Combine (Overlay) Bubble Chart & Point Scatter Chart

Jun 30, 2009

I would like combine (overlay) a bubble chart with a connected point scatter chart. I understand that, without VBA, this is not possible. However, I understand that, by using VBA, the markers of a scatter chart can be configured as circles with their size proportional to values in a specified column. This pseudo-bubble chart can then easily be combined with a connected point scatter chart.

My question is: does anyone have any VBA code to share that shows how to configure a scatter chart as the type of pseudo-bubble chart described above.

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Convert Scatter Chart To Bubble Chart

Jun 28, 2009

I would like to combine / overlay a bubble chart and scatter chart with straight connectors.

I understand that, without VBA, it is not possible to combine a bubble chart with a scatter chart.

Unfortunately, I am a VBA newbie, and so I cannot write my own code (though I can usually adapt code to my specific environment).

My question is: does anyone have VBA code to share that will convert a scatter chart series (x,y data in 2 columns) to a bubble-style chart (bubble radius in 3rd column)?

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Dynamic Bubble Chart - Data Point Naming

Feb 16, 2007

I am looking to create a dynamic bubble chart. To do this I am using offset to create the series formula which without listing all the data names turns out to be something like this (where 297 will adjust to the number of rows with data): =SERIES(Project!$A$5:$A$297, Project!$J$5:$J$297,Project!$P$5:$P$297,2,Project!$Q$5:$Q$297)

My problem is that by creating the chart in this fassion I am unable to get a unique name for each data point. For example, if row A looks like this,

A5: 1
A6: 2
A7: 3

each data point will be named 1 2 3. How do I either create a new series for each row dynamically or get the specific name from column A to associate with the correct data point?

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Conditional Data Point Colors For Scatter Plot Chart

May 5, 2008

I have to create a chart XY Scatter plot in excel. I have to differentiate the data points color based on the another column "category". Now I can change the data points color manually. Since the number of points is huge, is it possible to color the data points based on a column?

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Overlay Line Chart On Top Of Stacked Column Chart?

Feb 15, 2012

I am trying to overlay a line chart on top of a stacked column chart. The stacked column chart is a chart where the x axis is dates and the y axis is amount. The line chart is a projected amount that I will reach in few years; the x axis is the date while the y axis is an amount. I can get a chart that has a line and stacked columns, but ever time, the dates get messed up. The line has an extremely wide date range while the columns only have about a month of data.

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Excel 2003 :: Daily Stock Chart AND Random Scatter Chart Data

Jan 14, 2014

I need to plot various data on top of stock charts.

This data could be irregular in date: it could be weekly, or simply random.

To plot this data by itself requires a Scatter Chart.

From what I know so far, you CANNOT DO THIS.

However, I suspect this could be done if I build a Stock Chart from scratch using a Scatter Chart.

Error bars can be used to make the tails, however, I don't know how they built the body bar which has the characteristics of a bar (border, and interior.)

But since I don't really need those two characteristics, I just need a wider error bar line that is provided in the chart edit window. I'm guess through a macro, there are wider line widths assignable.

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Excel 2010 :: Add Pie Chart Into Data Point Marker On Line Chart

Nov 27, 2011

I am looking for a creative way to display a pie chart within a data point marker of a line chart.

My database has 3 value columns, Type1, Type2 and the Total (Type1 + Type2)
these are recorded per day (Date, in Column A)

I have a line chart that displays the total by date, but I want to find a way to display the percentage split of a particular day by type.

I was thinking to load the chart image into the Data point marker, but i don't think that is the best way as the data is updated daily and I would have to do it each day for a few line charts.

The other way I was thinking about was to have a generic Pie chat in the Line chart (Maybe in a corner) and the pie would update depending on way date series was selected or Mouseover'd)

the way that I am approaching it at the movement (Not the best way and by far not the coolest way. Is to have a list of all the dates in a column next to the Line chart and using some VBA, what ever date is selected in the column the pie chart displays the corresponding data. But eh challenge is that when there is alot of dates, I am going to be scrolling up and down.

