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Create A Form From Data

How can I create a form from data that I have in an excel sheet? Would I need to import it into access or can I do it from excel?

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Create Form To Output Data And Erase Form Once Data In Ouput
I am trying to create a form to use as a golf tracker. I basically have created a scorecard where I input the date, score, fairways in regulation, greens in regulation and putts. I want to be able to put that information just like if it was a scorecard and then have a button that says submit. Then that information is output into individual sheets (i.e. one for scores, one for fairways, one for greens and one for putts).

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Create A Form That Logs Data
I would like to make a form where a user can fill in information in an easy to ready format, then click a submit button, and have the data moved to another sheet or file from where the data can be merged into another document. Each time the user fills out the information and clicks submit, a new line of the data is created in the destination. Here's a picture to show what I'd like to do:

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Create A Custom Data Entry Form
I am having trouble creating a custom data entry form in excel. What steps would I need to take..

Attached is a example of the data, the Headers are in bold, the highlighted columns are to be drop boxes.

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Create New Sheets With Data Being Transfered Over From A Form
Trying to create new sheets with data being transfered over from a form. i.e. all the textbox's and checkbox's would appear in specific cells.


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Using A Form To Create Another Form
I have a form with several textboxes & comboboxes, I have a button on this form.

What is the code for label1 on userform2 to equal textbox1 on userform1 after i press the button ( i just need to konw how to refer to different forms)?

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UserForm Initialization: Fill The Form Out Once And Click 'OK' (run The Code To Put The Form Data Into A Sheet)
I'm missing something in my UserForm initialization code. If I fill the form out once and click 'OK' (run the code to put the form data into a sheet), when I go back into the form all the old info is still there. If I then click 'Cancel' (Unload Me) and reopen the form, the old data is cleared out. What am I missing to make it clear it out the first time?

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Lookup/Fill-in Form ? (insert Data Fields Into A Spreadsheet Form)
I'm having trouble trying to come up with a way to insert data fields into a spreadsheet form. I have a travel authorization form that I would like to have automatically fill in the required fields based on typing in a name. i.e. I would type in an employees name, and it would automatically fill-in the correct address, etc for that employee. I have attached a spreadsheet that contains one sheet as the form, and another sheet containing the employee data. I know nothing about VBA, but I have a feeling that is where I need to go.

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User Form-Easy Selection Of Data To Be Filled In The Form
find the attached workbook

I have a Database and user form, in the user form i have a field named “Vehicle No” this is a combo box from which a user needs to select the Vehicle numbers, and all these are working fine now, I need your help in the following:

When user selects the second field named "Select Vendor name" i need a pop up window which shows all the Vehicles belongs to the vendor which they have selected, and with the popup window user selects the vehicle number then the Vehicle number combo box should be filled.

Currently users have to select by scrolling through Combo box which takes long time and difficult to find by scrolling.

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Create Range Box On Form
How to create a ' range box' on a form that allows you to drag and select a range, like a type 8 InputBox?

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Create Image Box On Form
Create image box on form. If

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Create Vba Feedback Form
how to Create a Vba Feedback Form?

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Look Up Data And Plug Into Form - User Form In Reverse?
I have created a registration workbook for this year's youth sports league. All of the information is entered into a User Form and separated onto it's appropriate sheet designated by the child's age. Next year, I would like to use this year's workbook to look up returning players.

Will it be possible to add a "lookup" button into my form, or create a lookup program, that once the registrar clicks on the correct player, the information is plugged into the User Form, the registrar adjusts the age and any necessary info, presses enter, and the information is copied into the appropriate category in the new workbook? I haven't worked with User Forms long enough to know if they can be filled in that way, but if this can be done, you are the people who would know.

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Create New Page In Multipage Form
I have a UserForm with a MultiPage form on it. Page1 is a totals page with 3 TextBoxes. Page 2 and counting are item pages. Each page also has 3 TextBoxes (nutrients for that item).

Purpose is to add all of the values in the first TextBox on pages 2 + and place the total into the first TextBox on page 1. Repeat this for the other two TextBoxes.

The problem is that I have no way of knowing how many pages I will need!

Is there a way to add a new page to the MultiPage and copy all of the formatting and controls from the formerly last page on to it? I would like to do this with an "Add" button.

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How To Create A Check List Form
I would like to create a form to select some columns from a list of columns.
This could make it simpler for an end-user to chose which columns they want to see in my application.
(see my previous question: [url]

Ideally, I would prefer to do that just like rows can be selected in an Excel list.
However, I doubt this could be done.

So, to be practical, I would put a button on my sheet.
When the user clicks the button, a form would appear and show the current list of columns.
The user would mark or unmark to define his view and click ok to get the sheet with only the columns he wants.
The number of column in the table can change.
When the form loads it must determine what are the columns to include in the list (headers).

