Calculation Based On Date

Jul 16, 2013

How calculation can be made based on the date. I have 2 sheet (MATTER and REPORT). All productions made within sheet MATTER. Then I will produce report to be printed in sheet REPORT. I only include the date and calculation every matter will be automatically made based on date and item.

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Highlight Chosen Age Based On Date Of Birth (DOB) Calculation

May 4, 2008

how to make a cell to change color oatomatically accordant to Year and Month reflexted already in the cell. I have a spreadsheet with Names,Surnames,DOB and also a column that is given the AGE years months and days.

If somebody reaches 21 -1 -2 -3 months this should show different colors in the persons row in a particular column. The function used for the AGE is fund on =DATEDIF(H4,TODAY(),"y")&" years "&DATEDIF(H4,TODAY(),"ym")&" months "&DATEDIF(H4,TODAY(),"md")&" days"

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Difference Calculation Based On Other Column - Reset Based On Non-Zero Value

Apr 4, 2014

I require calculating difference between two columns. (Actual and Estimated).

Difference between these two numbers are calculated in third column, but it is reset every time actual number is non-zero.

-Estimated Numbers are always followed by an actual number.
-After actual number is obtained, estimated numbers till that date will be added and deducted from actual number.
-After this, again estimated number will be added till next actual number is obtained for deduction.

If estimated number is not followed by actual number, then no need for difference calculation.

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Calculation According To Date

Nov 9, 2009

I have a data in excel , sample sheet attached.

and i have another place for compile where all the data is summarized

What i want is

If the agent name is example 1 and his mistake is present in raw data and it matches the agent id , date and financial then i want excel to calculate how many " financial " error agent made on that particular date only so that i can assign to another agents too , to get exact data no matter in whichever series that data is inserted in excel.

if i use countif and if all the condition are met it shows me all financial mistakes count and if it shows false it turns to zero . if agent make " financial mistake " on 1st nov and he made another non financial mistake then as it should show only the count of that particular agent " financial mistake " on that date only from the given RANGE DATA

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Date Calculation

Sep 19, 2006

I have a start date, generated onto cell B4 from a user form datepicker control. I also have a course type in cell C4 that course has a constant number of days. I would like to add the number of days of the course to the start date to give me an end date in another column.

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Days Calculation Between Two Date

Jul 22, 2007

If Invoice date is : 17.06.2007 & payment due date is 02.08.2007

In above please confirm formula of days calculation between above two date.

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Start End Date Calculation

Nov 12, 2008

Need a formula that will generate the ending date of task, adding therefore if needed the number of weekend(s) in between the start and end date to the End date.

Let us say: task is starting in 2008/11/11 the duration of the task is 7 days. So, we should get an End Date= 2008/11/19.

2008 11/11 11/12 11/13 11/14 11/15 11/16 11/17 11/18 11/19
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed

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Date Calculation According To The Given Criteria

Jun 1, 2009

i have a data in excel

In cell B6 , I have an amount . and in Cell C6 I have inserted the date at which that amount has been kept . Now what i want is I want the Data from D6 To O6 to calculate as to how many Days that 100000.00 Rs or Dollar have been kept each month . Each month has its own Days like January has 31 Days . So i want each Days to appear accurately. Like for example if i insert the 4-8-2009 from January till August 4-8-2009 , how many days that amount has been kept each month .

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Date Calculation Formula

Jun 15, 2007

is a formula to work out how many paid sick days an employee is entitled to based on their employment start date

Up to 6 months service the entitlement is 5 days
After 6 months it is 20
After 1 year 40
After 2 years 60
After 3 years 80

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IF Statement With Date Calculation Within

Jul 26, 2007

I have several columns as so:

B - Patient Surname
C - First Surname
D - Postcode
E - Date
F - Results of If Statement (Days Difference)

I am looking to comapre b, c, d with teh previous cells to make sure I am looking at the same person hcen the AND statement. If they all match then if subtracts the latest date (column E) from an ealier date for the same person. If the person is different it will return a 0. If the date is the same ti will return a 0.

