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Count Function :: For Students And Grade

I have a problem with counting the number of students assigned to each professor and determining the number of students who have passing grade. Let say that the passing grade is 80.

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Function Or Macro To Calculate Students
I have a dataset of students' grades (see sample below) which I need to compute the aggregates for.

Blanks indicate that the student did not take the subject. Aggregate is computed based on 6 relevant subjects, lowest is best.

Rules for computing aggregates:
1st subject: EL or HMT
2nd subject: H1 or H2
3rd subject: M1, M2, S1 or S2
4th subject: H1, H2, M1, M2, S1 or S2 (but not previously used)
5th & 6th subjects: Any other 2 not previously used

I'm guessing this is too complicated to be done in a function, but have no idea how to implement this in VBA.

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Forming An IF Statement Function (calculate The Grades Of The Students)
Writing a single nested IF statement function to calculate the grades of the students the following rules:

If the student grade isHis/her letter grade is
Greater or equal to 90:A
Greater or equal to 80 and less then 90:B
Greater or equal to 70 and less then 80:C
Greater or equal to 60 and less then 70:D
Any other grade:F

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Calculate Final Grade Based On Grade Table
my Excel teacher doesn't even know how to do this! The chapter is Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks, and we went into linking workbooks, linking worksheets, using the VLOOKUP function, and saving workbooks as templates. This is Case Problem 2 and i'll attaching the file.

It says:

1. On the Grading Criteria worksheet, enter the text "Exam Average" in cell A1
and the text "Grade" in cell B1.

2. In the range A2:B6, create a lookup table for the range of grades specified by Professor Templeton. (Hint: Each letter grade should be matched up with the lowest score possible for that grade.)

Here are the specified grades:
0 to 49 = F
50 to 59 = D
60 to 74 = C
75 to 89 = B
90 to 100 = A

3. Insert a formula in Column E of each worksheet to calculate the overall score of each student based on the grade table you entered in the Grading Criteria worksheet.

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Change Letter Grade To Number Grade
I have a range of cells C11:C29,G12:G18,G20:G23,G25:G26,G28:G29,C33:C42,G33:G42,C46:C47,G46:G47,C51:C54,G51:G59,C58:C59 that contains letter grades (egs. A+,C- etc). I need the code for a macro that checks each cell from this range and if the value of the cell is A+ then the cell's value changes to 100, if the cell's value is A then change the cell's value to 98, if cell's value is B+ then change to 88 ...and so get the idea (i will complete the rest of conditions but i just need the basic code).

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Rank My Students
A1 has column heading Name.
B1 has column heading Credits.
C1 has column heading Rank
A2 has student's name and B2 has his Credit value
Row 3,4,5 are blank.
A6 has a student's name and B6 has his credit value.
Row 7,8,9,10,11 are blank.
A12 has a student's name and b12 has his credit value. So on so forth.

All I need to do is rank those students in C2, C6, B12 so on so forth.

Its taking a lot of time and I am not getting any result. I tried reading about rank but it tells about asc/desc order, which I dont understand how it fits in above example. I just need rank of a student at a particular cell.

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Range- Spreadsheet With A List Of Students
i have a spreadsheet with a list of students in it and next to it i have a column with their current score and the letter equivilant (A*-U)
so say

joe bloggs 615 B
Joe bog 750 A*


is there a way if I list the grading boundaries for it to work out how many marks are required for the student to reach the next grade?

boundaries are

A* 728
A 669
B 610
C 554
D 467
E 383
F 298
G 214
U under 213

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Calulate Age: Find Out Over Aged Students By Date Of Birth
I need to find out over aged students by date of birth - now()-age started to school: DOB 8/16/2000 , Now() Age started school is 8/30/2005. Student is in grade 1. should be age 6, however, he is 8. Answer should be a little over 2 yrs.

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Count Function To Count From A Set Point On Recurring Basis
I want to count from each cell that doesn't contain "0". So if cell C2=100, I want to be able to count the number g1*2 from that cell and return a value. But then I want to start another count from c5 to the number of g1*2 and then another count from c8 etc basically any cell that contains a value other than "0", I want to start a count from.

