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Combined Bar And Line Graph/Chart

creating a graph / chart using Ms Excel? I've been trying to do it myself but to no luck as I'm just a novice Ms Excel user. I'm trying to create a bar graph and combine with line graph based on these data. kindly refers to my attachment image for an example of desire graph. For line graph, it should display individually based on the given data. These are my daily data and I want to have an analysis graph so that I could monitor my computer's usage and its efficiency.

Computers Data Usage
Computer01 10 50.00%
Computer02 691 68.89%
Computer03 107 81.03%
Computer04 190 81.25%
Computer05 2099 82.89%
Computer06 1247 50.88%
Computer07 2786 10.00%
Computer08 69 22.00%
Computer09 300 18.00%
Computer10 1829 87.07%
Computer11 746 27.43%
Computer12 437 91.33%
Computer13 301 62.50%
Computer14 24 40.00%
Computer15 93 83.33%
Computer16 192 92.45%

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Determine Half-Way Point Of Bar Series On Bar Chart/Graph
i have created a xlColumnStacked chart using VBA in excel 2000. i would like to place a line in the center of one of the Points(). How can i locate a specific point, for example Points(1), so what i can then "draw" a line in the center

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Stacked Bar Graph With Average Line
We are trying to create a stacked bar graph with an average line. Each time we try to add in the average data to the graph it adds it to the stacked bar. The stacked bar should represent the inpatient & outpatient cases at a hospital for the current year (months showing across the as columns). The line should represent the previous 2-yr average total. Anyone have an idea how to add a line to the stacked bar graph? It has us stumped.

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Stacked Bar & Line Graph
how to create a stacked bar & line graph together.

I know by default, I can choose to have a stacked bar, OR a line graph, OR a basic bar & line graph.

But I need to take a step further and have a stacked bar WITH a line graph.

options in which I could combine the above graphs?

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Create Stacked Bar Chart/Graph
I need to plot a stacked chart. I have attached a sample of it. I need to plot, category As X and subcategory and and its percentage as Y (stacked chart). In the attached sample I plotted a chart. The problem is, the series name showing is not correct. It takes the series name from the top row.

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How Do I Not Graph A 0 Value On A Line Chart
I have created some charts for my work and one of them is a line chart that spreads across one year with values for each month. Well they want the graph to always show one month ahead of where we are out. So there is actuals in for Sep. but then the line graph drops all the way to 0 for Oct. I don't want to have the graph bottom out when there is a zero. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Bar-line Combination Chart
I have a table with 7 rows and 7 columns:

First 6 rows - months i.e. Mar to Aug
7th row - Average no. of Breakdowns

Colums - Mon to Sun

I am trying to create a bar-line chart with the 'Average No. of Breakdowns' to be on the 2nd Y-axis and displayed as a line.
The rest of the data would be on the primary Y-axis and displayed as bars,

But I am unable to get what I want. Instead, the data on the 5th and 6th row is displayed as lines. I even tried formatting these 2 rows to the primary Y-axis but they are still displayed as lines.

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Graph The Following Data In An Area Chart With Line Charts Superimposed On The Area Chart
I am trying to graph the following data in an area chart with line charts superimposed on the area chart. I have a lot of data (and a lot going on) so I'm trying to figure out the best way to show this in excel from a functional standpoing (i can't get this to work in excel!!) to also an asthetic standpoint (dont want it to look terrible or illegible). This is what I'm trying to chart:

1) Weather data (temperature) by region:
So one region, would be: Northwest
I would like the "area" (so a shaded region) to be the min/max of the temperature data for each month.

2) I would like to show the temperature for each year as a line graph on the chart - so you can see if a year falls in or out of the shaded region.

3) I would like to show a company's sales increases across the same months per year as separate line charts. I may choose to just show the biggest outlier year in the end... or to show 2006 (the latest data).

What I am trying to convery with the chart is that the company's sales is or is not tied to weather deviations. I have attached an excel file with the data. I haven't been able to use the area chart or get a two axis chart to work or get it to look even remotely professional.

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Line Graph: (line Graph To Display An Amount Over Time)
I want to use a line graph to display an amount over time - that's the easy part. On the other hand, I would like to have to group the lines based on a value.

A short example:
Imagine you own 3 different stores and you're selling oranges. So your table looks like this:

Now I'd like to have one graph (3 different graphs won't work as the rows increase -I need to select the whole column as data source):

Date on the x axis,
Oranges sold on the y axis,
and one line per store (e.g. a green one for store A, a red one for B and a blue one of C, doesn't matter).

