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Carriage Return In VBA

I need to include over 70 data fields in a pivot table that I want to add/remove with a pivot. They need to have an alternative caption and be formatted.
I am currently using the following piece of

With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("tytwprods_v_lytwprods_(abs)")
.Orientation = xlDataField
.NumberFormat = "#,##0"
.Function = xlSum
.Caption = "Products 2007-08"

However, I need to do this many times and it is a bit painful. I have created a spreadsheet with concatenated fields to create the above, although on one line which isn't liked by VB.

How can I make my code work but with it all on one line like:

With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("tytwprods_v_lytwprods_(abs)").Orientation = xlDataField .NumberFormat = "#,##0" .Function = xlSum .Caption = "Products 2007-08"

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Carriage Return - Chr(10)
not compatible with older versions of Excel? When I try and open my workbook on an older version (2000 and below) I get a runtime error and it highlights this. What's weird is that even when I open the it at home I get this and I have 2003 at home.

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Find Replace With A Carriage Return Using VB
Selection.Replace What:="GD", Replacement:="BLACK", _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:= _
False, ReplaceFormat:=False
Selection.Replace What:="WD", Replacement:="WHITE", _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:= _
False, ReplaceFormat:=False
GD and WD are in the same cell, I would like the end result to go from GD WD to:


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VBA To Insert Carriage Return After Certain Characters
Is there any way to insert a carriage return after each instance of a character? I have a section of data that requires a carriage return after each instance of -v eg:

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Concatenate To Include Carriage Return
Name Address City State Number etc. I would like to concatenate these and include carriage returns so that the result looks like this:


I'm currently using the following #

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Carriage Return In A CONCATENATE Function
I try to concatenate some 5 text strings and I would like to have a carriage return after each text string (ALT ENTER). How can I achieve this using =CONCATENATE(......;......;......;......;......)?

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Deleting Text After Carriage Return
A cell contains the name, tel number and address of a user. Those 3 fields are separated by a carriage return (alt+enter) in the cell. I need a macro to keep only the name, which is on the first line of the cell. The macro should be generic and should work for any particular name.

John Smith
Hollywood Street

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Combining Cells Into One, But Seperated By Carriage Return
I have rows of data in one column. I want to combine them all into one cell and have each row on a new line.

I've tried =A1 & char(10) & A2, (and a bunch of other char(#s) for carriage return) but it just shows an open box in place of the char().

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Concatenate With Carriage Return- How To Remove Blanks?
I'm currently using the following code to concatenate several cells into one cell, but it also displays the cells that contain blanks.

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Macro - Add Carriage Return To End Of Text In Cell
I am looking for some assistance in creating a macro that would allow me with one key stroke to enter a cell in edit mode, add a carriage return to the end of text in the cell, then move the cursor to the next cell.

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Coding The Difference Between A Manual Carriage Return And VbCR
I'm trying to use the 'speaking cells' utility. Unfortunately, it seems to require a manual carriage return - I have tried offsetting and I have tried this (below), but to no avail:

Sub speak()
Range("A1") = "YES"
ActiveCell = vbCr
End Sub

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Replace Line Feed With Carriage Return In Text File
If I write a multi-line text in a cell (then go down with alt+enter) and after copy the cell pasting on Notepad, it display before inverted commas and after textual content.

Instead, if I select directly the content from the formula bar, it isn't happen.

Do exist a way for copy and paste directly from the cell without select from the formula bar?

Maybe with a macro?

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How Do I Get Rid Of Carriage Returns?
When I save my file as text and upload into a program, I get a response saying that my file can't be processed due to carriage returns. What are these things and how do I get rid of them? My excel file has about 6000 rows and 50 columns of data.

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How To Force Carriage Returns
I am concatenating data which will be displayed in a text box.
Is there any way to force a carriage return within the formula ?

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Remove Trailing Carriage Returns
I have an SQL query that returns some text data to a cell from another system.
In this system the users sometimes enter superfluous carriage returns after the text.

Can someone tell me how to write a formula/VBA code that would remove the trailing carriage return/s.

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Extract Data Between Carriage Returns
I have a cell that contains several carriage returns. How do I extract data from between 2 carriage returns?

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Search On Carriage Returns/characters
I have done a search on carriage returns/characters and what has been suggested is not working. I have BOTH carriage returns in the cell and also the boxes (that I assume are also carriage returns. I tried the substitute formula (=substitute(cellref,char(10),)) in excel but it only removes the alt+enter carriage return. I tried the various suggestions of find & replace but the chr$..etc did not work! Is there a formula to clear both in one (not a macro!)..?

