Deduct An Address From An Object Column

Feb 22, 2007

I want to select a range. The address of the range is governed by a range object called customers which is dynamically generated.

Customers will run from A1 to an address I can't predict. How can I specify the range address to be selected. I presume I enter some code that says go from row 1 column 1 to the last row, last column but I'm not sure how.

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Activate Cell Address Behind Object

Feb 15, 2007

I have a piece of clip art in a cell (that moves around in the right cell when i filter/sort the data). i need to know how to select/activate the cell that a piece of clip art housed in. is there a way to say at the beginning of the macro to select the cell behind the picture?

Macro works by offsetting a few cells to the left and pulling the name of the item in that row and then going to another worksheet that is named the same thing as what is in the cell i offset to. If i click on the cell behind the picture first then it works but if i have a diff cell activated when i click the picture it of course doesnt work - so all i need is a way to activate the cell behind the picture.

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Setting A Range Object Variable's Address

Apr 1, 2009

Here is my code

Dim LastCell As Range
Set LastCell = Cells(EndRow, LastCol).Address

I get a "Object Required" when this I try to set the address. I know this is easy.

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Split Address Which Is In Single Column Which Contains First / Last Name And Address Without Any Comma?

Apr 24, 2013

I have a list for addresses in excel in single column as shown below - aanandhi narayanan 3430 chemin de riviere sanjose,CA95148


abdi abdi 5390 monterey rd #6 sanjose,CA95111

Sheribel Abinsay 3212 Gateland CT San Jose, Ca 95148

I need the result to be in a way like -

3430 Chemin de riviere
San Jose

3838 Glengrove way
San Jose

5390 monterey rd#6
San Jose

3212 Gateland CT
San Jose

I have around 12000 records with the same format.

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Deduct Text Box Value From Cell

Aug 2, 2009

i have a user form with list box and text box, in the listbox i have A,B,C.....and so on, which corespond to column A on sheet 1, a b c.... all have a value next to them in column B say "1000". when a command button is clicked i need to search column A for list box value and deduct what ever number i add to the text box fom it's value in column B.

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Combo-box Calculation (deduct 30% From An Amount)

Sep 23, 2009

I want to use a combo-box on my sheet to deduct 30% from an amount in cell A1 if 'Yes' is selected in the combobox. For arguments sake the amount in cell A1 is 100.

I want the new total to appear in cell A2

If no is selected in the combo-box, then no calculation is performed and 100 remains in cell A2

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Deduct One Textbox Value From Another To Calculate Total

Feb 8, 2010

The code below basically adds addresses to both the page and the oracle backend. However I am trying to work out how to limit the number of addresses they can add to 100. Therefore is it possible via code to calculate If Me.finish.Value minus Me.start.Value is greater than 100 then stop the code?

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Range Object/property: Calculates 2nd Column Based On 3rd Column's Number

Jun 1, 2009

I'm trying to write a code that calculates 2nd column based on 3rd column's number or vice versa based on the condition set on the 1st column. Below, there are two procedures. "SimpleCalc" and "SimpleCalc2". I first wrote SimpleCalc2, but it isn't working, so I worked around the error by writing SimpleCalc, which selects a cell and moves around by offset. I personally find it hard to read and error prone as I develop more logic around it.

I'm trying to develop more function based on this code, so I need to make it neat and flexible. what I'm doing wrong in SimpleCalc2? Or do you have any suggestion to improve the code "SimpleCalc"? I'm using Excel 2003.

Sub SimpleCalc()

Dim SimpleMethodRng, SimpleMethod As String, i As Integer


SimpleMethodRng = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Dashboard").Range("N5:P12")

For i = 1 To 8

SimpleMethod = SimpleMethodRng(i, 1).........

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Deduct Inventory When Invoice Is Saved And Closed

Mar 23, 2014

I created a invoice with excel that has dropdown selectors for the product then used Vlookup to insert the price , enter in the quantity and it fills the total. My question is when I Save & Close is there a way to deduct the quantity of the product on the invoice from the current inventory? They are 2 seperate worksheets in the same work book. This is far beyond my novice capabilities

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Calculate Hours Worked And Deduct Rest Break

Jul 30, 2013

I work different length shift some of which are over-night. I'm using the formula


Where cell "B" is start time and cell "C" is finish time. This calculates hours worked whatever shift I'm on.