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Line Graph Not To Continue The Line If There Is Nothing In Row 10 Of The Table
With the attached spreadsheet i cannot workout how with the line graph not to continue the line if there is nothing in row 10 of the table.

for eaxmple if there is no value in cell M10, i would like the actual addtion line to stop at the last value on the graph that was in L10.

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Chart Menu Bar Won't Change To Data Menu Bar
my worksheet menu bar is displaying the ' Chart' menu no matter what I do. Not only do I have no charts in the workbook, (verified this by: )

For Each ws In Worksheets

MsgBox ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Count

Next ws

but adding worksheets, selecting various parts of a worksheet, creating a chart and deleting it, and everything else I've tried has no effect.

One interesting thing - the first chart I added (to test if it would 'unstick' itself upon deletion of the new chart) was named 'Chart 2', implying there was a chart1 that existed previously.... although I am fairly certain I never added a chart to this workbook at any point.

Also, the menu bar is working fine in other workbooks, and changes to chart and back to data like normal.

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Bar Graph With Two Seperate X Axis Labels
Hey guys, been searching around for a while now, yet to find an answer to this.

I have 3 columns of data ......

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Puting The Values At The Top Of A Bar Graph
I have a bar graph..and on top of each bar, i want the x value for that bar.

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Bar Chart And Overlaying Scatter Chart
I'll attempt to explain what I'm hoping to do. I have a column of data that I want to plot out into a chart. For example the data points might run from -1.50 to 2.5.

Let's say there are 20 data points in the column and they are spaced thruout the range shown above. They tend to cluster amoung themselves into 2 or 3 distict groups.

I want to first produce one horizontal bar that runs from the -1.50 to 2.5 overall range and secondly, I want to overlay a scatter chart horizontally over the bar showing where the data points lie within the range and also so I can visually see the clusters of points.

With the data residing in a column, when I generate the scatter chart, the points are laying verticle within the chart and spreadout horizontally. I can manually get what I want by narrowing the chart down to the point that the points lie on a straight vertical line, but I haven't been able to figure out how to "rotate" the chart 90 deg to overlay the scatter points within the bar chart.

Naturally, the optimum solution would be such that I could generate the charts originally and then allow the spreadsheet to generate the new charts as we modify the data values, etc.

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Line Bar Rostering
Line Bar Rostering ...

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Formatting Line Graph
how to have different format on a line grapgh. I have a series of data points for sales figures. The first 10 are actual data and the next 5 are projections. I want to have a line graph with solid color format for the actuals and a dashed format for the projections.

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Line Chart - 12 Month Chart Moving With Dates
Is there a way to display only the current month and the past 11 months in a Line Chart in Excel? So if I was to print Jan 2008 Excel graph, it would only display Feb 2007 - Jan 2008 data charting.

The spreadsheet of the data contains data for Jan 2005 - Jan 2008 so far, but only the current month with the past 11 months should display in the line chart depending on what is the current month.

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Pareto Chart, Set Line Chart Origin At Zero
I have a pareto chart(Bar & Cumulative Line Chart) that I would like to have the line orginate at x = 0 & y = 0 without changing the position of the other points on the line chart.

Basically this is for better visual appearance. When I add a 0 to the table, it skews the alignment of the line chart with the corresponding bar chart.

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Line Graph Show No Value When No Value Is Inputed
X-Axis = Week1:Week13
Y-Axis =Revenue for each week.

I have a line graph. If "Week9:Week13" have no value, my graphs line drops to 0. How do I make my line graph show no value when no value is inputed for "Week9:Week13"? I think I need to incorporate the =NA() in the original formula but I'm not sure how to do this.

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Line Graph In Descending Order
How do i achieve the graph that is on the pdf with the data in the workbook i've attached. i cant work it out?

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Third Axis Data - Line Graph
I have a line graph that contains information for the following products,

Boats , Cars & Bikes.

The chart works well but i would like to show the numbered scale of each product & i can't work out if this is possible in excel.

Currently i can only get two data showing for the axis.

I would like to show all three & just use a color to indicate which data corresponds to which product.

In my attached example: I have data for both Cars (blue) & Bikes (green) but i would like to also show data for the graph scaling for Boats (pink).

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Creating A Line Graph With 2 Sets Of Values
I am trying to create a line graph to show the trends (up or down) of I-Fund vs Gold. The trouble I am having is how to set the axis. The date one is an easy one, but the gold range is more or less 800-1000, and the I-Fund is 13-18. How can I have these both on the same graph to compare? I am attaching an Excel sheet as a reference. Obviously I need to delete the empty IFund cells.

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Removing Zeros In A Line Graph 2007
I've got a formula that gives me an "#N/A" in a cell when certain conditions are met, otherwise it gives me the results of a calculation.

