Change Color Of Cell If Manually Changed Value

Jan 3, 2014

How can I get a cell to change color if a user were to modify or change the value of the cell contents?

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Change Color Of A Cell For Some Time Based On Its Value That Is Not Manually Entered

Oct 25, 2012

VBA macro to change the color of a cell automatically for a specific period of time -say 5 minutes, based on the value the subject cell holds at that time. The cell value is not manually entered but comes from a sub.

There will be hundreds of such cells so that the macro must be able to be repeated for other cells utilizing their individual cell values as well.

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Alter Worksheet Change Event At Specific Time After Data Manually Changed

Jul 16, 2014

I need to use the Worksheet Change event in a particular sheet in a specified column which works fine if the data is already there in the sheet and then changed however,the data is in this sheet is actually a Sub-Set of a Main sheet i.e certain filtered records are being copied from Main Sheet and then copied to this IBSL Sheet.

After the data is copied I have to check each record manually and then categorize each record as Fresh , Rebooked , Cancelled , Tranch or On-Hold.....These 4 criterias are added in the Column 38 and the same thing has to be repeated in the column 40 , so when i change the data in the column 38 the same category has to be updated in the same row in the column 40..

But the problem is that the data is first copied from the Main Data Sheet into the IBSL Sheet using a Macro so then this even t gets fired and goes in the DEBUG MODE...

I need this to happen when i change the category manually..I am adding data validation at the same time while copying the data in to the TEMP sheet.

So what can be done to achieve..

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Change Background Color Of Cell When Data Has Been Changed?

Jul 10, 2012

I have 10 excel sheets that are filled with data some 20,000 each.

Some of the descriptions in that row need to be changed.

I wonder how I can create some kind of macro or formatting that will change the text color or the fill color as I make those changes automatically?

I can sort the list after that easy enough, pulling the color text or the fill color.

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Set 2 Cells Equal, While Allowing Either One To Be Manually Changed

Jun 9, 2009

Is there a way to set 2 cells equal, while allowing either one to be manually changed? So if I put in value of 10 for Cell1, Cell1 and and Cell2 will both be equal to 10. Then if I change Cell2 to a value of 20, both cells will be equal to 20.

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Cell Colour Change Only Works Manually

Dec 3, 2011

I have the below code that changes the colour of a cell to green if the figure increases, and to red if it decreases.

The issue is that it works fine if you manually change the figure in A1 or A2 by entering the figure and hitting enter. If the cell figure changes in A1 by any other means such as RTD or say a value in C1 "=C1" then the colour change is not triggered.

Public oldval, myval

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A2")) Is Nothing Then
oldval = myval
If Target.Value > oldval Then
Range("A" & Target.Row).Interior.ColorIndex = 4

[Code] .......

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Change Cell Value When Validation List Is Changed?

Mar 11, 2014

I have a cell that has a validation list. When i select a value from the list, i want the value of another cell to change automatically but it isnt working. The list source is pointing to another sheet:


I get an error when it tries to change the cell value. Its error no. 1004.

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Macro To Change Sheet Name When Cell Value Is Changed?

Jun 21, 2012

I would like to create a macro that will automatically change the name of the sheet any time a value is entered into cell a1. For example, in cell A1 of sheet1 I would input "Hello", and then the tab for sheet1 would be automatically renamed to "Hello".

Here's the twist - the workbook will have multiple sheets, and I want all tabs to reflect the value of a specific cell (a1) in each sheet.

For example:

value in sheet1, cell a1 = "Yes" - corresponding tab name would change to "Yes"
value in sheet2, cell a1 = "No" - corresponding tab name would change to "No"
value in sheet3, cell a1 = "Maybe" - corresponding tab name would change to "Maybe"

The "tab change" cell would always be cell a1 in each sheet.

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Change Event: Not Firing From Cell Changed By ComboBox

Dec 4, 2006

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
With Target.Cells(1, 1)
If Not Intersect(.Cells, Range("b3:b6")) Is Nothing Then
Range("b7") = "Not Found"
For i = 3 To 6: txt = txt & Cells(i, "b").Value & "_": Next
For Each r In Range("m3", Cells(3, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
For i = 0 To 3: txt2 = txt2 & r.Offset(i).Value & "_": Next
If txt = txt2 Then
Range("b7").Value = r.Offset(4).Value
Exit For
End If
txt2 = ""
ElseIf Not Intersect(.Cells, Range("b16:b19")) Is Nothing Then
Range("b20") = "Not Found".....................

