Calculation On Offset From Cells Within Date Range?

Dec 17, 2013

I have some data A2:A1000 where there is a start date in column D and end date in column E (formatted DDMMMYYYY). In column F I have a formula that calculates the NETWORKDAYS between the dates.

What I want is a set of formulae that will look in column D for a date between 01/01/2013 and 31/01/2013 (or any date I specify) and find the 'MIN', 'MAX' and 'AVG' of the values in column F where the date in column D matches my criteria.

What I can't figure out is how to offset from the cells matching the date range!?

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Sumif With Offset Date Range

Sep 11, 2009

I am trying to sum multiple columns of data by a sumif based on a criteria in column C, the columns are weekly dated, and I wish to match columns by offset this initial column with a start date and end date and sum columns in between, I have been getting close but only returns one columns values?

FilterCol is column for criteria match
Start Col is name range - OFFSET(FilterCol,0,'Summary totals line groups'!$G$4,1,1) - End col similar, (G4 is a match date to find column ref)

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Date Calculation Across A Range Of Dates

Jan 13, 2007

I am attaching an Excel file where I am trying to calculate lead time (even if a negative number of days) to a next activity based on projected dates based on a 'cycle start date'. I am trying to perform this with e complicated IIF statement which you can see from the attached file.

Note: this file is created from a application at runtime where this excel file is actually an xlt template. I attached it as an xls to make it easier to look at. EDIT: I have a flag in the Annual/Semi-Annual that blanks out cells that are not needed if Annual. It causes my LeadTime Col. to blow chunks and I can't seem to get past an error in the formula since adding this.

=If(F3>=NOW(),F3-NOW(),If(G3>=NOW(),G3-NOW(),If(H3>=NOW(),H3-NOW(),If(I3>=NOW(),I3-NOW(),If(J3>=NOW(),J3-NOW(),"CycleStart Null"))))). Replaced Zip file

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Formula To Check Date Range And Then Do Calculation?

Apr 7, 2014

I am looking for a single formula I can run along a single row that looks at several columns of data, and then checks if the date range falls between the running row, take it's relevant number, and multiply it by a single rate. The attached probably explains it clearly - I think the solution would be some sort of Sumproduct, but my attempts have failed!Example - Date Range with Calculation.xlsx

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Find Yesterdays Date In Range And Return Row Number To Be Used In Offset

Jul 13, 2014

I'm writing a macro that will import data from one workbook to another, based on yesterdays date. I have the import functionality working, and I've been playing all afternoon, but I can't find a way to find yesterdays date in a range and use that row number as the row offset value in this line:

Rather than having a set row offset value (in this case, 14) I would like to use the find function to lookup yesterdays date in range "B50:B80" in the worksheet I've designated as "sh1" and return the row number of the cell that has yesterdays date and use this value as the row offset value, replacing the hard coded 14 that is in there currently. The date values in the range are formatted as per Date Format.jpg.

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Offset Calculation

Jun 28, 2006

I want to change this calculation located in AL13 -

= SUM(( OFFSET(INPUT!$A$1,12+AL6,2)+OFFSET(INPUT!$A$1,13+AL6,2))/AL5)

to say -

If (Offset 0 rows and 3 columns from AL13 = "Gross" then =SUM((OFFSET(INPUT!$A$1,12+AL6,2)+OFFSET(INPUT!$A$1,13+AL6,2))/AL5) otherwise 0)

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Offset Range Of Cells?

Feb 7, 2013

How do I offset a range of cells?

I'm running simulations. Let's say I want to run the "for" loop 100 times. In the 1st iteration I want to copy Range(A1:A10) and paste the value to A31:A40 (this destination range is fixed for each iteration). In the 2nd iteration I want to copy Range(B1:B10) and paste to (or assign value to) A31:A40. In the 3rd iteration I want to copy Range(C1:C10) and paste to (or assign value to) A31:A40. And so on for 100 iteration. So each time my copied range moves one column to the right.