What I really don't know is which controls I should use on the form?
Are there some list control with tick marks available, for example?

Or, I might dream of a mark-enables combo box or list box, as can be seen often on the web.

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How Can I Create A Pop Up User Fill In Form Using Vba Coding
Is it possible to use vba coding to create a pop up user form by clicking on a button in excel?

I want to create a pop up form that a user can fill out with fields for name and address information. Then click a button to save and close the form based on the last name field box.

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Create A Form With 5 Headers And Each Header Uses Unique Database
I need to have a end user form that pulls information from a database and simplifies work for our substitue coordinator. Please be advised I have been working on this and can not get the desired results. I need a form that displays the current date and 5 columns of data the Data needs to be in seperate cells for example cell A1 titled TEACHERS and then the sub coordinator could start typing the name of the teacher in a2 and a predefined database of teachers name, class they teach, etc. MATH, ENGLISH and planning period would be pooled and automaticly fill the cell.

I also would need a second cell say cell B to be call Substitutes and b2- b100 to pull data from a database of substitute names and display their information.

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Create User Forms Of "The Course Booking Form"
I have a little knowledge of Excel Programming and I am seeking advice and help. With reference to the, I managed to create the form but I somehow couldn’t get it executed. Attached herewith my file for evaluation.

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Press Button To Open Form For Data Entry And Then Send Matching Data To Another Sheet
Now that the calculations are working, with the press of a button, I need to be able to select a range of dates and copy all lines within the range to a seperate sheet with the desired name under the same headings they currently reside under. I have included some modified code that is being used in another spreadsheet that was created for me, but I do not pretent to understand all of it and I no longer work with the creator of the spreadsheet. How do I use a button to open the form for date selections and entering the name of the new sheet, and then use the start button on the form to begin the matching and copying to a new sheet? If there is an easier way I am all for that too.

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Create New Worksheet From Form Vs. From Existing Worksheet
I have code in a worksheet that creates a new worksheet when clicking a button:

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Creating A Data Form With Data Validation
I have limited ability with Excel, and I'm trying to create a database using the Data/Form menu choices. My problem is I only want specific data in two of the 20 or so fields. When I use Data/ Validation and direct data entry, I get exactly what I want, EXCEPT that the choices don't come up when I use the Data/Form. Users can enter anything they want, which defeats the purpose. I tried to build a user form to use for data entry, but I don't know how to get it to add items to a database or lookup items like the data/form process does. I also want to add a few macro buttons to the form to do other things.

I am pretty sure of a few things: 1) This should be pretty simple. Anyone knowing VBA would probably know how to do this in minutes. I found some code that did a simliar function, but couldn't interpret it to fit my needs, which brings me to 2) I'll never use VBA or complicated macros again. I don't have the need for them. This is just an isolated incident. Therefore, signing up for a class would be useless to me. I tried to locate some advanced Excel/VBA classes, hoping to find an instructor or even a student who would welcome a simple challenge, but there are none available.

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Look Up Data Form Table
Have one data table with 200+ codes

The data table looks like this
code # bit mfg bit type
2001 HTC E5001FG

Main worksheet

In the main table (see image) I want to look up the code# biased on the information in columns e & f and place the code# in column d

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Using Form Data In Formulas
I've been using a macro which uses a vlookup and a concatenate to create some text without issue for a while. I'm just trying to add some functionality to it and give the option of adding some text after the generated string. So I have this formula from the form:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim lookFor As Range
Dim rng As Range
Dim col As Integer
Dim Found As Variant
Dim add As long
Set add = Me.add.Value

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Display A Data Form
I have a database with a few hundred records. I can display the Data Form using Excel but receive the following error when I try display the DataForm with VBA? "ShowDataForm method of Worksheet class failed"

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Extracting Form Data
I have many company-specific Excel files containing given data fields such as company name, company address, commodities supplied, etc. An example is attached here under the tab "Company Profile". I would like to extract all the information from the different "Company Profile" Excel files and put it into a more usable format, as shown in the attached tab "Results," where the company data runs horizontally across.

I tried to record a macro to do this ("CompanyProfile" -- included in the attached file), but I am not able to make it do what I want it to do. I also do not know how I may be able to capture the information in the "check boxes."