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Combine Text With Carriage Returns
I have 4 cells with text in them that I am trying to combine into one cell and not have any blank lines between the text. The cells are arranged like this:

A1="One"B1=Cell where the text is combined

I set the cell alignment in B1 to wrap text and use the following formula in B1:

The problem is if there isn’t anything in one of the cells in column A it makes a blank line between the text in column B. I am trying to get the text to the top of B1 and not have any blank lines between the lines of text. Is there a way to change the formula so that it will do the following three things:

1. If the cell A1 doesn’t have anything in it then don’t put the value in B1.
2. If A1 has something in it and A2 has something in it then put the text of A1 in B1 and HAVE a carriage return after the A1 text.
3. If A1 has something in it and A2 does not have anything in it then put the text of A1 in B1 but DO NOT have a carriage return after it.

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Macro To Remove Carriage Returns From Worksheet
I need a macro that runs through the cells on a sheet and removes all carriage returns. The carriage returns appear as small squares amongst the text (they come from a CSV file).

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How To Remove Square Carriage Returns From My Cells
I have a worksheet containing square carriage return symbols (see below).

Eg1. Baked[]Beans on []Toast
Eg2. Smoked[][]Salmon in Brine
Eg3. Ice[][][] Cream [][]Cosmopolitan
Eg4. Mixed[]Nuts[][]per kilo[][][][]
Eg5. [][]Baby Shampoo[]Fragrance Free

This data was extracted from an SQL Database and dumped into Excel.

I would like to know if someone can suggest a script to replace all occurrences of [] with a space.

Once I perform this, I can then perform a Search/Replace function as follows:

Replace 4 spaces with 1 Space
Replace 3 spaces with 1 Space
Replace 2 spaces with 1 Space

Hopefully then, the final result will appear as follows:

Eg1. Baked Beans on Toast
Eg2. Smoked Salmon in Brine
Eg3. Ice Cream Cosmopolitan
Eg4. Mixed Nuts per kilo
Eg5. Baby Shampoo Fragrance Free

Eg5. is a little tricky because a space will appear at the beginning of the cell (see above). It would be good if there's a script to remove occurrences of this also.

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Replace Double Carriage (returns) With Single
Is it possible to replace double returns with single?

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Replacing Carriage Returns With Delimiter Within A Cell
I need some direction on how to proceed with dismantling an address cell. I have a workbook that one field is an address label field. What I mean is the entire address is entered in one field just as it would appear on an envelope. I need some suggestions on how to break this apart and create individual fields for the individual parts.

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Maro, Insert Rows Where Rows Determined By Number Of Carriage Returns
The best way to explain my problem is to look at the table below:

How it looks now: ApplePrice 1
Price 2
Price 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1
Store 2FruitVery DeliciousHow I want it to look:ApplePrice 1FruitDeliciousApplePrice 2FruitDeliciousApplePrice 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1FruitVery DeliciousPearStore 2FruitVery Delicious

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Formula: If Value Return Is = To Value Of Cell Above Then Find Return Next Value
Is there a way with the following formula to tell it that if value return is = to value of cell above then find return next value?

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Return Top N List & Return Corresponding Data For N
I am trying to find the largest value, second largest, and third largest value for a column of numbers then return a content value for the adjacent column that contains the name for which each. The problem I am running into is when the second highest has the same value as the highest and also when the third value is zero (n=meaning there are only non-zero numbers for the column). I am using these formulas currently whic work when the numbers are not the same and I have atleast 3 non-zero numbers but I need to modify in order to account for the problem stated above...

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Pivot Table Chaos: Blank Cells Return 0, Empty Cells Return Nothing
Hi, I desperately need help with a pivot-table and can't find anyone else who's ever had this problem...I have a very large healthcare data table which for simplicity I will describe as follows. In essence the first two columns respectively are (A) location and (B) month. Let's say the third column (C) is the number of cases of the disease kidpox treated in each health centre during that month. The fourth column (D) is the total number of cases of everything treated during that month in each clinic. The fifth column (E) is the proportion of cases of this disease over all consultations for each health centre and month, and the formula in E2 is .....

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Return EFT Instead Of TFR

I am trying to look up column C and if it contains tfr then return tfr or if it contains payment then return EFT etc etc.