How do I achieve this in VBA code? Let's say I have defined/named Range("A1") and want to keep offsetting to the right but copying 10 cells in the range as I go along.

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Use OFFSET Formula Over Range Of Cells?

Mar 29, 2013

I have a table that is 10 columns wide. On a separate worksheet I want to display the last 10 rows of the table - 100 cells in all.

Getting the value of one of the cells is easy enough - I used:


If I copy/paste, or drag the fill handle to expand the target range I end up with the same formula and same value in all 100 target cells. I know I can edit each cell to modify the offset -1,-1, then -1,-2 then -1,-3 etc but that's mind-numbingly tedious and likely to introduce error.

There must be a way to have a cell reference another, then copy the formula to adjacent cells and and have the result show the content of cells adjacent to the original source.

I've been trying INDIRECT and INDEX with ROW and COLUMN - but I can't work it out.

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Combining If, Offset And Range Of Cells

Feb 13, 2007

i need to get an equation correct for a scheduling application
assume $f24 is a task frequency and U24 is our current cell location


i am asking if (the range of cells to the left of current cells (range being task frequency -1 columns wide) are empty - and if so - put an x - if they are not empty - then leave it balnk.

i can get it to to work for a 2 weekly schdule but need it to work upto 52 weeks

i have a simple spreadsheet with the problem clearly defined for anyone who can help

- beer in it for anyone who can help - or can pay via paypal if required

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Excel 2010 :: Average Calculation For Given Date And Time Range

Jul 9, 2014

Please find the attached 2010 version excel file <For a given date Time Range average .xlsx>.

I want to calculate the average value (Column C) for the given date (Column A) and given time range (Column B).

Values to be plotted in the color cells yellow and light pink / magenta.

Voting Results.xlsx‎

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Subtracting 1 Day From Date Calculation With Multiple Cells?

Dec 10, 2013

Here is what I have:

Date ReceivedApproved DateDenied DateTurn Time
1/1/14 1/13/14 9

Turntime is calculated with this formula:

What I need is to not count the first day it is received in the calculation for the Turn Time. So in this instance I need the Turn Time to say 8 instead of 9. If I just subtract a 1 then I get an error if the Approved Date or the Denied Date are not filled in yet.

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Time Zone Offset Calculation?

Apr 2, 2014

I've got a CSV file that has been sent to me where each entry has a vehicle reports in with certain metrics. Included in these metrics are the time the metric is reported. The problem I am having is that the time is delivered in UTC date/time (in Column A). Column B has an "offset" to show how many hours difference there are between the UTC time and the local time for that particular vehicle.

Problem 1 - My initial thought was to use "Text to Columns" with space as the delimiter, thinking I could just run a simple subtraction formula once completed. The problem here is that if an entry is recorded after 7pm local time, the UTC time moves into the next day, and the simple subtraction formula will not take that into account.

Problem 2 - Even if there was a workaround, it seems that the numbers in the "Offset" column don't work well with time calculations because they are not a time (it's -5, -6, -7, or -8).

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VBA - Only Have Auto-Calculation Run On Certain Range Of Cells

Mar 5, 2012

I don't want my sheet to auto calculate every time I change a cell that has nothing to do with the range I want to calculate. What would be the code to only have auto calculate run in range("A13:L17") when a worksheet_change happens in range("A13:L17").

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Apply Same Calculation To Range Of Cells

Apr 11, 2007

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here but I think my syntax is wrong, here is the

Sub CalculatSG()
Dim FinalRow As Integer
FinalRow = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
Range("BU5") = "=(BT5/100)*AE52"
Range("BU5:BU[" & FinalRow & "]").Activate
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

My objective is to apply the same calculation to the range of cells; the range may change which is why I have defined FinalRow and passed this as a refernence.