The point of this is that the half life will expire after that count, so I want to be able to add the drug levels on an ongoing basis until the count of the half life has been reached. But there will be further dosing along the way before this half life is reached and these values need to be added to the existing value until the half life expires.

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Using Count Function Exclude Zeros In Count
I am trying to count data using several criteria

1.Need to add data from for a certain category, say "blue" + data during a certain date but exclue the ones with zeros

My formula using arrays look like this, but it is still counting data with zero in the cell as an item

=count(if(A4:A400(text by category)=”blue”,count(if(O4:O400(date)<”04/01/07”,count(An4:An400)[Actual data],-(countif(An4:An400,0))))))

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Formula To Put The Grade And Rate Beside Each Name
FromToGr Rate

This is part of a marks to grade and rating table. I have a list of students and the marks they obtained in an exam. I need a formula to put the grade and rate beside each name e.g. John; 92 marks; A1; 4.

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Entering A Formula To Determine A Grade
I would like to prepare mid-term grades for my history class, and have three categories, which I would like to insert into a spreadsheet to calculate the grades, as follows:

Mid-term 1: 30%
Mid-term 2: 40%
essays: 30%

each of the three grades is a number from 1-100; the final answer will be a number which I can then convert to a letter grade.

I'm just not sure what function to use, in that last column, to get Excel to calculate the final answer/grade.

Let's just assume that Mid-term 1 is in column A; Mid-term 2 is in column B; and the essay grade is in column C. How can I create a function that will allow me to give the above percentages to the respective assignments, when calculating a grade?

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Conditional Formatting Grade Letters
About conditional Formatting and relative referencing.

I need to change the colours of the cells depending if the pupil is meeting, over or under acheiving thier target grades.

I've got as far as highlighting the grades and using the formula in conditional formatting =ISTEXT(C7:C14) to display if the pupil is meeting their target grade.

I am aware that i will need to use relative referencing but am unsure how.

Its quite mind boggling to find out a way to see if they are over aceiving/under acheiving.

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Getting An Average Of Letters. Grade Scores
I'm doing a course at the mo and get graded monthly. I have a spreadsheet with my grades on 'assignment1, grade A, assignment2, grade B and so on.

What i want to do is have a cell that has the aveage of all grades. So if i had...

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
the average is B.

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Percentiles Against Each Concatenated Grade And Region
I have a dataset (20,000rows) with Grade, Region and Salary. I need to calculate the 25, 50, 70 and 90 percentiles against each concatenated Grade and Region.

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Turning Grade % Into Letter Grades
creating a function to turn a percent (0-100) into a letter grade, I am creating a gradebook spreadsheet.

I think VLOOKUP is the way to go here, but I do not understand vlookup at all no matter how many times I try to look at demos or read how-tos.

I created two columns, one with what the grade entails (93-100 , 90-93 and so on) and the next column has A, A-, etc. But I can't get vlookup to work, any suggestions? I am pretty noob when it comes to excel.

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Determine Grade From Test Scores
I have got students mark list in Excel. I want the grading as under in the last column.

73% and above = A+
63% to 72% = A
53% to 62% = B
44% to 52% = C
35% to 43% = D
30% to 34% = E
<30% = F

Is it possible with VBA?

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COUNT Function: Count How Many Are In Between 07:45-08:00
I would like a formula in cell B13 which would look at the range B2:B10 and count how many are in between 07:45-08:00. In cell B14 I would like it to look at the same range and say who is on shift between 08:00 and 09:00, and so on. The reults should be the same as I have typed in cells B3-B29. Is this poosible and/or is there an easier way if there is?

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Assign Consistent Letter Value To Grade Percentage
Newbie here. I have a very frustrating problem. I am using excel for my gradebook at school. I've tried several different ways to assign a letter grade to an number average. It works fine each different way I do it, VLOOKUP, IF, etc. But, I have about 5 grades out of 100 which give the wrong letter grade. For instance, my scale says that a grade of 85 should be lowest limit of a "B", but I get a "C" returned in the cell instead. Like I said, it only happens on a few grades. The biggest majority work fine. I can't figure out why. Any ideas? Attached is one of the "problems" with a student's grades. Note the Final Avg with a grade of "C", it should be "B".

