Delete Row And Loop Based On Condition

Jan 9, 2007

i have a set of data as below and wish to delete ENTIRE ROW if cell is the same but keep the first entry when code comes to in the data set below excel would keep first row and delete 2nd,3rd,5th, 6,7,8 and then go to next unique identifier which would be AU0000LIFHB3 this would not be deleted as it is unique the would proceed to AU300GPTC011. this process would then stop when no data was available


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Start/Stop Loop Based On Condition/Criteria

Aug 31, 2006

I have a piece of code that put a check in all checkbox in column B from row 5 to row 50 but in column C, I have data from row 5 to 38. I want the macro to stop at row 38 in column B. When the cell in column C is empty stop putting checks in column B. How can I make this macro Check all checkbox down column B and stop when column C is empty. How do I add a loop to stop when the cell in column C is empty?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim CB As Variant
For Each CB In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes
CB.Value = False
End Sub.......

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Delete A Row Based On Condition

Dec 14, 2009

I want to delete a row in excel based on a condition.

The condition is as follows:

I have few rows in the excel where the columns 7,12,13,23 are same and column 24 in one row has some number and in some other row the column 24 is blank with orange color filled(the colorindex for orange is 44).

In this case I want the row with orange color filled in column 24 to be deleted.

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Delete Row Based On Condition

Jan 19, 2007

i have an issue i need to delete entire row if a condition is met, i need syntax if possible to delete if a cell word "begins with" a certain letter this case...letter A

column is "O"
must search threw entire row

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VBA To Delete Entire Row Based On Condition Met?

Jun 16, 2014

I have table in which against the Column A data values are added in Column B, C and D.

If Column B,C and D cell values is 0, then I want entire row including A to be deleted. How can I do this in VBA?

Note: Column A data begins from Row 15 and below.

Just to avoid confusion. I want row deletion, only when all the three cell on B,C and D is = 0

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Delete Entire Row Based On A Condition

May 13, 2009

I have a problem deleting rows based on a condition, i didn't know how to use offset method.

i'm using a table like this one :

1 Main design1 FFR0
2 Extra design2 FFR0
3 Main design3 FFR0
4 Extra design4 FFR0
n Main designn FFR0

I want to delete entire row if "FFR0" in column C exists in a row beginning by "EXTRA" (column A)

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Delete Rows Based On A Condition

Jul 20, 2009

Is it posibile to make a macro that automaticaly delete rows based ona a condition. Condition is to delete rows that have B column value "" or zero. For example:....

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Delete Based On Condition/criteria Using VBA

Apr 16, 2006

I want to be able to delete certain rows based on multiple criteria. If data in the row does not meat the crieteira, it shud be deleted. I have attached the excel file sample in which I want to keep the highlighed rows and detele the rest. Its base on Origin city and Destination city combination. Eg: If Origin city="A" and Destination City = "B", I want to keep the row. Like wise for all highlighted rows. but if the Origin City = "B" and Destination City = "U" I want to delete the row.

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Delete Rows Based On Condition

Jul 3, 2007

complete this coding?

Sub DeleteBlankRowInColumnA()
'this macro scrolls down Column A if the cell is empty the row is deleted.
Dim A As Integer
A = 0
Do Until A = 142
If Range(0, "a1") = 0 Then
Selection.Delete shift:=xlUp
End If

End Sub

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Code To Delete Rows Based On Condition

Apr 24, 2009

I have an Excel spreadsheet that is given to me weekly, but I'd like to remove repetitive and empty rows before presenting it to someone. It is set up like this:

Row 1, A1, contains the word Project.
Row 2 is blank
Row 3 is blank
Row 4 is blank
Row 5, A5, contains the word Organization.
Row 6 is blank
Row 7, A7, contains a 6-digit number starting with 3.
Row 8 is blank

(all of the above starts over again (loops) approximately 30 times)
The final row contains the phrase "Grand Total"

*Row 5 is repetitive and is not required. I'd like to delete it.

I have too many empty columns. Getting rid of them (and Row 5) would greatly shorten my spreadsheet.
I am aiming for:


(Repeat until finished)

Grand Total:

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Delete Rows Based On Condition In Another Workbook

Aug 28, 2007

I have a worksheet with part numbers, and I want to delete all the rows with part numbers matching a part number in another workbook (I could import the list into the part number workbook in a new sheet if it makes it easier). The part numbers in the other worksheet would be in column A.

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Delete Rows Based On Condition Of 1 Column

Oct 19, 2007

I would like to Use my Excel VBA program to search each row in a csv document for a name (located in a cell ) if the name exists then I would like to delete the entire row.

Whenever I try to do the above in excel, even when I save in csv format the file formating or something gets changed and the file which has to be procesed through another program then process incorectly.

