Concatenate The Cell Values

Jul 15, 2008

I am trying to merge three cells using the following formulae =CONCATENATE(A3,": ",B3,", ",C$1,", ",C3,"") where C$1 is a title (header) I will use if C3 is populated. However, I would like to leave C$1 out if C3 is not populated.

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Vlookup Multiple Values Then Concatenate All Values In One Cell?

Jul 23, 2014

two formulas for one data set. The data is attached in the spreadsheet: "Product IDs". The data is a set of Master Product IDs (parent) and the Linked to them Products (children). I need to create a relationship between unique parents (Master Product IDs) and their children (Linked Products)

I need to create two formulas:

1. From the Data Set table, need to vlookup the unique value in column A (Master Product ID) and return comma delimited (concatenated) corresponding values from column B (Linked Products). So, the result will be as shown in Table 2.

2. From the Data Set table, need to vlookup the unique (de-duplicated) parent/children relationship in column A (Master Product ID) and return comma delimited (concatenated) corresponding values from column B (Linked Products). There are total 3 parent/children relationships in Table 1. So, the result will be as shown in Table 3.

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Function To Concatenate Cell Values

Jan 10, 2012

I need to concatenate all cells filled out in a column (for example A in sheet1) in a cell in sheet2. More exactly.

column A (Sheet1) (Sheet2)
aaaa cell(2,2)=aaaabbbbcccc

If I use a VBA macro I can write this VBA code

RowsNumber = Application.CountA(Sheet1.Range("A:A"))

Then loop from 1 to RowsNumber and concatenate values in cell(2,2) but I need, if this is possible, to define a FUNCTION (nested functions) in cell(2,2).

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Concatenate Cell Values & Display On Userform

Sep 24, 2007

is there a way that i can insert cell values in a userform
i have data which needs to be displayed on 33 lines
line 1 cell value from d10 then space cell value from d185 then space cell value from d186
this needs to be repeated
line 2 cell value from e10 then space cell value from e185 then space cell value from e186
line 3 cell value from f10 then space cell value from f185 then space cell value from f186
line 4 cell value from g10 then space cell value from g185 then space cell value from g186
this continues trough to line 33

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Concatenate All Values In Row Into Cell & Seperate With Commas

Dec 10, 2007

I have a bunch of cells (could be varying amounts from 2 to about a 100). I need a macro which can find out how many rows in column A contain values and then i need to pick values from each cell in column A and put them in Cell B2 seperated by a comma.
Column A Column B
22 22,35,67,34,56
Column A could contain as many as 100 values.

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Concatenate & Unique Values

Jun 25, 2009

I need a formula that will make every make every cell in column A unique. This formula needs to concatenate columns H, M, and N and display the result in column A. As you can see, you can get two instances of the same value (e.g., Dog:Brown:Small for A2, A9 and A10). For this reason, we then need to concatenate a counter number on the end that increases by 1 based on the total number of matching values ABOVE the cell in column A.

For example, I need a formula in cell A12 that concatenates H12:M12:N12 and then counts the number of "Dog:Brown:Small" instances above and then appends the largest incremented value +1. This would result in "Dog:Brown:Small:0004" in cell A12 and "Cat:Black:Large:0003" in cell A13. I will then drag this formula down column A and it will dynamically execute the formula against all column A cells above it.

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Concatenate Values With Same Number

Feb 6, 2010

I need VBA that will make those two columns:

1 A
1 B
2 C
2 D
2 E
2 F
2 G
3 H
3 I
3 J

into those two columns:

1 A,B
2 C,D,E,F,G
3 H,I,J

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Concatenate Values Per Conditions

Aug 22, 2007

I'm trying to Concatenate values as per a condition.

The condition is being a member of group: 1
The result should be ACE but I need it to be presented in one single cell (like in C9).
(Pls see attached picture)

I tried to use SumProduct but it seems that this function handles only Numeric values.

I was able to present the result in a Range(!) of 6 cells with the Array-Formula:
=IF(B2:B7=D2,A2:A7,"") but this is not what I need.

