Counting Up/down Macro Function

Jun 6, 2009

Is it possible to create a macro linked to a button that, once pushed, will cause a particular cell to count up from zero? I would also like to be able to have a second button that would cause the same cell to count down!

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Counting Rows With If Function

May 18, 2006

I want to count rows, in which are any content, text or number. The problem is, that I am not talking about just one column, but let's say ten. In each of the column of one row, there could be a cell with content. If there is content, the tool should count it ONCE (thus, doesn't matter if all columns are full or just one).

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Counting Unique Values With A Function

Feb 16, 2006

I have a column of data with 1000 rows. In this column there are duplicated values. I would like to be able to use a function count how many unique values are in the column. Let's say there were 4 duplicates of 250 values in the column. I would like to be able to write a function to calculate the 250. I am very familiar with Excel and am able to acheive the number through subtotals and/or pivot tables. I know I can find how many instances one specific value appears in the column through sumproduct and/or countif statements,

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Function For Counting Unique Values?

Jan 31, 2013

what function can I use to count the number of unique values in a range of cells?

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Countif Function For Counting Values Based On More Then 1 Variable

May 7, 2007

I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that will count the number of times a certain incident occurs, for a particular person, for a particular month. The attached spreadsheet is an example of what I need done.

For the attached spreadsheet, I need to find out how many times x employee has been late for x month, and how many times they've been late overall.

You can see one of the many tries I've attempted in the second sheet, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I have to be able to do this without VBA, because of signature issues.

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Excel 2007 :: Determining / Counting Number Of Values Used In SUMIF / SUMPRODUCT Function

Aug 2, 2014

I am using Office/Excel 2007 and Windows 8

I want to determine the number of values SUMIF/SUMPRODUCT functions used/checked to arrive at the answer, i.e. 95 for row 2 and 116 for row 3. A function that can give a 3 and 2 respectively.


Results for Row #2 gives: 95 with 3 values picked up under "Rate"

Results for Row #3 gives: 116 with 2 values though three places were checked up under "Rate"

How can I count the number of these values referencing at the "Rate" like in the functions used.

I managed to use SUMIF/SUMPRODUCT functions to calculate totals based on "Rate" in row one.

I tried COUNTIF function, but allows only field/heading.


[Code] ..........

results for each formula used

95 formula: =SUMIF(B$1:G$1,B$1,B2:G2)

95 formula: =SUMPRODUCT((B$1:G$1=B$1)*(B2:G2))

3 formula: =COUNTIF(B1:G2,B1)

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Counting Macro Used

Nov 7, 2006

Is there a way to count everytime you use a macro? The macro is tied to a button so basically I wanna count everytime that button is pushed.

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Macro :: Counting Occurrences Of A Name

Jun 5, 2007

I have 3 columns of data that contain horses names and these are sorted by a race time.

See attached txt file for example....

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Macro Is Counting A Constant Twice?

Apr 25, 2012

For a single column of values, the following macro counts the first value twice, how can i fix this? for example: A1 thru A5 are a,a,b,c,d the result is

a 2
a 2
b 1
c 1
d 1

and should be
a 2
b 1
c 1
d 1


Sub CountOfEachItem()
Dim ListRange As Range
Dim NewList As Range


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Macro For Counting No. Of Rows

Feb 23, 2009

I have an excel sheet with 5 columns and nearly 8000 rows. The 1st column consists of some values which goes as:

Column 1 Row 1: A
Column 1 Row 2: A
Column 1 Row 3: A
Column 1 Row 4: A
Column 1 Row 5: B
Column 1 Row 6: B
Column 1 Row 7: C
so on upto 8000 rows.

I need a macro which can run through column A, count how many A's are there, how many B's are there, how many C's are there and so on. The result if provided on another sheet or tab would be wonderful and should be like:


where A,B,C are values and 4,3,1 are the no. of times they are present in columns.