I'm working with this code right now. The problem is the macro will only work if i type the numbers manually. if the values are retrieved from a combobox, the code above down not work as it cannot read the values.

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Change Hyperlink As Cell Reference Is Changed In Cell?

Jan 27, 2012

Is it possible to change hyperlink as per the cell reference changed in a cell. for example :- in cell D2 the apply a match formula to find out a cell reference (eg "A"& Match function based on info type on cell A1) Now I want to create hyperlink as per the cell reference mentioned in cell D2. suppose I type Red in A1 and D2 give me the cell reference A51 than automatically Hyperlink create for A51. and it continiously changed whatever i type in A1 and what cell reference is showing in D2.

Sheet1ABCD1Type Abbrivation12Full FormACell AddressA13Is it possible that I click on Cell D2 and it goes to particular cell 45Abbrivation6Short CodeDescription71A82B93C104D115E126F137G148H159I1610J1711K1812L1913M2014N2115O2216P2317QExcel 2007Worksheet FormulasCellFormulaB2=VLOOKUP(B1,A6:$B$1000,2,0)D2="A"&MATCH(B1,$A$7:$A$1000,0)

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Auto Calculate Color Function On Cell Color Change

Feb 15, 2010

I would like to be able to change the color of a cell in V4:AB31 and have the formula in AM10:AM13 automatically calculate the new result. As it is now the user has to press Ctrl ALT f9 for the formula to recalculate.

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Change Font Color Based On Adjacent Cell Color

Apr 18, 2008

I have two columns. The first one (A) contains cells that have different Fill colors. The second column (B) contains text adjacent to the colored cells. I am trying to change the color of the text in the second column (B) to the corresponding color in the adjacent cell in the first column (A). I don't think conditional formating works well in this situation. I believe the solution would be some sort of macro.

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Change Font Color If Cell Color Become Yellow (6)

Jul 9, 2009

I have font color white in blank cells in column E and I (from row 5 to row 245) so the visitors will not see the text. If any of these cells become yellow (color code is 6), the font color will become black so visitors can see the text alot far better than white. I've tried this code myself after this post but nothing happen

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Change Text Color Based On Cell Color

Oct 17, 2006

I have various row cells in column (F) filled with the color Green. And corresponding text in Column G. How can I change the text of that particular row to white.

i.e.: if any cell in column F is Green, change the text color of that row in Column G to white?

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Automatically Run Udf When Color Is Changed

May 2, 2007

I have a UDF that goes like this:

Function SumIfPurple(inputRange As Range, _
answerRange1 As Range, _
answerRange2 As Range) As Variant
Dim SumAnswer As Variant

'If inputRange is turned purple then it is equal to anserRange1, if it is left with no fill it is equal to answerrange2.

If inputRange.Interior.ColorIndex = 39 Then
SumAnswer = answerRange1.Value
SumAnswer = answerRange2.Value
End If
SumIfPurple = SumAnswer
End Function

I would like to have a sub that will have the formula automatically calculate when the inputRange's color is changed.

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Change The Cell Color On Drop Down Change

Jun 3, 2008

I have a drop down sub pasted to worksheet:

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
ComboBox1.List = Array(100, 200, 300, 400)
If Range("I11").Value < Range("N11").Value Then
If Sheets("Profile").Range("K18").Value < ComboBox1.Value Then
Range("I11").Interior.ColorIndex = 2
Range("I11").Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
End If

End Sub

I want it to change the cell color on drop down change. How can I modify things to have the change in drop down selection?

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Excel 2010 :: Change To Lower Case And Manually Align To Left

Sep 4, 2013

I'm using Excel 2010. When I type 'true' or 'false' in any cell, Excel automatically changes to CAPITAL and Align Centre. I have to use the function 'lower' to change to lower case and manually to align to the left.

How to change the default setting.