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Load Data From One Form To Another
I have a main form (Form1). From this main form another is loaded (form2) and then if necessary another form is loaded (form3). On form3 I have the following

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Form For Data Editing
I have 5 columns Data sheet in Excel and >5000 Rows. Time to time I have to change data parameter of some certain item (complete Row). I want to Database form (Userform) which can add new item, find and can modify, or delete from sheet. I Shown userform format in attachment without macro

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Create Charts From Same Data But Each Based Ob Data Criteria
Hi, have a question regarding dynamic charts, specifically I am trying to create several dymanic charts based on data in a single column (So i can only say my first set of data will be starting a a set location in the chart, the rest has to shift down based chart data above it). This data should organized in charts depending on the data in several other columns. For instance, need to pull out values from column based some ID and some PartNumber. A sample excel or VBA would be much appreciated. I know VBA but do not know Excel VBA much.

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Create From The Data Set In Column Set 1 The Data Set Shown In Colunm Set #2
My data is in colunm set #1. I want to create from the data set in column set 1 the data set shown in colunm set #2. I want to automate the process. The program needs to regognize if a name appears only once or more than once. If it appears more than once the data needs to be merged as I highlighted from yellow to green.

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Import Data From Spreadsheets To A Pdf Form
How to import data from excel spreadsheets to a pdf form? I have a PDF form and was wondering if you could have the data from an excel speadsheet automatically go into my PDF form.

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Data Entry And Editing Using A Form
I am trying to figure out how to enter and edit data using a form for stock traceability.

I have created the form with the headings etc and everything works well at data entry.
However, I am trying to create a search and edit form that searches and edits existing entries.
A third form displays the data in form format when the user types in the appropriate ID.

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User Form To Add Data In Columns
I need to use the user form to create the fields in the next free column in the parts data sheet.

At the moment, it just writes over the firsst part i create. Have tried countless methods but am new to this vba business. To take it a step further, i need to concatenate the three fields and copy this into the parts data entry, Again i have tried (see code) but cant get it to work. Finally, If possible, I would like to check the parts already created, so duplicates cannot be made.

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Populating Form With Referenced Data
In lack of database experience, I am using a hidden Excel sheet for data and several other sheets with referenced data. I am populating the data sheet from an inputform and inserting new references on save. This works pretty good, but when the data has to be updated, I've currently used the before doubleclick event and hereby used the activecell for reference, but now the data is on a different sheet!

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Creating A Data Entry Form
I know this problem could be easily solved with the use of access. Unfortunatly I can only use excel. I am creating a uniform stock database. I a trying to create a user friendly face sheet, so that the operator does not have to have any knowledge of excel to use it. My question is to do with a data entry form. Sheet 2 of my spreadsheet has a list of all uniform in stock. At the moment it has two coloumns, "uniform type" and "uniform size". Is it possible to create a form on sheet 1 (the user interface) where a user could imput the type and size of an article of uniform that had just come in, and have it automatically added ot sheet 2?

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Extracting Data To Form A New Table
As per the example, I have a spread sheet comprising 4 pairs of columns headed Option and Grade (numbered 1 to 4). Col A is the Name of a person, cols B to I contain option (subject name) and grade data. Not every option and grade pair is used and the distribution is random.

In each used pair the grade is always one cell to the right of the subject. For each person name, I want to extract all of the grade data and place it into a separate table having separate columns for each subject i.e. who got which grade for the range of subjects.

By using the lookup function, I am able to identify where the subject and grade pairs are for each row. I have been unable then to move one cell to the right to extract the grade letter. I have thought of combining OFFSET with LOOKUP but can’t make it work.

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Data Form On Protected Worksheet.
I have a data list which needs to be updated by others on a shared drive. I want to protect the worksheet as there is other info on it (advancefilter from the main list). The problem is that the >>Data>>Form tool will open, but all the boxes necessary to update the list are greyed out (New, Delete etc.)

My other option is to create a macro to advance filter out the other data to another worksheet.

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Transfer Data To Worksheet From Form
My goal is to create a tracker for my work. This tracker would have the data collection in a seperate excel worksheet using forms (embedded), where all of the information initially goes, then with the click of an "Add" button, it formats the information in the cells in the appropriate worksheet (ie: good data goes to the worksheet called "Good" and vice versa for "Bad"), clearing the data from the forms, and preparing for the next bit of information.

Type (2 radio buttons that categorize the )
Completed tasks (checkboxes stating "Did I do this", "Did I do that", etc.)

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Column Not Appearing On Data Form
I am having a major issue with one of the functions of excel I never knew existed: the data form. Somebody created the spreadsheet I am using before me so I am editing what someone else has already done. They have a spreadsheet set up that holds multiple records about company information (a database you could call it). A data form has also been set up which works nicely to edit records. The issue I am having is that I was asked to insert one column to the database, which I did. Now I cannot figure out how to add this last column to the data form. I tried reselecting all cells, trying to recreate the dataform, but nothing works!