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Macro For Counting / Summarizing Data Per Month

Apr 21, 2012

Here is the attached Excel file and the following is the desired output of the macro:

1.) List the data (Names) of the Columns D (Input), F (Analyze), and H (Output) in Sheet1 to Column A (Name of Person) in Sheet2. There should be no repetition of two names.
2.) Count the number of entries of each person in the Column D (Input) in Sheet1 appears per month (basis is the Input Date column E) and record into the corresponding month in Sheet2 under the Input Header.
3.) Add the total of the 12 months in the YTD column under the Input Header.
4.) Repeat steps #2-3 for the Column F (Analyze) and Column H (Output) of Sheet1 with the results recorded in their corresponding headers in Sheet2.
5.) Note: The data in Sheet1 is a running data and continually adds up as the current year goes by. If there is a way the macro could take that into account it would be much better.


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Macro Giving Wrong Result For Counting Rows

Mar 10, 2014

The below code is giving wrong error.

[Code] ........

sheet1 has the following data
sheet1 has the following data

empid name loc
1 aaaa ddd
2 bbbb ggg

4 cccc dddd

the 3rd row is empty in sheet1 but still it is showing number of rows as 3.I need macro it will not count if entire row is empty in that sheet.

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Counting Matching Values In Two Separate Ranges Without Counting Duplicates?

Jan 1, 2014

I cannot get various formulas (Countif, Match, Frequency, Etc) to work properly.

I am trying to arrive at a total number of matches of numbers in cell range B1:G1 with any numbers entered into the cell range of K1:P11 and have the total of matches display in cell H1.
However I do not want to count duplicate numbers from the K1:P11 cells. (if the number 5 in posted in K1:P11 multiple times I only need it reported once in H1)

B1:G1 is the constant and the numbers will not change - K1:P11 cells will be populated by adding numbers until the all the numbers in B1:G1 is completed and match.

B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1
2 7 19 45 22 13

H1 Total of matching numbers in cell range K1:P11

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Counting Macro Based On 2 Criteria (Horse-racing Spreadsheet)

Jun 21, 2006

Horses have 5 running styles; early speed to late closers; denoted as 1 to 5 in column Z. I'd like to count those noted as 1 thru 3 for each race.

In column FC (the last column with data) I have a race ID # for each race on the spreadsheet, somewhere between 2500 to 5000 races in each one. They're a monthly record. The race ID # is a concatenation of columns B (Track ID), C ( Date) & D (race #). Each is unique to its race. E.G. Aqueduct, jan 1st, 2004, 2nd race is id'd as AQU379872.

Would it be possible to create a macro that would (A) count the number of horse 1s, horse 2s & horse 3s from a specific race ID & then post those numbers in columns FD thru FF & (B) then continue to the next race ID in column FC & count those horses from that race & so on thru the entire spreadsheet?

Would it be simpler if each race ID were changed to a number--race 1 down to race 2500?

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Formula Counting Attendance - Counting 1 Day Too Many

Feb 3, 2014

I was given this spreadsheet to count attendance by entering the entry date and exit day, however it's counting the first day and the last. I'm needing it to only count the first day and not the exit day.Book2.xls

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Macro And IF Function Is True Then Macro 1 (hide) Is Used

May 20, 2006

I have 2 macros one hides a selection of rows and the other unhides them. What i want to be able to do is when an IF function is true then macro 1 (hide) is used. If the function is false then macro 2 (unhide) works. There is a code in VBA

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Run Macro From If(function)

Nov 7, 2002

if its possible to run a macro from an if statement as in

Or else how to program the result of a macro to a cell when a certain condition exists?

I already have a macro that takes data from an active cell with a running number:

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False

Now I need to run this Macro when its friday (example)

Can't find it in the VB help files.

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Add Sum Function After Macro

Oct 6, 2008

I have found this code to spred my data from master worksheet to clients worksheets!

Is there a code to add the Sum function in the last row on each of the new worksheets in specific columns where is needed?