I am using Excel 2010, but I cant not use the slicer's as the other users do not have 2010, they have 2007.

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Bar Chart And Overlaying Scatter Chart

Mar 9, 2007

I'll attempt to explain what I'm hoping to do. I have a column of data that I want to plot out into a chart. For example the data points might run from -1.50 to 2.5.

Let's say there are 20 data points in the column and they are spaced thruout the range shown above. They tend to cluster amoung themselves into 2 or 3 distict groups.

I want to first produce one horizontal bar that runs from the -1.50 to 2.5 overall range and secondly, I want to overlay a scatter chart horizontally over the bar showing where the data points lie within the range and also so I can visually see the clusters of points.

With the data residing in a column, when I generate the scatter chart, the points are laying verticle within the chart and spreadout horizontally. I can manually get what I want by narrowing the chart down to the point that the points lie on a straight vertical line, but I haven't been able to figure out how to "rotate" the chart 90 deg to overlay the scatter points within the bar chart.

Naturally, the optimum solution would be such that I could generate the charts originally and then allow the spreadsheet to generate the new charts as we modify the data values, etc.

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Odd Chart: Combine Data From Multiple Worksheets And Make A Chart

Mar 26, 2009

I am trying to combine data from multiple worksheets and make a chart. I have about 200 keywords in every worksheet (about 50), and some of them repeat themselves through worksheets and some don't. For every keyword, I have an associated value in the next column that I want to portray over time (each worksheet is for a different period).

So what I need to figure out is how to be able to pick any 10 keywords from the worksheets and put them in a line chart where I can see the associated value for each period for every worksheet so I can compare my keywords' efficiency. The tricky part is that some worksheets do not contain the keyword and other worksheets contain the keyword in a different cell than the previous wsheet.

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Quadrant Bubble Chart

Sep 27, 2007

create a Quadrant Bubble chart. I have found examples of using scatter charts but unfortantely those charts do not satisfy what I am trying to accomplish.

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Formatting Axis Of Bubble Chart

Aug 2, 2013

I created a bubble chart whose x-axis and y-axis show every 10th value between 0 and 100 (i.e. 0, 10, 20, 30...). The axes intersect at (50, 50) to create 4 quadrants.

I want to erase/hide the values on the axes (i.e. the axes will no longer show 0, 10, 20, 30... and at the same time, the bubbles will still be in the same place) to create 4 blank quadrants and make my bubble chart easier to look at.

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Conditional Formatting In Bubble Chart

Nov 26, 2013

I have the table: chart1.png

If the bubble size is 0-5, I need the bubble color to be green
If the bubble size is 6-15, I need the bubble color to be yellow
If the bubble size is 16-25, I need the bubble color to be red.

So, right now my chart looks like this: chart.png

As you can see the top bubble is the right color, but based on the bottom bubble value, it should be green.

How do I make this change colors dynamically based on the bubble size value?

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Plotting Cities On Bubble Chart?

Apr 10, 2012

I have the Lat and Long for each of several US cities. I want to use these to create a bubble chart that plots the cities and which I can place over a US map picture.

However, I have the problem that, because of the curvature of the earth, the city locations form the lat and longs are not tying with the map.

how to adjust the lat and longs so that they will correspond to the typical US map?

For example, the base lat and longs for Denver are 39.5742 and -104.8588. What formulas can I use to modify these to match the standard map projection?

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Automate New Series For Bubble Chart

Apr 15, 2007

Iím trying to take an existing bubble chart, paste new data into the sheet,
then march sequentially from row to row, adding specific cells within each as a new series in the chart until I run out of rows. Below is my latest attempt (not working of course).

