Simple Class Schedule For 5 Students Into One Sheet?

Jan 24, 2014

Essentially I'm in charge of managing schedule for 5 students, I would like to get them to meet during their free time (free for all 5 of them)

1. Schedule has to run from 8 am to 9 pm.
2. I have all 5 individual schedules.

I want to combine all 5 into one so everyone can see their free/occupied times, it would be extra useful if I can modify individual schedules (One student's work schedule changes bi weekly).

It has to be able to show who is occupied at which time and free time for all of them. (color coding each of them would be amazing also, granted I can show multiple clashes with gradient or something similar)

I understand it involved creating individual spreadsheets and a master sheet but how to go on about it.

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Custom Date Series Class Schedule

Mar 25, 2008

I would like a simple way to make a single column whose rows are sequenced Mon, Wed, Mon, Wed, ... and have the correct dates. For example:

Mon 2/11
Wed 2/13
Mon 2/18
Wed 2/20
Mon 2/25

Cell A1 could have Mon 2/11, Cell A2 would have Wed 2/13, and so on. (20 to 50 rows)
The ordinary Fill Series when applied to Mon Wed will continue with Fri Sun Tue Thu and so on, or it will return Mon Wed Mon Wed Mon ... with the wrong dates. Also, the solution should be applicable for a Tue, Thu(TTh); or Mon, Wed, Fri(MWF); or Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu (MTWTh) series.

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Creating Simple Monthly Work Schedule For 6 Employees But Need To Tally Hours

Aug 19, 2013

Maybe it is the layout but I was trying to keep it simple and just put hours into a cell for each employee.

I have 2 employees per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. How to get excel to add the hours for each employee at the bottom per month. Simple right?

Here is an example of what I thought would be so easy (first week in excel spreadsheet format)

sun mon tue wed thu fri sat
emp1 5 emp3 6 emp5 5 emp1 4 emp3 5 emp5 5 emp1 6
emp2 5 emp4 5 emp6 5 emp2 5 emp4 5 emp6 6 emp2 6

Is there a way to associate cells to look at values for each employee and add all the cells for the month?

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Time Sheet Schedule

Nov 21, 2009

I need to do is calculate the hours between two clock times minus 30 minutes.

Cell A1 - 4:00am
Cell B1 - 16:30
I need Cell C1 to say 12 (hours)


Cell A2 - 17:30
Cell B2 - 02:00am
I need cell c2 to say 8 (hours)

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Tab On The Sheet That Looks Up Name And Compares Against A Schedule

Nov 26, 2009

I am currently trying to take a list of people who have log in times at work however if they log out then back in the result is what you see below.

What I am looking to do is match the find the name then find the earliest time (login Column C) and then the last or latest time (log out Column D)

John Smith64676076:02 AM6:13 AM
John Smith64676077:25 AM11:27 AM
John Smith64676212:08 PM4:01 PM
John Smith64676076:13 AM7:25 AM

Would like a formula as I have another Tab on the sheet that looks up name and compares against a schedule to see if the person was late or left early.

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Create Meeting Schedule Sheet

Jun 3, 2008

I have three columns. the first column is a list of buyers (19), then second column is a list of suppliers (27) and the three column is the time. each supplier has ranked the buyers and the order they want to meet them.

every meeting is for 20 minutes e.g 1st meeting at 8am then next at 820am.

i can do all of it manually but the schedule becomes too long.

is there a way to make the schedule in a way that it is easily readable by anyone and if I need to add anything, it should not be an issue.

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Apply A VLOOKUP Function To Schedule Sheet

Aug 17, 2009

I'm trying to apply a VLOOKUP function to my schedule sheet. Attached to this post is a copy of the sheet.

The shifts that I'm entering in B7:AC7 should be looked up in the table located at K21:Q25. I'd like the looked up value to display in B8:AC8.

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Excel 2003 :: Extracting Sub Sheet Of Data From Larger Schedule

Dec 31, 2013

I have sheet containing a schedule of data. It is a record of changes on a project, each change is sequentially numbered and contains a row of data (date of change, whether approved, cost of change etc). Each change is given a cost centre reference (1 of 10 cost centres are being used) depending on the type of change being made.

I need to keep that record of the overall schedule of changes but I also want to extract each of the cost centre categories into a sub table on the sheet to give a schedule of changes against each category.

I have almost achieved what I want but one method leaves blanks in the sub table which I want to avoid and the other method I used to remove the blank lines but needs the first method sheet calculated before it then goes to work and seems rather cumbersome and I suspect there is a much easier method. (I also want it to be compatible with excel 2003 so it can be used across several platforms.)

