Employee Turnover Ratio Report

Jul 13, 2006

Need formula to calculate employee turnover ratio and if there is a place to get a free template to download?

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Employee's Project Report

Jan 26, 2010

I have created a spreadsheet in Excel where it gives me a report of how many hours my employees do per week and it seperate them in different categories.

What I would like to do is find a way to match the cell's description with the amount of total hours that were spend on certain project.

So here is the scenario.

In my department there 6 employees that are assigned to work on certain projects in daily basis. These projects are called CRs and to identify them I've added a number after them.
So we will have CR0001, CR0002, ect. These are unique projects.More that one employee that could woork at the same project as well on other sections but I am only interested on the projects.

To help you understand what I am trying to do I will give you an example.

John is working on project CR0005, CR0006, CR0001. He has been working on them three projects for the last week.

Here is the summary of the hours:

- 5 hours on CR0005
- 10 hours on CR0006
- 5 hours on CR0001

This information is inputed in Excel spreadsheet Week 1 .....

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Employee Hours Report With Multiple Rates And Categories

Sep 25, 2013

I am trying to create a a file that will serve as time log and dashboard report for consultants who work a maximum of two hours a day, with a strict(fixed) calendar schedule with multiple sessions. Some consultants may work one hour of a particular schedule on category A(Lead) and the second hour as category 2. How to create a sheet that sums the rates for all the categories worked on a given day without using a macro. Here is my sample data

Pay Categories:

Pay Rates
Assistant - $40/hr
Admin - $20/hr

Sessions and Session Dates sample:
Session 1 - 10/8/2013 to 11/8/2013
Session 2 - 11/15/2013 to 12/15/2013
Session 3 - 01/06/2014 to 03/15/2014

*Note the dates will or should be listed in separate columns in order for them to be used for daily logging.

Employees (Sample)
Jane Doe
Jack Doe
John Doe

Desire goals of the report:
1. Daily log as employees work e.g if Jane Doe works on 10/8/2013 as a Lead and Assistant, ideally the data entry person should be able to enter these two values on one cell or pick the relevant value from a set list
2. The report would then match the value of the data in the cell for Jane Doe on 10/8/2013 with a table array with categories in one column and the pay rate in another, and return the appropriate pay value which can either be a sum of the two rates or the total hard coded into the cell.
3.Be able to create a dashboard report that would sum the totals by employee, month,sessions etc in a separate sheet vs other criteria such a budget etc.

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How To Work Out Turnover

Nov 19, 2008

i need to work out employee turnover in excel has anyone got any useful tips?

i have a spread sheet with start and end dates so i need to work out who was in the company etc

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Stock Turnover

Oct 12, 2006

Is there a formula that calculates my desired result which is row 5? I tried creating a formula in row 6 but it fails.

What I am trying to calculate is in week, if I have inventory then how many weeks does it cover?

For Instance, Week 1 I have inventory of $39,120 which covers until 4 weeks and then calculate total of wk1 to 4 and subtract it from inventory value 39,120.

The resultant from this calculation is divided by week 5 and expected production in order to derive the proportion covered in week 5
Please refer to my workbook

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Sum Turnover Where Name Is PART Of The Description

May 14, 2009

I am looking for a way to use the sum.if formula, combined with the find.spec (I am not sure if this is the correct formule, at the moment I only have the Dutch Excel version, it is meant to find a word as part of a cell)

The part I am struggling with is how to find the correct cells to "sum" when the criterium is part of the cell contents. e.g. Paul is the description in am looking for in "Paul is riding his bike" If so, then add the turnover to Paul. I have made a demo to clarify what I mean.

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Appropriate Template/worksheet Needed For Keeping Track Of Turnover

Jan 5, 2009

I'm trying to find a simple Excel template to add my sales invoices together for a year...just so I know what I've earnt...nothing complicated.

The Columns I need are;

date - invoice no. - customer - labour - materials - total

I'd like it to add together labour and materials to the total box ( or just labour in the total box if no materials for that job.)

Then each invoice adding up as I add more with subtotal of labour and materials then a grand total.

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Ratio With Decimals?

Oct 14, 2009

I am trying to get an exact ratio in excel but am unable to do so. Example:

60,000/58000 = 1.03. The ratio should then be 1.03:1. But excel is showing this is 1:1. Here is my formula

=TEXT(E55/E56,"0")&":1". I need it to show it to two decimals.

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Calculate Ratio

Sep 25, 2007

I'm trying to create a quote... basically I need to find out about calculating ratios.

We have 47 students going on a trip to different venues, we offer 1:10 teachers (i.e. one teacher free, for every ten students going), however some venues offer a different ratio e.g. 1:5 teachers free of charge.

I need to somehow create a column where it will calculate the amount charged for the different ratios the venues offered.

