Data Input Form Not Validate List Boxes

Dec 8, 2009

I am creating a spreadsheet where the user enters food they have eaten that day. The way this is done at the moment is with validated list boxes, one depending on the other using the indirect function. I want to be able to make this into a user input form. Is there a way of adding these validations from the spreadsheet, to an input form.
I want the input form to have an input for the day, food group, food item, and quantity of the food. The food item needs to depend on the food group.

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Dynamic Form List Boxes

Jul 1, 2008

Im designing a form which will be a few list boxes that input data into specific cells in another sheet.

I would like the list boxes to change depending on selection.

eg: if there is a certain value selected in the first list, then only the relevant values will appear in the second box.

so if there are values Potato, Banana and Apple in list one, and list two contains values White, Yellow and Red.

if banana is clicked in list 1 then only yellow will appear in box 2 as a selection.

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Creating User Form With Drop Down List Boxes

Sep 29, 2009

this is my first attemp at doing a "userform". I am looking for some help in creating a user form that enables users to choose items from drop down boxes, which shows next level drop down list items, then down to final drop down list with information based on first two choices. I've attached the sample file for reference.

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How To Validate Time In Data Entry Form

Apr 12, 2012

I'm making a data entry form for a user, and one of the fields is in a time format (mm:ss). Is there any way that I can validate that field in "cmdOK_Click()" so that when the user clicks "ok" on the data entry form, if they haven't entered a date a msgbox comes up.

I tried IsNumeric with an If function but to no prevail.

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Add List User Form, List Box And Get Input

Dec 16, 2009

I wrote a macro which creates desired output based on one default variables. But I want to change it to take user selected assumptions and perform the macro for each user selected variables.

I am confused with user forms and controls and what to use.

Can anyone give the code to how to add a list box to a userform and then add items to the listbox, and run macro based on thegiven input in the list box?

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Creating Form: Fill All The Information Across That Row Into Other Boxes On The Form

Nov 5, 2006

I need to create a form that if you were to enter a name in the text box it would fill all the information across that row into other boxes on the form. Basicly if I type John Doe in the text box it would look in col A for John Doe and then put whats in the cells on that row into different boxes on my form. I have tried searching but I have had no luck. Im very new to forms so this is a great experience.

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Validate User Input

Aug 10, 2006

If anything else is entered into the input box a message box (MSGbox) with a vbCritical button will appear with the following prompt "You entry (insert entry data here) is inccorect." I don't know the code for "insert entry data here".

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Validate That A Field On A VB Form Is Filled Before The OK Button Is Executed

Mar 21, 2006

I have a Form that user fill in information on, once they click the OK button, excel is filled with the inserted text on the form in the correct cells.

My question is, how do I validate that they have actually entered data in some cells, which I want to make mandatory, and if they have not, prompt them (this could be a simple message box) to fill it in. Let them fill it, and once they click OK again, check again... until all the mandatory fields are filled, only then will the macro fill in the excel cells.

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Excel 2010 :: Userform As Login Form - VBA To Validate Username And Password

Jun 18, 2012

Using Excel2010 in Windows7. I have a UserForm

1: TextBox for Input Username (txtUsernameIn)
2: TextBox for Input Password (txtPasswordIn)
3) Submit Button (cmdSubmit1)

I have a Worksheet
ColA: Username
ColB: Password
And this entire Range A:B, I have named "UserRegister"

I have code, attached to the cmdSubmit1 button on my UserForm. The purpose is to allow access to a veryhidden Worksheet "ADMIN".

The code 'works' if I enter in both the correct UserName and Password (ie: the code completes & Admin sheet opens up).

The code 'works' if I enter in the correct UserName and the wrong password (ie: code completes it's run, my msg pops up to say there is wrong input, unloads the form & sheet ADMIN stays veryhidden).

However, if I enter the wrong username (with either right or wrong password) the code breaks and I get a debug error. I know my code is obviously wrong/missing something etc - but I can't work it out! The line of code highlighted on the break, is between the *** below

Private Sub cmdSubmit1_Click()
Dim Username As String
Username = txtUserNameIn.Text
Dim password As String
password = txtPasswordIn.Text

[Code] ......