Sub ExtractReps()
Dim ws1 As Worksheet
Dim wsNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim r As Integer
Dim c As Range
Set ws1 = Sheets("MAIN")
Set rng = Range("A:AG")

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Macro To Run A Function

Jan 31, 2009

What I would like to do is create a macro (use a shorcut key to activate ie crtl+q)or if there is a barcode I could scan to do that when the function is called for it would move down one cell then left 4 cells. I am looking to to this when walking around doing some scanning I could do that function rather than pressing the keys all the time.

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Macro For A Sumif Function?

Aug 19, 2013

I'm having a little problem with the function Sumif. I have data like this:



I want to some all the Totals that appear before the "End Notification" text. I have more totals after that text and the number of rows are variable.

In my data, I have always 4 totals before that text, so I thought perhaps that the way to do this would be to impose to the sumif function to stop summing after counting 4 totals. I didn't find a way to do that.

I thought a little more on the problem and I find out that the easy way would be to record a macro with the sum if function, where, in the range part, I would do a Find for "End Notification"; and select all the cells to the top of the sheet. The problem is that the macro dont record that part, only the row number.I think I need to turn the range a variable, where the variable is equal to the find selection.

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Custom Function To Run A Macro

Aug 11, 2004

I am wanting to create a custom function that i can enter into a cell to run a macro (MyMacro). I do not know how to write a function, but so far i have:

Public Function Run(MacroName As String)
Application.Run MyMacro
End Function

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Discount Function In Macro

Mar 30, 2007

I have a quote system which takes data from tabbed sheets if there value is greater than 0, then does a simply formula which is then times by a discount which found by searching for the sheet name and then attaching the appropirate discount. In short this means that the whole forumale doesn't work and is not displayed

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Writing VBA Macro Or Function

Nov 5, 2007

I have Asset Class in Column I and if it is 364A-EL or 365A-EL or 368A-EL or 368B-EL or 369A-EL or 371A-EL or 371B-EL or 373A-EL or 397C-EL then 'POLES' assigned in to Owner Class (Column J).

If Asset Class is 366A-EL or 367A-EL or 367B-EL or 368C-EL or 369B-EL or 371C-EL or 373B-EL then assign UGCBL to Owner Class.

Should we write the macro or can it be accomplished by any Excel Function?

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How To Use The Count Function In A Macro

Feb 21, 2008

What i am trying to do is count the number of rows that contain data.

It will always start in A7 and when creating the macro i hit control-shift-down arrow.

There will be a differnt number of rows for each data set. When i ran the macro it kept the result of the first data set that i used to create the macro.

here is the

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Add An Ontime Function To A Macro

Oct 17, 2008

I'm using this to unhide rows one at a time:

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Using The Function ISNA In A Macro

Nov 4, 2008

It then places all the data on a new sheet. My problem is that some of the formula that the macro places on the new sheet come back with the result #N/A - which is fine, as they are the result of a lookup.

What I want to try and do, is at the end of the macro, get it to delete the row if the activecell is showing as #N/A

I've tried to write a small bit of code for it...

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Using A Vlookup Function In A Macro

Dec 18, 2008

I am trying to use the Vlookup function in a macro but I can't figure out how to write it. I am using a controlled loop to cycle through my data. So for the first entry, my lookup data is in cell A2. The lookup table is located in a sheet called 'Trade Table' and the lookup field is in Column B and value needed is in column C. The results go in column G. The excel formula is as follows:

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Function SpliText In A Macro

Mar 31, 2009

Two months ago, DonkeyOte help me ( solve a problem, with this function:

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Find Function Macro

May 11, 2009

Attached is a sample in which Column"B" contains Total IDs and Column"D" contains worked labour IDs. Now I want the IDs of labour who have not worked in Column"F".

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Using The Regression Function From Within A Macro

Jul 9, 2009

I am wanting to write a macro which uses the excel multiple regression function (a part of the data analysis add-in). I tried recording a macro while I selected the regression function (Tools> Data Analysis... etc.) which produced the following:

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