I know how to solve this with VBA but as it is sort of an excercise I need it to be solved with sheets build-in Functions only.

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Concatenate Values Returned By Formulas

Jun 2, 2009

I am trying to concatenate the values of many cells, not the formulas in the cells, to avoid having to repetatively paste special, value. Perhaps something like this: =CONCATENATE(VALUE(AA2):VALUE(AQ2))

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How To Pair / Concatenate Values Of First Column With Each Other

Feb 4, 2014

we want to add/concatenate the values of first column and show the result in next column. The problem is fully explained in the comment section of the sheet attached. But still if you are having in getting the problem

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Concatenate Cells Based On Values

Sep 12, 2005

I have a column say column A. It has a pattern of cells where there is a code C10A3(alpha numeric) in say A1 and then in cells A2-A9 there are descriptions (alpha only). This continues uniformally down to cell 300. So every x amt of cells down a code appears and then below this for x cells is a description. What i would like to do is create a macro to concatenate the code waith each of the descriptions and paste it in the adjacent cell to the description. So....

A1 =C10A3
A2 =Global
A3 =America
A10 =D05a9
A11 =Global

I would like to concatenate A1 and A2 and have the output in B2 (C10A3Global.)
And A1 and A3 with the output in B3 etc. This should continues until A10 (where the cell contains alpha numeric characters) where nothing is entered in B10 and then in B11 there should be D05A9Global....
The only difference between the description and the cell is numeric characters...

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Concatenate Unique Values After Lookup

Mar 2, 2007

I am trying to come up with a user defined function to accomplish several things at once.

First, I need to lookup a reference value in one column and determine the value from another column (on the same worksheet) in the same row. Then, concatenate each "return" value (that isn't blank).

I have the following code so far, but my formula results in a zero. If I remove the On Error Resume Next, the formula results in a #VALUE error.

Public Function ConcatUnique(Separator As String, Ref As Variant, LkupCol As Range, _
RetCol As Range)
Dim lkup As Range
Dim ret As Range
Dim colDif As Long
Dim mCollect As New Collection
Dim i As Integer
Dim b As Variant
' Determine the number of columns difference between
' the lookup column and the return value column.
colDif = RetCol.Column - LkupCol.Column
On Error Resume Next
' Determine which lookup values in the lookup range match the reference value.
' When the lookup value matches the reference value, set the return range object
' to the cell in the return range (column) in the same row as the lookup value.
' Note we use the difference between the lookup column and the return column to
' determine the location of the return range object.
For Each lkup In LkupCol
If lkup.Value = Ref.Value Then Set ret = Range(Cells(lkup.Row, lkup.Column _
+ colDif))
' Store the return value in the collection object. Ignore any blank return
' values. Note we use the range value converted to a string as the key
' value.
If ret.Value <> "" Then mCollect.Add ret.Value, CStr(ret.Value)
' Loop through each cell in the lookup column range.
Next lkup
' Write each item from the collection and the separator to the final result,
' writing each value and the separator after the previous value and separator.
For i = 1 To mCollect.Count
b = b & mCollect(i) & Separator
Next i
ConcatUnique = Left$(b, Len(b) - Len(Separator))
End Function

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Return Multiple Values (Concatenate) From Ranges

Jul 30, 2014

I've made a "Budget Calendar" so to speak.., with my bills on the first sheet, and the Months in the following sheets. What I'm trying to do is say, for instance, the day is the 11th on the calendar, (there are two bills due on this day), and I have the bill scheduled to be on the 11th, can I use a formula to return what bills are due?

On the "Bill Dates" sheet, you can see where I'm kind of going with this...

On the August calendar, under the 11th, I want it to say "Internet, gas (utility)" in cell D20, or "Internet" and "gas (utility)" in D20&21, respectively.

I can get E20 to return the total bills due for the day using "=VLOOKUP("11th",'Bill Dates'!$B$2:$D$395,3,FALSE)", and it'd be awesome if I could get it to return them in different rows as well.