Is there anyway I can also deduct a hours rest break if I work more than 7 hours ?

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Deduct (percentage) Amounts Off Of Specific Quantity Ranges

Jun 9, 2014

how to deduct a percentage off of a range of units.

For example, if I have 100 units that cost $50, I'd like to deduct 20% off of the first 10 units, and then have the total dollar amount put into a separate cell.

So, 100 x $50 = $5000

With 20% off of the first 10 units: $4900.

20% of $50 = $10

$10 x 10 units = $100

$5000 - $100 = $4900

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Deduct From Arrears Before Installment Then Show Balance Outstanding?

Mar 10, 2014

i have a property and tenants have arrears in rental When i receive money from tenants i want excel to deduct that amount from arrears column first then balance from current rent.

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Link Data In Worksheets - Add / Deduct Formulas As Criteria Are / Aren't Met?

Dec 31, 2012

What can I do to link my worksheets together? I need the months to link from january to december.

I'm trying to come up with a system to maintain attendance of employees. How do I come up with a rolling system to add and deduct the points as their attendance changes? The goal of each employee is to have the least amount of points as possible, because he/she will be penalized once they receive a certain amount of points.

Let's say that Jane was hired in October. She has accumulated 10 points by December from tardies, call-ins, etc. By the end of January, she has perfect attendance; she is awarded half a point to be taken off toward her 10, giving her 9.5. In February, there is a day she does not show up, so now her total goes up to 12.5 (3 pointed added because of NCNS-no show no call). In March and April, she has perfect attendance, so now her total is 11.5. (half a point allowed for each month with perfect attendance)

By rolling, I mean a formula that will calculate continuously over month after month and have the points roll over month to month.

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Link Address Column To Company Name Column

Jul 4, 2013

How to get Excel to automatically link address to company names?

Background information

I have started making a database in Excel and added company names and adresses in two seperate columns. Later I checked for duplicates by pasting in the company names from a database I have made before. Now, about 50% of the company names remained and so I want to remove the duplicate company names and adresses from the first file without sifting through them manually.


File prior to duplicate check/removal (tab called 'Database' in attached Excel file):

Company name 1 Address 1
Company name 2 Address 2
Company name 3 Address 3
Company name 4 Address 4
Company name 5 Address 5
Company name 6 Address 6

*used another database (without adresses) to check for duplicate company names*

File after duplicate check/removal (tab called 'Database (2) in attached Excel file):

Company name 1 Adress 1
Company name 3 Adress 2
Company name 4 Adress 3Adress 4
Adress 5
Adress 6

The idea is to make Excel automatically fill in the adresses from the companies that remain after the duplicates check from the tab called 'Database' on the tab called 'Database (2).

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Row, Column & Address

Jun 18, 2006

in the attached workbook I explained my needs.

Please notice that the Table (DATA1) might be located elsewhere, not starting at Row 1 and Column "A".

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Move Only City From Address To Next Column?

Dec 3, 2013

I have an excel of around 20.000 entries and I need it completed tomorrow for work There is the address in one column, and I need to copy and paste only the city to the next column. Any formulas I tried return an error. The city can have one or more words and it is usually after the zip code. For Example:


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IF Exists Statement: Address From Column One

Apr 28, 2009

I have a 3 column table, the first column is always populated with email addresses, the second column will have secondary email addresses if that person has one, I want a formula in the third column to have the secondary email address if it exists, if it doesn't I want it to have the address from column one.

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Extract Row And Column Info From .address

May 21, 2009

The following code sets foundcell.address

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Return Address,Value,Column/Row Of Selection

Oct 4, 2006

I am wanting to allow the user to select a cell in a worksheet and return the cell address and information/value from the cell. For example, if "Dog" is in cell A1 and "Cat" is cell A2 and the user initiates the Macro I would like the macro to to pop up a message box and say something like "Select a cell in Column A". When the user clicks on cell A1, I would like the message box to pop up and say, you selected "Dog" in cell A1.

