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Copying A Cell To Another Workbook (VBA)...

I am trying to copy a certain cell from one workbook to another.

ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Copy Destination:=Workbooks("c:directoryfilename.xls").Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1,1)

What I am trying to accomplish is to copy the contents of A1 from the current worksheet and paste it in A1 in the other workbook.

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Copying A Cell Value In One Workbook To Another Workbook
I am trying to set up a template for my MD to use to calculate budgets and have so far encountered a number of problems most of which i have overcome thanks to help from this forum.

What i am trying to do is have a 'Selection sheet' which contains a number of drop down boxes from which the user can choose several different options.

Based on what they have choosen on this sheet a second sheet 'initial budget' is populated.

What i am trying to do is a formula similar to the following. but i can't seem to get it to work.

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Improve Coding For Copying Existing Workbook To New Workbook
i came up with this..

Sub Copy_To_New_Workbook()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

Dim strFileName As String
strFileName = Application. GetOpenFilename(filefilter:="Excel Files (*.xls), *.xls", Title:="Please select the excel file to be copied")

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Copying Print Range From One Workbook To Another Workbook.
I have created a macro that copys pivot table from one Workbook to new workbook. Problems I am encountering are print selecting from source workbook are not copied to new workbook.

Dim AmountofColumns As Long, AmountofRows As Long
Dim ColumnCount As Long, RowCount As Long
Dim ThisWorkbookName As String, ActiveWorkbookName As String, ActiveSheetName As String
Public Sub CreateGroups()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
ThisWorkbookName = ActiveWorkbook. Name
AmountofColumns = Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Column

For ColumnCount = 2 To AmountofColumns......................

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Copying Data From Old Workbook To New Workbook
I am trying to automate the process of filling out monthly reports and I have run into a problem I just cannot seem to work around.

These reports contain both weekly and monthly information, but because most months do not end on a friday or begin on a monday I have to have a couple of the week reports as partial weeks (e.g. April ended on a Thursday and so that week's report has both April 27-30 and May 1). When the first week of the next month's report runs I would like it to prompt the user to locate the last month's report, open the report, find week 5 of that report and copy the relevant data into the current month's report. (Hopefully that explanation is sufficient)

What I am running into is, after prompting for and opening the past month's report I am trying to select the Range A137:I232 on Sheet5 but instead the previous month's report just opens to wherever it was when it was last saved and won't select any ranges I tell it to, it just selects the range it was on last time it was saved. It will then copy that range and paste it into the Current Month's report.

below is my code ...

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Copying From One Workbook To Another
I have two spreadsheets LocalTime (saved on everyones local pc)
Admin which is (saved centrally)

IThe spreadsheets are a timesheet to be filled in by all staff.

At the end of the month they will upload the data to the central copy
Which in turn writes the data to a master sheet and removes there name from a list.

I can copuy the data from the Admin sheet (central sheet to the master list and remove the name)

My problem is copying the local copy (certain ranges only) to the Admin version.

I have named ranges and this is one of the problems as when i did get it sort of working it kept asking which range to inclue from which sheet.
Then i sis something and i know get error 1004.

the code i used so far is as follows

Private sub upload_click()

Appliction.ScreenUpdating = False
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"C:Documents and SettingsshaunmMy DocumentsDemoAdmin.xls"

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Copying Sheets From One Workbook To Others
I have 12 workbooks with 2 spreadsheets in each: Assessments and Instructions. What I would like to do is have one master spreadsheet of instructions I can use to update all the other sheets. After changes are made, I would like to run a macro that would copy the master instructions sheet, open the other workbooks, copy over the information in those workbooks (on the Instructions sheet only), and then close them. I have no idea where to start.

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Copying Certain Data From One Workbook To Another
I have a Workbook that contains some invoice data from a purchase. I would like to copy this data to a "Master" workbook that'll put everything from that particular workbook on 1 row, and put all the data from another workbook on the next free row and so on.

For example in workbook "Mock" i would like to copy all the cells that have arrows next to them into "Mock 2". Unfortunetly some of the invoices aren't similar in format so i named all the cells that i want to copy (instead of copying cell C3 i'd copy cell "type").

Some of the cells are lists and some of them have conditional formatting with colors. I tried copying the data using Range.copy but it also copied the color of the cell which isn't what i want.

And finally is there a way to generate a unique number each time a new invoice is copied in a row, and them copy that back to Mock 1 cell B2.

