Lookup Date Heading & Offset To Left

Apr 4, 2008

In the attached spreadsheet you will see the table of data in cells e6:L16. In cell N6 i am doing a hlookup to find the date in the table of data that is closest to the date in cell A4. The formula in cell M6 is where i am having the problem and i was trying to pull in data that is 4 columns to the left of where the hlookup date is in cell N6. The problem i am having is when i input any date higher than 06/30/07 the Index formula does not display the correct date. What is confusing me is that the Hlookup formula in cell N6 still works with higher dates but the index formula does not.

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Lookup Row In Column & Heading In Row

Dec 7, 2006

I'm trying to enter info in a cell based on what is entered in two other cells.

So I have a dropdown box for the species on another sheet as well as a dropdown box for rail sizes. Then I have to crossreference them to come up with an upcharge number. Sorry for my basic lingo. I hope it's understandable.

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Lookup Value - Return Column Heading

Apr 14, 2010

I want to lookup the max value within a group of columns and return the column heading (specified a cell) that corresponds to the max value.

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Lookup Heading & Return Value X Rows Down

Oct 11, 2007

How do you count the number of columns in a range in order to reach ( find) a specific value in that row ?

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Lookup Of Row (return Data From Specified Row) With Column Heading And Value

Feb 21, 2014

Encryption algorythim.xlsx

Here is my scenario I have all this data i want to search in. In the rows there are repeating values and in the columns they do not repeat.

As seen in the attached i am able to give a column and row by title and then get the intersecting cell data from that. (Encryption lookup)

What i want to do is give the column tittle and row value and get back the row title. (Decryption Lookup)

This shouldn't be too hard seeing that the data in the columns has no repeats.

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Lookup Row & Column Heading To Return Corresponding Header

Nov 18, 2008

I have a list of names and the chores they need to do on a certain day. I need a formula that returns the chore the person needs to do when the date is filled in.

Ex: Sheet2 Col:A has names filled in A2:11 , row B1:J1 has dates that you would input.
formula goes in B2:J11
Sheet1 is the master with all the data the formula would be pulling from.
column A2:A11 has the names , row B1:S1 has the chore that needs to be done.
B2:S11 has the dates already filled in.

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Formula To Offset 2 Cells Left From VLookup Result

Jul 16, 2014

I have a sheet that a VLOOKUP is looking at, and what I need is, if that VLOOKUP finds what it is looking for I need it to look at the cell 2 cells to the left, how is that done?

I am thinking something like:


[Code] ......

I just don't know the offset part.

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Offset / Match - Formula To Return Left Column Value On Same Row?

Feb 16, 2014

Latest Status
Latest Date
Current Status 1
Current Date 1
Current Status 2
Current Date 2

Sun,16-Feb-14,11:0 PM
Sun,16-Feb- 14,10:41PM
Sun,16-Feb- 14,11:02 PM

My formula =IF(B3="","",OFFSET(A3,MATCH(B3,B3:F3,0),0,2)) in A2 is giving me #value error.

The correct solution should be Take2, while matching the condition from B2 latest date.

Sheet Attached. File Name-Latest.xls Zippyshare.com - Latest.xls

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Lookup Data Left Of Found Lookup Value

Nov 28, 2006

here is an example....

(this is on a sheet called Summary)

----A--------B --------C------- D
1Names----At Bats----Hits----Batting Average

Using the LARGE function, Excel has created a list based on batting averages(on a separate sheet called Line-up). It looks like this.....

2 -----------.737
3 -----------.700
4 -----------.675
5 -----------.816
6 -----------.649

The problem I am having is figuring a way for Excel to also bring the corresponding names (after using the LARGE function to create the line up list).

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Offset Formatting: Place A Header 2 Rows Above This Range Which Is Aligned On The Left

May 4, 2009

i have a range of cells which is nxn where n>1. i want to place a header 2 rows above this range which is aligned on the left. this is what i tried:

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Copy Date Heading Columns To Sheet Named Same As Date

Sep 25, 2007

Did anyone use the above tool ? Can we use a macro to launch that tool to search for words in a excel cell ?

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Lookup Value On Left Column

Aug 15, 2013

Worksheet 1



Pizza Hut

[Code] ......

In worksheet 2, I would like to lookup the type of food that have expenses at 500.

So the output column should look like table below.




Sushi King

Papa John

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Lookup To Left To Map Two Worksheets

Apr 4, 2008

I am trying to copy "E_CODE" column values corresponding to "Trimmed E_N" from sheet1 to sheet2 "check" column.

to do this, i am using the LOOKUP function to match the text in "sheet2 - CONC" with "sheet1- Trimmed E_N", and if it matches, return the corresponding values from "sheet1 - E_CODE".

not all strings in "sheet2-CONC" exist in "sheet1-Trimmed E_N", so i should be getting "sheet1 - E_CODE" values only for those that exist.

