Date Range Formula To Apply Value?

Aug 10, 2014

I am looking to get a formula based on my spreadsheet attached

I want F column to add 5 days onto whatever date you put in there then correspond it to the matched date period in I2-I6 then apply the pay period from H2-H6 and put it in the G Column next to the date that has been input?

Is this possible?


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Formula To Apply Number Based On Date Range?

Aug 10, 2014

I am looking to get a formula based on my spreadsheet attached

I want F collumn to add 5 days onto whatever date you put in there then correspond it to the matched date period in I2-I6 then apply the pay period from H2-H6 and put it in the G Collumn next to the date that has been input?

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VBA Apply Formula To Each Cell In Range

Jan 20, 2014

I'm using the code below to create sheets and copy pertinent data for each value found in column O on my data sheet.

Sub CreateSheets()
Dim WBO As Workbook
Dim ThisWS


What I'm now trying to do, is apply a formula for each cell, in columns C:N for each newly created sheet. The formula is 'The value of 100 minus the value of the cell'.

I've tried adding

cell.Value = 100 - cell.Value
to differing points of the script but I recieve a 'Type mismatch error.

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Formula For Determining If Two Date Columns Fall Within Specific Date Range

Apr 21, 2006

Let's say I have thousands of employees, but I need to determine who worked for me during a particular date range, and all I have to go on is their start date in one column and their end date in another column.


A1 contains beginning date of employment
B1 contains ending date of employment
C1 contains specified beginning date (criteria)
D1 contains specified ending date (criteria)

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Apply Ranking By Date

Nov 9, 2009

I need to add a field to a data set that ranks groups of data based on a date field. Items with the same "Type" & "Vintage" need to be assigned a number based on the date field starting with 1 for newest to x for oldest. I'm looking for a macro or formula that I can use to automatically assign these values. I attached an example. The highlighted green section was completed manually for reference. The real data set is thousands of lines.

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Formula That Will Recognize Date Range And Sum Specified Field Based On Range?

Jan 2, 2014

I like to create "templates" for files that I work with on a reoccuring basis, just to make things simpler. The current template I am working on tracks items processed by day and is used for two reporting purposes; 1 totals the pay ending items processed so I have the dates laid out based on the 2 week period with formulas for that. The 2nd way it is reported is by the month. Since this is a template, only the first day of the first pay period for a calendar year needs to be entered and the rest of the dates populate based on that date. What I would now like to do is add columns for January - December monthly totals using a formula that will read something like "if column A (where the date is) contains 1/1/2014 - 1/31/2014, then sum up column L" and than copy that formula for the remaining months.

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How To Apply VLookup On Statement And Change Date Value

Oct 22, 2011

I have a statement in a cell in which there is a date field.

Is it possible to apply Vlookup on the statement and change the Date value keeping the statement same ???????

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Apply Date Filter To All PivotTables In Workbook

May 15, 2009

I have created a post on, but haven't received an answer yet: I've attached an example of the spreadsheet.

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Apply $ To Range Of Cells

Jan 22, 2010

Is there anyway to apply the $ to cell references in formulas across a range of cells? For example, I currently have the following in Column A:


And the following for Column B:


Is there anyway to apply the $ to the entire range listed, i.e. AAA_SR_F_!!$G$5, etc.

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Apply If To Range Of Cells

Nov 8, 2007

How do I change this formula to represent a range? I want cells C2:C18, but I ran out of arguments - can't add any more. If DRC or Production shows in the column, I want the word "Outstanding" if not, I want the word "Completed" .....

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Apply A Proper Date Format To An Entire Column?

Dec 3, 2008

I have a column (A) where there's a date in each cell. Currently it is formatted as category "text". All entries where initially entered as 'yymmdd', but using category "number". Beacause of that all zeros in the year disappeared, so now they are shown as "ymmdd".

Can someone show me/tell me how to convert all these dates from category "text", to category "date", using format "yymmdd"? I have tried again and again and again, but can't make it work. I have attached a sample of the sheet.