On the line graph that goes with uit, the "#N/A" is being treated as a zero.

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Pivot Multiple Graph And Trend Line
I got a pivot table with following details Row Values: Dept_Code, Super_group, Product_Group Column Values: Ending_Date
Data: Sales, Availability%, Waste%, Number of Stores

i need to have a bar chart with trend line individually on each data items e.g.Sales, Availability% etc. when i tried to use trend line it prompts me to enter series i.e Ending_Date and it draws trend line for only that period comparing all data values. is there any way to have individual graph for Sales, Availability%, Waste%, Number of Stores with trend line covering

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Stacked Column & Line In Same Graph
I would like to make a graph in Excel, where I present both a stacked column and a line with two different axes. Including a clustered column and a line in the same graph with two different axes is easy, as this combination can be found in the custom types selection in the chart wizard. However, there is no such alternative as a stacked column and a line with two different axes. Is combining the two manually possible?

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Line Chart To XY Chart And Vice-Versa
Attached is the sample data worksheet. Chart 1 is XY type chart using Seconds (2nd column of sample sheet as x-axis from 42510 to 42530). How do I change it to Line chart using Time (1st column of sample sheet as the X-axis) retaining same data from 42510 to 42530 on both primary and secondary axis?. And how do I again change it back to XY chart?

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To Make A Line Graph With Specific Increments On Both The X And Y Axis
I'm trying to make a line graph with specific increments on both the x and y axis. Now, I can make specific increments on one, but have to sacrifice the other in order for me to label the lines. Im not sure how to get around this. I'll just type out what i'm trying to do and maybe you smart people can help me here.

Okay, both the x and y axis must be in increments of 8,10,12.5,16,20,25,30, and 35.

The first line should be labeled "Indicated magnification, and should have the values 8,10,12.5,16,20,25,30, and 35... the same as the x and y values, making the line a straight linear line.

The second line should say "actual m value" and have values of 10,12.5,15.5,20.5,25,31,37.5, and 44.

The third line should say "actual n value" and have values of 10,13,16,21,26,32,38.5, and 45.

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A Chart Will Columns And A Line Chart Below??
I can create a column chart in excel comparing sales in 06 v's 07 for each month in 07, what I'm aiming to show on the chart is how sales have grown or not over a comparative period. A simple enough graph, I end up with about 24 columns (2 for each month and then a gap between each month).

I now want a line chart to show the performance of an index over the same time period, lets say the FTSE100.

I don't know how to get the line chart under the columns on the same graph, using the same x-axis with a small y-axis to the left. I could propably figure out the y-axis bit if I could only get the line chart below the columns.

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Macro To Generate A Line Graph With Coloured Pointers And Lables Based On Table
column A = Date : 01/02, 07/02, 14/02, 21/02, 28/02 (x-axis : shows when the table is updated)
column B = project: x, x, x, x, ,x (name of the project and trend line)
column C = Delivery Date : 01/05/2009, 08/05/2009, 20/05/2009, 30/05/2009, 28/02/2009 (plotted on the graph)
column D = Status : Green, Amber, Red, Green, Blue (status of the project. the points should be the same colour as is described in the table)
column E = Comments: original, delay, supply, out of money, on track, delivered-wow! (these comments will pop up if the user holds the cursor over a point)

NB Y-axis scale : 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2009 with increments of 14 days. this will be the same scale used for all projects.

Date Project Delivery Date Status Comments
01/02 x 01/05/2009 Green original date
07/02 x 08/05/2009 Amber delay supply
14/02 x 20/05/2009 Red out of money
21/02 x 30/05/2009 Green on track
28/02 x 28/02/2009 Blue delivered-wow

So id like the macro to draw the line for project x based on the 'delivery date'. The points should be coloured according to the 'status' column and when you hover the mouse over the point the data lable will show up taking info from the 'comments' column.

Would it be possible to create a macro that will be able to generate this graph automatically. I have a few projects id like to do the same thing for.

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Dynamic Bar Chart
I'd like a bar chart that will only display bars for positive values. So, if a cell has 0, it won't display anything. I.E. - if i have 10 fields and only 5 of them have values greater than 0, my chart will only display 5 bars instead of 5 bars and 5 empty fileds. kind of like piezeros, but for a bar chart.