Is there a way to do what I need while retaining the formating which must obviously be changed when the file is opened in excel?

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Delete Rows In Closed Workbook Based In Condition?

Mar 1, 2013

Having book1 and book2 (that is closed). Is there a way that if I erase a value "X" in book 1, update book2 (without open it) deleting the complete row/rows where the value X is found?

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Delete Columns From All Sheets Based On Condition In X Workbooks

Mar 28, 2008

I am sure this is a very simple questions. I am using the below code to work on the worksheets on a workbook called "MF BANK EXPOSURE SUMMARY.xls" so far the code that I am using is:

Sub Commandbutton2()
Dim iCol As Long
Dim Isheet As Long
Dim Item As Worksheet
For Each Item In MFBANK.Worksheets
With Item. Range("A1:T65536")
For iCol = .Column + .Columns.Count - 1 To 1 Step -1
If IsEmpty(.Cells(65536, iCol)) And IsEmpty(.Cells(1, iCol)) Then
If .Cells(65536, iCol).End(xlUp).Row = 1 Then .Columns(iCol).Delete
End If

Next iCol
End With
Next Item

End Sub

I would like to extend the code so that it works on the worksheets of two workbooks at the same time the one being the "MF BANK EXPOSURE SUMMARY.xls" and the other being "MF CP EXPOSURE SUMMARY.xls" .

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Delete Row Based On Cell Value - Loop

Oct 22, 2012

I have this setup successfully for the deletion of columns and have modified the below to apply to rows, however, I am not seeing the results I expect (or actually anything).

Sub Analytic_RemoveNA()

'Remove NA
Dim j As Long

For j = 35 To 4 Step -1 'Rows 35 to 4
If Cells(9, j).Value = "NA" Then Rows(j).Delete
Next j
End Sub

I have a data set that spans from B4:I32. If column I has "NA" in any row within that dataset, I want to delete the row.

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Run / Loop Through Cells And Delete Based On Criteria

Mar 4, 2014

I am trying to run (or loop) through a column of cells, and if cell contains certain text (e.g. ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE) and delete the row if found.

My macro as I run it:


'Number of cells to loop through (I am unsure how the .xlend works!)
For i = 1 to 2500

'If function defining the criteria.
If cells (1, i) = "ALPHA" OR "BRAVO" OR "CHARLIE" Then

[Code] .....

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VBA To Remove / Delete Based Off Single Criteria Without Loop

Apr 23, 2013

I'm okay with Excel, but I'm just getting into utilizing VBA and I've been searching high and low for a simple VBA code that will remove/delete rows based off a single criteria without loop as there are over 40,000 rows. I tried a couple that I found onilne, and adapting them to my criteria range, but no luck. (All the ones that I found that work use loop and it takes about 15 mins to run through the entire spreadsheet)

I would like to maintain my first row as it's my headers. My single criteria is to remove all rows that have "NO" in column D.

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Filling Empty Cell Value Based On If Else Condition And Delete Row More Than 2 Cells Empty

May 23, 2014

Here find the excel file

My requirement

1) 4 values contains in each row based on the values from those cells the max value will display.

2) if more than 2 cells have empty,NR or NA text means the entire row has to delete.

3) if 2 or more that means 3 cells having values the empty cell,NR or NA cell will place value with the condition of macro that is 75% of other values which is maximum among them.

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Store Row Number Within Loop And Delete All Stored Rows After Loop?

Sep 11, 2013

I have working code that returns a row number within a for loop based on parameters I set.

Each time the for loop runs I would like to store this row number, then after the loop has finished, delete all stored rows.

for rowNum = 1 to x (some variable end row number which I already have worked out using End(xlUp).Row)
if x = y then
*storedRow = rowNum
end if
next rowNum

Lines with a * are the bits I can't work out. I've been trying to understand arrays by reading posts on what other people have done, but I can't fit (or fully understand) the reDims, or reDim preserves into my code. I've seen what appear to be quite complex ways involving uBounds and LBounds, but unfortunately I can't see how to use them.

All I want is to simply keep adding a row numbers to a variable, (i.e. row 2, 5, 20, 33, 120, etc) and then delete those specific rows.

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For Loop And If Condition

May 1, 2009

for each value in column "h" if value = "k"
then check the respective value in column "b" = null
loop should iterate for entire column
then print its null

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For Loop - Inserting Row If Certain Condition Met

Aug 29, 2013

Inserting a row. I have a for loop, and after a certain condition is met, add a row.

VB : Rows(i).Insert Shift:=xlDown

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While Loop Doesn't End On Condition

Jun 30, 2014

I'm trying to print the list of dates for the particular month . where the start date and end date is given by the user through user form.