I have done this so far - =IF(AND(B2=B1,C2=C1, D2=D1),(E2-E1),0)

What I am struggling to do is if the number of days (E2-E1) is 0-3 then for the result to show the text "Less then 3". If the value is 4 - 7 then to have it read "Less then 7", anything over 7 to read "OVer 7".

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Date Calculation Query

Mar 19, 2008

i have a date in a field which is under Anticipated Win Date.

The format of this date is '31-Jan-08

the data is then copied over to another sheet which is then cleaned up.

The date format is then put into the following format

What i am trying to do is firstly devise a formula which will allow me to minus say todays date from the date entered to see if this date has passed and will the formula work regardless of the format of the date.

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Library Date Calculation

Jan 21, 2007

I am trying to create a system for a library but I don't know how to get the fines to automatically update day by day when a book is overdue.

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Moving Date Calculation

Jun 6, 2007

I have a report which is usually updated on a Monday based on the previous Fridays closing reports.

In H3 I have the calculation =Today()-3

So this week this would have been 04/06/2007 - 3 days = 01/06/2007

Occasionally due to Bank Holidays etc the update moves to later in the week which messes up all of the tables which are reliant on the date 01/06/2007.

Is there a calculation which will work out the number of days between today and last friday that I could put after =Today() instead of -3, so that if the report was updated say ona Thursday it would automatically calculate Today()-6.

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Add Calculation To Date Field In PivotTable?

Jun 18, 2014

I have a pivot table with a field called "created on" which is a series of dates, i want to create a field called "Days in Pipeline" which would essentially be =TODAY()-'Created On'

This doesn't seem to work, i get an error: Your formula includes a function that cannot be used in PivotTable formulas...

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Salary Calculation By Joining Date?

Feb 10, 2014

I am prepare budget salary base on actual joining date and budgeted joining date. I can only manage to get the formula by joining month not by joining date

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Date Calculation Between 2 Or More Dates In The Same Cell

Aug 21, 2009

Would it be possible to calculate difference between 2 or more dates in the same Cell?

Dates are in the format shown below (Always seperated by a comma):

Cell A1 = 29Jan2009, 31Jan2009, 14Feb2009, 27Feb2009, 31Mar2009.

In the above case there are only 5 sets of dates, in some cases there are more and in some cases there are less. Between Min 2 dates - Max 7 dates.

Am looking for a result like : 2,14,13,12

Am not well versed with VBA, hence would prefer a formula. Currently am doing Text to Column and working on the same. And that process is time consuming. Would there be a short cut ?

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Date Calculation Greater Than Or Equal To

Oct 29, 2009

I have start date(Column A) and an end date(Column B) in two columns and I have found out the difference between them in column C in hh:mm:ss format. I want to find out how many cases are greater than 2 Hrs but less than or equal to 4 Hrs.

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Date Calculation - Datedif Function

May 11, 2006

I am trying to subtract two dates to find out whether an invoice is 6 months past due (regardless of number of days). I use DATEDIF in my formula and it works fine until now. It seems the function takes number of days into account and won't return the desire result when there are 31 days. I want to find out whether the number of months between two date are greater than or equal to 6 months without considering the number of days. I am attaching a sample worksheet for better explanation. As you can see, October is not working right.

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Date Calculation Across A Range Of Dates

Jan 13, 2007

I am attaching an Excel file where I am trying to calculate lead time (even if a negative number of days) to a next activity based on projected dates based on a 'cycle start date'. I am trying to perform this with e complicated IIF statement which you can see from the attached file.

Note: this file is created from a application at runtime where this excel file is actually an xlt template. I attached it as an xls to make it easier to look at. EDIT: I have a flag in the Annual/Semi-Annual that blanks out cells that are not needed if Annual. It causes my LeadTime Col. to blow chunks and I can't seem to get past an error in the formula since adding this.

=If(F3>=NOW(),F3-NOW(),If(G3>=NOW(),G3-NOW(),If(H3>=NOW(),H3-NOW(),If(I3>=NOW(),I3-NOW(),If(J3>=NOW(),J3-NOW(),"CycleStart Null"))))). Replaced Zip file

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Formula To Check Date Range And Then Do Calculation?