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Color Change In A Cell

Nov 24, 2009

What formula do i use if i want the text in cell A1 to change to red if any entry is made in cell B1.

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Change The Color Of Cell

Dec 14, 2009

I am having some color problems. From A2:AB2000 I have different fill colors for cells all over the place. The only color I need is the color purple which I believe is the color 39.

So basically all cells except the cells with the color purple change to white from A2:AB2000. I would like to add this code to the macro I have already created.

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Change Row Color On Cell Value?

Nov 22, 2012

I'm trying to put together a script which changes the color of the row in columns A:AE if any cell in the Range B7:B400 has the value of 'No'. If it has the value of 'Yes' I would like it to Exit Sub.

I've put together the code below to try an create this function, but I'm running into a few problems.

If Intersect(Target, Range("B7:B400")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If Selection.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target "No" Then[code]....

When the value of any cell in Range B7:B400 is 'Yes' the row changes to grey, if I enter 'No' it removes all cell shading from the row, and I'm not very clear on what changes I need to make.

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Cell Color Change If Value Changes

Apr 4, 2007

I've got some spread sheets that I send out. People fill them out and send them back to me. The only problem is that I dont know which cells they've changed and which cells they've left. Is thier a way to tell VB to change the color of a cell if the value has changed

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Change The Color Of The Cell

Jul 24, 2007

I have to check a cell to see if ti has a date in it, if so , then i have to check the current date to another cell, if the current date is greater then that cell i want to change the color of the cell

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Change The Cell Color

Apr 28, 2008

When I click on a button I would like an option to cancel a row range of cells by turning the writing red with a cross through it.

So if I wanted to cancel a certain row of data I would click on a button, enter the range of cells to cancel and then this would turn all of the writing in the cells to red colour with a strike through the words.

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IF And Change The Color Of Cell

Jan 7, 2010

i need to add this in a macro that i previously created
here is what i need, i hope its clear for everyone to understand

I want to be able to change a color of a row to purple if a cell is greater than 5 days
so basically what i need is something like this

IF BQ1 has the data "APPROVED" and data in BP1 is 01/04/10 and BN1 is blank and if BN1 is blank after 5 days of BP1 then the color of this row changes to purple

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Change Row Color If Cell Value Is

Mar 23, 2007

I want to change the row color after the value in one of the cells equals a certain value. What is the best/easiest way to accomplish this?

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Change Cell Color Based On Value

Jul 20, 2009

I'm putting the sum of 3 cells in a 4th cell(D2). If the sum is greater, I would like the sum to be the color green. If the sum is less, I would like the sum to be the color red. Is this possible?

(D2) has change value, I want to compare the new value against the existing one.

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Change Default Cell Color?

Mar 10, 2014

I would like to change the default color of any excel sheet I use to grey from the standard white and I am struggling to find out how this is achieved.

In other words, I am trying to have all cells in the sheets I work with appear grey on my screen by default. A coworker of mine used to work in banking and she has grey cells but does not know how she changed them.

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Change Color Of A Cell By Just Clicking On It?

Aug 25, 2009

I'm trying to do. I have 2 columns, both have empty cells with borders. I would like to make it so that when the user clicks one of the cells, it turns grey and the one beside it turns white. I set up two macros as follows:

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How To Change Row Color Based On Value Of 1 Cell

Dec 20, 2011

I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet to track 20 vehicles mileage, and when they are due for an oil change. I have the value of when they are next due in column D, and the actual mileage in column G. I want to have the row for each vehicle turn yellow when they are within 1,000 miles of needing an oil change, and red when they are due/overdue.

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Change Cell Color On Select

Mar 21, 2012

I ran a quick code to see if this would work. it did at first then stopped.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal target As Range)
tcol = target.Column
trow = target.Row
If Cells(trow, tcol).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142 Then Cells(trow, tcol).Interior.ColorIndex = 8
If Cells(trow, tcol).Interior.ColorIndex = 8 Then Cells(trow, tcol).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
MsgBox trow & " " & tcol & " " & Cells(trow, tcol).Interior.ColorIndex
End Sub

In short I am trying to toggle between color/no color when a cell is selected. I got the -4142 from using the MsgBox to determine the value. Should I be approaching this differently?

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