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Converting A Numeric Cell To A Letter Grade
I, too, am trying to use excel to the fullest. My first issue is, I would like to convert the numberic grade in one cell to a letter grade in another cell. I am not really good with all the vocabulary, but would love to learn it, and can copy a formula pretty well!!!! Not so good with functions and macros but would love to learn. All help appreciated.

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Link Sheets Based On Grade Level.
I would like to link students for the 1st Nine Week list to the correct grade level as shown. I have attached a file.

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Formula To Show Current Grade Of Student
I would like to have a student's current overall grade be automatically calculated and displayed as I enter the test scores and extra credit points over the semester, first in percent and then in letter grade.

I have it set up so that the percent is calculated based on the total number of points likely to be obtainable at the end of the semester. But if they have only taken two tests and one extra credit assignment, it takes the total of those and divides it by the semester's total possible, instead of just the two tests and extra credit total possible. (ps: I do not know how many extra credit columns or number of possible points I will have this early in the semester)

Also, how then do I set up a formula to translate that percentage into a letter grade based on A=90-100, B=80-89, etc.?

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IF THEN Statements: Assign A Letter Grade To A Number
I have figured out how to assign a letter grade to a number, but am having trouble assigning it the other way, a number to a letter grade. For instance: If a student gets an A, I want the column next to it to indicate that the A represents a 4; a B represents a 3; a C represents a 2; D a 1; and F a 0. This will allow an easy grade point average calculation.

A 4 History
C 2 Math
A 4 English
B 3 Physical Ed
D 1 Science

GPA 2.80

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Convert The Grade To A Number But VLOOKUP Not Getting The Difference Between A And A*
I'm putting together a mark book for school and have a problem with VLOOKUP distinguishing between what used to be a top grade, ie A, and the new top grade, A*.
I want to convert the grade to a number but VLOOKUP can't tell the difference between A and A*. I've attached a sample worksheet.

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Is There A Don't Count Function?
Right now I have a column of about 300 rows where I want to count how many actual names are in the column. I thought that COUNTA(c2:c313) would work, but it returned 312, while Im expecting it to return about 10.

I think that the reason is because all of the cells in this column are pulling data from another sheet using this formula: =IF(Clients!I299="","",Clients!I299). Most of the data are blank cells

Since of the rows in this column are empty, so I was wondering if I perhaps there was a function such as "DONTCOUNTIF" which would count the cells which didn't have a certain value, in this case "".

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Count If Function
I have a list of names and what type of call they have done.

in total there is 7 different people and 2 types of call types, inbound and outbound.

I want a table that will show the Agents name and how many inbound and how many outbound calls that agent has done.

So I want 3 coumns, name, inbound calls, outbound calls.

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Count IF Or/and Sum IF Function
I have one long column filled with the names of people. I need to count the number of people that show up once and the people that show up more than once. So I am looking for any name that shows up more than once or just once and not the specific name of the person. I can use two different formulas for each result I am looking for.

For instance(column):

I need to come up with an answer that shows that 2 people have their names show up more than once and that 3 peoples names show up once.

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Example To Use The Count Function?
Would this be a good example to use the count function??? if so could you get me started?

I have a list that have the same items in it and all I want to do is only show them once but to add up the values in each.

Never used it and playing with the idea to replace a pivot table

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Making A Grade Book--- Missing Assignments Formula
I have a decent working knowledge of excel, but I'm stuck... I teach and I have created an excel spread sheet to help me keep track of grades, attendance, etc.
I'm trying to figure out how to get excel to figure out the assignments a student has missing (cells with no data input), then take the assignment name (column title with missing data) and students name (first column of data) and put that information in another worksheet. Basically I would like excel to tell me what students are missing work and what assignments they are missing so I don't have to scroll through hundreds of lines of data whenever I have midterms or a student wants a list of "missing assignments". BTW---I can get it to list the number of assignments a student has missing, but not list the specific assignment titles.