I have also tried using this one as I can use more than 7 criterias. Only problem is that return EFT for all ect where does not contain TFR or payment brings back EFT

=IF( SUM(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"Tfr","PAYMENT","AnotherTerm","And Another"},C:C ))),"TRF","EFT")

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Return Value In Same Row
I have two criteria that need to be met when running a macro to record a timestamp. First - the timestamp needs to be recorded in the first blank cell in the correct column, based on a selection made in a userform. Second - the next timestamp taken needs to be recorded in the same row as the previous timestamp. The times are being recorded in columns D, F, H, and J. So as an example.....

I record the time in column D, but I skip column F and record the next time in column H. That's fine - the timestamps are in the same row (say row 8). Now I record the time again in column D, one row down (row 9).. But this time I don't skip column F.. the time doesn't get recorded in row 9; it records in row 8.

Sub MacroD()
Dim LR As Long
LR = Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range("D18:D" & LR).Value = Now
UserForm1.ListBox1.Text = "Time"
' UserForm1.Show
End Sub

Sub MacroF()
Dim LR As Long
LR = Range("F" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range("F18:F" & LR).Value = Now
UserForm1.ListBox1.Text = "Time"
' UserForm1.Show
End Sub

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No Below 0 Return
I need to have a cell value not return - ( of any number) as it effects additional cells calculations the current formula used is =G4/50-SUM(I4:V4) I basically only need it to count down to 0 reguardless of the entries in l4:v4

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Return Last Value In Each Row
I have a template that aids in forcasting revenues weekly. Dates (each day of the year) runs down Column "A". Accross the top are the dates for each week (52 dates).

Jan 1, 09 Jan 8, 09 Jan 15, 09 Jan 22, 09
Jan 1, 09
Jan 2, 09
Jan 3, 09
Jan 4, 09
Jan 5, 09
etc, etc, etc

As each week passes, new revenues are fcsted for the balance the year. These number are copy and pasted to the corresponding date in column "A" under the corresponding Row (week of forecast). As time goes on, the data postings starts to resemble a set of stairs. What I want to accomplish is, using a formula in one column I want to pull the last forecasted revenue for each date in column "A"

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Return Blank Or Zero
Clolumn D will always have a positive value, Column N sometimes will be zero.

using the formula =SUM(N6-D6) returns a negative value if 'N' is zero. I would like to return a blank cell or '0' if 'N' is zero.

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DGet Does Not Return A Value When It Should...
At least as far as I can tell.

So let us say that I have a table that looks like: ....

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Return The Name Of Computer
Is there any way to return the name of the computer in Excel using VB?

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Always Return 1st Of The Month In VBA
From the code below I need to translate whatever date is input to the First day of the month to pass into my VBA via the variable "SMth"

e.g. entered 12-03-09, returned 01-03-09

SMth = InputBox("Enter date of FIRST month ", "Format like 01-01-07", "01-01-07")
SMth = "=DATE(YEAR(SMth),MONTH(SMth),1)"
Cells(3, 8).Value = SMth
The line

SMth = "=DATE(YEAR(SMth),MONTH(SMth),1)"
is giving me an error, what should that line of code be?
OR perhaps you have another solution to reach the same goal

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Vlookup Return Value From A Different Row
I'm trying to use the VLOOKUP function to return value from a row below.

I have a large list of numbers (sheet Data) for the entire year with 8 different items per week, and I need to create a list for each week with group of 8 unique items as shown on "Week 21" sheet (I did it manually by copy and paste, highlights are just for the example, don't need to be at the original file). After the first 8th rows, it should start over until it gets to the last value on sheet "Week 21".

Basically, Column B on sheet "Week 21" should be statics, and once I change value on column A it should return values as in the example automatically.

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Search And Return A Value
In the attached file, I am trying to lookup what vendor is assigned to a part, and enter the vendor number in column J, K or L, depending on the number that is assigned.

For example, the top part number, RAD001, has a 2 in column N, indicating vendor # 015354 is the Alternate vendor # 1. It has a 1 in column V, indicating 034180 is the Primary Vendor, and it has a 3 in column Z, to indicate that 015229 is the Alternate Vendor # 2.

What formula would I need to put in cell J2 so that if a 1 is found in row 2 it will return the value 1 position left of where the 1 is found? I will then put a similar formula in columns K and L to return the vendor number if a 2 or a 3 is found.

The end result will be that for each part number you will be able to see what vendor is primary, alternat 1 and alternate 2. I want to make this a formula because the actual sheet will be thousands of part numbers long, and I will need it to update the vendor information if the primary vendor is changed.

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Return More Information From The Row
I have an existing table with times on the left most colum and diferent areas and events on the next 12 meaning a count of events and outcomes for 6 areas per hour. (X=QTY.throughputs; Y=QTY. Errors)
This would be the headers.