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Copying Worksheet In Same Workbook
I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. On sheet 1 (Roster) is a list of names; on sheet 2 (Summaries) is a set of calculations.

I want to create multiple copies of sheet 2 (Summaries) and name them according to the list of names on sheet 1 (Roster).

Creating and naming the worksheets appears to be working fine. The problem is that the worksheets that are added are blank, not copies of worksheet 2.

My code follows.

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Copying Data To Another Workbook
I have made this form to basically allow the user to enter data, click the save button and all the data on screen will move to another sheet "Leads Log" and then the data on the form "Insurance form" will be cleared for next time around.

This works fine and will keep adding records onto the second sheet...but ideally i would like to data to be copied and saved to another sheet in another workbook - seperate to this one.

Suggestions on the relevant code would be great. Please find attached my system so far.

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VBA Copying Rows Into Another Workbook
I have a workbook into which a number of rows will be imported (a variable number). These will be edited then I want all the rows to be stored in a ever growing database. At the moment I simply copy these rows open a second workbook and paste the rows into the first blank row in the second sheet.

Is there a way to do this automatically.
1) select and copy all rows containing data
2) open second workbook & find first blank row
3) Paste data into second workbook
4) Save and close second workbook

I think with some effort I could manage the copying and pasting but I have no idea how to open and close the second sheet automatically.

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Copying A Date From One Workbook To Another
I Have a workbook with 3 worksheets in it, the Sheet named "Costomer info" has the date in cell C15 I then press a button that opens the sheet that requires the date putting in cell G7, I would like it to be automatically inserted when data is inserted to cell C10, so as soon as data is put into C10 the date is copied from C15 and put into G7

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Copying Many Workbooks Into One Workbook
I have many excel files(nearly 500 in total and growing daily) in a folder called "Results Data" on my C drive. The file names are slightly different (serial numbers). Each excel file contains data in Cells A2:E11. I want to be able to copy only the Cells A2, B4, D5 and E10 from each workbook and paste them into a new workbook, each copied workbook on a new row.

I have been trying to change code that I have found on the web but nothing seems to be working,

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Copying Cells From Another Workbook With VBA...
I just need to know how to reference another workbook in order to copy values from cells on it to my own version of it. It's 18 pages, and I need to pull certain columns cell values from certain sheets (these columns are all fixed, no fancy statements required). I'm unfamiliar with the structure required to refer to another workbook. All I need to do is say "This workbook-Sheet1!D2:D20 = Workbook"Feb"-Sheet1!D2:D20", and so on, throughout the sheets.

I did look for solutions to this, but all of the answers are mixed in with complex statements for other simultaneous calculations... I find myself unable to pick out the small piece which I need from the mash of code I'm unfamiliar with.

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Copying Worksheet To New Workbook
I have a workbook containing a number worksheets. I need to copy one of these sheets and move it to a new workbook before copying and pasting the contents as values and saving as a new worksheet. Ideally the new workbook I'm creating would contain no other worksheets other than the one I'm copying in.

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Copying A Section Of Another Workbook
I am creating a spreadsheet that takes data from the previous week's spreadsheet - it's a weekly report. Using vba how can I access and copy a specific range of data from one worksheet on the previous week's workbook to a range in the new week's workbook. The data in the previous week's workbook is formulas, and I'm not sure how it could affect it, but I only need the values calculated and not the formulas to be transferred. I would also prefer it if the other workbook did not open in excel, so that it happens without any changes on the screen.

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Copying Instances From One Workbook To Another
I have two workbooks, a "vehicle workbook" and an "Oil sample" workbook. I'm trying to write a macro that will store the ID of the vehcile in "vehicle workbook" into a varible, open the Oil sample workbook and find instances of the vehicle ID in column B. Next it will copy the entire row, and paste it back into the "vehicle workbook". I've taken some code and modified it to try and make it work but I'm running into problems. I'm very much a newbie to excel and macro's and am learning little by little. This is what I have so far...

Option Explicit
Sub btnFind_Click()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.EnableEvents = False
Dim vehicleNumber As Variant
Dim sourceLocation As String
Dim sourceFileName As String
Dim fileName As String
Dim vehicleFileName As String
'referencing the workbook location of the vehicle
vehicleFileName = ActiveWorkbook.FullName
MsgBox (vehicleFileName)
'copying the vehicle number into memory ie.EFQRTS67WZ100121
vehicleNumber = ActiveSheet. Range("A13").Value.....................