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Code Data Entry Form
i have some data and i want search a record by two fields ("hsc and section") with in my data and i want to edit the remaining fields.

the fields of record are "hsc, section, amt, bcrc, date, prno"

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Extract Data With Form Control
I need to extract proper unit price of a component from a large data base. So far, I have created drop down lists so that the users can select different parameters for each component. How do I use the user selected parameter to pin point the proper unit price from the large database?

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Nested Forms (pull Up A Second Form From A Command Button Within A Form)
I'm trying to pull up a second form from a command button within a form. There's a command button in a sheet to open the first form (frmOrderInput.) Then there's another command button in that form to open the second form (frmPriceInput.)

The Module to open the first is this:

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Enter Form Details And Check For Data
On the attached workbook i have a simple form with text boxes and a enter button and cancel button.

So far, i have only got as far as the cancel button closing the form. I want to know what i have to do to enter each of the fields in to the cells written on the form. Also when i do press the enter button, if any of the fields are not entered then a message box must appear notifying the user all the fields are not entered and then finish by taking them back to the form.

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Link The Form To A Sheet To Record Data
once I get the pretty boxes and such, how do I link this form to a sheet to record data? How do I get it to run? I have tried searching the forum, but it seems that most of you already know that part and don't have any problems there.

I know this is probably very very basic and I will smack my face with my hand when you point it out. I just have never created forms with Excel before. I am used to using SalesLogix and when I create forms there, I have a database table that I can link each field to, so I keep looking for how to link to the table and I can't figure it out.

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Open Data Form When Sheet Is Selected
I have a file with various tabs One of them is called "database"

What I would like is for the "DATA"/"FORM" to automatically open when the sheet is clicked on

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Enter User Form Data Onto Spreadsheet
I have 4 textboxes that the user enters data. I then have a button on the user form.

i would like to write code so that when the user hits the button...
Textbox1 data goes into active cell
Textbox2 data into the cell below Active cell
Textbox3 below it
and textbox4 below it
then close the user form.

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View Data From Form Control Button
Is it possible to configure the workbook so the user can view the data in the worksheet from the form and I can hide the actual worksheet so that the data in the workshhet cannot be changed? Or maybe there is a better way all together??

I am attaching a copy of the worksheet.

Second, Is there a better way to input a code that would allow a search for duplicates in certain fields to be flagged (other than the color coding?)

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User Form To Remove Data From A Database
I have created my first user form that puts the info gathered onto a seperate sheet.

We are a garage and its for cars that come into stock.

What I want to do is when we sell a car, have a way of removing the car from the database but recording the infomation that was in the first database and some additional infomation like who sold it and the selling price.

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Data Collection Form & Transfer To Worksheet
This is all taking place in vb6 and excel 2003.

I am making a userform that is activated once the user highlights a bit of spreadsheet and clicks a button on the command bar, here is what I want it to do:

1. (copy data from the spreadsheet
this is tricky because I am trying to have it be a conditional situation where the user highlights a place on the spreadsheet and whatever that place is at the moment, it will get copied to a variable on the form.
There are 8 fields to highlight and copy, two with info that wont be copied onto the new spreadsheet but will be used to update fields and make the filename.)

2. make a new spreadsheet:
a. the filename is made from cell values in the 'from' and 'to' columns and the date.

b. new spreadsheet needs to have a template section from a7:f7 that has 4 fields that will be filled in from the fields on the form.

c. copied data is to be moved from old spreadsheet to new spreadsheet to cell a8. There should be 6 columns that will be filled with data.

3. on the form there will be a browse button to save the file in a location specified by user and 'last saved location' name should be saved to a textbox.

I read about a browse button here that I would like to use, but I have to adapt it so it can be used in the 'browse' button. [url]

I dont even know if it is possible to copy a user-specified range. It seems that it should be, because when a user highlights an area, that area is being held in memory as a position... I tried passing these values to another sheet but it wasnt successful. I tried to dim 'selection' as string and pass it into a variable, but I am new to variables and this project is a big experience for me in vb.

I also am still learning about how to make values in a field pass to another field on a spreadsheet.

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User Form Data To New Record On Worksheet
VBA code to get userform input from form to "Data" worksheet. Data starts at columns A3..AG3. I need the code for the "Input" button to put Month, Date, Type, Comments under their corresponding columns and the "Amount" to go under the appropriate column that is selected by the Option Button. I've included a picture with in "red" comments.

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Edit The Existing Data On Worksheet Using The Form
I have created a form in VBA using txt boxes and cmd's. I want the abitility to edit the existing data on my excel worksheet using the form. Currently, I can add data, but not search through the existing data on the form.

I have been using the excel tips and it has been great, but I am stumped at this point. This is my first time to every post a message.

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User Form Data Validation From List
The text box where the end user types in the data - I want to make this have a drop down list like when using data validation but dont have a clue how to.

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