I know theoretically this is possible, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated as it will save a lot of time and help out my students! If you can give me a "fake" formula, I should be able to update it for my purposes...

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Formula Show The Grade Average As The Year Progresses
I have a very basic Excel Gradesheet that's designed to simply record letter grades, and show the grade average as the year progresses. I've hit a snag with problem in the formula which shows a grade of "F" - when the grade range can only be that shown on the table (A+ to E-). I've attached the Excel sheet so you can see what I mean.

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Sum And Count Using SumProduct Function
*ABC53TypeCost$Bought54Orange3Friday55Orange5Sunday56Apple4Friday57Orange5Friday58Orange4Sunday59Apple4Friday60Banana3Tuesday61Orange4Sunday Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

Now, i want the Sum and Count of Orange which is bought on Friday

Answer Should Be
in D54 =8 and E54=2

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Function To Count The Number
I have a 2500+ line document with different years indicated in column D. How
would I use the count (??) function to count the number of occurances for
1998, 1999, 2000, etc?

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Count Or Countif Function
I have two columns on sheet called back1! if a number is put in a cell from P5 down to P40 and a corrosponding number matches in K5 to K40 I want to be able to count it as 1.

So if a number is in k6 and a number is in P6 it counts as 1.

and so on down the cells.

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How To Use The Count Function In A Macro
What i am trying to do is count the number of rows that contain data.

It will always start in A7 and when creating the macro i hit control-shift-down arrow.

There will be a differnt number of rows for each data set. When i ran the macro it kept the result of the first data set that i used to create the macro.

here is the

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Count Function With Exclusions
I am trying to setup a formula that does the following:

Sheet 1 contains the formula. It performs a COUNT on a column on Sheet 2 and dislpays the result on sheet 1. I need to tell Excel to omit from the COUNT list, all entries containing the word "Free".

Inm other words, i need a count performed on column A of sheet 2 but the result must ignore all entries within that column A that contain the word Free in it.

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Lookup Value And Count Function
I am creating a spreadsheet to keep track of money and grouping them into categories. I have a column to group a purchase into a category (column E) and the amount spent in column F. I want column T to add up all of the purchase that were made according to the category in Column E.

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Count +if Function Formula
I have a range of cells that may contain several different abbreviations (text groups). I have used the COUNTIF function with * place in front of text to count cells that contain the listed text eg =(COUNTIF(G6:G39,"*HWD")) which has worked well and returns an accurate count of the cells that contain HWD. I have tried to do the same thing for a COUNT function that contains an IF function and no count is returned. When I remove the * from the formula a count is returned for cells that contain only the HWD text and not cells that contain HWD and other text. {=COUNT(IF(P9:P69="MCAW",IF(G9:G69="HWD",J9:J69)))}.

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Count Function To Count Blank And Not Blank And Numbers
I have roughly 150 cells I am trying to count, some blank, some not blank, some with numbers. All are in the same column. I want use a simple function that sums the total number for me, say from (A2:A153). Answers?

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Usable Character Count Function.
if a cell contains "usable characters". By usable characters i mean i want something to check if a cell contains a number or letter.

cell = AAAAA formula returns true
cell = A123 formula = true
cell = 123 formula = true
cell = ----- formula = false

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In an excel sheet A1 to ...... colum i have some cirteria. If I filter a criteria i should get the count for it. Kinldy let me know with out using VB how is it possible.

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Pivot Table Count Function
I'm working with Pivot tables, and have run into a issue with counting unique cells, when there are multiple like cells. Here is an example


I need to know how many accounts there are (answer=2)
When I use Pivot table, Count of Accounts, it returns a count of 3.

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Count Function To Comply With Two Requirements
I have a database where I need to count the qty of such item but it has to comply with two requirements. It will count only those that are similar to one of the cells but if the number is the same, not taking in count.



So, I want to count all the items but only the one that matches the A on the column "Liability" but if it is repeated, not counted.

so the resul must be: 4 as one number is repeated.

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Count Function In VBA When Connecting To Access
I have an access database: 2007.mdb
I have an access table: All Data - Pre07

I have an excel worksheet which connects to 2007.mdb and selects data from table All Data - Pre07 using a 'user defined' filter via an input box. This filter sets the group which is one of the fields on the All Data - Pre07 table.