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Copying Range Of Cells From One Workbook To Another
I'm looking for an algorithm that does the following:

1. Open one-by-one a number of excel workbooks in a directory and copy their .UsedRange
(i.e. all sheet content in each of the workbooks).

2. Paste append one-by-one each of the workbooks .UsedRange of data into a master workbook that is already open (i.e. active workbook).

Note that the source workbooks and target master workbook contain the same format of data. So a simple copy and paste of the .UsedRange is apt.

Basically I need each .UsedRange of an opened workbook to be appended to the data from previously opened workbook in the master workbook already opened.........

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Copying Data To Other Sheets In Workbook
I have a mastersheet with all the information and I want to be able to copy it to new sheets.

The four different sheets I want are: Male-Olympic, Male-Sprint, Women-Olympic, Women-Sprint. Is there anyway to go through the sheet, copy the rows, and paste them into their proper sheet.

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Copying All Workbooks In A Folder Into 1 Workbook
1. I have a large number of Test Suites that are large documents with 1 (visible) sheet w/ test cases, and 1 (hidden) sheet w/ validations. Test Suite is saved with a unique name (that follows a naming convention we've set up on this project: <Project>_<Test Suite Category>_<Location in Software>_< date>.xls

2. I need to create a master document in which i can run a macro that will copy each "test suite" sheet from each of these documents, insert it into the master doc, and sort the sheets by name. then it needs to present the data from all of the sheets on the main page of the doc, and break down the results by Test Suite Category, and Location.

Is this possible?

Can I create a macro that will import sheets from (potentially) hundreds of different workbooks, and then sort them appropriately?

I've been looking all over the place, and while i've seen macros that can import specific data, rows, or columns, i havn't quite seen what i'm looking for.

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Copying Sheet One From Every Workbook In A Folder
In a folder i have a large number of files all formatted the same but with different data in, basically what i want to do is have a mastersheet in each folder that when you run code it will open the first workbook, copy sheet 1 and paste it to sheet 1 in the mastersheet. then open the next workbook again copy sheet 1 find the next empty row in sheet 1 of the mastersheet and paste below, then basically repeat through all the files. There are changing number of files in the folder so it needs to be able to loop and open every workbook. at the moment the sheets are called ME1, ME2 etc etc and the mastersheet called mastersheet.

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Copying Worksheets From Various Files To New Workbook
I have 100 files (Book1.xls through Book100.xls)

All files reside in L:MISInernal MIS

I need to open each workbook, copy Sheet1, paste to next available Sheet# in Combined.xls, close the workbook and move to the next workbook.

I have the code for copying a specific sheet from one workbook to a new workbook. But I do not have the code which would perform the above mentioned task for me and I don't have any idea for how am I going to do this without your help

I have used the Search option to find out if this question had already been answered but I could not find a solution for this specific request

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Close The Source Workbook After Copying
I manage to copy a worksheet into a new workbook, but how can I change to the old one and close it without saving

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Copying From Userform Into Table On Another Workbook
I am trying to get a userform/database thing going,

basically, user types in a series of textboxes and hits a "submit" button.
That submit button would copy the values to a recipient table.

How do I get things to copy across workbooks?

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Copying Worksheet To Same Workbook And Renaming It
i would like to use a macro which copies a worksheet from a workbook to the same workbook and paste it at the end and then renaming it... everything using a macro...

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Copying Sheet From Emailed Workbook
I am trying to set up a macro so that when I receive updates (via email), I can simply hit a button and the information is copied into my workbook.

This is what I have however i get a 'Runtime error 9' which I believe means the references don't exist, I have double checked all my workbook/sheet naming and all is correct.

With Workbooks("Database").Sheets("Database").Range("A1:AP5000").Copy
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Database").Range("A1:AP5000").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll
End With

I be addressing the copy method in a different way.

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Copying A Long Formula To Another Workbook?
I want to do is copy a formula from one workbook to another workbook that I have open - have tried just copy and paste (only get the result, no formula is copied) and have tried paste special, but there doesn't seem to be anything relevant on the list. I'm sure there is a simple way of doing it.

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Copying, Naming & Hiding A Workbook
I am trying to write a macro that will do the following:

Copy workbook "X" as a new workbook, but name the new workbook from a cell entered in cell B2 of the newly copied workbook. The final process is then to hide workbook "X".