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Copy Range Of Cells - Returned Address To Some Offset

Oct 16, 2006

Sub TestSearch()
Dim FoundCell As Range
Dim SearchString As Variant
'Specify Value to Search
SearchString = " Excel"
'Perform the Search and Return a Cell Value
Set FoundCell = Worksheets("Source").Range("A1:A10000").Find(" Excel", lookat:=xlPart)
If Not FoundCell Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Found at " & FoundCell.Address
End If
End Sub

I'd like to take the code above, which returns a cell address which contains the text " Excel" and modify or add to it the capability to copy a range starting from the address returned and ending 102 cells further down in Column A on the Source sheet to A1 of the Sheet1 sheet. The crux of the problem seems to be converting the address to a row number then adding the value of the number of cells in the range to find the end row number then converting that back to an address??

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VBA - Copy Range Of Cells And Paste If Offset Cell Not Blank

May 23, 2012

What can I add to the macro I already have in place (below) to accomplish what I'm looking for (2 parts)? ...

1) I need to copy everything (formulas) that is in C7:F7 and paste it down to all "active" rows - I'm defining an active row by any row where column A is not blank.

2) I need to copy everything (formulas) that is in Q7:AF7 and paste it down to all "active" rows - I'm defining an active row by any row where column P is not blank. (You'll notice by the screenshot that there will be blank cells in column P mixed in with non-blank cells.)

Sub AdminTool()
' CreateAdminTool Macro

ActiveWindow.Zoom = 90
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove

[Code] ...........

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Design If Statement That Refers To A Range Of Cells On Calculation Sheet

Mar 21, 2014

I'm trying to design an if statement that refers to a range of cells on a calculation sheet to perform one calculation on TRUE; another on FALSE

=IF(A22='Calculation Sheet'!A27:A36,B22*100/16,B22*100/8)

When I view the formula in Function Arguments window, Value_if_true = 1043.75 & Value_if_false = 2087.5 <- these are correct

IF Func Arg.jpg

When I view the cell in the spreadsheet, system displays #VALUE!

When I view Evaluate Formula window, it seems Excel doesn't like the text.

IF Form Eval.jpg

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Find Date Less Or Greater Than Particular Date From Range Of Cells?

Dec 12, 2011

way to search and display a date from a range of cells based on less than or greater than criteria. For example I have following dates in column A:

A1: 2011/01/04
A2: 2011/02/01
A3: 2011/03/01
A4: 2011/04/01

I want to search for the date which is less than 2011/02/01 from the A column and display that date in B1 cell for example. How do I do that?

I want to do this without using any macros.

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Cell Sum Offset Using Date

Dec 12, 2008

I am trying to determine a cell row thru which I want to sum a column based on date. For example, if today is in the month of December, the offset is row 87. When the month changes to Jan 09, the offset will be 88.

I have the formula which does this for me, but I am not sure how to use it in the sum formula. So if I want the sum for December, it would be =SUM(K18:K87) and Jan would be =SUM(K18:K88). Here's the wrong formula:


What I cannot get is how to properly format the formula so that the :KXX increments based on the formula. I tried this: =SUM(K18:K(ROUND((TODAY()-39783)/30.35+87,0)))
but get a NAME error.

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Calculation According To Date

Nov 9, 2009

I have a data in excel , sample sheet attached.

and i have another place for compile where all the data is summarized

What i want is

If the agent name is example 1 and his mistake is present in raw data and it matches the agent id , date and financial then i want excel to calculate how many " financial " error agent made on that particular date only so that i can assign to another agents too , to get exact data no matter in whichever series that data is inserted in excel.

if i use countif and if all the condition are met it shows me all financial mistakes count and if it shows false it turns to zero . if agent make " financial mistake " on 1st nov and he made another non financial mistake then as it should show only the count of that particular agent " financial mistake " on that date only from the given RANGE DATA

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Date Calculation

Sep 19, 2006

I have a start date, generated onto cell B4 from a user form datepicker control. I also have a course type in cell C4 that course has a constant number of days. I would like to add the number of days of the course to the start date to give me an end date in another column.

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Sum Cells By Date Range

Nov 17, 2006

I am using MS Excel 97.