I tried using VLOOKUP but it kept giving me N/A, and i couldn't figure out why even after searching the forums. LOOKUP is giving me values that are greater/lesser than because of its inherent properties and now i am not sure what to do.

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Getting The Date On Basis Of Column Heading

Sep 16, 2006

we use excell to mark our attedance in the formatt date in the column heading and name of the employee in the rows. what i want to do is create another sheet in which i want to track the start date and end of the leave for each employee.

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Left Lookup In A Range Instead Of A Column

Aug 24, 2009

Here is my spreadsheet

A B C D 1 Matt 5 4 75 2 Joe 25 23 66 3 Ron 31 33 82 4 Jim 22 45 91 5 Steve 99 100 11
I used the large function to find the top 5 greatest numbers. I have them ranked in another area below the first set of numbers.


I need to find some sort of formula to return the name for the appropriate number. For example, I need the cell immediately to the right of 100 to return Steve; 99 to say Steve; 91 to say Jim. The INDEX/MATCH formulas used for left lookups works only for a column. I would have to set the index/match formula individually for each column to the right of the top 5 numbers, and that defeats the purpose. I might as well just find the numbers and connect the names all by hand.

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Lookup Value To Left Of Search Term

May 15, 2007

I am trying to use a lookup formula to search for a word in a column, and return the value of the column directly to its left. I know that this cannot be done using the vlookup function, and I am not able to move the columns around. Is there another possibility? In plain English then, I would like cell E2 to look up the value of D2 in column B2:B4 and return the relevant value in column A2:A4.

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Lookup Text Not In Left Column

Mar 13, 2008

I have a data validation box and wish another cell to lookup the text in the validation box from a list a return a number next to it.

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Lookup & Return Adjacent Value From Left

Apr 2, 2008

I have two worksheets. The first one contains 500 rows:

Column A - Company Name
Column J - Formula that calculates a 'company score' based on other data in columns B-H
Column K - Number of directors

The second worksheet contains over 3000 rows:

Column A - Name
Column B - Company
Column C - Designation

I want to caculate a score for each person (from worksheet 2) that does the following:

Personal Score = ('Company Score' / No. of directors) * Designation Weighting

Where Designation Weighting (numerical value) is determined by Designation (text). There are 10 different and mutually exclusive types of text in the Designation column.

My problem is compounded by the fact that each person (in worksheet 2) can be directors on several companies. The Personal Score that I want to calculate needs to recognise which different companies they are directors of and sum the scores derived from each company.

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Find Current Date Heading Column

May 16, 2008

I have created a simple command button for tallying that will increase the count in the output cell by one every time it is clicked. It has basic code like this:

Private Sub ProductRegistration_Click()
[D4] = [D4] + 1
End Sub

On top of that, I want the output cell of this command button to switch every day. In this case, it would move to E4 tomorrow. The columns are dated but I can't figure out how to get the output cell to automatically change with the system date so I don't have to manually change it every day.

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Oct 20, 2008

I have a set of data

Col A, B, C

A = Date, B = Interval e.g 08:00, 08:30, C = Number

My aim is to lookup to A+B in order to retrieve C

I have tried and offset within a lookup and upto now have been unable to proceed, I have attached the formulae I was using;

=HLOOKUP($I$4,Sheet2!$A$5:$A$6,OFFSET(B5,MATCH(H5,Sheet2!$B$5:$B$6,0)*0,1),FALSE) - returns the date value

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Lookup And Offset

Jun 19, 2006

I am trying to use offset & lookup, to return a cell x rows below the lookup value. I am able to get the correct result when I use the lookup and offset functions separately. When I nest the lookup function within the offset, I get an error.

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Lookup, Offset And Sum

Feb 2, 2007

I have a range of numbers in row 8 all of which are unique, then another range in row 20 (there are numbers in between but I'm not worried about those). I'm trying to get a code or formula that will find a user defined number typed into c30 (which can change) in row 8, then scroll down to row 20 (same column) and sum all the values from b20 up to and including this point (along this row). The number inputted into c30 will always exist somewhere in row 8.

I can't work out if this is possible using lookup/offset/cell/sum/other functions, figure it may need VBA.