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Evaluate Data By Date/Time, Apply Code

Apr 14, 2006

I have been given a project to develop a spreadsheet using excel that will take data that is for a whole month, and evaluate by DAY to see if the same doctor was listed as attending two patients in surgery at the same time. If the Doctor's name is the same for two patients within the same timewindow for a certain day, a code is applied to EACH RECORD that the doctor was attending in the code field. If there was NO DUPLICATE patient, a different code is applied in the code field.

The tricky thing about this is:
1) Number of records will vary month-to-month
2) There could be 1-xx patient records where the same doctor is listed and there is overlapping time in the SAME DAY OF THE MONTH.
3) The code applied to multiple patients in the code field applies even if the minutes of overlap = 1 minute.
4) Start/End times and length of the patient visits will vary. (Example - Dr. Jones has two patients on the 15th of the month. The start time for patient 1 is 9:00am and ends at 10:15am. The second patient's start time is 9:30am and end time of 11:00am. Under this situation, the multiple patient code would apply)

Does anyone have any experience evaluating by date, then within a time-window to check for record overlap (doctor name in this case)? There could be 200-1500 records per month, and 100/day to evaluate for overlapping.

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How To Apply Conditional Format To A Range With VBA

Feb 27, 2012

I recorded a macro in which I applied a conditional format to a range (the selection).But, when i replay this macro, the conditional format is only applied to the first cell in the range. This can be seen in the "Manage Rules" dialog of Conditional formatting, where the "applies to" column shows only one cell, even though a range of cells was selected by the code.

I set a breakpoint at the first line of code here, and confirmed that the selection is correct, and indeed it is, as in the immediate window, ?Selection.Address correctly gives "$O$6:$O$21".

[BRK, Selection.Address="$O$6:$O$21"]
Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:= _
With Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior
.Pattern = xlGray16


why the conditional format ends up only applied to cell O6 after the code runs?

"How can i apply a conditional format to a range of multiple cells, based on an expression, using VBA?"

Note that my range is within a PivotTable (but still, this works fine in the UI when i record the macro and the conditional format is correctly applied to the entire selected range).

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Apply Same Calculation To Range Of Cells

Apr 11, 2007

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here but I think my syntax is wrong, here is the

Sub CalculatSG()
Dim FinalRow As Integer
FinalRow = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
Range("BU5") = "=(BT5/100)*AE52"
Range("BU5:BU[" & FinalRow & "]").Activate
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

My objective is to apply the same calculation to the range of cells; the range may change which is why I have defined FinalRow and passed this as a refernence.

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Apply Formula To A Whole Column

Nov 26, 2008

is it possible to apply a formula to a whole column just one time, so I don't have to copy/paste it every time I insert a new row?

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Apply Formula To Every Cell At Once?

Sep 22, 2009

Instead of looping through 700,000 lines of data and applying a formula one by one, isn't there a way to simply apply the lines below to all cells in a range at once?

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Use VBA To Apply Formula Only To Used Rows

Aug 18, 2013

I'm using this to apply a formula to a worksheet:

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
Range("B2:B7000").Formula = "=IF(COUNTIF($C$2:$C$7000,C2)=0,"""",COUNTIF($C$2:$C$7000,C2))"
End Sub

Is it possible to amend this so that it only applies the formula to the used range? Although the current range goes up to 7000 this increases the file size so to keep it to a minimum I was wondering if there was a way to do it only to the used range.

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VBA To Apply Borders Around Every Cell In Selected Range

Oct 19, 2012

I'm looking for the least amount of code to apply a border around every cell in a selected range. The standard With Selection approach is to go through six times for the sides, top, bottom, and insides, which results in a lot of code.

I attempted a single code line approach (Selection.Borders.LineStyle = xlContinuous), but I cannot seem to influence the color or thickness of the line. I'm not looking for fancy here...standard xlThin in black color is all I need.

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How To Apply Method To Rows Without Typing Range

Sep 22, 2013

Using VBA, I randomly input values in A1: C1 and it will show total sum in D1. It will be range

("D1")= "=sum(A1:C1)".

Question is how do I apply same method to the rows below without typing range

("D2")= "=sum(A2:C2)", range("D3") = "=sum(A3:C3)" and list goes on.