Finance Calendar.xlsx

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Find Multiple Text Values & Concatenate To Each Row

Mar 31, 2009

I am trying to find 3 values (X,Y,Z) in row A and concatenate those three values in column A for the entire range below, say A2:A100.

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Concatenate String Values With Special Formatting

Jul 28, 2007

i have 2 listboxes with numbers if user has selected choice in both then i want to enable okbutton. i tried in okbutton's mousemove: if listbox1.selected = true AND listbox2.selected = true then okbutton.enabled=true.

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Look For Duplicate Values In Entire Column (D) And Then Concatenate Text

May 9, 2013

What can I add to this existing formula to look for duplicate values in the entire column (D) and then concatenate the text of column (K) in each of those rows together?

Essentially I want to string all text in column K together, for each duplicate row of column D with the results in column L.


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Concatenate Multiple Columns But Ignoring Blank Values

Aug 13, 2012

I wish to Concatenate contents of several columns into a separate column, i tried using the following "column1 & column2 & column3 etc..." however with this the blank cells get concatenated too...What should is use so that contents get concatenated but blank cells are ignored?

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Find If Duplicate Values Exist In A Column, Concatenate Cells And Then Delete

Dec 17, 2009

I want to do, is search column A for claim numbers that match. When I do have a matching claim number, I want to concatenate the original cells ownership field with the said matching cells ownership field (or move into a column in the same row, I can always concatenate later). Once that is complete, I want to delete the row I took the information out of.

I want to join this data in ArcGIS, but as of right now, it's not a 1-to-1 relationship, so only a relate works. That doesn't help me as I want to display claims by ownership, and this can vary per claim. Company A may have 100% on one claim, and then split another claim 50% with Company B.

This causes a double entry on the claim field in this current spreadsheet I have, which requires me to clean it up by making multiple columns of ownership vs. an additional row for shared ownership.

My problem:

Column A Column B
1235555 Company A (50%)
1235555 Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%)
1235557 Company B (33%)
1235557 Company C (33%)

What I would like to see

Column A Column B Column C Column D
1235555 Company A (50%) Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%) Company B (33%) Company C (33%)

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Concatenate Duplicates: Concatenate Results Of All Equal P/N's From Any Given List

Oct 6, 2007

I have a list of P/N's that are used in more then one location. and it's sorted by P/N's.


I Want to be able to put in Col A the concatenate results of all equal P/N's from any given list. Or at least select the few cells that i know are duplicates and from that copy the Location to a single Column.

ColA ColB__ColC

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Concatenate Multiple Vlookup Results With Dash Exclude Null Values Or 0 Return?

Jun 10, 2014

The 3 vlookup will be in a single cell for concatenation like :


Problem the are 3 vlookups where it will return names (with format -> Fname, Given Name Middle) and probably blank returns.

I have problem with the replace since there are also spaces between the Fname,Gname and Mname sample name with spaces.

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Concatenate Non Blank Cells But Use Concatenate And Substitute Instead Of IF

Aug 11, 2013

Sampling table :


Desired results obtained via IF =IF(B2>0,A2&" , ",A2)&IF(C2>0,B2&" , ",B2)&IF(D2>0,C2&" , ",C2)&IF(D2>0,D2,"")

one , two , three , four
one , two , three
one , two

Is there any smarter, shorter formula via Concatenate and Substitute or other formulas ?

My closest match, but not good enaugh is =SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(A2&", "&B2&", "&C2&", "&D2), ", , ", " ")
[ returna 2 commad ]
one, two, three, four
one, two, three,
one, two
one ,

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If / Concatenate Into One Cell

Nov 14, 2008

I have 6 columns:

A1 = LastName
B1 = FirstName
C1 = LastName2
D1 = FirstName2

I need to concatenate into 1 cell so it looks like this: FirstName LastName;FirstName2 Last Name2. Now the challenge is that there are many instances where C1 and D1 are blank (don't have values).

So here was my attempt at a formula:
=IF(A1>""&B1>"",CONCATENATE(B1," ",A1))& IF(C1>""&D1>"",CONCATENATE(";"&D1,"",C1),"")

Now this works, but it ALWAYS leaves a semi colon at the end (even when there is no C1 and D1 to concatentate. Thus I put in my IF statement the "".

