Graph The Following Data In An Area Chart With Line Charts Superimposed On The Area Chart

Nov 1, 2006

I am trying to graph the following data in an area chart with line charts superimposed on the area chart. I have a lot of data (and a lot going on) so I'm trying to figure out the best way to show this in excel from a functional standpoing (i can't get this to work in excel!!) to also an asthetic standpoint (dont want it to look terrible or illegible). This is what I'm trying to chart:

1) Weather data (temperature) by region:
So one region, would be: Northwest
I would like the "area" (so a shaded region) to be the min/max of the temperature data for each month.

2) I would like to show the temperature for each year as a line graph on the chart - so you can see if a year falls in or out of the shaded region.

3) I would like to show a company's sales increases across the same months per year as separate line charts. I may choose to just show the biggest outlier year in the end... or to show 2006 (the latest data).

What I am trying to convery with the chart is that the company's sales is or is not tied to weather deviations. I have attached an excel file with the data. I haven't been able to use the area chart or get a two axis chart to work or get it to look even remotely professional.

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Shading Area Under Lowest Series In Line Chart

Oct 2, 2006

I am creating a line chart with markers using 5 series of data. I want to colour in/shade the area under the lowest series.

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Area Chart With #N/A Data

May 5, 2009

Currently I'm working with an amount of data that corresponds with one data point every day in one year. Not every day is measured thus nothing is entered, some days can also be 0. Therefore I've made an if statement in the column next to the raw data column with an if statement returning #N/A if a cell contains nothing or 0.

This gives me normally no problems when I want to make a Line chart, excel just skips the #N/A cells and draws the line to the next data point (that's the whole reason for the if statement). However this is impossible with area charts. I can understand why, but I still want it as nothing or 0 in a cell not necessarily mean that nothing happened.

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Combine Area And Line Charts

Jan 14, 2010

I have made two line charts from a selection of data and added "shapes" to fill certain areas under the lines. Is there a way of doing this within the chart rather than adding a shape over the top?

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Shade In Area Under Line Graph?

Dec 1, 2011

What's the best way to shade in the area under a line graph?

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Combination Line / Area Graph

Feb 28, 2012

I have two line graphs I plot on a 12-month graph. In addition to these lines, I have a range, high, mid, low, for target percentages. Currently, I have plotted the high, mid, low lines and made them dashed. What I would like to do instead of just having these ranges shown as lines (w/ the graph background showing), is use the area graph function to color shade just the area between the high, mid, and low. Is this possible?

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Combining Area And Scatter Data Into Chart?

May 16, 2014

I have a series of X-Y Data (0-10 in both axis) that I want to overlay on an area chart to show outliers outside of an accepted condition. I have been able to create the area chart and the scatter chart separately but when I try to combine them the axis gets messed up. I tried using a secondary axis but I am not that skilled

I have attached the data and my feeble attempts at creating this chart.

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Charts - Line Chart, Show Data Ranges?

Jan 5, 2009

I have created a line chart that plots weight of a person, but want to show on the plot area what a certain range of weight represent, Ive attached images to show this concept.

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Stacked Area Chart In VBA

Oct 28, 2013

ActiveChart.ChartType = xlAreaStacked

I created a simple stacked area type in vba. Is it possible and how to have this stacked area to get values from combobox and textbox?

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Get Line In Graph To Become Curved Between 2 Data Points In 10 Point Chart?

Feb 21, 2014

how to get a line in a graph to become a curved line between 2 data points in 10 point chart. I the pictuer attached I am trying to get the line to curve at the second data point 5(ms) and the third data point at 80(ms). The aftr 80 the line become staright again.[IMG][/IMG]

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Vertical Lines - Area Chart

Dec 29, 2008

I'm trying to create an area chart to show the change in the number of staff working in my store over time. Unfortunately, Excel likes to draw diagonal lines. That is if I have the following data:

9:00AM - 1 staff
10:00AM - 2 staff
11:00AM - 1 staff

Excel will draw a diagonal line between each data point, rather than creating a box. This gives the illusion that there are somehow half people working at 9:30 and 10:30. Is there a workaround?

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Dynamic Area Chart Using IF Statement?

Nov 19, 2011

I'm having trouble drawing an area chart that ends sharply at a specifided value rather than drawing a diagonal line down to zero. Let me explain

I watched an Excellsfun youtube tutorial that used the IF statement to chart a subset of normal curve data as the second series in an area chart.

It looks like an easy way to add some interactivity. I enter a single value, and the IF statement checks to see if the data in the first sereis is less than or equal o that number. Once the first series data exceeds the number I entered, the IF statement populates the second series with "", which is to say a blank entery.

Here's my spreadsheet data and the chart it produces:
ABCDEFGHIJ1Series AHeight AHeight B:5.5210.04070850.0407085d2.87228320.06610770.0661077x5430.09509940.0950994540.12118840.1211884Height A: =NORM.DIST(A2:A11,$F$1,$F$2,FALSE)650.13680530.1368053Height B:=IF(A2

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Highlight Area In A Chart Based On Set

Nov 30, 2011

I have been measuring variation against some key performance indicators and trying to plot them on a chart i.e., line chart.