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#N/A! Error Copying Worksheet To New Workbook
I have a number of Vlookups in sheet1 book A (originally created by someone else). When I use Move or Copy to copy sheet1 to workbook B all the vlookups show as =#N/A. Guess this is a setting somewhere?

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Copying The Data From Two Notepad Files To An Workbook
I'm having problem in copying the data from 2 notepad files into a single excelsheet, i have the below macro which creates two seperate excel sheets. i want to put the data from summary1 to tab1 and summary2 to Tab2....

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Color- When Copying Excel Sheet To Other Workbook
I Have a macro which combines five excel sheets from five workbook into single worbook with five tabs containing five excel sheets.Everything is fine except that color of all five excel sheets is totally changed in the combined excel workbook.I tried this manually i.e copying excel sheet from each workbook and pasting the same in the new work book.

Here also color comes correct in only one excel sheet and rest all sheets color is lost.Please any one knowing solution to this problem explain. macro is used is shown below

Sub CopySheets()
Dim fileFolder As String
Dim fso, fsoFiles, f1
Dim w1 As Workbook
Dim w2 As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim i As Integer
Dim flag As Integer
Set w1 = Application.Workbooks.Add
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

fileFolder = "D:documents est est" '

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Macro - Copying/Pasting Data From One Workbook To Another
I'm trying to do is record a macro that will copy data from cells A1/A2 of Test.xls and paste it to cell A1/A2 of Text2.xls. Then when I run the macro again, it will copy B1/B2 of Test.xls to B1/B2 of Test2.xls, and then do that for the remaining cells.

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Copying A Range From One Worksheet Into An Area In Another Workbook
I have a range of cells (L1:Q1) I want to copy from a worksheet called Email from one workbook and copy it into an already created and saved workbook called 'TDocuments.xls' located in the root of my C: drive.

Thing is I need to paste this range into the first blank row of TDocuments.xls, so it will need to find that first and then paste the values (without formulas) into the TDocuments.xls and save it.

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Generating A Sequent Number Value In One Workbook And Copying It Into Another
I have these two woorkbooks. One serves as a register of warranty cards and the other as a template of a warranty card. For each new warranty card I need the register to generate automatically a new consecutive number. This new number should automatically be loaded in a specific cell in the template document after opening it (with a hyperlink or a button from the register, for instance), so that I don't need to mannually type the number in the template.

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Macro: Save New Workbook After Copying Sheets To It
I am moving some sheets into a new workbook and from the new workbook I want to prompt the user to save the workbook where they see fit. For some reason I cannot seem to save the new workbook only the old with the below code.

Sub Moving
Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = ThisWorkbook
Sheets( Array("Hk", "Li", _
Sheets(Array("Hk", "Li", _
If wb.Saved = False Then
Select Case MsgBox("Do you want to save your changes?", vbYesNo Or vbExclamation Or vbDefaultButton1, "J & R Solutions")
Case vbYes
wb.Close True
Case vbNo
wb.Close False
End Select
End If

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VBA Copying Data On Closed Sheet To Open Workbook
Ive been searching this forum for simmilar topics but the info on them is all different and I cant get this to work.

All I want to do is open another workbook by

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Macro - Opening, Copying And Saving Workbook To Worksheets
I have been trying to create a Macro that can do the following.

Open a Excel Workbook, Copy the Worksheets that I need (ignoring ones that are not needed.), Save them in the correct location with a new folder of date and time and saving them as csv files.

I have all the elements but can't seem to get them to gel correctly.

Just wondering if anyone has anything like this that I could adapt or edit.

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123569LOC23 is in one cell and I am trying to copy the "LOC23" to a new cell. However, the amount of digits vary: LOC23, LOC1,LOC15 etc all the way down the column.

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Copying A Selected Cell In Col A And The Next Cell In Col B Into New Sheet
Basically I have a filtered list in colunms A to D. The user selects a cell in column A and I want to then be able to run a macro which copies that cell and the adjacent one in column B, into columns A and B on sheet2.

The complications are

Column B on the second sheet is merged with columns D to E so a straight forward cut and paste of A and B on sheet 1 into A and B on sheet 2 will not work in one cut and paste as it complains about merged cells. It would need to copy and paste A and then copy and paste B to avoid the error.

