Condiditional Formatting - Out Of Stack Space - In Change Event Code

Oct 21, 2008

the code i have got is attached below but the problem i am having is when i enter the letter "H" which is calculated in AJ and i enter it fast it comes up with the error "Out Of Stack Space error 28". AJ in the code below is where the cumlative value is stored, and AI is the value that it is measured against it AJ is greater than AI the message is displayed.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rRow As Range
Dim icolor As Integer
Dim ifont As Integer
With Application
.CellDragAndDrop = False
.CutCopyMode = False
End With
If Intersect(Target, Me.Range("TABLE1")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
For Each rRow In Target.Rows
If Me.Cells(rRow.Row, "AJ") > Me.Cells(rRow.Row, "AI") Then
MsgBox "No Holidays Left or No Holidays setup Against Them " & Me.Cells(rRow.Row, "AI") & " days."............................

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Out Of Stack Space Error

Jul 16, 2008

I'm running a while loop and after about 3000 iterations get this error:

"Out of stack space"

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Error 28 Out Of Stack Space

Aug 21, 2013

I added some code I got today and now when it runs i get the code 28 out of stack space.

Basically when the If has determined which macro to run, once that macro has ran that should be it.But if deletedates2 has ran, it reverts back to deletedates and starts again, then I get the error:

Sub deleteDates()
Dim sh As Worksheet
Dim lr As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'# Determin if (O:O) has been deleted#'
If Application.CountA(Range("$O:$O")) = 0 Then
Call DeleteDates2


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Out Of Stack Space/can't Stop Loop

Jul 25, 2006

I've got this code to display a certain cell from multiple files, and functionally it works, but I get a out of stack space error after it runs for a while. I'm sure this is because the loop doesn't know when to stop, which I thought would be solved by having " Do Until sBook = "" " instead of Do; however, then the code will not run at all.

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

Dim sBook As String
Dim sFilePath As String

On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

Roe = 3

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Cell Formatting On Worksheet Change Event

Nov 22, 2011

I'm trying to create a worksheet change event macro that will change the colour of the cell when you update the value in that cell.

I have column C with 140 rows and when one of the cells in the column is changed by the user, I need the same cell to highlight in yellow. The highlight would then be removed once the user has acted on the change in the value, and that'll be done in another macro.

I understand I need a worksheet change event macro in the specific sheet and need the following code for yellow:

.Interior.Color = RGB(255,255,0)

, but any further I get stuck as it involves 'target addresses'

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Conditional Formatting: VBA & Worksheet Change Event

Sep 1, 2006

I am trying to do a conditional format of 0 to 2 is red, 3 to 4 is yellow and 5 is green. However I also need to have a cell that is blank to remain white and this is the part I am having problems with.

I found the following code since I cannot use the standard conditional formating in excel since it needs 4 conditions.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim icolor As Integer

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("H3:H12")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case 0 To 2
icolor = 3
Case 3 To 4
icolor = 6
Case 5

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Conditional Formatting Code In Calculate Event

Dec 11, 2006

I have found this code while searching. I would like to know how to call the vba code only when clicking the button. On much bigger projects Excel has to re-calculate all cells everytime i change a cell value.

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Change Event For Conditional Formatting Not Firing On Formula Calculations

Sep 25, 2007

I have used the code for formatting: This works fine when typing in the numbers manualy but if I have a formula (eg:A1=b1+c1) and a1 = 15 nothing happens. Is there an update button or a better way to do this?

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Validation Code For Change Event

Jul 20, 2006

change the below code from a worksheet_change to a worksheet_calculate method. and still do the same action. the reason I am changing methods is due to the fact that the validation will not trigger the worksheet_change event to fire. this is my attempt to find an alternative way to fire off the macro.....

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Change Event Code Not Firing

Sep 27, 2007

I ran this code last week and it worked great, but today it doesn't work at all. I have even deleted it, closed Excel and and started fresh. Is there some small thing I'm missing (like hopping on my left foot while entering a code) ...