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Bar Chart Colour
I have a problem relating to a bar chart that I just can't get around. I have Excel 2003. My problem is this. I have created an attendance record sheet for members of a club. The sheet records attendances for two separate events which occur a week apart every month. The names of the members are shown vertically in one column. Multiple parallel columns then follow in which members' attendances are recorded. At the top of the sheet, at the head of each attendance column, are two headings, one on top of the other. The first of these is the date, and the second is the attendance rate shown as a percentage. I can generate a bar chart alright from these two headings. My problem is that I want some way of showing the two different events every month as two different colours, event one in red and event two in blue, so that they will stand out. So far the chart will only let me show everything in one colour.

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Chart Scroll Bar
if it is possible to create a chart which only shows a portion of the data series at once, but has the ability to scroll through all of the data points using a scroll bar.

I am aware of one method which changes the input data based on formulas linked to the "cell link" feature of the scroll bar, which gets the job done. I am curious if there is an alternative method where all of the data is charted, but there is a fixed chart "window" of sorts that shows only a certain amount of the data (like a web browser - you have to scroll down to see the rest of the page). The scroll bar would ideally only reveal what is already there, rather than changing the data range via a formula. Does this make sense?

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Bar Chart With Marker
to create a chart which shows a current value in relation to it's annual high and annual low. I've created a bar chart and added a series with a value of 100. The next series I added is the value of the marker I would like to ride along the bar.

My question is how do I change the marker value series from a bar to just a marker? I would like the chart to look like this (except a bar, not a line):

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Get X-values From Bar Chart
I have a stacked-bar- plot: Sequences (Y) as a function of time (X).

The stack colors display different discrete events (E), see 'Quantiles.xls' in the attachment.

Now I've changed the the X-Aches from time to percentage.

I need to analyse these percent-transfomation of the data.

How can I write out the Events as the bar-plot as a function of percentage (like the blue-colored matrix in Quantiles.xls).

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Two Stacked Bar Chart
I am trying to define a chart of TWO Stacked Bars. (it will be a little difficult for me, with my bad English, to explain but I'm sure you will understand. My target is a chart as shown in the embedded picture. Take a look at sheet1:

This is a 75% completed chart.
I managed to present the first 2 stacked bars. (light & dark green).
Then I added a blank column ("D") and declared it as a "bar" on the 2nd. Y Axis.
(This "D" series has now two values, of 5, which must be "Zeroed" when the chart is finished).

I managed to add the first part of the 2nd. Stacked bars. (Orange)
I played a little with the Width and Overlap and got the result shown in Sheet1.
(When The "two fives" will change into 0 - the two orange bars will start from the X-Axis (Zero "Y" level)/ So far so good.

What I need now is to add the last Series (F2:F9) to be put ON TOP of the Orange Bar but without success. If you'll take a look at Sheet2 you will see what I came up with. I DO NOT want them to be inside each other. I want them as in the embedded picture (side by side). In addition I would love to present the Labels:
Newspaper, Internet, Relevant, Non-Relv. Inside the chart (if possible)

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Stacked Bar Chart
I am trying to define a chart of TWO Stacked Bars. (it will be a little difficult for me, with my bad English, to explain but I'm sure you will understand. My target is a chart as shown in the embedded picture. Take a look at sheet1:

This is a 75% completed chart. I managed to present the first 2 stacked bars. (light & dark green). Then I added a blank column ("D") and declared it as a "bar" on the 2nd. Y Axis. (This "D" series has now two values, of 5, which must be "Zeroed" when the chart is finished).

I managed to add the first part of the 2nd. Stacked bars. (Orange) I played a little with the Width and Overlap and got the result shown in Sheet1. (When The "two fives" will change into 0 - the two orange bars will start from the X-Axis (Zero "Y" level)/ So far so good.

What I need now is to add the last Series (F2:F9) to be put ON TOP of the Orange Bar but without success. If you'll take a look at Sheet2 you will see what I came up with. I DO NOT want them to be inside each other. I want them as in the embedded picture (side by side). In addition I would love to present the Labels: Newspaper, Internet, Relevant, Non-Relv. Inside the chart (if possible)

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Chart Or Graph Percentages
I need to plot percentages over time in a line graph in excel. I don't want to have to do a percentage equation in the spreadsheet, I just want excel to take two sets of values and display the percentage in the chart. For example, I need B1 as a percentage of B2 for week 1, C1 as a percentage of C2 for week 2, etc....

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Graph-Chart In Cell
I was tracking down simple ways to generate ASCII character based bar charts and came across this stunningIncellBarChartExample where the author suggested this can be done using VBA code.

I am very new to Excel and EXCEL VBA. Can someone help me sketch how the coding for the above example (include mixed colors) might be done? Is there a special font that need to be used?

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Rotate Chart/Graph
is it possible to rotate a graph. i need to turn my stacked cone graph upside-down so that the point is facing down and not up

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Floating Bar Chart With Y Axis
I have a dataset that looks like this ....