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Ratio Running Total?

Mar 28, 2014

On the attached worksheet i have blocks of data in col C in chronological order,i wish to count the number of times related data in col AG is between 1 & 3 incl (highlighted in blue) ,the result to be expressed as a % in col V,eg block A =5,col AG has 2 event between 1 & 3,so col V = 40%.I have inserted empty rows between the data for clarity,there are no empty rows in the data.

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What Is The Best Aspect Ratio For A Dashboard 4 X 3 Or 6 X 9

May 23, 2013

What is the best Aspect Ratio for a dashboard 4 X 3 or 6 X 9.

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Creating Individual Report Cards (worksheets) Based On Template For Report Card

Aug 30, 2013

I have two worksheets in my report cards:

1) Data - the students are listed in Column A, math scores in Column B, reading scores in Column C and science scores in Column D. The grades of 300 students are entered in this sheet.




2) Report Card template - This is the report card that needs to be generated for each student. It's pulling the student name and grades from the Data worksheet.

Student Name




How do I create worksheets (report cards) for additional students? I have 300 students in the school. I need the next worksheet to reference Data!$A3. I know how to cut and paste the report card template and then edit =Data!A2 to be =Data!A3 to create a report card for Sally. How do I create the 300 report cards I need?

I've been teaching for 13 years. I can create a report card for each student in my class and edit each worksheet individually for each student. Now I've been asked to do this for the whole school and I don't know how to create the other 299 sheets I need.

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Establishing 20:80 Ratio From Team1 To Team2

Mar 2, 2013

I'm working on a plan with the objective to reach a 20:80 ratio from Team 1 to Team 2

The intent of the is get 80% of the work to be supported by Team 2, which currently has no team members.

Team 1 currently has 32 team members.

I am trying to to determine if I need to hire or re-deploy employees to from one team to another or to another program to achieve the objective.

The objective is to take Team 1, which is currently doing 100% of the work & reduce that work load to approximately 20%, which then Team 2 will be supporting approximately 80%.

I started a generic calculation but I believe it's wrong.

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Calculate Reward To Risk Ratio

Sep 30, 2003

I have a spreadsheet that calculates Reward to Risk Ratio for the stock market investing. The formula is Target Price - Entry Price / Entry Price - Stop out Price.

The problem is the ratio often comes out to something like 3/4 or 7/8.

Is there a way to reduce the result down so that the first number is always a 1 to make it more clear but still maintain the ratio. For example, 1-1.3, or 1-7.8, etc.

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Make A Ratio Of The Results Of One Column Against Another

Feb 14, 2007

can Excel make a Ratio of the results of one column against another ?

eg, Col A 2.00
Col B 1.00

in Col C, the ratio result is 2 : 1

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Assign Values To Ratio Buttons

Feb 18, 2008

Assign values to ratio buttons

I have created a UserForm in Excel, to gather data for a questionnaire.

For each question, the user must select an answer from a radio button (Yes, No and N/A)

When I add the record (answers) to the sheet1, the results are shown as all being false.

I want to show either Yes or No or N/A

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click():

Dim LastRow As Object

Set LastRow = Sheet1.Range("a65536").End(xlUp)

LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton1.Value
LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton2.Value
LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = UserForm1.OptionButton3.Value

End Sub

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Copy Data From Weekly Report To Monthly Report

Jul 2, 2008

How do you create a macro to copy the information from my weekly reports to a monthly report and be able to update automatically. If you had 4 worksheets (for each week of the month) and 1 mastersheet for the whole month in a workbook. All titles are the same and If you needed to copy all the data that is in the columns, say, A through I, starting with row 4 to however many rows are in a given week. The reports can be made up of numicerial values, text and dates. Let me know if more information is needed or an example worksheet.

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Excel 2007 :: Maintain Aspect Ratio?

Nov 11, 2012

I have a userform that opens up to full screen, however, when i designed it everything is central and in its place, but when the userform opens full screen everything is pushed to the left and not using all the form.

I know that in VB2010 u can use docking and table layout panels for this sort of thing but VBA 2007 which I am using with excel doesnt seem to have these options?

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Sum And Find Median Value Of Two Datasets To Develop Ratio

Jul 29, 2014

with the following formula.

I need to find the median of Column C and Column H and then divide the median sum of Column C by the median sum of Column H. My data contains blanks so I obviously need to count cells with data only. I am trying to avoid hard coding any cells and am looking for a single formula.

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Lock Aspect Ratio - Portrait Picture

Sep 27, 2011

below is my coding, it inserts a picture into a cell and fits to what ever the cell size is.

my cells are more landscape (fixed) than portrait, how can i still make the images fit into the cell height wise but keep a aspect ratio of a portrait picture.