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#NA Error In A Vlookup When Using SEARCH And LEFT As The Lookup Value

Feb 2, 2010

In the attached sheet I am trying to use the formula below but am getting a #NA error. I have narrowed the problem down to the use of the SEARCH and LEFT functions that I am using to determine the lookup value of the VLOOKUP formula.

what I am doing wrong? If I substitute the SEARCH and LEFT function with the number "14" it works just fine. You can find examples of both in cells B29 and C29 on the rename tab.

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Lookup Left Most Column & Return Adjacent Value

Oct 1, 2007

Basically what I am trying to do is use a Lookup formula on a sales invoice where the product name and product price will be automatically entered into the sales form when the product ID is entered. What would the formula be?

Product Information
RegionProduct IDProduct NameProduct Price
Product IDHPPHomeware Pizza Pan19.95
Product NameSPPStone Pizza Pan 29.95
Product PriceHCDHomeware Casserole Dish19.95
Units SoldHCPHomeware Cookie Pan 9.95
Total SaleCWChina Wok 19.95
HEWHomeware Electric Wok29.95
WCMWilson Coffee Machine29.95
HBMHomeware Bread Machine49.95
HBMDHomeware Bread Machine -Deluxe89.95
HRHomeware Rotisserie119.95
OGGOlson Gas Grill 159.95
OEGOlson Electric Grill 159.95

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Return Heading Ascociated With Date Found In Table

Mar 1, 2008

Attached is a very small sample of a workbook that looks at community impact; before, during and after a project.

The source data (not shown) is down loaded from a system that can only supply the date in reverse order (see column A).
i.e. 20080229 = 29-Feb-2008. I've applied a conversion in column "C"....

= DATE(LEFT($A2,4),MID($A2,5,2),RIGHT($A2,2))

The 'properly' formatted date is then used to determine when on the scale of observation that given date falls.
e.g. the number of weeks before, during and after the project.

This is determined by the 18 week date 'matrix/ array' in columns F to X the red box is used to input the project start date, (& assumes the project runs to its normal 6 week time scale, it get REALLY messy if the boss prolongs or cuts short the project!)

From the result various figures and a graph using the properly formatted date are calculated, produced and presented showing....

The scale of the problem {before}
The impact of the project {during}
The lasting efftectivness {after}

You can see that I've managed a 'workaround' for the limit on the number of IF statements allowed in one formula using a rolling formula in columns; B then Z - AQ. This works OK, but!! combine that with the other formulae doing the impact calculations and 20000+ rows of data (with the acssociated workings in B + Z-AQ) the effect is to make make the file over 15Mb for 1!! worksheet, (the limit for emailing on the jobs system is 3Mb!!) & just to really make it scary sometime there are 2 projects on the go at once.

Before I created the attached the user responsible for these graphs and calculations manually counted dates & typed/copied & pasted the week number/tile, initially several days work followed by half a day every weekly update!

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Lookup & Return Offset Value

Oct 30, 2006

I have a large array of cells that go from A1 to A2500. In VB, I need to take a given date that resides in a cell, say 1/6/2006 in C2, and look for a match of it within this large array. When the match is found, I need it to look in the column to the right (IE, from A5 to B5) and assign the value there to a Cell (C1).

Could someone provide an example of the code I was use in VB for this? I'm having a lot of trouble with it.

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Lookup But Offset X Rows

Dec 16, 2006

I have a worksheet of data that I am trying to reference to. I will have the data as a "dump" on one worksheet, and lookup from that sheet. I've attached an example of the data dump. I need to essentially VLOOKUP the value (i.e. 054_6425) and then count over 3 columns, and down two rows. I've tried INDEX MATCH, but can't get that to work. Can you get VLOOKUP to count over and down and return a value? File "example" is attached.

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Lookup & Offset From Result Row

Jul 7, 2007

i'm trying to return a value thats offset but the position of the value may change each time data is imported. i've attached sheet displaying problem, as i can't explain clearly. i need to lookup the value in column A (yellow), then find and return the total percentage value in column C (blue). its always 2 columns across but the problem is it could be anything from 2 to 5 rows down.

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Lookup Value And Return An Offset Value

Jan 30, 2008

I am referencing a value in column A of Sheet 1. I am looking for that value in column B of Sheet 2 and would like to return the value of the cell that is 1 row below and 4 columns to the right (column F). I need to do this multiple times.

Can I use a VLOOKUP/OFFSET combo or Index/Match?

I am writing the formula in column H of sheet 1.

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Lookup & Offset In Macro

Feb 5, 2008

The Vlookup portion is already working but I need the value located one row below that one.

here is what I have, which return the value itself, I cant seem to incorporate the offset function ion VBA:

Cells(x + 1, y) = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(TempName, Worksheets("Data").Range("F1:F100"), 1, False)

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