Need To Pull Street Address Out Of Full Address In A Cell

May 20, 2014

Assume the following list of addresses are all in separate cells of a single column (A1-A4). I just need the formula to extract the street addresses, and then a separate formula to extract the zip codes.





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Extract Street Number From Address

Oct 23, 2008

I have a list of street addresses. I want to alphabetize them. I just want to remove all the text (usually just numbers but not always) up to and including the first space only.

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Remove Apartment Number And Street From Address?

Apr 11, 2013

I found out a way to get rid of the street number from an address, but I would like the street and apartment number removed. Right now I have various formats:

Dilger Ave #61
Dilger Ave Apt 61
Dilger Ave Lot 61

I would like simply "Dilger".

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Pull Email Address Only From Cell

Jan 6, 2014

How do I pull only the email address from a cell that is like this:,anna,stone,,,,,,,,,,,2011-10-20 17:31:08

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Pull Email Address From Text In Cell

Feb 4, 2008

I have about 5000 email addresses located in about 5000 different text areas, some of the text areas also contain 2 email addresses. How could I pull/extract the email addresses out only into its own list? Example;

The lines around the text block represent a field such as A1. Note all the text is contained in box A1.
{ Name: Joe }
{Address: 123 Blow St } A1
{Email: }
{Name: Jan }
{Address: 124 Cat St } A2
{Email: }
I need to just get the email addresses pulled out.

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Get Full Address Of External File By Specifying Filename And Then Evaluate

Jan 9, 2014

I'm really looking for a way to get the full address of the external file by specifying the file name in a cell and then evaluate the formula. For example,

[Code] .....

is the full address of the source file called 'Source'. My idea is: if I just type the file name 'Source' in a workbook's cell $A$1, and in cell $B$1 I want to make the formula something like:


This will make my project very impressive with this feature: a user just types the file name to establish the link and evaluate the formula for results.

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Concatenate Cells To Produce Full Postal Address

Feb 7, 2009

I am trying to simplify the manipulation of data to create a full postal address from a range of cells.

Due to the varied way in which postal addresses are made up, I have found it necessary to create a 2nd Worksheet, which uses helper columns to ensure that spaces and commas appear in the right places.

I recently came across some code on this site from JBeaucaire which I have tried out but in my particular workbook, the commas and spaces do not come out correctly.

The enclosed sample workbook contains a selection of addresses which should cover most of the variations for addresses in the way that they are entered in my main workbook.

Sheet1 (Master) is the main data.
Sheet2 shows the formulas that I have used to create a full postal address.
Sheet3 makes use of a VBA Module and shows the results.

I felt that VBA code is the right way to go but I'm unable to modify the code to make it work or come up with an alternative VBA solution.

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Pull In Address From Another Worksheet

Jul 31, 2006

I have two worksheets. The first is a master listing of all stores for a
certain client. They are all assigned a store number. The second sheet is a
list of all invoices, I need to be able to type in the store number and it
pull up the street address, city, state and zip, all in different columns.

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Using Macro To Find Email Address In Address Book Of Outlook

May 22, 2014

I am struggling to find a macro which can look at a name in column 'BT' and search it in the address book of Outlook to then place the email address of that person in column 'ED'

There are 35,000+ people in the address book and there may be over 5 email addresses for one name, so is there any way a message can appear for the user to select which email address is correct if there is more than 1 contact for that name?

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Indirect Address/match: Pull The Highest Number

Aug 26, 2009

I am trying to do season stats for my roller derby league. I have a great spreadsheet going but the one thing I want to do, I can't seem to do. I am attaching a "test" file. very simple and small but shows what I need to do.

I have different sections and I am trying to pull the highest number out of that section. For this example, it is under the green Jams Skated: Jams at Jammer. The number on the right is the highest number of jams skated while the number on the left should be the name of the skater who has this number. Okay, no problems there. My problem occurs when I try to move these same formulas to another sheet. in this case, sheet 2. It pulls all kinds of strange things.