Sub InsertPicture1()
Dim myPicture As Variant
myPicture = Application.GetOpenFilename _
("Pictures (*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif),*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif", , "Select Picture to Import")
If myPicture = False Then Exit Sub
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

[Code] ........

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Excel 2010 :: Determine Ideal Ratio

Aug 24, 2012

I'm haven't played with stats in a while and now I'm trying to determine the ideal traffic/labor hour in order to maximize revenue/labor hour. My data looks like this:

Excel 2010


[Code] ........


I don't know if Excel or Analyst Toolpak has the firepower for this or if I'll need additional tools.

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Formula For Calculating A Ratio Using The Data In The Pivot Table.

Jan 17, 2008

I cant seem to work out the formula for calculating a ratio using the data in the pivot table.

Ive added a column next to the pivot table to work out the ratio between to columns.


But what if there is no data in cell (B11), I want to return a (blank space) but it returns a #DIV/0!

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How To Create Spreadsheet To Calculate Macro Nutrient Ratio Of Foods

Aug 7, 2008

I am trying to create a spreadsheet to calculate the macro nutrient ratio of foods based on carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and how many units/servings I eat of each. I've attached the file I've started. It's fairly straightforward and simple, thus far.

I would like to be able to associate a food with its various nutritional data in its row (fat, carbs, sugar, fiber, sat. fats, protein.. etc.). With all of my food items entered, I would like to be able to choose from a list, have it prompt me for how many units I've eaten then plug it into my formula to calculate totals and ratios.. The final flow should go soemthing like this...

1. Select a food from a list (each food on the list has its associated characteristics)..

2. Select how much ( each food will have an associated serving size i.e. 1/2 cup, 1oz..) ---- (4) oz VS. entering each unit in A1

3. Make these totals of each characteristic feed into my final chart with which to track and graph.

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Grow Denominator Ratio By Fixed Percentage Until Equal Or Greater Than

Aug 24, 2006

I have what may be a math question as much as an Excel question. See my attached spreadsheet example in which I grow the denominator of a ratio by a fixed percentage until it equals or exceeds the numerator. This results in the denominator being grown X number of times.

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Date Function - Calculate Ratio Between Months Based On Working Days?

Jul 25, 2014

I have added 3 tables data .. also I had created a sample solution calc for emp1 and project1 ... I need to calculation the ratio between the months based on the working days and allocate the efforts accordingly.

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Report Structure (create A Report Either By Using Or Without Using VBA)

Apr 12, 2009

find the attached Example file. I need to create a report either by using or without using VBA.

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Getting Name From Employee#

Sep 29, 2009

This is what I am looking to do and I am having an issue with it.

worksheet "beeble"

Column B has all the employee numbers listed from B3 to B100
Column C needs to have the emp name put in to them based on the emp number.

worksheet "weeble"

This sheet has the list of employees with their Emp#

A2 down to A99 is the number B2 on down is the name that belongs to the emp #

At issue is sheet "beeble" changes day to day depending who is scheduled to work in a certian area, otherwise this would be quite easy.. It is very easy for us to put the emp# in instead of the emp-name, so that is why wwe would need to be able to pull this information from the other sheet.

This may end up being very easy, but it is beyond me, and I cannot find what I need from a book, as I spent last night on here searching and reading through a few of my books..

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Employee Number

Sep 3, 2007

I have a list of employees that i need to simplify into groups as listed below

Employee No's

In my list of data (attached) that i receive i currently manually count the employee numbers and then put them into the relevant bands dependant on the employee sizes. Example:

Employee List

Employee No's
1-19 - 1
20-50 - 1
50-199 - 3
200-499 - 1
500+ - 2

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Name Appears Instead Of The Employee ID

Sep 11, 2007



I have a spreadsheet that lists each employees hours for the last 4 pay periods...each is in it's own row I am trying to find out their average.

I am using the subtotal function to average their hours and that works fine. BUT...my boss doesn't want to see 4 rows for each person. He just wants to see one row for each person and when I collapse the rows, it only shows the employee's ID, not the name (because that's what I told the subtotal function to do...add subtotal after every change in employee ID).

name appears instead of the employee ID? That's useless to him because he hasn't memorized all the Employee's IDs.

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Projects Per Employee

Apr 17, 2008

I was given a task of calculating bonus for number of projects per employee. The maximum number of projects per employee is 30 and they have completed different number of projects. Data is as follows:

Column A - Name
Column B - Date
Column C - Project

Employee name repeats one row per project and project repeats as they are working with it.

I need to list individual employee names in column D and the number of projects each employee has done in column E. A project can be saved many times thus creating many rows for that same employee. Do you think it is possible to accomplish this. One formula for column D and one formula for column E. If needed I can attach an example file or take a screen shot of it.

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