The code which performs the above function is shown below.

I wondered whether it was possible to perform a Count function in vba (rather than a Select Function) which will just count the data in access and then return the count rather than importing all the data.

For example, I would like to count the number of rows in the Access table - All Data - Pre07 which have a group = 'AA' and then return the count to WorkSheet 'AA'.

Is it also possible to perform multiple count functions in one connection or do I need to reconnect (i.e. write the code again).

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim mygroup As String
Dim datinput As String
mygroup = InputBox("Enter Group", "Please Enter", "AA")
datinput = "'" & mygroup & "'"

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=Array(Array( _
"ODBC;DSN=MS Access Database;DBQ=C:2007.mdb;DefaultDir=C:;DriverId=281;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;" _
)), Destination:=Range("A1"))
.CommandText = Array( _ ................

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IF Function And Count A List Or Sum 2 Other Cells
I am trying to create an if function with different criteria to make it either count a list or sum 2 other cells


the first part of the formula works, however the second part returns a FALSE result.

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Dynamic Range For Function Count
I have created a Macro in VBA which takes a data set, puts in in a pivot table which I then use to sort/select etc. after that I copy the data in a new sheet as ' values only' with paste special.

As the source date is variable (number of lines can vary) I have set the macro to take the variable number of rows into account.

Evertyhing works as it should.

Now my question:

in the final sheet, I want to fill the first empty column at the end of all filled-in columns with a count function. selecting the last column works, but I have problems with making the COUNT function variable. It should count the number of cells with a value in it. However as the number of columns can vary, the count function should take that into account. Furthermore, it should never take the first and last column into account.
Here's where I got stuck: ...

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Function To Count Files In A Folder
I'm trying to create a function to count the number of files in a folder then add one.

I'd like to refer to the function in my spreadsheet, so I can generate a new reference number for my sheet.

Here is the code I've used so far, which I've made reference to in my sheet by typing "=countfiles(Q3)" (Q3 contains the name of the folder I want to search in.

Function countfiles(ByVal foldername As Integer)

With Application.FileSearch
.LookIn = "C:Temp" & foldername
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
nooffiles = .FoundFiles.Count
End With

countfiles = nooffiles + 1

End Function

When I use simlair code in a macro, it works:

Sub countfiles2()

With Application.FileSearch
.LookIn = "C:Temp" & Range("Q3").Value
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
MsgBox (.FoundFiles.Count)
End With

End Sub

Obviously, I would prefer the function option, with reference to it in the cell.

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Formula That Would Assign A Letter Grade (in Row W) To The Average In Row V, Based On The School's Scale
Need to write a formula that would assign a letter grade (in row W) to the average in row V, based on the school's scale. So, row V contains my averages (in % form) and I want row W to have the letter equivalents.


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Function To Count Number Of Text Instances
This might be really simple but i don't get it. I have a column with country names (strings). There would be 5 instances of "USA", 10 of "UK", etc, etc.

I made a column next to it, where i want to count the number occurances ....

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Function To Count Multiple Past Due Dates
I need a formula that can count items that are past due by up to 30 days, 60, or 90 days. I'd guess the total of all 3 values should = the total past due.

I have the total past due as =COUNTIF(A!I$1:I$278, "<=" & TODAY() )

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Average Function And Not Count The Blank Cells
I've got a spreadsheet that I do every month with columns of numbers that I average. This sheet has to match about 10 others similar. The columns are divided by Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays. But some months there are no entries for certain cells on Saturday or Sunday.

I thought that if I just used the Average function, it would dismiss and not count the blank cells. Alas, apparently not. I've highlighted in yellow the one column that I'm really having trouble with.

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Countif Or Sumproduct Function (count In A Range)
I am trying to do a basic count in a range, however am a little brain fried and its not working. On attachment, column D is to list all times out of column A and B listing only unique entries (have tried to use Macro with advanced filter however not liking it being an extract). Column E is to be a count of how many times the break time in Column D appears.

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