F9).

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Calculate A Certain Weekday
I need to set up something that "calculates" an orders next delivery date. We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for different stores. IE.

Store 1 - Today's Date-Wednesday 10/28/09 = Next delivery date is Tuesday 11/3/09.
Store 2 - Today's Date-Wednesday 10/28/09 = Next delivery date is Wednesday 11/4/09.
Store 3 - Today's Date-Wednesday 10/28/09 = Next delivery date is Thursday 10/29/09.

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Calculate A Sheet Every Second
I am looking for a way to calculate a sheet every second. I haven't been able to find anything in the forums

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Calculate All Possible Combinations
I have check list of 14games. With this I'd like to make combinations.

Each row has one default value for unchecked rows of 3 columns in the list.

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If Cell Has Value Calculate
I am setting up a spread sheet to compare an invoice between 2 suppliers. It has formulas throughout and a total column. If no data is entered in cells then total column has "value" in it. How can I eliminate the"value" while still keeping formulas in place. Not all cells will have data in them on every instance. But I still need all formulas to be saved

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Calculate Within Ranges
I have a range of cells and when an amount is entered into a cell I would like it to pick which row to pick from and do the sum from that row. for eg if I was to put $201,000 I want it to pick the row with $200,000 to $540,000 range and use the sum from that row. eg below

Taxable ValueRates Percent
$0-$200,000 $00.0%
$2,700,000-> $29,6003.0%

the sum I have for the rows is ((E3-A3)*D3+C3) but somehow need to have it choose from ranges and use appropriate sum.

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Calculate Discounts According To Value
i dont know if IF statements can do this BUT if you look @ this image! what it is i need the spreadsheet to automatcally work out the discount for xample "Example Jhon" spent 29.99 and i want the spreadsheet to work out the discount automatcally for 15% i know IF statmenet can do this but i need it to work out what discount theyll get Each price is going to be diffrent for example if someone spend 50 they would get 25% off i need excel to figure out what discount thell get automatcally

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IF To Calculate If One Date Is Greater Than Another
I am having great difficulties getting the following formula to calulate wether the date in cell f2 is greather than of less than the given date.

=IF(F2<="18.11.06", "No Cover", "Under Warranty")

f2 = 14.09.02

This does produce the wanted result of "No cover" however if the date is 14.09.07 and therefore greater the 18.11.06 i will not get the expected result of "Under Warranty"

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Calculate Redemption Date
attached spreadsheet, columns A-E are given data, col B shows the redemption frequency, col C shows the advanced notice period and col E shows the our first investment date. I would like to display the result in one column showing the next redemption date..

e.g. for Fund 1, it's redemption term is quarterly 30 days notice, which means.. next redemption period will be 30/09/2007 (get money back) and we have to give the redmeption notice latest on 31 Aug 2007 becos of 30 days advance notice to exit the fund

e.g. for Fund 2, it's monthly 90 days notice, which means if we put in a redemption notice today then 90 days from now on will be 8 november, hence can get money back on 30 November 07.

What formula shall I use to display
- next available redemption date
- exit date (get money back)

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Formula To Calculate Discounts
I have attached an example ....

If both of the discounts being offered are positive then I am ok with.
In this example the first discount ofered is -25% and the second one is +50%.

If the required charge is higher than the standard charge then, in this example, the final charge should give the value as 2,500.

What would the formula be that added up the 2 discounts together and gave the correct value in cell B8?

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Calculate Difference In Dates
I need to calculate the amount of time between two dates, and show it in the number of hours and minutes. My dates are formatted to show the time in Zulu time. So 1406 = 2:06PM.

Here is what I have:

A1 = 6/4/08 1406Z
B1 = 6/5/08 0402Z

For this example, the formula should return a result of 13 hours and 58 minutes. With the result, there is no need to desingate Zulu time with a 'Z'. But I need the result in a format that will allow me to calculate an average for all my data.

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On Calculate (or Change) Hide
I need an excel macro to run on a change of a cell and unhide the row below that cell based on the results of a formula in that hidden row (happens to be offset).

Essentially I need this.
- Change is made to cell
- Based on results of a cell in the row below, unhide that row

I am unsure how to do this, as I am fairly new to the VBA world. I know I need to attach it to the oncalculate or change event, but I am unsure how to get the current cell that is changing and go from there.

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Calculate Time Outside Of Specified Ranges
I am staring at this excel spreadsheet blankly ... I am at a loss as to how to accomplish the detailed analasys but simple math this spreadsheet reequires.

The data consists of three columns pasted from a report that is exported as a .csv:

Start Time
End Time

The following analyses must be made on each row:

1. determine if the start time falls within the scheduled shift

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Calculate Date Difference
I request a help:

A1 = 01-Apr-2009
B1 = 02-Apr-2009
C1 = 03-Apr-2009
D1 = Blank
E1 = 05-Apr-2009
F1 = 06-Apr-2009

What is the best suitable formula to find "First blank cell", then "date difference" between today and its previous cell's (i.e today minus "C1" in this case).

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Textbox With Characters To Calculate
I have an userform say frmNew. In the form, I have three textboxes: txtCost, txtRate, txtSale.
The following two boxes are filled by a user:
txtCost contain the Cost of an item (numbers)
txtRate contain the % Rate (3 character), i.e. the txtRate can contain only A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and J. The corresponding value is 1,2,....9,0 respsctively.

The value for txtSale is generated on clicking the command button i.e. txtSale = (txtCost + (txtCost * txtRate)).
Could you please help in writing a macro for calculating txtSale value.

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I have a list where i enter invoice values lets say on column (A:A)
and i want to calculate all the invoice values each time i enter the values on A:A
for example;
i entered $2500 on cell A1 and pressed enter,
then i entered another figure on A1 let say $500 i want the total value to be shown such as $3000

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Formula To Calculate Age
i am trying to build a formula to calculate a persons age.

I have tried using the DATEIF function but i keep getting a N/A

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VBA Calculate Pause
Hi everyone I am having a little trouble with a sheet i'm currently working on. Having exhausted what i believe to be every avenue trying to do this without VBA, i've finally had to sucomb to it as i can't see an alternative and i'm no VB expert by any means! This is what i have so far:

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Disabling Auto Calculate For Others?
I'm working on a workbook that has alot of calculations in it, on a pretty slow PC (Work-related), so auto-calculate is casuing crashing, so what I've done with this sheet is disabled auto-calculate and added a macro to calculate each sheet indiviually instead, which avoids the crashing (The last sheet still takes a minute and a half to process but thats ok I guess).

My worry is, when this workbook does the rounds, peoples excel will already have autocalculate on, and will crash it themselves. Is there anyway I can ensure that the sheet turns atuocalculate on or, failing that, does anyone have any ideas on how to help the issue?

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