Sheet 1 contains the following fields: Incident Number, Date, Incident Time, Vehicle Number, Travel Time, Arrive Time, Total Time, and several fields containing information of what the vehicle did. There may be more than one incident on a given date.

On Sheet 2, Cell B1 is used for "Begin Date". Cell B2 is used for "End Date". I want to be able to type in a begin and end date in these 2 cells.

Also on Sheet 2 will be several cells that will calculate the data from Sheet 1 which is between the dates I type into the "Begin Date" and "End Date" cells on Sheet 2.

I want to be able to use the dates I enter into the "Begin Date" and "End Date" cells as part of my formula to calculate the data on Sheet 2.

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Offset SUM Formula Of Year To Date In Column/row W9

Jan 9, 2007

I have months listed in this format in columns/rows 01/01/06, 02/01/06 and so on in (J9 to L9). I have a reference cell A5 = Month in the same format. This value changes every month. I want to use the SUM Formula of YTD in column/row W9. If the month is 05/01/6 then the sum should be C9 to G9 and so on.

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Lookup Date Heading & Offset To Left

Apr 4, 2008

In the attached spreadsheet you will see the table of data in cells e6:L16. In cell N6 i am doing a hlookup to find the date in the table of data that is closest to the date in cell A4. The formula in cell M6 is where i am having the problem and i was trying to pull in data that is 4 columns to the left of where the hlookup date is in cell N6. The problem i am having is when i input any date higher than 06/30/07 the Index formula does not display the correct date. What is confusing me is that the Hlookup formula in cell N6 still works with higher dates but the index formula does not.

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Days Calculation Between Two Date

Jul 22, 2007

If Invoice date is : 17.06.2007 & payment due date is 02.08.2007

In above please confirm formula of days calculation between above two date.

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Start End Date Calculation

Nov 12, 2008

Need a formula that will generate the ending date of task, adding therefore if needed the number of weekend(s) in between the start and end date to the End date.

Let us say: task is starting in 2008/11/11 the duration of the task is 7 days. So, we should get an End Date= 2008/11/19.

2008 11/11 11/12 11/13 11/14 11/15 11/16 11/17 11/18 11/19
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed

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Calculation Based On Date

Jul 16, 2013

How calculation can be made based on the date. I have 2 sheet (MATTER and REPORT). All productions made within sheet MATTER. Then I will produce report to be printed in sheet REPORT. I only include the date and calculation every matter will be automatically made based on date and item.

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Date Calculation According To The Given Criteria

Jun 1, 2009

i have a data in excel

In cell B6 , I have an amount . and in Cell C6 I have inserted the date at which that amount has been kept . Now what i want is I want the Data from D6 To O6 to calculate as to how many Days that 100000.00 Rs or Dollar have been kept each month . Each month has its own Days like January has 31 Days . So i want each Days to appear accurately. Like for example if i insert the 4-8-2009 from January till August 4-8-2009 , how many days that amount has been kept each month .

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Date Calculation Formula

Jun 15, 2007

is a formula to work out how many paid sick days an employee is entitled to based on their employment start date

Up to 6 months service the entitlement is 5 days
After 6 months it is 20
After 1 year 40
After 2 years 60
After 3 years 80

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IF Statement With Date Calculation Within

Jul 26, 2007

I have several columns as so:

B - Patient Surname
C - First Surname
D - Postcode
E - Date
F - Results of If Statement (Days Difference)

I am looking to comapre b, c, d with teh previous cells to make sure I am looking at the same person hcen the AND statement. If they all match then if subtracts the latest date (column E) from an ealier date for the same person. If the person is different it will return a 0. If the date is the same ti will return a 0.

I have done this so far - =IF(AND(B2=B1,C2=C1, D2=D1),(E2-E1),0)

What I am struggling to do is if the number of days (E2-E1) is 0-3 then for the result to show the text "Less then 3". If the value is 4 - 7 then to have it read "Less then 7", anything over 7 to read "OVer 7".

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