Disable The 3 Buttons (minimize / Restore And Close)

Feb 26, 2012

I want to disable the three buttons (minimize, restore and close) excel.


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Disable/Hide Title Bar W/Buttons

Jan 31, 2007

I'm trying to disable the [x] in the upper right hand corner to force my users to use my "Close Workbook" button, but not sure how to do it. Then, was thinking that I might just want to hide the entire Application Title bar...

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How To Disable / Dim Close (X) Button

Oct 4, 2010

Is there anyway to easily disable/dim the Excel Close (X) Button as I want to force my users to close an Excel workbook via a button?

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Disable Close On Msg And Input Box

Jul 13, 2006

Is it possible to disable the 'X' close button on inputbox and msgbox
or any way of making the 'X' not close the box

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Disable Form Close

Dec 13, 2006

Is there any easy way to disable the close (X) button at the top right of a form.

I've been trying...

Private Sub UserForm_Terminate()
Unload UserForm2
End Sub

but i get a problem when re-opening the userform2??

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Enable/Disable Command Buttons From A Sheet?

Oct 14, 2009

How do I Enable/Disable Command Buttons from a Sheet?

I am using a Command Button in a Sheet to copy and paste the Data from one Sheet to another with the help of macro..

As I am not well-versed with VBA dont know all the syntaxes of VBA.
I need help for the command button..

First and Foremost, I double click a Command Button form the Control tool-box and paste it on the Sheet, I dont know how to get the name of this command button , I mean where do i get it?

Based on a condition like a value in a cell I want it to be Enabled and Disabled?

Any ideas...please I am not able to follow even after googling a lot as I dont know what's the name of the command button control I have used.

If the value entered in a particluar cell is more than the 1000 difference between two cells then the command button should be disbaled...

The Application part:
The command button is used to transfer the data in a cell lets say $I$4 to another sheet Cell J2,J3,J4 so on so forth..by incrementing the ROW number.

Now The balance gets depleted with every new Debit Entry and we need to disallow the user from entering such an amount which will reduce the balance more than The Minimum Account Balance of a bank...

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Disable Close (X) On Specific Worksheet

Jan 9, 2010

I have a pivot table that's made visible from a "Drill Down" button on the source worksheet.

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Disable Only Close Button In Excel Workbook?

May 16, 2006

Sample code on disabling the close button in Excel workbook?

I tried the Tool -> Protect -> Check Windows method. But, it will disable the maximize and minimize buttons as well. Moreover, it will minimize the workbook.

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Disable Red X But Keep Enable File - Close Working

Dec 24, 2008

I want to hide all toolbars and disable the red X upon opening of the spreadsheet, and to restore the main toolbars upon closing. That worked perfectly. (when I used the black code -see below)
I added in the red code as i wanted to disable the red X as well to ensure that users will always close the EXCEL worksheet via a Macro button.

The Macro will save the spreadsheet and close the worksheet and the Private sub should restore the toolbars.

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Disable User Ability To Close Workbook

Jan 25, 2007

I have a workbook that has a macro that needs to run before it is closed. I have a button on my sheet that runs that macro and then closes the sheet. Is there a way that I can disable the "X" at the top right hand of the workbook and force the user to close the workbook via my button?

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Excel 2010 :: Disable Default Close Button In Workbook

Jun 3, 2014

How to disable the default close button in a workbook not to affect in my command button close.

I tried already cancel = true but my command button close is also been canceled.

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Disable Close "X" Icon

Apr 27, 2009

Is it possible to disable the close icon "X" in an userform.

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Disable Save & Save As Buttons

Dec 13, 2007

I use to send reports to my seniors on daily basis.
I want these reports to be with me and they can just open and check the reports, when I send them. If they try to save file through File-Save or File-Save As, they should not get these options at all in the File Menu.

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Restore Validation Using VBA

Nov 28, 2007

I want to do is allow a user to choose entries from a data validation list and then they can remove the validation to make some edits to the selection. I have it set up so that they can do this by clicking on a command button that will remove validation for the selected cells.

What I want to now do is to be able to restore the validation in case they have made an error. My first thought was to have a hidden "Master" sheet that has all the relevant validation in it and then when the user picks a range to restore validation to, just copy the cells from the "Master" back to the working sheet (it should be noted that the range to restore validation to may contain cells with different validation). I'm sure the code for this is quite simple but I am still learning. The steps I want to do are:

1. Store the range of cells chosen on the worksheet
2. Go to the Master worksheet and select the same range
3. Copy the range from the Master worksheets back to the same range on the original worksheet.

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Restore My Settings

Mar 26, 2007

i made XL App settings in a way suits my needs...........

Is there a code to restore these settings when i reinstall the XL App ?

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Restore A Previous Save?

Sep 28, 2013

If I erroneously saved over an excel document that is stored on an external drive, is there any way to restore the previous saved document, or am I screwed.

The thumb drive is plugged into a computer that gets backed up onto a network server, but I assume that the external thumb drive is not backed up with the c drive and r drive on the server.

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VBA - Restore All Font Except Formatting?

Mar 19, 2014

I'm a beginner to VBA and I have a dataset with different loan rates for different schools. So far I can highlight rows based on their rate and order them from least to greatest.