Sub setseries1()
Range("A1").Select 'select upper left cell to start
Do Until ActiveCell.Value = "" 'stop when you run out of rows
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlBubble
With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries
'use these values for the next series
.Name = ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
.BubbleSizes = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
.Values = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
.XValues = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 9).Select
End With
'go to next row, and repeat
ActiveCell = ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1)
End Sub

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Adding New Series To Bubble Chart

Jul 12, 2007

I have a worksheet where I am collecting data and a seperat Chart. The first part of this code which adds a new row in my table works perfectly fine, but the latter part (based on a macro recording) does not. I need to specify the relevant row for the new series in the bubble chart. The colums are of course the same.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim LastRow, LastRef As Long


ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Projektradar - input").Select
LastRef = ActiveCell.Value
Range("Q3").Value = LastRef + 1

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Bubble Chart: Add To Label Hover Display

Dec 19, 2006

When you hold your mouse over a bubble on a bubble chart, it typically displays the x value, y value and size value. Is there any way to add other captions to display? For example, if my chart is based on sales data and I'm plotting a point based on ease of probability (x axis) and dollar value (y value)....I'd also like to see the initials of the salesperson assigned to that prospect when I hover over the bubble?

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Change Bubble Chart Color Based On Cell Value

Aug 30, 2008

Let Sheet 1 have data in 3 columns to support a standard bubble chart

Col A: X Values
Col B: Y Values
Col C: Bubble Size

Id like to be able to color the bubbles according to the Y values, whether the Y values fall within the following ranges

Green for Y <=2
Orange for 2<Y<=5
Red for Y > 5

Im assuming some straightforward VB code is in the works but Im not quite there yet

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Conditional Formatting Of Bubble Chart Points Based On Bubblesizes

Jul 26, 2012

I am trying to format the colors of the bubbles on my bubble chart to Green (>5), Yellow (4-5), or Red (<4) based on the value used to create the bubblesize.

The problem that I am having is that .BubbleSizes is property of type String, not range like .xValues, or .Values. So instead of pulling in the value, I am pulling in the reference and getting a "Type Mismatch" Error. The reference of my data for .BubbleSizes is $D$5:$D51. Each row is it's own series and the list is dynamic, so I need to be able to support future rows without a lot of maintenance.

Here is the code that I have so far.

Sub DataSeriesFormat()
' DataSeriesFormat Macro
' Format Data Series based on defined parameters for Green, Yellow, and Red. Created by Derek Steinmetz 7/24/12
Dim x As Integer
Dim val As Variant
Dim Green As Range

[Code] ......

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Bubble Chart Function - Click To Open Percentage By Subject Line

May 23, 2014

I am new to excel and to the bubble chart function and need creating one for a presentation.

I was asked to do a bubble chart to show the open and click to open percentage by subject line

Subject line: Win 20% open, 23 % Click to Open, Getaway 20$ Open, 21% CTO etc., to include an industry average for open and CTO in the chart.

X axis: click to open and Y axis: open

I tried the following in the picture and it doesn't look right.


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Scatter Chart

Jan 31, 2007

Charting query:

Data: starting from row1
Column A Column B Column C
Supplier Sales Rating
Sup1 100 5
Sup2 100 3
sup3 65 5
sup4 80 4

Column B (Sales) is the X Axis and
Column C (Rating) IS THE Y Axis

On the Scatter chart when I want to show data Labels or when I hover the Mouse over the Points (100,5), for example, how do I get the corresponding Supplier Name to show as well ?

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X Y Scatter In Radar Chart

Feb 26, 2014

I would like to avec an X Y scatter in radar chart, not the usual line chart... Is this possible?

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XY Scatter Chart Labels

Sep 27, 2008

lable my entries in my scatter chart:

Heres an example:

For my series 1:

I have,
Brown ____1.5 ______0.1
Black _____1.2______ 0.5
White____ 1.9 _______0.2
Red ______1.1 _______0.9
Yellow____ 2.0 _______0.4
Green _____1.8 _______0.7

Now the Colors are the lables I need to put in each x and y data.

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Simple Scatter Chart

Jun 16, 2006

.ChartType = xlColumnClustered

plots a chart with stacked columns. So i was wondering what the chart type i should specify to get a simple scatter chart.

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Change X Axis Of Scatter Chart

Jun 1, 2009

The attached file has a scatter chart in which all of the data is properly displayed except the X axis. How can I get my X axis to reflect the data I have selected?