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Split Address Which Is In Single Column Which Contains First / Last Name And Address Without Any Comma?

Apr 24, 2013

I have a list for addresses in excel in single column as shown below - aanandhi narayanan 3430 chemin de riviere sanjose,CA95148


abdi abdi 5390 monterey rd #6 sanjose,CA95111

Sheribel Abinsay 3212 Gateland CT San Jose, Ca 95148

I need the result to be in a way like -

3430 Chemin de riviere
San Jose

3838 Glengrove way
San Jose

5390 monterey rd#6
San Jose

3212 Gateland CT
San Jose

I have around 12000 records with the same format.

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Get Email Address From Global Address Book In Outlook

Feb 25, 2014

On a worksheet called "Contact Info" column A starting in row 2 I have a list of names (variable length). In Columns B2-D I need the email address, work phone number, and cell phone number.

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Getting A Last Cell But One Address

Jun 12, 2009

how to Get a last cell but one only address

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Cell Address

Feb 1, 2009

regarding the cell value. What i am trying to do is I have alot of cells with datas and in cell(1,8) I have a data. I will search through these cells and if they match with data of cell(1,8), it will return me the cell (x,y) with x and y being the row and col numbers. Is there any command that I can continue with the below code to get the x and y?

For Each cell In Range(Cells(3, 4), Cells(500, 26)
If cell.value = cell(1, 8).value Then

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Address Of A Cell?

Jun 2, 2009

I have a variable Num that covers the range of C5, C6, and C7. I would like to figure out how to write the code that grabs just the column portion of say C5.

Set Num = Range(Range("C5"), Range("C5").End(xlDown))
Something like,

Range(Column(Num), 3).Value or something like that

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Cell (Address ... )

Oct 23, 2009

I have created the below formula to return an address. I need to use this address in the second formula ("cell address here"), If i am completely off base please point me in the right direction..


=OFFSET("Cell Address here",10-$BI$1,0,1,1)

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Cell Address Changing

Oct 30, 2009

I am trying to write a line for my little project but came to a stop as I do not have enough knowledge on how to get around this.

Most likely its something very simple but I'm not an expert so hopefully someone here can put me out of my misery.

I am trying to get this to work:

Function IF(AND(sheet!A1=sheet2!A1),x,y) works fine but for what I need to do I need to get sheet2!A(1+B1) As soon as I do that it all goes funny. In B1 I have a number that determines by how many cells A1 needs to be offset but I cannot get the syntax right.

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Separate Address From Cell

Jan 26, 2010

I have a dataset with full addreses listed in one cell. I would like to use "text to columns" to separate the data but am unable to use the text separater in the wizard. When I open the text to columns wizard the data appears to be divided with a "square" but I cannot add it as "other" for the delimeter. see the attached.

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Hyperlink & Cell Address

Jul 22, 2008

I'm so close to having this figured out, I use the formula =HYPERLINK("#Reps!"&ADDRESS(MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,Reps!C:C),3)) for the hyperlink to the total I have for a PivotTable. But how do I get it to show the actual number as opposed to #Reps!$C$6489 in the hyperlinked cell? Any help would be great.

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Use A Cell Value In A Address Link...

Mar 9, 2009

I have is a summary worksheet with two columns. One column is for Project ID number and the other is an address link to a specific cell in the worksheet corresponding to the Project ID. Perhaps the best way to explain this is by giving an example:

Project ID (Column 1)

Balance (Column 2)
='C:Financial Sheets[00-111.xlsx]Phase_21'!$H$1

As you can see the spreadsheets are named after the Project ID number. What I would like to do, if possible, is instead of typing in the name of the spreadsheet for each project in column 2 (Balance), I could somehow reference the cell value in column 1 (Project ID). Something like this:

Project ID (Column 1)

Balance (Column 2)
='C:Financial Sheets["A2".xlsx]Phase_21'!$H$1..........

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Returning The Address Of A Cell

Jun 27, 2009

i'm trying to figure out a way that would return the address of the cell that contains the highest/lowest value of a range i.e. =cell("address",min(g3:g6)).

if the lowest value was in cell g4, i'd want the output from above formula to be $g$4.