Is there any way in Excel that i can highlight in different colours the area between the variable and benchmarks? I want to fill the area say as green when the variable performed better than benchmark (area between the variable line and benchmark line) and as red if variable under performed than benchmark (area between benchmark and variable.

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Table Inside Chart Area

Aug 4, 2008

trying to find a way to insert a table into an active chart area.

unlike inserting charts as objects inside of a spreadsheet, i am trying to insert a table of the spreadsheet into the chart window.

the purpose is so that i may have a numerical reference to my data.

usually i post questions to which i have begun work on - but i have had no luck even brainstorming how this would be done!

the ONLY solution i have surmised is to insert a table into a chart area as an Object(picture)

but how would one write a macro for making dynamic range screen shotpicture files?

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Footer That Displays Filename In Chart Area?

Jan 23, 2012

I need to have a footer that displays the file name in the chart area so that it will copy with the chart when I paste into a word document.

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Incorrect Plot Order: Area Chart

Oct 26, 2006

I have plenty of experience with VBA outside of charts so that's where I need assistance. I need to get SeriesCollection(4), the PTAI series, to appear on the area chart second from the bottom instead of on the top.

The order for the non-line series should be, from top to bottom:
SeriesCollection(3) - Non-Mission AC ( Training, T&E, AMarc series)
SeriesCollection(2) - Total Pipeline series
SeriesCollection(4) - PTAI series
SeriesCollection(1) - Available PMAI series

Here's the

Sub MakeSandChart()

Dim ChartSource As Range
Dim ChartName As String
Dim ChartSheet As String
Dim yCount As Integer
Dim PAA_Value As Integer

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

passtype = Mid(ActiveSheet.Name, 5, 1)
Set ws = Worksheets(ActiveSheet.Name)

ChartName = Left(ActiveSheet.Name, 5)
ChartSheet = ChartName & " Chart"
ChartName = "F18" & passtype
Set ChartSource = Union(Range("SummRowDate" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowTAI" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowNM" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowTotPipe" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowPTAI" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowPMAI" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowPlanPAA" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowWorkPAA" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowDrillPAA" & passtype), _
Range("SummRowBaseline" & passtype))


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Legend Overlaps The Plot Area Of Chart

May 4, 2007

I have charts that needs to be placed on specific position and have specific sizes on a chartsheet. I use chartobjects(i).plotarea (top, left, width, height) for that.

Unfortunately when I set these values they still change and get antoher value, there is some scaling going on in Excel and I do not know where that comes from. I have been looking on the internet and finally I found a piece of code which works, but still not good enough, because the legend is also not good positioned.

De data for resizing the charts (ChtNew), the legends and the charttitle I get from other charts (ChtOrig). The legend.legendposition of ChtOrig does not have a value but it still have a top,left,height en width which I use.

I show you my code, the part with the for-next is taken from the internet.

With ChtNew.legend
.Top = ChtOrig.Legend.Top
.Height = ChtOrig.Legend.Height
.Left = ChtOrig.Legend.Left
.Width = ChtOrig.Legend.Width '* 1.1
.Top = ChtOrig.Legend.Top + ChtOrig.ChartTitle.Top
End With

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Swap Series In Stacked Area Chart

Sep 11, 2007

I have an interactive chart displaying stacked area charts for 2006 and 2007
I currently have 2006 in front of 2007, but as the user chooses 1 of 20 units, it will look better to move 2007 in front of 2006

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Duplicate Values For Area Step Chart

Jun 6, 2008

I'm trying to produce step charts like Andy Pope does on his web site using the area chart method. This involves duplicating each of the values in each data series, which is tedious if there are a lot of points. Plus the fact that the area series is offset by 1 from the axis series. Can anyone think of a formula to do this? There are plenty of posts here about deleting duplicates, but I couldn't find much about creating duplicates. I can duplicate row numbers using =CEILING(ROW(),2)/2

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Stacked Area Chart Series Colour Change

Jan 6, 2010

I have a stacked area chart located on its own individual worksheet. I would like to use VBA to apply colours to individual series based on the name of that series. I have applied the following code which I found on the following help forum, changing it slightly to fit my needs:

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Prevent Chart Title And Plot Area Overlapping

Jan 29, 2010

how to resize the plotarea of a chart so that it wont overlap with the title. I can't seem to find the appropriate property to let me determine the height or the bottom edge of the chart title.

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Area Chart To Display Price Spread Between Different Types Of Wheat

Feb 17, 2014

I am using an area chart to display the price spread between different types of wheat.

Now the problem I am having is that, at the "end" of the chart, ie. the most recent observation date, the line drops to zero while the value is actually well above zero. How can I avoid this ?

I am attaching a screenshot : Wheat Spread.PNG‎

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Format Chart/Plot Area With Border Macro 2007

May 16, 2008

This seems so simple but i looked everywhere and i cannot find the vba script to add a 3 point solid black line border around the chart and plot area of my graphs. The record macro option does not record this.