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VB To Activate List Drop Down Boxes When Data Is Entered In A Cell

May 20, 2009

I have a Validation drop down box (column B) and a defined range drop down box (column E linked to the Totals tab with A2-A31 defined as Products) that I need to activate everytime data is added to a new line in column 'A' and cells in column 'B' or 'E' are selected. Additionally, they need to activate if the cells in column 'B' or 'E' are selected for any of the old data so changes can be made. This will help reduce the overall file size and calculation time for a year's worth of data.

There is already some code on the worksheet that looks like it can be adapted if someone knows how to code in the drop down boxes.

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List Boxes, Combo Boxes???

Jul 26, 2006

I am developing a spreadsheet with numerous information on our different suppliers offices in the country for each of our outlets. I am tryin to define a way to do the following:

If a colleague selects a company another list will appear with the region and when the region is selected a list of the offices will appear.

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Input Boxes

Mar 21, 2008

I don't know if input boxes are what I want but you'll be able to tell me

When Excel is opened, I want a box to pop up where the following can be pasted:
Merchandise: 100,000.000
Merchandise: 1,000,000.0000
Merchandise: 1,000.0000
Merchandise: 10,000.0000
Total: 1,111,000.0000"

The text and numbers will be copied from a webpage. When Excel is then opened, rather than having to type in those values (I'm only interested in the numbers), could an input box (or something else) handle and filter those lines to basically just the numbers?

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Produce A List Of Text, After Selecting From Validate List

Jun 5, 2009

i want to do is, have a list that picks from a color and then beside it, it will show the possible fruit that is that color for example




The number of fruit will differ by the color so i know i need a counter there, but i am not sure how to list the fruit after i've picked the color

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VBA Code Using Input Boxes?

Nov 7, 2011

I want to create some VBA code, but I don't know how to do it, that allows the user to make a copy of any worksheet he/she wants within a workbook and then name the copy of the worksheet whatever he/she wants. The copied worksheet should come at the end of however many worksheets exist in the workbook.

I want to accomplish this by using input boxes for the user. I want the user to click the macro and then the input box appears asking him enter the name of the worksheet he/she wants to copy. Then I want the input box to ask the user to enter name for the new copied worksheet. That's it!

A cancel button on the input would be nice just in case the user decides not to copy any worksheet.

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Go To Input Boxes With Tab Button?

Nov 24, 2011

I have 3 input boxes on my sheet. They are T10, T12, T14. Right now I click with mouse, but is it a way that I can use tab key to jump from one box to another?

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Input Boxes To Formula

Jun 8, 2007

I have the following (intense) formula


I was wanting to make either 3 input boxes or 1 if thats possible that basically you click and it captures the column you want the answer in, and then the two columns the data is in. It then places the formula down in that column with the answers based on what your input was.

I would want the range to be atleast 1 to 6000 rows (just in case)

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Input Boxes In VBA Code

Aug 8, 2006

Not sure if this can be done, but a colleague of mine is trying to record a macro which is not cell or area specific, but content specific. i.e :copy only if cell A3:A10 = "rabbit", then paste in another tab cell B7:B14.

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Formatting 20+ Text Boxes On A Form

Mar 30, 2009

Currently I'm using this:

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Link 2 Form Control Boxes

Mar 15, 2009

I am looking to connect 2 form control boxes and have the second box run 2 different types of macros. The first box will have only 2 options - select by week and select by month.

The second box should show the list of weeks or months based on the selection in the first box. Then for the second box, if weeks is shown, a week macro should be run whenever a week date is selected. Similarly for the list of months, a month macro should be run whenever a month is selected.

I have been trying to do this for more than a week (after posting on this board) without success. I apologize if this seems like a duplicate post.

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Userform Create Input Boxes

Jul 11, 2008

How would I go about making a user form that has an input box where you can type in a year (in yyyy format), and then two radio buttons that allow you to choose either "Jan-Jun" or "Jul-Dec", and a submit button to run a corresponding macro.

The purpose of this is I have two macros that run the same report, one is for first half of the year, second is for second half of the year. For simple purposes we will call them "JanJun" macro and "JulDec" macro ...

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Using Input Boxes To Build Worksheets

Jan 8, 2005

Having problems with input boxes. I'm trying to creat 3 input boxes that will prompt the user to input 'Add1' in cell A1 'Add2' in cell B1 and 'Add3' in cell C1. Then return back to the first prompt box ready for further info - but this time, if it finds info in cell A1 it needs to move down to A2....and so on. Just about down the easy bit and have the three input boxes working - but unfortunatley that's it.