I have written the below code to generate the dates. but the for loop still continues even when the start date is greater than the end date.

For example if i enter the startdate as 06/01/2014 and enddate as 06/30/2014. the for loop continues and displays date for all 40 days instead of stopping when the condition is met.

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Exit Loop When Condition Met

Nov 27, 2009

My code is meant to ensure a string in a cell begins with three letters and ends with 5 numbers. It seems to work, but how can I exit the loop and go to the message box once the boolean variable is set to true? I was hoping to avoid using labels. Also, I would appreciate any suggestions in compacting the code if possible, but without using CreateObjects".

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Intersect(Target, Range("h17")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

Dim Ls As String
Dim i As Integer, z As Integer
Dim MyString As String
Dim MyClVal As String: MyClVal = Target.Value
Dim MyBL As Boolean: MyBL = False

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Leave Loop When Condition Met

Dec 2, 2006

I am writing a very simple Do While loop where VBA searches for the first nonempty cell in a column starting from cell C3. The error I get is "Overflow". I suspect that when all cells are empty it goes down the column till the last cell, which is around 65,000. How can I put a restriction on this loop? I need the search to be restricted to range C3:C95, because my data ends in row 95. In other words, the code essentially should do this: go from cell C3 to cell C95 and search for the first nonempy cell in this range. When you find the first nonempty cell, assign name "x" to this first nonempty cell.

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For Each Loop To Delete Row W/ Value (Loop Backwards)

Aug 2, 2007

For Each loop can be instructed to loop starting the bottom of the range. I know that a For To Loop can handle looping from the bottom up,

Sub Filterout()
Dim c As Range
Dim rng As Range
Dim i As Long
Dim lrow As Long
Dim counter As Integer
lrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row
Set rng = Range("c2:c36")

For Each c In rng
If Left(c.Value, 1) "~~" Then
End If
Next c

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Highlight Certain Cells Given If Loop Condition

Feb 14, 2013

I have a piece of code that basically performs a calculation and prints one value to a worksheet at the end. This code is part of a larger simulation model and by the end of the model this piece of code is executed thousands of times and thousands of values are printed to the worksheet. However, at the start of that piece of code there is an if statement which influences the end result. My question is, how to identify which end values were calculated using each method in the for loop.

For example would it be possible to highlight the cell (in which the value is printed) in red if the

num= 0

Part of the if statement was used and highlight the cell (in which the value is printed) in green if the

num= 1

Part of the if statement was used?

This would identify which values were calculated using each method.

'Change in Model set prior value
If ws1.Range("D" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row < 2 Then
num = 1
counter1 = counter1 + 1
sh1.Range("g3").Value = counter1

[Code] .....

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Loop Sheets, Find Value & Test Condition

Dec 5, 2006

I want to search a column, from A30 moving up to A10 for the first value in excess of 0.

Having found the value the search stops and I want to select the cell next to it in B column.

Then I want to check if a value in B column exists. If no value exists I want to enter a fixed value from another sheet.

If a value does exist I want to take no action and move on to Column C to repeat the checking process for columns C and D.

Then I want to move to the next spreadsheet and repeat the process.

The code I have written so far is below and I just can't get it to work.

I have attached a spreadsheet to illustrate the problem.

Sub Closingdata()

Dim a As Integer
Dim b As Integer
Dim rngOutput As Range
Dim shtTemp As Worksheet
Dim vntName As Variant

For Each vntName In Array("sheet1", "sheet2")
Set shtTemp = Worksheets(vntName)

Do Until ActiveCell.Value > 0
If ActiveCell.Value > 0 Then
Exit Do
End If

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Copy Cells In Loop Based On Loop Increment Being Multiplied

Feb 7, 2008

I have some numbers in a column that I need to copy 12 times (each one) into another column. The problem is that I got like 200 records that will be converted in 15000 aprox. I've uploaded an example of what I need,

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How To Count Condition Based On Having Another Condition

Apr 12, 2014

So I have one sheet that needs to pull data through to another sheet (which is a stats summary)

I have a drop down list containing 4 options all of which have to be counted separately on the stats summary sheet. However I only need them counted when a value is input in another cell in that row.

For example: I select option 1 from down down menu, but I only want this to be counted on the stats page when I enter a date in the "date" cell.

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Delete Row When Condition Met

Feb 2, 2009

In a worksheet I have a list starting Col A being the running reference no. such as Action 1, Action 2 and so on. Each time a new action is needed the numbering increased by 1. The next column is the description of the action. This list start at row 39 of this worksheet.

This is a protected worksheet and entry of data is limited to specify cell in the list.

1. Look for the last Action Item.
2. Check if the description column (Col B) is blank.
3. If Col B is blank delete the whole row.

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