Apr 7, 2014

I am looking for a single formula I can run along a single row that looks at several columns of data, and then checks if the date range falls between the running row, take it's relevant number, and multiply it by a single rate. The attached probably explains it clearly - I think the solution would be some sort of Sumproduct, but my attempts have failed!Example - Date Range with Calculation.xlsx

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Subtracting 1 Day From Date Calculation With Multiple Cells?

Dec 10, 2013

Here is what I have:

Date ReceivedApproved DateDenied DateTurn Time
1/1/14 1/13/14 9

Turntime is calculated with this formula:

What I need is to not count the first day it is received in the calculation for the Turn Time. So in this instance I need the Turn Time to say 8 instead of 9. If I just subtract a 1 then I get an error if the Approved Date or the Denied Date are not filled in yet.

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If Statement - Need To Stop Today Date Calculation

Feb 4, 2014

This formula is being used in a vacation time spreadsheet. So after each paycheck the if statement is applied and need to calculate the accumulation for that week based on if the person has worked 5 yrs or less. I need to stop the today's date calculation in the if statement after it is used. So that each time the spreadsheet is opened the values are a fixed number not changed based on the current date. However if the if statement is pasted into the next pay week it will calculate based on the actual date.

It is calculating is the following:

C4 = 5yrs Anniversary Date of Hire
3.08= less than 5 yrs
4.62= more than 5 yrs


[URL] ......

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How To Exclude Saturday And Sunday In Date Calculation

Oct 5, 2013

I have three columns named "name","start_date" and "end_date"


Name start_date end_date
AB 9/11/13 10:19 AM ??
CD 9/12/13 11:45 AM ??

All i need to find is,

If Name = AB, i want put start_date+3 days in the end_date column,
similarly for name = CD , start_date+7 days.

But the calculation should exculde weekends(sat and sun).

ex: For AB, start_date = 10/3/13 (3rd oct , thrusday), end_date should be start_date+3 ,so end_date = 10/6/13 but 6th october is sunday so the formula should give end_date as 10/7/13.

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SUMPRODUCT Function With Date Calculation Criteria

Jun 11, 2009

I have a worksheet that contains investment security purchases, including purchase date, purchase amount and maturity date, each in its own row. I need to develop a formula that will sum the purchase amount based upon the term in days (maturity date - purchase date) of the investment. The respective rows do not contain the term in days so the formula will need to calculate the days to determine the aggregating criteria described below.

One cell should contain the aggregate security purchase amount whose term is 1-90 days and another cell should contain the aggregate security purchase amount whose term is over 90 days. It seems that SUMPRODUCT with a condition is the best way to handle this; however, I cannot get the correct syntax of this formula.

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Date In Cell - Calculation AND Conditional Formatting

Sep 24, 2011

Short Version: I need to find a way to have the date in a cell be used for both a calculation (one date subtracted from another) AND a conditional format (Cell changes color based on the month). Cell format is mm/dd/yy

Explanation: We enter information for each work order on a row in our Master Work Order List. For each new work order we start a new row at the bottom of the sheet.

We calculate each work order's throughput time by having a formula in column F that subtracts the Start Date in column D from the Complete Date in column E.


All date values are entered as mm/dd/yy and the cell format is mm/dd/yy.

At the end of the month, we put an AVERAGE formula into a cell in column H and, for the sources, use all cells in column F that represent work orders that were completed for THAT month. The problem is not all work orders complete in the order they started and some can start in one month but not complete until 2 months later, so we can't just click-drag a bunch of cells in a column. Sorting doesn't work because after we click and drag a bunch of cells and get the average, when we re-sort back to Sort by Work Order Number, the clicked-cells don't move, but the data does.

We end up just looking up and down column E looking for dates from this month and hope we got them all.

So I thought, "Hey, I know, I'll put conditional formats into column F so that if the date in column E starts with 01 (January), the cell in column F will turn Red, and if it's 02 (February), the cell will turn Orange and so on through the end of the year! That way we could just look for a given color each month and are MUCH less likely to get it wrong!

I added conditional formatting using the LEFT(E#,2) formula, hit [Enter] and... nothing.