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Date Format In Input Boxes

Jan 20, 2007

I have designed a spreadsheet to calculate time and speed averages of a ships voyage. When using a date and time value entered into a input box the value in the cell is reversed form the U.K date format to the U.S date format. this has been causing great amount of fustration to me. the cell has the correct date format i want and the excel system is configured to the U.K format. my program to allow you to look at it my knowlege is not very good of VBA. When entering the date in the FAOP from the drop down menu as dd/mm/yy hh:mm in is reversed.

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Link Two Combo Boxes Via A User Form

Feb 18, 2009

I'm trying to link two combo boxes via a user form. I'm trying to select a city in one combobox which in turn would provide a listing of zip codes for that particular city in the next combobox.

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Controlling Multiple Text Boxes On A Form

Feb 18, 2009

I have a userform with 40 text boxes in it. I have learnt how to restrict people entering anything other than numbers into a text box using the following code on the keypress property of the textbox:

Const Number$ = "0123456789." ' only allow these characters

If KeyAscii 8 Then
If InStr(Number$, Chr(KeyAscii)) = 0 Then
KeyAscii = 0
Exit Sub
End If
End If

Rather than have 40 of these blocks of code (one for each text box), is it possible to somehow group them so that a block of code is applicable to all of them?

For the sake of arguement, the textboxes are called data1 up to data40

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Input Boxes To Change Cell Values

May 19, 2009

I need some code to use text boxes to change the data in certain cells. Basically I want 3 text boxes to appear one after another. The first box should add text to cell T1, then 2nd to cell T2 and the 3rd will add text to cell T3. All these values should be added at numbers.

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Detect Duplicates In User Form Text Boxes

Jun 13, 2009

I have a user form with 4 text boxes and a command button. I have no problem looping through the textboxes to retrieve the value, but what is the best way to detect if any duplicates exist between the four text boxes? For example, in the command button's
If textbox one's value is "test" and textbox four's value is also "test", it should throw an exception. If a question like this has already been answered, a link to that post would surely suffice.

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User Form Basics - Populating Text Boxes

Sep 23, 2009

I am trying to create a user form to edit some named ranges. The VBA user form designer is basically the same as Borland Delphi, so building the form itself was easy. What I can't figure out is how to populate the user form with the data from the spreadsheet.

I have a number of text boxes on the form with names like txtTier1Slots, txtTier1Ceiling, txtTier1Floor, etc up to 4.

I have a defined name that corresponds with each item, Tier1Slots, Tier1Ceiling, Tier1Floor, and so on. I'm using defined names because they're referenced in Conditional Formatting on one of the worksheets in my project. They don't exist as actual cells, just name references.

I want to get the form populated with those values. I've tried about twenty variations of the following code, using ThisWorkbook, Workbooks, Cells, Range, Name, and just about every cell reference method I can think of. I've so many different error messages, my head is spinning.

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Percentage Formats In User Form Text Boxes

May 1, 2008

I have a user form which includes some text boxes (txtRUL.text for example) where I want to enter a number as a percentage. I divide the number entered by 100 to avoid Excel automatically multiplying by 100 and the result is displayed in the user form as the correct percentage.

Private Sub txtRUL_AfterUpdate()
txtRUL.Value = Format(txtRUL.Value / 100, "0.0%")

(I'm sorry I cant figure out how to format this code as code in this post)

This works well, trouble is when I save and it writes the results to the worksheet, the numbers in the user form revert back to plain unformatted non percentage numbers (ie 5% goes to 0.05)

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How To Use Input Boxes To Have User Enter Start And End Lines

Apr 28, 2014

How to set up a Inputbox to make the user pick the start line and end line for a loop

the sheet will have items on it numbered 1,2,3,etc I want a process done to the lines the user selects by item number not cell range.

line 4 to line 20 for example.

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Multiple Input Boxes & Output To Specific Cells

Jan 27, 2007

> When the workbook is opened I want a box to appear with a message and 4 choices (as buttons?).

> Based on the button clicked I want 1 of 4 new boxes to appear (replacing the first box) and ask for input values.

>I then want the inputs to be written to specific cells on a specified worksheets inside the workbook.

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