The row on sheet 2 where it is being pasted needs to be the first row between row 10 and row 30 where col A is blank (so it doesnt overwrite a previous copy and paste as they are basically creating a list on sheet 2 in those rows by runing this macro repeatedly). if there is no blank row then it should insert a new row at row 10 and paste into that

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Copying Part Of A Cell And Pasting It To The Cell Next To It
I have just generated a report of current customer numbers for our company. Unfortunately it reports it as "162 (162)". No idea why the program does it like that because it now makes using VLOOKUP very difficult.

What I want to do is copy the "162" part of the cell and paste it into the adjacent cell to make it easier to manipulate the worksheet. All of the customer numbers are in column D if that makes a difference.

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Workbook Copying (all Hidden, Unhidden, And Very Hidden)
im looking for a basic macro for workbook copying, all workbook(all hidden, unhidden, and very hidden) sheets.

i know how to do unhidden sheets of course however the hidden and very hidden are giving me some trouble...i need to also copy over all the macro's, buttons, and drop down box's as well..not just values.

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Copying A Value Into A Cell
What I'd like to do is to input the value "Agent" into the yellow cell if there is not the word "Agent" already there. The position of the "Agent" cell will vary but is always located directly above the block of names below it.

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Copying From Hidden Cells Are Not Copying Protected
I am trying to make the cells Iam am copying paste hidden cells with all formats - seems to work fine other than the security part of them, Iam makeing a sheet for work and just trying to make it were it will not get destroyed by other users-

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Copying Formula From Vba To Cell
I want to copy the following function via vba to a number of cells

=countif(i10:ah10,"does not comply")

i basically want row to do a a comparison from i10 to ah10, row 11 to do a comparison from i11 to ah11 and so on.

i tried this as a first step
Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).formula = COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")

but i got the error

"compile error: expected: list seperator or)

and i tried this one

Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).text = "=COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")"

and got the error compile error: expected : end of statement

i read some place to ensure that the reference is copied, one can use the following
wks.Cells(i + 13, 7).FormulaR1C1 = wks.Cells(i, 3).FormulaR1C1
but cant get through the first step, where i actually use vba to make the first entry

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Copying Date In One Cell To Another
Is there a way that when a user enters data into one cell in a worksheet, I can make that same date appear in another cell in another worksheet in that workbook? Ex. User enters Monday in A1 on worksheet 1, I was A1 on worksheet 2 to automatically populate with that same data.

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Copying A Value To The Next Empty Cell
I have a spreadsheet that people enter in their daily production numbers. In this spreadsheet, I would like them to hit the "save" button and it will put the total into a cell below that date. If they hit "save" multiple times during the same day,

I want it to overwrite the cell below the date. For the next day of production, they will need to do the same thing, except paste the data in to the cell below that current date.

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Copying Cell Value Into Listbox
I have many values in Columns I and J in one table. The value in each Column I is a worksheet name (in this case "Hello"). My question is how do I copy the values in Range A10 to Z10 from Worksheet "Hello"? I want to stuff all the read values into a listbox. The listbox part is done though. Just the copying part is the problem.

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Copying Data From One Cell To Other
I have two columns of data in my worksheet.

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-XXX-123
BBB 123-XXX-123
CCC 123-XXX-123
and so on

I would like to setup a marco to copy what is column A and replace XXX in column B. So the result as follow

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-AAA-123
BBB 123-BBB-123
CCC 123-CCC-123
and so on

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Copying The Format Of A Cell
I am using to copy info from a cell to ta text box that I created using the tool box.

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Copying Parts Of A Cell
I have a cell located in $X$1 that is always populated with a person's full name.
I need to display their email address, which is the first letter of their first name then their last name + '', in another cell on Sheet2

So for example 'Bob Smith' would be ''

How can I go into cell X1 of Sheet1 and copy the first letter & the remaining letters after the space in between the names and paste them into Sheet2?

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Copying Numbers Only From A Cell
I have a list of data in Column D of a spreadsheet. The cells contain a mix of text and numbers which is variable. Sometimes it could be "Internet 645" and sometimes it could be "VB456774" or lots of other combinations. Sometimes there are spaces, and sometimes none, and sometimes there is no numbers.

Is there a way to select Column D, copy out just the numbers only (w/o spaces or text or special characters" and copy to a new Column?

A demo could be:
Internet 645

So that once processed, a new columns would show:

(notice that if there are no numbers in a cell, i would like all the data below it to be pushed up when pasted into the new column)

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