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Chart Menu Bar Always Shows
I need some vba code to

a) determine which of excel's menubars is active (Worksheet Menu Bar or Chart menu Bar)

b) delete the controls ie File, Edit, View etc menus from that menu bar

c) restore the controls to that menubar on workbook close

Normally this wouldn't be required but my version of excel is 2002 which has the Worksheet Menu Bar active and the work version is excel 2000 which has the Chart Menu Bar active.

I don't know why the Chart Menu Bar is active on the work system as there are no charts in my project.

Most of the development takes place at home so i need to be able to use vba to perform the above tasks

The menubar itself must remain active so i can add a custom menu to it.

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Stacked Bar/Column Chart
i have a chart made but it will only read numbers what i looking for it to do is read cells filled. beacuse none of the cells will have numbers in them. example column I,J,K,L will have a letters in them. starting on row 2 on down till the end. what i'm looking for is if I2 has a letter in it it will read as one for the chart. and will ignore the other columns if K7 has a letter it will read as one and ignore the rest of the columns. this will go on till the end of the sheet. and all rows with nothing in them will be ignored. is this posable?

i think it is bacisly giving a value to a letter and having the chart inturpat that value as 1 and then adding them up. if posable i just thought of maybe the letter could be turned into a date to give an ongoing graph for the info. maybe thats the wisest thing to do to show what each day looks like. hmm i have to play around with it. just typing this out i think i figured a way to do it.

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Dynamic Stacked Bar Chart
I am trying to develop a dynamic stacked bar chart, I have a consistent number of columns defining the x axis and a variable number of rows defining the y axis (the stacked data). Is it possible to generate a dynamic stacked chart. I have tried using dynamic named ranges but I can't get it to work for a stacked chart.

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Frequency Table/ Bar Chart
how to make a frequency table and a bar chart for 6 different branches of industries. These categories have numbers (1 for branche A and 2 for Brance B and so on) I tried Tools > Data analysis > Histogram yet. But then the categories are displayed as numerators. I just want to show how many companies there are in Branche A, Branche B, etc. I tried to change the categories into text, but it wont make a difference. I will include the file.

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Multiple Series Chart/Graph
I have a scatter graph that has over 100 curves that im need on one graph that at the moment i putting each x and y and name in by hand in series. I have been doing it for hours and have looked round the site to see if anything similar answer on ozgrid would help but im baffled

i was just wondering if there is an easier way of doing this

i havent really used macros but iv been reading up on it can i used it to do this?

I have added the table and graph and this is how i would like all the columns to look like
its the table called graph that makes the curves that i would like to be able to add in quickly
the rest im not too fussed about.

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Create Box Chart/Graph
How can I create a box chart showing graphically a median, 1st and 3rd quartile and a minimum and a maximum?

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Automatically Update Graph/Chart
I have a macro that extracts data from a source workbook. The data is owerwritten every time that I use the macro. Now I have a graph that everytime I use the macro does not update with the new data, Is there a clever way to do that? The code for extracting from the workbook is the following:

Sub Extract()
Dim myFileName As Variant
Dim SourceWkbk As Workbook
Dim CurrentWkbk As Workbook
Dim testWks As Worksheet
myFileName = Application. GetOpenFilename("Excel files,*.xls")
If myFileName = False Then
Exit Sub 'user hit cancel
End If................

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Rolling X Month Graph Or Chart
I've been working on this for a couple hours and I am close to getting it how I want. Basically I want to have a rolling 15 month graph that will change according to the month you choose in the drop down tab. Example: I choose july 2007, the graph will show data from july 2007 to September 2008. I have the graph functioning, however my formulas are off (collecting the wrong data). I've included a spread sheet

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Not Plot Zero Values On Chart/Graph
one of my excel reports, i am using a dsum formula and plotting a chart against it. i do not want to show the zeros on the graph, is there anyway i can do that, i could not find anything in the tools -> options.

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Creating Bar Chart With Acceptable Range
For work, I'm doing a project for Quality Control. I'm looking to create a Bar Chart (horizontal bars) with 2 "vertical" lines to indicate the range of acceptable values

Attached to this Post is a *.pdf that (hopefully) further explains what I'm looking for.

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Exasperated With 2007 Stacked Bar Chart
I need to create a chart showing a timeline from 0 hours to 100 hours. In this timeline, there has to be 8 seperate segments - ie, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, phase 4, phase 5, phase 6, phase 7, phase 8. Each phase takes a certain amount of hours (the number of hours of each phase is irrelevant for now!).

how to format this data and then how to display such a chart? I need the timeline along the X axis.

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