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VBA To Apply Conditional Formating To A Range Of Cells

Aug 22, 2006

I have used VBA to apply conditional formating to a range of cells. i.e if cell B14 <>"" then row 14 is pale blue untill cell V14 is populated with the time then it removes the formating. One criteria is that if Q14(21/08/06 20:00)>NOW(AA2) and < NOW+1(AA3) then Row turns green(i.e. is due in the next 24 hrs).

Problem is that this formula is applied after a field is updated. When 21/08/06 20:00 comes and goes the row remains green unless I update one of the fields along that row. What would I have to do to make the formating change back automatically when the critera is no longer being met. Here is my codethere are 2 other if statements similar to this with in this code but this is the only part that shouldn't require any user input for the formatting to occour)

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Const WS_RANGE As String = "B13:AP162"
On Error Goto ws_exit:
Application.EnableEvents = False
If Not Intersect(Target, Me.Range(WS_RANGE)) Is Nothing Then
With Target
If Me.Cells(.Row, "AP").Value = "YES" And _
Me.Cells(.Row, "Y").Value <> "" Then
Me.Cells(.Row, "B").Resize(, 30).Interior.ColorIndex = 43 'mad green
End If
End With..................

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Apply Auto Filter To Active Range

Aug 5, 2008

I find it to be a little irritating that I have to remove the autofilter, then reapply it whenever I start entering data into a new column. I want a macro that I can assign to a button so all I need to do is hightlight the range of cells I want to apply the autofilter to, and click the button.

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Formatting Won't Apply To My Cell With A Formula

Nov 26, 2005

I downloaded the checkbook register from and am trying to add a
few cells at the end to quickly calculate my outstanding debits and credits
so that I can balance my statements automatically. I figured out how to write
the formula properly (eventually), but the cells will not take on the
currency format no matter what I do. I have tried pasting the format from the
other cells within the register, tried clearing the format and reapplying the
currency format, tried accounting, etc.

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Apply Formula In Pivot Table?

Jan 5, 2013

Can we apply any formula in the pivot table?

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Look Up Function Does Not Work: Look If The Record Is In Another Range And Apply Some Maths

Dec 22, 2009

i used excel as a calculator but when i needed to make some effort to reach a solution for my problem it let me down, so i will write my problem
i have a record in my data base and i want excel to look if the record is in another range and apply some maths. so i wrote this formula

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Apply Cell Drop-down Validation Using Range().Autofill

Oct 2, 2009

For our attendance register, the master data table holds a list of all club members (one member per row).

The master data table consists of formula columns, data columns, and two data columns with drop-down list validation.

I'm using this

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Apply Color Code To Only 3 Columns Of Filtered Range

Oct 7, 2009

The following code filters my sheet to show only values less than 0 in column T, (column 20).

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Apply Conditional Formatting To Range Of Cells That Contains Formulas?

Aug 11, 2012

Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells that contains formulas?

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Apply Formula To Selected Cells Via Macro

Jul 6, 2009

i m trying to set up a macro to convert a range of user-highlighted(selected) cells to 3 significant figures: for example, convert 0.135564 to 0.136

the equation i found elsewhere online: ROUND(xx,3-(1+INT(LOG10(ABS(xx))))). but i can't quite figue out how to apply the equation to a selected range of cells via a macro.

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Apply MONTH Formula To Entire Column

Jun 30, 2009

Hello, below is a sample of my excel sheet. The number of rows keep changing daily and the Month and year column has to be populated automatically as and when there is a new row inserted. I tried the formula =MONTH(A:A) and I paste it on the entire column. it works for rows with data but I also get 104,000 odd blank rows added to my excel because I pasted the formula on the entire column.

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Apply Formula To Cell That Allows User Input?

Apr 14, 2014

Cell A1 is going to be used as my true/false value to trigger the formula. Cell A2 must allow user input to calculate "what if" scenarios however, if cell A1 value = true then cell A2 = 0.

I think I need to place my formula into A3 to allow the user their input to A2 without overwriting my formula. Problem is if I place the = sign in front of IF, the formula does not work the way I need it to. If I don't place the = sign in front of IF excel just treats it as a text entry.


I have inherited this workbook and am just trying to automate the functionality to streamline.

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