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Extract Email Address From Column

May 15, 2007

I have the following information under column A, I would like to just have the email address
for each under column B. So column B should consist only of email addresses from A.
Test enterprises
Test 2 enterprises
Test 3 enterprises

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Multiple Web Queries Where Address For Each In Column

May 19, 2008

Lets say I have some web addresses in column A (Sheet1) and I want retrieve data from all those sites to another worksheet (Sheet2). Data from 1st site should be put to Sheet2!A1, from 2nd site to Sheet2!A51, from 3rd site to Sheet2!A101 etc.

There are some similarities with this thread: Dynamic Web Query From Cell Values, but I don't want the data to be on separate sheets and as my programming skills in Excel are rather limited, I failed to modify the solution given in there.

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Increment Column Address While Copying Formula Down?

Apr 27, 2014

I am creating a training document for work; the sheet I'm creating is a summary sheet which works out how many people answered questions correctly, incorrectly (bringing in from another sheet), number of questions answered and percentage of correct answers.

Looks like:
Correct: =COUNTIF(sheet1!E2:E36,"correct")
Incorrect: =COUNTIF(sheet1!E2:E36,"incorrect")
Number of questions answered: =SUM(C4+C5) (correct+incorrect)
Percentage right: =SUM(C4/C6) (correct/number answered)

I need to drag these 4 formulas down into another 400+rows, however in the correct and incorrect formulas I need it to keep the 2:36 but change the e to f, g, h, etc.

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Find Cell Address For Last Entry In Column

Oct 22, 2007

i had this formula at one time but lost it.

i am trying to figure out how to evaluate a column and get the cell address of the cell with the last entry


1 e
4 g
6 h

all other cells under A6 are blank

the answer is A6

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Obtain Column/Row & Address Of Cell/Range

Sep 7, 2006

Let's say Cell is a cell.
How do we select this cell's column? I tried :
but it doesn't work. I have an error message.

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Cut & Paste Macro: Move Address From Column To Row

Jun 7, 2007

I have an excel worksheet with contact info in columns rather than rows. For example, C1R1 is company name, C1R2 is address, C1R3 is City/St/ Zip, C1R5 is phone. I recorded a macro to cut and paste address to C2R2, C/S/Zip to C3R1 and phone to C4R1. That works but I cannot repeat it as I move down the list. Just re-runs macros over same cells all the time. How do I get it to start and run wherever I want it too? Also, how would I get it to delete the now vacant rows?

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Using Macro To Find Email Address In Address Book Of Outlook

May 22, 2014

I am struggling to find a macro which can look at a name in column 'BT' and search it in the address book of Outlook to then place the email address of that person in column 'ED'

There are 35,000+ people in the address book and there may be over 5 email addresses for one name, so is there any way a message can appear for the user to select which email address is correct if there is more than 1 contact for that name?

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Drop Down Box; Automatically Fill All The Information Into Address Column

Oct 23, 2008

I have inserted the sheet. As you can see in Sheet 1 I have the Store, Address, Town etc, I would like a drop down box in D13 ( Store Name ) so when I select a store it will automatically fill all the info into D15:D19 Address, Town etc. The info will be pulled from Sheet 2.

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Convert Name / Address Phone In One Column To Multiple Columns

Feb 16, 2012

I have a long list of names, address, city state zip, and phone number, followed by the next name, address, etc. I need to now be able to bring each one into it's own column.

David Smith
123 Main St.
Denver, CO 12345
Joe Blow
345 Happy Ave.
Oakland, CA 34567

I need to convert it so that I would have

David Smith 123 Main St. Denver, CO 12345 123.456.7890
Joe Blow 345 Happy Ave. Oakland CA 34567 567.890.1234

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Return Cell Address Of Largest & Smallest Value In Column

Jun 2, 2009

How would I return a cell reference (address) to a cell that contains the largest number in a list?

I tried using "Address(large....) where I get the correct column, but the returned row # is the actual value in the cell (the highest # in the list).

I eventually will want to delete the highest number to leave the cell blank.

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Need To Pull Street Address Out Of Full Address In A Cell

May 20, 2014

Assume the following list of addresses are all in separate cells of a single column (A1-A4). I just need the formula to extract the street addresses, and then a separate formula to extract the zip codes.





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