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Simple Job Cost Sheet

Feb 20, 2009

The job cost controller is not exactly what I need, so I have been trying to create my own. So far my progress has got me to be able to separate each laborer for each job.

Here is my query: I have a drop down menu that lists ten different tasks(i.e. carpentry, painting, demo, etc.) and I want each of the ten tasks to separate themselves. Is this a vlookup function? How do I make excel listen?

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Simple Copy Of Named Range To Another Sheet?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a named range on one sheet, and I want to show this as a reference on other sheets. I thought this would be simple, but maybe it's just not the way named ranges are used.

Attached is a sample spreadsheet. First tab shows the table defined; in practice it would be much larger. Second tab shows how I want it to appear. I see that I can do this by copying each cell reference. But what would be nice is to simply say "Put the named range block of cells right here."

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Simple Color Code Not Working On Specific Sheet

Jul 22, 2013

This very simple color code below worked before but now it gives "Application-defined or object-defined error". When I try it on a new workbook, it works fine.

Sub sdsdfsd()
Selection.Interior.Color = 65535
End Sub

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Rank My Students

Oct 28, 2007

A1 has column heading Name.
B1 has column heading Credits.
C1 has column heading Rank
A2 has student's name and B2 has his Credit value
Row 3,4,5 are blank.
A6 has a student's name and B6 has his credit value.
Row 7,8,9,10,11 are blank.
A12 has a student's name and b12 has his credit value. So on so forth.

All I need to do is rank those students in C2, C6, B12 so on so forth.

Its taking a lot of time and I am not getting any result. I tried reading about rank but it tells about asc/desc order, which I dont understand how it fits in above example. I just need rank of a student at a particular cell.

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Calculate When Students Will Be 18 Years Old?

Mar 14, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with my students that needs to find the date a person will be 18. based on their date of birth. I have =B27+(365.25*18) where their DOB is in B27. I have had several instances where it is correct and several instances where it is a day off.

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Class Modules: Class Object Can I Visually See It

Jul 23, 2009

i've reached a point where i would like to learn more about class modules but i have no resources. When i create a Class object can i visually see it? i want to know as i'm looking to use them within userforms if possible

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Range- Spreadsheet With A List Of Students

Apr 15, 2008

i have a spreadsheet with a list of students in it and next to it i have a column with their current score and the letter equivilant (A*-U)
so say

joe bloggs 615 B
Joe bog 750 A*


is there a way if I list the grading boundaries for it to work out how many marks are required for the student to reach the next grade?

boundaries are

A* 728
A 669
B 610
C 554
D 467
E 383
F 298
G 214
U under 213

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Count Function :: For Students And Grade

Jan 28, 2009

I have a problem with counting the number of students assigned to each professor and determining the number of students who have passing grade. Let say that the passing grade is 80.

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Function Or Macro To Calculate Students

Nov 28, 2009

I have a dataset of students' grades (see sample below) which I need to compute the aggregates for.

Blanks indicate that the student did not take the subject. Aggregate is computed based on 6 relevant subjects, lowest is best.

Rules for computing aggregates:
1st subject: EL or HMT
2nd subject: H1 or H2
3rd subject: M1, M2, S1 or S2
4th subject: H1, H2, M1, M2, S1 or S2 (but not previously used)
5th & 6th subjects: Any other 2 not previously used

I'm guessing this is too complicated to be done in a function, but have no idea how to implement this in VBA.

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Average Function Limited To The Number Of Students

Feb 5, 2014

I am working on an excel master marksheet which will be distributed to many teachers to fill in their students marks. How can I enter an average function that can work out the mean for those different classes. For example I'd like the main average function to be like this =average(d5:d50) but if a teacher has thirty students in his list the mean will be only limited to the marks of those thirty students. Same thing I want for the mode function and the median function.

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Return Ranking Based On Students Score?

Feb 28, 2012

How to return ranking based on students' score?

STUDENT SCORE Rank MAY 11255 4 JACK 5262 5 TIM 432525 1 STEVEN 352332 2 HUGO 32232 3 FERNANDO 5153 6 SANDY 4556 7 SARAH 2265 8

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Formula For Students - Result Based On Multiple Criteria

Aug 5, 2014

How to formulate results of students in excel sheet.

From the attached picture (capture1.jpg) of the excel sheet - The rules of exams are:

1. if candidate scores 50% in all 4 papers, PASS and proceed to next year
2. if candidate scores 50% in 2 or 3 papers + borderline fail in 1 or 2 papers, VIVA VOCE exam for the borderline failed paper (Definition of borderline fail is candidate scoring 45 to 50 marks)
3. if candidate scores 50% in upto 2 papers + borderline fail in more than 2 papers, RE-EXAM
4. if candidate scores 45% in 2 or more papers, FAIL and repeat the year

The rules are in the attached picture flowchart.jpg

I am unsuccessful in writing a formula for such multiple criteria...