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XY Scatter Chart With Real X Values

Jul 26, 2009

I have 200+ XY pairs I want to chart and see a visual representation of their distribution. Then I want to cursor over exceptional points and see their identity. I don't need (nor want) data labels, disparate markers, nor a legend. I just want the points scattered on the xy plane. Also, the data set changes depending on user-controllable filter criteria.

There are two problems:
1. If I build it through the wizard as a single data series, everything is fine except that the charting process seems to replace the X value of the XY pair with a sequence number once I swap in a new data set, and ...
2. I seem to loose the individual point identities for cursor-over purposes.

The only solution I can think of for these issues is making each XY pair a one-point Series, but that's a hugely laborious way to do it. If that's it though, is there a way to globally load the independent data series and set every data point marker and color to be the same?

However, if I could do it as a single series, then I still have the issues above. Is there a way to prevent Excel from converting the X values to sequence numbers once a new data set is swapped in, and is there a way to identify the individual points for cursor-over?

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Scatter Chart To Create A Map (of Sorts)?

Oct 7, 2009

I'm trying to create a very simple map.

I've got three columns.
Member, X, Y

Naturally, the first column contains someone's name.
The other columns contain XY coordinates.
These coordinates start at 375 and end at 499 on both axes.

I'm needing the points to show the member name and xy coordinates in the popup when hovering over the point.

How do I accomplish this?

Here's some sample data.

JOE 397 397
JIM 421 384
JANE 467 406
JEFF 389 395

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Delete All Series In XY Scatter Chart

Aug 1, 2006

I am using the following code to delete all of the series in the chart. It is give type mismatch error.

Sub allchannelchart()
Dim i As Integer, s As SeriesCollection
For Each s In ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
Next s

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Create Scrolling Xy Scatter Chart

Jun 27, 2008

I have downloaded a file called "scroller.xls" under the section "Excel charts". The file was made by Andy Pope and shows how to make a graph dynamic by combining Named Ranges and a scroll bar.

My chart is actually XY scatter chart with data points connected with smooth lines. I followed but when I start scrolling, the data points (smooth lines) got "eaten up" as I move.

I tried line chart and it works perfectly.

Does scrollbar work for XY scatter chart? Is there a different formula for XY scatter chart?

And I want the chart to be in new sheet, but I couldn't put the scrollbar in new sheet. I would like to know if it is possible when the chart is located in new sheet because my chart is quite large.

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Combining Area And Scatter Data Into Chart?

May 16, 2014

I have a series of X-Y Data (0-10 in both axis) that I want to overlay on an area chart to show outliers outside of an accepted condition. I have been able to create the area chart and the scatter chart separately but when I try to combine them the axis gets messed up. I tried using a secondary axis but I am not that skilled

I have attached the data and my feeble attempts at creating this chart.

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Using Multiple Scatter Plots And Bar Charts In One Chart

Feb 8, 2014

I would like to use multiple scatter plots and bar charts in one chart. Problem is that X-Axis goes horribly wrong every time, even if I have same points on both scatter and bar. Here is Data for 2 Scatter Plots

1,43 0,14
2,60 0,25
3,04 0,37
3,60 0,50
3,93 0,60
4,69 0,80
X Scatter2
5,10 0,92
5,36 1,00
6,43 1,26
7,60 1,53
8,19 1,65
8,79 1,77
9,69 1,93

And here is data for 2 Bar Charts

XBar Chart1Bar Chart2
1,43#N/A 0,00
2,60#N/A 0,01
3,040,01 0,01
3,60#N/A 0,01
3,93#N/A 0,01
4,69#N/A 0,00
5,100,02 0,01
5,36#N/A 0,01
6,43#N/A 0,02
7,600,04 0,02
8,19#N/A 0,01
8,790,11 0,02
9,69#N/A 0,01

I start with Scatterplot and put those in the graph, then I add other data and change it to Bar Chart, but this is the point where X-Axis gets mixed up and scatter plot X data and Bar chart X data are not matching.

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