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Causes Of Out Of Stack Space Error "28"

Apr 1, 2008

i was hoping to get advice from anyone familiar with the "out of stack space" error. basically i'm building a UserForm-based app which reads spreadsheet data and stores it as a module-level variables (well, an array). the different buttons lets you edit the variable, and once you're done it writes back to the spreadsheet.

at least, that's the idea - lately i've been running into a lot of "out of stack space" errors, which have been pretty hard to pick out because my app's grown to the size where it's not so easy to pick out the root of the problem. what happens is the app will let you perform operations on the data with no error, but after repeating the operations too many times the application tells me i'm out of stack space. i've read up a bit on the error, and here's the list of possible causes i'm using as reference: Out of stack space (Error 28)............

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Change Event Code When 2 Cells Are Selected

Jul 15, 2014

Looking for a Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) code to concatenate cell J, K, E and F cells when both J6 and K6 are selected. The cells start in J6 and K6. When both J6 and K6 are selected, I would like a VBA code to concatenate J6, K6, E6 and F6 in cell L6

(Here is the formula =IF(OR(J6="",K6=""),"",I6&" "&J6 &" "&K6&" - "&E6&" "&" "&F6 I have but looking for a VBA code to accomplish task).

When either J6 or K6 is selected, the code should not concatenate until both cells (J and K) are selected. I would also like a Clear Contents function to clear L6 (or L7, L100, L80 or L13) contents when either J or K cell is deleted. For example, if K value is deleted, the Clear Contents should clean J and L cells contents.

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Change Event Code To Run Macro When A Cell Value Changes

Mar 21, 2007

I have looked at a series of Change Event topics and code but can't see what I need. I simply want a macro to run automatically when a cell ....which contains the Maximum time from a range.... changes. I assume I use .... Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) ...but I have no idea what code to use...

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Worksheet Change Event :: (ByVal Target As Range) Event In Module After Creating A Sheet

Mar 27, 2009

Is there a way to write a Worksheet_SelectionChange (ByVal Target As Range) event in module after creating a sheet in VBA? I constantly delete a sheet, then repopulate it with a new one that is empty, but I need to add some code that happens if they should change a particular cell. It worked when I ran it on a worksheet without refreshing, but as soon as I cleared and repopulated the sheet, it was gone. Is there a way to preserve this?

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Change Event Causing Event To Fire Again

Aug 7, 2006

I have the following code, which works perfectly:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim TotalDays As Integer

TotalDays = Range("C65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1

The code points to the next blank cell so the user can input a value. Each time the user enters a value I want to re-run the code so that the colour of the cell changes.

However I also want to perform various calculations on the sheet. However this means the sheet is being changed and so continually repeats my code.

How do I add the following, to my previous code?

Range("E8").Value = Cells(7, 6) * 2.5

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Code Change Didn't Keep Formatting Of Extra Column

Jun 1, 2014

I changed the code below to add an extra column(E) this worked. However it does not keep the formatting from the top row in column E, How can i change the code to column E to keep the top row formatting ??

Also i added a list to cell A2, but this moves down, I would like to have the selected data move down but the list stays in cell A2, Was this possible ?

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others

Jan 27, 2009

I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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Worksheet Change Event :: Change Color As A Result Of Calculation

Jun 17, 2009

an event macro to change the font colour of a cell whose value changes as a result of a calculation.

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When Change The Worksheet Selection Change Event Nothing Is Happenning

Jul 21, 2009

Attached is book in which, when a choice is selected from Drop Down list in ColumnF the macro has to do the need.

When the macro was written it was working well. But when I tried to change it as a Worksheet_SelectionChange event nothing is happenning even though a choice is selected from drop down list.

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Worksheet Change Event Triggered By Formula Change?

Dec 6, 2011

Basically the situation I have is Sheet2 has many references to cells in Sheet1. Sheet2 is for all intents and purposes a kind of nicely formatted report form, and Sheet1 is the input form.

My ultimate goal is to automatically resize row heights on Sheet2 when cell contents change on Sheet2.

Using a worksheet_change event isn't working I presume because it doesn't see the formula output change as a worksheet change, the worksheet_change is firing only when the input is changed in Sheet1.

how can I capture these formula output changes on Sheet2 (triggered from input on Sheet1) OR is there a way of making a particular sheets rows always adjust in height to best fit?