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Concatenate IF Cell Is Not Empty

Dec 4, 2013

I have been sent a very large file of product data from one of my suppliers, They sent all of the details in separate fields (for example, colour, height, width, depth, material etc)

I have processed all these columns to appear how I want them, but now need to join them together so they can all be added to my main description. I want each one to be on a new line when it's displayed on my website, so I'll be adding a <br /> tag (break tag) after each item. This I can do no problem.

This would all be fine, if all the columns contained data, but a lot of the time the columns do not contain data (eg. I have a column for "knife length" but not all of my products are knives, so not all of them require this information"

for example, I have something like:

SKU | Colour | height | width | depth | material
ABC | blue | 50mm | 10mm | 60mm |
BCD | | 80mm | 75mm | 30mm | wood
CDE | red | | | | plastic

I could use something like :

=CONCATENATE($A2, " <br /> ", CHAR(10),$B2, " <br /> ", CHAR(10),$C2, " <br /> ", CHAR(10),)

This however means writing a piece of code for each cell I want to join, My cells go from range "O2" to "DW2", I don't fancy writing that for every single column!! Also, it means that If I have some empty fields, it will still add a break tag, this will look very odd on my site.

I really need a way of writing into the function "include if cell contains data" for each cell. If it doesn't contain anything, skip it and move to the next. (the char(10) in this just gives me a line break in excel so I can see what it'll look like when it's exported)

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Concatenate Based On Cell Value

Apr 29, 2009

Using Excel 2007. Can I use IF along with CONCATENATE.
Can't seem to get the proper syntax.

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How To Concatenate Infinite Cell

Dec 23, 2013

How to concatenate the infinite cell in one cell. See the attachment .

I need the data in column A ...

Attached File : abcd.xlsx‎

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Concatenate Partial URL With Cell Value

Mar 31, 2014

I am making a table in excel where I list video games and I would like to place a hyperlink in line with them to open a search page on eBay, I've made a URL-friendly cell (replacing the spaces with + signs, like they do on the URL.

Example table:

game title

On the "Check" cell I would like a hyperlink that contains the value of the cell saying "game+title" (supposing that is cell B2), i.e:


How would I go about it?

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Concatenate All The Cell Content From A Column In One Cell

Feb 27, 2007

I would need to concatenate all the cell'content from a column if the value is different from null ("") in just one cell separated by ";" ... By ex :
In column A I have :
In cell B1 I should get "X;Y"

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Eliminating Empty Cell In Concatenate

Aug 6, 2014

Eliminating empty cell in the concatenate. I am concatenating many cell together. Example is Column A has a word " Starter" Column B is the type of tractor it fits " Case" Column C thru E have other names IE John Deere, Ford only if the part fits more than one type of tractor. In my final Concatenate i end up with many comma's and nothing follows. I have placed a ", " in between each reference of the cell. If the cell is 0 or null. I want the concatenate to ignore the cell and extra commas.

My current function reads + Concatenate(A1,", For ",B2,", ",C2,", ",D2,", ",E2)

What I have now.
Starter, For John Deere, , , , , , , .
Starter, For John Deere, Ford, , , , , , .

What I wish is.
Starter, For John Deere, Ford.

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If Cell Has X Turn Into Number And Concatenate

Jul 4, 2009

Example is in the attch: Book11.xls. This formula works but if there is no number 4 then I don't want comma after 1, or 2, or 3, How avoid it:



(red , need to be removed)

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Different CONCATENATE Rules Depending On Cell Value

Oct 28, 2009

I'm trying to do a CONCATENATE function in Excel 2003. The first part of the function (this is working correctly) is a) concatenating 4 cells from a different worksheet (WB_NEW) into one cell and is b) putting a space in between each entry:


What I'm now trying to do is enhance this function to perform with 2 separate concatenation rules i.e. "if one of the cells specified above is blank, concatenate a different set of cells".

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