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Calulate Age: Find Out Over Aged Students By Date Of Birth

Oct 1, 2008

I need to find out over aged students by date of birth - now()-age started to school: DOB 8/16/2000 , Now() Age started school is 8/30/2005. Student is in grade 1. should be age 6, however, he is 8. Answer should be a little over 2 yrs.

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Forming An IF Statement Function (calculate The Grades Of The Students)

Jan 1, 2009

Writing a single nested IF statement function to calculate the grades of the students the following rules:

If the student grade isHis/her letter grade is
Greater or equal to 90:A
Greater or equal to 80 and less then 90:B
Greater or equal to 70 and less then 80:C
Greater or equal to 60 and less then 70:D
Any other grade:F

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Class With Property As Collection Of Another Class

Nov 25, 2008

I've created a class called CStock. It has 5 standard properties (with Get/Let methods) as explained in that article above. Nothing fancy here.

I also want to create a CPortfolio class that has 3 properties: pName, pNumberofPositions, and pHoldings. the first 2 are stardard, but the last one is different. I want it to somehow keep a collection of stocks.

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Class Module Is Collection Of Other Class

May 24, 2006

I've created two modules, card and pack. Card has three variables (value, name, suit) and pack is made up of an array of 52 cards. Referencing it from a test module (NOT a class module) I expected to be able to use debug.print pack.card(32).suit to return the suit of the 32nd card. Instead I get an error message "Object or With variable not set". What am I doing wrong

Private p_strSuit As String
Private p_strName As String
Private p_iValue As Integer
Public Property Let Suit(strSuit As String)
p_strSuit = strSuit
End Property

Public Property Get Suit() As String
Suit = p_strSuit
End Property

Public Property Let Name(strName As String)
p_strName = strName
End Property......................................

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Simple Copy Sheet Paste In Other Book But Paste Values?

Jun 20, 2013

Attached is my code, pay attention to the bold part. I want the sourceSheet to be copied as a sheet and pasted in the targetSheet (the Sheet2 of "NewBook") but I want it pasted asvalues. Here is the specific part which needs to be looked at...and below is the full code.

Set sourceBook = Application.Workbooks.Open(sourceFilename)
Set sourceSheet = sourceBook.Sheets("Current")
Set targetSheet = NewBook.Sheets("Sheet2")


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Another Sheet To Show Each Class Down The Rows And The Columns To Show Each School Rule

Mar 20, 2009

I have an excel 2003 sheet that collects data from Infopath forms. The forms are to record students who have broken school rules, when, where, repercussions etc. One column shows their class and there is a separate column for each rule broken.

I want to create another sheet to show each class down the rows and the columns to show each school rule. Therefore, each cell would show the number of each particular rule broken for each particular class. I have tried to do countif and sumproduct (if on sheet 1, column B the class is KA and on sheet 1, column M, the rule is bullying = how many times this has occurred).

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Reset The Schedule..

Jan 15, 2009

Is there a way to take the values between C2 & D2 and have them automatically post in column F ?

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Schedule, Organizing

Oct 15, 2008

I make our employee schedule at work, and so in Excel I have eight sheets for one workbook. (Employee schedule, then each day of the week) On each day is a table separating the shifts. Morning, Split and Night.

I was wondering if there was a way for Excel to look at the schedule sheet, and then automatically place each employee and their shift on the following day sheets. (example: Joe has 2-10 on Monday, 10-6 on Thursday and Friday) So the Excel puts Joe underneath Split 2-10 for Monday, and Morning 10-6 on Thursday and Friday.

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Schedule A Macro To Run

Nov 15, 2008

I am trying to schedule a macro to run at 11:45 pm every time. I use system scheduler to open the excel file and when I use this command to run the macro nothing happens. The workbook opens fine but the macro does not run. I only wants to run the macro once day even if I open the workbook during the day I do not want it to run.

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Schedule Template

Oct 16, 2009

We have huge restrictions on hours, and to avoid inputting, then revising the schedule into my companies scheduling module, then having to change it again when the boss looks it over, it's just confusing.

Anyway, I'll get to the point, I want to add the hours up in a row of cells for the week sunday through saturday. Like so:

1100-2100 | 1100-2100 | OFF | 1100-2100 etc... I want it to add these cells hours up and have the total end up in the 8th cell.

Is this possible? I am a new excel user, or at least, setting up my own sheet.

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