Time, XY, XY, XY, XY, XY, XY.

I need a formula to return the max "X" but also return the time it was recorded.

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Return To Last Location
How do I write a VB Script to take the user back to where they came from.


User is on Sheet 1 and clicks a macro that takes him to Sheet 10.
I need a macro that is on Sheet 10 that takes the user back to Sheet 1.
BUT if the User is on Sheet 5 and clicks on a macro that take him to Sheet 10
I need that same macro on Sheet 10 to take him back to Sheet 5.

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Return The Corresponding Name For Each Of The Values
I have a matrix of staff names, listed down column A, and particular tasks listed along the top (cells B1, C1, D1, E1 etc). I have another matrix that contains the same data but reversed i.e.

In the central cell array there's everyone's scores, relevant to the particular task (ie, where the intersection is)

On a separate sheet, I have a drop-down list that contains the list of tasks. I would like a formula that can take the task shown in the drop down list, search in the matrix of data and find the top 10 scores for that task.

I also need a formula to return the corresponding name for each of the values that the top 10 search returns.

In the case of more than 10 people sharing the same score, I need the formula to return them all, irrespective of whether there are more than 10. Rather than the function stopping when it reaches 10, it should continue and return all the people with the particular score.

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Return A Value For Two Conditions
I need a formula that will return a value if two conditions are meet. This is probably pretty easy but i am drawing a blank.

I have two columns B & C and in those colums there are numbers from 1-5. And in column A there is a number.

I need the formula to look in column B&C and if the a condition is meet it will return the number that is in column a

1 2 2
2 1 3
3 3 3
4 2 3

For Example:
I need the formula to look in column B&C where the value is 1 for column B and 3 for column C and return the value in column A which would be (2)

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Return Last & 2nd Last Entries
I am trying to construct formulas that dynamically extract correct values. I need to construct two formula one in Column I and Column J. Column L and M have solutions that I should have. The formulas need to look for data in columns and extract them. For example, if an entry in E3 then for This week it will extract it and for last week it would extract entry in D3.

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Return Full Row
I would like to enable my user to search on any one of about 4 columns, when the result(s) are found I need to return the full row to a result form. I've had no problems getting the information from the form to the worksheet but I've run into a few problems now. I should be able to be able to return the rest of the row with the result if I can determine a way to return the row number. Anyway these are the things that I need (in a nut shell):

1. Return a row number

2. Pass values to a form who should be able to change according to the size of the array

3. Have an array of variable size, with variable headers.

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Formula To Return Col & Row
Need a formula that will read the digits in Col's B2:D2 and return the Col and Row from the first appearance of the digit. Ex 659 came from B6,C4,D4.

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Dont Return A Zero Or N/A
I have a VLOOKUP formula and if it looks and does not find a match it will either put a "0" or a N/A. Is there something I can add to it to leave the cell blank if it does not find a match?

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To Return #value When There Is An Error
I have a column built a formula that returns the values but I don't want it to return #value when there is an error,how can I get it to return it blank?

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Return The Majority Value
I need to create a formula that will look at a row of text values and return the value that is the greatest majority. I have attached a sheet that emulates my issue.

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Vlookup Return 0 When #N/A
I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs.

Tab #1 is a complete list of ALL possible pipelines

Tab #2 is a partial list that will ONLY have a pipeline listed if there was activity for the month

I need a Vlookup on Tab#1 that looks up the activity from Tab#2.

However, when a pipeline is NOT populated on Tab #2, I'm getting "#N/A" on Tab#1.

Instead of seeing #N/A - I need it to say "0" so that I can sum the column total.

I tried to look at Error Types...and found that the error type for #N/A is 7, however - I can't figure out how to make the formula work.

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To Return A Certain Day Of A Month
I need a formula to look at a date manaully entered into a cell (C6 to be precise!), then return the 1st of that month. I.e if i type 18/01/07 into C6, i need C7 to automatically show the 1st of Jan 07 or 01/01/07. As this field will always be the 1st of the month.

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Return The Column Plus 1
I would like to create a formula that takes the current column and add a colums to it.

So for example in colum A the value would be B and in Column AB the value would be AC.

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Return 1st Non Zero Value Relative To Known Row
i want to do is to use value in [K8] and to find a row which matches the value in [A11:A35]. Then to pick up the cell where the value is. The problem is that i cant use "VLOOKUP" or "HLOOKUP" because the value can be in any of the rows or columns from [C11:I35].

There is allways only 1 value per row, if it΄s for any use..

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