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Event Change To Change The Sheet Name Based On A Cell Value

Jul 21, 2009

Im trying to use an event change to change the sheet name based on a cell value, but my issue is how can I error trap if the sheet name is a duplicate? Here is what I have so far

Sub ChangeName()
On Error GoTo errhandler
Sheets(1).Name = Sheets(1).range("d10")
Exit Sub
MsgBox "sheet name is already exists"
End Sub

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Formatting - Delete First Space In Each Cell?

Feb 22, 2014

I need to delete the first space of each cell in a column. These cells are referenced in a formula, and those cells that have a character in the first space of each cell allows the formula to work. However, most of the cells have one space before the characters begin in each cell. When I go to one of those cells and delete the empty space then the formula works for that cell. My problem is I need to reformat hundreds of cells in that column but not all. I would like to be able to highlight those that need the first space deleted and not do this one cell at a time.

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Change Event To Detect Cell Change

Sep 27, 2007

I have a simple bit of code that fires some code when it detects a change in cell $P$5 but it doesnt work and I cannot understand why - can anyone assist with this one? I am very green but keen:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$p$5" Then
Range("D9:D81"). AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="<>"
End If
End Sub

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Inserting Space Between Lines In Conditional Formatting

Dec 5, 2013

I need to create a spreadsheet that has approximately 1000 rows with the same exact information in each of them prefilled (as I use the "drag-down" method). I use this chart throughout the year to enter various bits of data in each row. I also use conditional formatting in each row. The company I work for wants to have an empty space between each row.
You can create the blank rows separately and then interleave them with the existing rows by sorting. To start, insert a new column to the left of the existing column A. Enter 1 in cell A1 and highlight column A all the way to the last row that contains data. From the Edit menu select Fill | Series and click on OK. Column A should now contain numbers from 1 to the total number of rows. Press Ctrl-C to copy these cells to the clipboard, click in the cell just below the last of them, and press Ctrl-V to paste. Now highlight the entire data area, including the new rows with just a number in column A. Select Sort from the Data menu and choose the No header row option in the resulting dialog box. Under Sort by select Column A, under Then by select column B, and click on OK. Finally, delete column A. You now have a blank row after every one of the original 1,000-odd rows."

This works great for the data that I copied (with the drag down method) to all the rows. However, this method does not insert an empty line in between all the conditional formatting I have throughout the spreadsheet. This is my conditional formatting formula I have "manage rules" which is under "conditional formatting" =NOT(ISBLANK($A6)) (*please take note that this is selected for 1000 rows.) Maybe there is some kind of change in the formula that I need in order for the conditional formatting method to be copied onto every 2nd line of the 1000 rows".

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Code To Space String Of Text

Jun 9, 2008

Need code that will indent text in a cell 5 spaces over.

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Combine The Cells With A Semicolon And A Space Between Each Code Number

Mar 17, 2009

I have a few hundred cells that I would like to combine. Each cell contains a six digit code number. I would like to combine the cells with a semicolon and a space between each code number.

I can do this with the CONCATENATE function but it will take too long.

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Tab Key Change Event

Apr 19, 2009

I have a user input box (VBA) with two columns of data entry. The leftmost column has text boxes labeled color1, color2, color3, etc.. The rightmost column has text boxes labeled tag1, tag2, tag3, etc..

I have the TAB sequence set to go from color1 to tag1, color2 to tag2, color3to tag3, etc..

A user can inadvertently tab over the color1 (or color2, etc. columns) into the tag1 (or tag 2, etc. columns) column without entering data in the color column.

Is there coding to allow a TAB key entry to be a Change Event such that, if a user TABS out of color1 without entering data, a MsgBox could signal that they must enter data in the color1 field before they can continue?

Alternately, can you suggest a different approach? The goal is to require an entry in the leftmost column (color1) before they can proceed to the tag1 field. Of course, they are given a "Cancel" option.

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Code To Minimize Ribbon To Give User More Sheet Space

May 28, 2010

Is there some code I can put in the Workbook Open section that will minimize the ribbon so give the users more sheet space?

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Deleting Event Code With Code

Sep 2, 2006

Is is possible to use VBA to remove/delete a macro and also remove code like this on worksheets:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change
End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
End Sub

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Worksheet Change Event?

Feb 7, 2014

I am trying to run the below code whenever the result of cells (22,x) changes. Cells (22,x) contains a formula.

[Code] .....

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