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Excel 2003 :: Filter Data In Graph / Chart (without Having To Create New Chart)

Dec 29, 2011

I have a spreadsheet created in Excel 2003 (which is what we use at work, unfortunately).

My employees periodically take a test to ensure they have certain items memorized (or are making progress to that end). The spreadsheet rows show all 46 of my employees, and their test scores. The columns are the dates that the tests are administered. I can create a line graph based on the chart data, and interpolate these data with no problems.

The problem is that there are 46 employees! 46 lines on the same graph make for a very cluttered, hard to understand visual. I want to simplify the view by "filtering out" some of the data.

I have an additional column in my spreadsheet for each employee's work area (Area 1, Area 2, etc), and another column with data based on first letter of last name (the values here could be "A-G", "H-M", "N-S" and "T-Z", for example). I figure i could filter my line graph based on these two columns. For example, somehow select just Area 1, and reduce the number of lines on the graph to 16. Or better yet, Choose "Area 2" AND "A-M" and end up with 7 employees (and therefore 7 lines on the graph).

Here's what i have tried:

1) Select the work area column, and use the Filter, which created a drop-down list at the column heading. When i use this drop-down list, i can easily filter the data in the worksheet by Work Area, but this is not reflected in the line graph, which still shows all 46 lines. The problem was that i forgot that i had set the Calculation Options to "Manual". Setting this to "Automatic" (or leaving it on Manual and pressing F9) solved the problem, as the chart now updates when i use the filters. Calculation options are under the "Formula" tab in 2007, or in Tools -> Options -> [either calculation or formula, i forget what it's called] in 2003.

2) Create several separate line graphs in several separate sheets. I wouldn't want to assign someone else the task of maintaining a spreadsheet of such inefficient design.

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How Do I Not Graph A 0 Value On A Line Chart

Oct 26, 2009

I have created some charts for my work and one of them is a line chart that spreads across one year with values for each month. Well they want the graph to always show one month ahead of where we are out. So there is actuals in for Sep. but then the line graph drops all the way to 0 for Oct. I don't want to have the graph bottom out when there is a zero. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Excel 2010 :: Add Pie Chart Into Data Point Marker On Line Chart

Nov 27, 2011

I am looking for a creative way to display a pie chart within a data point marker of a line chart.

My database has 3 value columns, Type1, Type2 and the Total (Type1 + Type2)
these are recorded per day (Date, in Column A)

I have a line chart that displays the total by date, but I want to find a way to display the percentage split of a particular day by type.

I was thinking to load the chart image into the Data point marker, but i don't think that is the best way as the data is updated daily and I would have to do it each day for a few line charts.

The other way I was thinking about was to have a generic Pie chat in the Line chart (Maybe in a corner) and the pie would update depending on way date series was selected or Mouseover'd)

the way that I am approaching it at the movement (Not the best way and by far not the coolest way. Is to have a list of all the dates in a column next to the Line chart and using some VBA, what ever date is selected in the column the pie chart displays the corresponding data. But eh challenge is that when there is alot of dates, I am going to be scrolling up and down.

I am using Excel 2010, but I cant not use the slicer's as the other users do not have 2010, they have 2007.

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Combined Bar And Line Graph/Chart

Jul 1, 2008

creating a graph / chart using Ms Excel? I've been trying to do it myself but to no luck as I'm just a novice Ms Excel user. I'm trying to create a bar graph and combine with line graph based on these data. kindly refers to my attachment image for an example of desire graph. For line graph, it should display individually based on the given data. These are my daily data and I want to have an analysis graph so that I could monitor my computer's usage and its efficiency.

Computers Data Usage
Computer01 10 50.00%
Computer02 691 68.89%
Computer03 107 81.03%
Computer04 190 81.25%
Computer05 2099 82.89%
Computer06 1247 50.88%
Computer07 2786 10.00%
Computer08 69 22.00%
Computer09 300 18.00%
Computer10 1829 87.07%
Computer11 746 27.43%
Computer12 437 91.33%
Computer13 301 62.50%
Computer14 24 40.00%
Computer15 93 83.33%
Computer16 192 92.45%

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Programmable Print Area: Macro To Set The Print Area According To The Amount Of Data In A Particular Range Of Cells

Feb 25, 2009

Using Excel 2003 I am trying to write a macro to set the print area according to the amount of data in a particular range of cells. I find I can include this instruction

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Select Series (lines) In Line Graph By Adding Userform With Checkboxes On A Chart

Apr 15, 2014

I want to add a user-form on a chart, which will have check-boxes that will allow me to select series(lines) that I want see and compare in a chart. Currently my line chart has 24 series (Lines) which makes the chart very difficult to view and looks very busy. How do I add list of check-boxes that will allow me to select one or multiple lines that I want to see at a time?

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Combining Two Area Charts With Different X And Y-values?

May 10, 2014

I need to have two area charts combined, but they have different x and y values. Is there another way to do this.When I try to combine them in one graph, I can only use one x-axis value.

In the excel sheet the PV needs to be the x-axis.

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