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Finding The Address Of A Cell

Apr 17, 2008

I've got a spreadsheet where column A has dates and time and column C has over 8000 rows of numbers.

I'm looking to pull the date and time from column A associated with a value in column C...

how do i do a "lookup" in this case?

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Select Cell Address Via VBA

May 16, 2008

I have a cell, say A1 in Sheet("temp") which has a value like this:


I need some vba code which selects this range which happens to be in a different sheet.

the only way I can think of is to split this text string to worksheet and range components but i am having issues doing this in vba.

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VBA: How Can I Use Relative Cell Address

Jul 9, 2008

way I can use relative cell address in VBA? For example, in the following table:

value item 1 apple item 2 peach item 3 mango
Instead of use

Range("B4").Value = "mango"

to insert mango to cell B4, I can use an address that's one row under peach, or one column to the right of item 3?

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Find A Cell Address

Dec 8, 2008

I have the following macro written:

Sub GT()Dim cell As rangeDim BeforeNull As StringDim FirstNull As StringDim InitialData As StringDim B As VariantFor Each cell In range("A1:A8")Alpha:    InitialData = cell    FirstNull = InStr(1, InitialData, " ", vbTextCompare)    If FirstNull = 1 Then    InitialData = Right(InitialData, Len(InitialData) - 1)    cell = InitialData    GoTo Alpha    End If    If FirstNull "" And FirstNull "0" Then BeforeNull = Trim(Left(InitialData, FirstNull - 1))    If FirstNull = "" Or FirstNull = "0" Then BeforeNull = InitialDatacell = BeforeNullNextEnd Sub

Now after the final Next, I need the macro to select the last cell changed. Is there a way to do this?

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Cell Address Without Quotes

Dec 5, 2006

I have a table of data which contains golf form for the last four years. For simplicity I have split this data into four separate worksheets representing each year, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. These tables contain the data, Player Name, Event Name and Finishing Position. I have a results worksheet which contains a table which has the Player Name in the rows. To the left of the Player Name I have three columns which represent the Finishing Position in a particular event for the last three years. To the right of the Player Name I have their finishing position for all events played this current year.

For the historical event form, i.e. 2005, 2006 and 2007 I would need a formulae which looks up the corresponding year worksheet and looks up the Player Name and Event Name and returns the Finishing Positon. For the current year form I need the formulae to lookup the Player Name and the Event Name in the 2008 data worksheet and return the relevant Finishing Position.

Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;I have attached a file which will hopefully make things clearer. In the worksheet 'Form' I would like the columns A, B and C completed for the players form from this weeks event, in my example "Colonial", for the previous three years. I therefore need a formulae to go to Worksheet '2007' and lookup Aaron Baddeley, Colonial and return the result in the column entitled 'FP'.
For the columns E, F, G and H, I require a formulae that looks up the Worksheet '2008', Aaron Baddeley, and then the Event Name from Row 5 on the 'Form' worksheet to return Aaron Baddeley's result from the various tournaments held in 2008.

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Find Cell Address

Feb 7, 2007

Find the cell address where the user created button placed in excel.

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Cell Address Of Lookup Value

Jun 17, 2008

I have a range of lookup values I want to use to return the "Cell Reference" of the matching value in another vector (single column).

Is there a simple function that will do this..?
eg a variation of using VLOOKUP

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Find Cell Address Containing Value Within Array?

Oct 5, 2013

In the following example, I need to create a formula to identify the cell address containing the string value "X"


Assuming this was row A, the formula needs to return $A$6 (or A6).

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Can't Convert Text To A Cell Address

Mar 12, 2010

Assume cell A1 contains a name and A2 contains the text "D7".

How would the code look like that
1. reads the contense in cell A2 (which is D7),
2. converts it (D7) to a cell address and finally
3. copies the content in cell A1 to the cell address found in A2 (in this case D7)

To illustrate I attached an Excel file.

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