I thought, "I"ll set the cell formats to TEXT so the LEFT formula 'sees' the month number!"

So I set the cell formats to TEXT and then the conditional format 'sees' the '01' for January and changes color!!

But now the Throughput Time formula (=E#-D#) doesn't work.

I think it's because Excel can DISPLAY a date as mm/dd/yy (due to Date Format), but it actually calculates date information based on a number that REPRESENTS the mm/dd/yy. I read that Excel 'sees' each date as a number representing time passing, not as "mm/dd/yy" and uses that number for calculations.

SO, is there a way to have a cell's date be 'calculatable' and still have it change color based on the month?

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Calculation On Offset From Cells Within Date Range?

Dec 17, 2013

I have some data A2:A1000 where there is a start date in column D and end date in column E (formatted DDMMMYYYY). In column F I have a formula that calculates the NETWORKDAYS between the dates.

What I want is a set of formulae that will look in column D for a date between 01/01/2013 and 31/01/2013 (or any date I specify) and find the 'MIN', 'MAX' and 'AVG' of the values in column F where the date in column D matches my criteria.

What I can't figure out is how to offset from the cells matching the date range!?

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Calculation Based On % Of Cells

Oct 29, 2008

I need a formula that I can place in, lets say, Cell A1 that will reference Cells B1, B2, B3 and C1, C2, C3. These all have numbers & %'s in them. However, I want to "weight" the B cells by the percentages in C cells. The problem I am having is that when I change the %'s nothing is changing in the output...almost like I was doing nothing but averaging B1:B3 without the % to adjust.

This is how I envision it, but my calculation may be wrong of course :
A1 = average(sum(B1,B2,B3)*C1, sum(B1,B2,B3)*C2, sum(B1,B2,B3)*C3)

The Goal:

This would allow me to change the output depending on the percentage. So if I am looking at days to an appointment and the B cells represent areas of a city: B1 = 10, B2 = 5, B3 = 2 the average would be 5.6, however, I know that B1 city has more "weight" to it with our customer base so I want B1 to be closer to what will show as days out (which is obviously important as 10 days is not good). So I would assign C1 = 60%, C2 = 30%, C3 = 10%. This should pull the average more to 7 or 8 as it would lean more towards the B1 value. I hope this makes sense.

I did try going more of a route where I did something like =average(B1*C1,B2*C2,B3*C3) but that lowered all the original values instead and averaged them instead of pushing the number more towards the higher weighted % of B1 cell value. I can send an example spreadsheet if I am losing anyone.

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Calculation Based On Variable

Jun 28, 2006

Im trying to access data from 2 different cells (say A1, B1), its for calculating transformer hotspots. The cooling method of the transformer is naturaly air cooled oil.. until the winding temp reaches 75C ( I have winding temp data laid out on a column) then the fans come on and some constants in the formula change (need to read from the other cell, say B1) so it switches, but the fans stay on UNTIL the winding temp is 50C and then go off, so the characteristics change back to the previous one, so I need to switch back. How do I go about doing this... my current method starts working when it reaches 50 instead of waiting the temp to go to 75 then fall to 50 then do it... im a bit confused.. maybe i shouldnt be doing this on excel... ow well

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Calculation Based On Criteria

Jul 25, 2006

I'm trying to calculate a price for any given mileage. The pricing strategy is as follows:

For any journey 2 miles or less, the price is 9
For any journey between 2 or 3 miles, the price is 10
For any journey above 3 miles, the price is 10 for the first 3 miles plus 2 for every additional mile.

So, for example, the price of a 1.5 mile journey is 9 and the price of a 3.5 mile journey is 11.

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Calculation Based On Cell Value

Dec 17, 2007

I tried all those search and have no idea what to look for, sorry.

I have attached a single sheet with Footpath Budget for you to see.

In J6, we put in Y or N for Yes or No if there's a nature strip along the footpath.

Now, in cell G49 gives us the total square meters of nature strip.

What I want to do is if I put N in cell J6, cell G49 should be empty or zero because N means there's no nature strip. But if I put Y in J6, then cell G49 can give us total squares from cell C43.

So what formulas can I put in cell G49?

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