What I want is to be able to restore all of the font to default (i.e. undo the highlighting) without changing the format of a specific column of cells (My G column, with the loan rates, goes from Percentage format to General format)

I'm using Selection.ClearFormats, which changes the format of the cells to general as well as it only restores the format of the cells I highlight, rather than the entire worksheet

So basically, how can I delete all formatting of all cells without changing the cell format (Percentage vs General)?

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Restore Excel File After Deleted?

May 26, 2014

i accidentaly deleted excel file how can is recovery it

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Restore Cell Default Format

Jun 27, 2007

In a worksheet, I should have selected the region where data is present, and center align all the cells. Instead, I selected the entire worksheet and did the same, so that whenever new data comes in the relative cells are already formatted. This has caused the workbook size to increase dramatically. (So, I assume that changing a cell property from the default value uses some memory). Is there a way to restore the format of the blank cells to the default values, so that memory is freed and the workbook size decreases again?

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Hide Toolbars & Restore Visibility

Aug 13, 2007

I have a procedure that stores the Commandbar names and visibility settings in an array on open. Another procedure hides all Commandbars on open and restores their original visibility settings on close. For some reason the "Standard" and " Formatting" toolbars don't return to visible on close.

My error log says "08/13/07 18:21:37 [QA.xls]MCommandBars.bRemoveMenus(), Error -2147467259: Method 'Visible' of object 'CommandBar' failed". I have tried manually testing the hide/unhide procedure with hard coded settings and checked the correct variables are being sent and all seems to be correct.

I am pretty confident that the procedure to store settings is correct but have included the code just in case, also just noticed the "Standard" and "Formatting" toolbars are the only two visible at programme start.

Public gsaMenus() As String

Public Function bMenuSettings() As Boolean

Const sSOURCE As String = "bMenuSettings()"

Dim bReturn As Boolean
Dim iCounter As Integer
Dim cbrMenu As office.CommandBar

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Excel 2013 :: How To Restore Default VBA Libraries

May 21, 2014

Any way to restore the default reference libraries that are checked the first time you open Tools => References in VBA in Excel 2013. I think I accidentally unclicked something that's necessary to run the program, and I can't find a "default restore" option or anything of that sort.

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Force Custom View On Restore Down Click

Apr 1, 2008

I need to create a macro that whenever the user clicks the restore down button it will not restore down, but either do nothing, or make the application display full screen. The following code runs when the workbook opens and whenever a different sheet is activated and I would like it to run when the user clicks the restore down button.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
Application.ShowWindowsInTaskbar = False
With ActiveWindow
.DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = False
.DisplayVerticalScrollBar = False
.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False
End With............................

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Restore Excel Undo History After Running Macro?

Jun 11, 2014

I managed to implement a macro that adds a time/date stamp in Column A when any of the subsequent cells in that row are changed. With this now working, I really need the ability to restore the undo history in case a change to the data needs to be reverted.

Sub procedure:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim c As Range
Application.EnableEvents = False
For Each c In Target
If c.Column > 1 And c.Column < 21 Then
Cells(c.Row, 1) = Now
End If
Next c
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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List Box: Save/Restore Previous Selections, Output As Array

Nov 7, 2007

I haven't used List Boxes much previously but decided to use one in this instance because I wanted the capability to make multiple selections. I used the following in a list box called "ListBox_Analysis_Code":

Private Sub ListBox_Analysis_Code_Change()

Dim iPtr As Integer
Dim sTemp As String

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Minimize Outlook

Feb 13, 2007

I have vba code that opens Outlook so I can run code to send emails...

Application.ActivateMicrosoftApp (xlMicrosoftMail)

But I don't want it to be visible, I want it to be minimized.
If I try:

Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
olApp.WindowState = xlMinimized

I get an error "Object doesn't support this property or method" referring to:

olApp.WindowState = xlMinimized

I've tried:

Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

followed later with code to send emails,

Set objol = New Outlook.Application
Set objmail = objol.createitem(olmailitem)
With objmail
.To = EMTo
.cc = EMCC
.Subject = EMSubject
.Body = EMBody
.NoAging = True
.Attachments.Add EMFile
End With

But I get an error "You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation" referring to:

Set objmail = objol.createitem(olmailitem)

Because of the way our network is designed, the only code that works to send emails is:

Application.ActivateMicrosoftApp (xlMicrosoftMail)
Set objol = New Outlook.Application
Set objmail = objol.createitem(olmailitem)
With objmail
.To = EMTo
.cc = EMCC
.Subject = EMSubject
.Body = EMBody
.NoAging = True
.Attachments.Add EMFile
End With

but Outlook remains open the whole time the emails are being sent until it's closed by code later on.

Is there a way to minimize outlook AND use the code above?

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Minimize Application

Feb 13, 2007

i want to minimize the excel application and show a userform on startup.

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Multiple Macro Buttons (radio Buttons)?

Feb 10, 2012

I am trying to create a worksheet that has multiple radio buttons. Each radio button is linked to a Macro. I need there to be many buttons running down one side of the worksheet. Each button needs to perform a macro that is relevant to the cells in the same row that it is on.

Essentially what i am trying to do is make a macro that when the button is pressed copys data from H6 and paste it into B6. The button is situated above I6. I need a button for each row from 6 to 110.

While this macro is easy to create (i use the record button and then assign the macro to the button), i would have to do this 104 times and assign a new macro to each button.

Is there a quicker way?

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Change The Color Of Buttons Or Command Buttons

Mar 14, 2007

Is it possible to change the color of buttons or command buttons? There does not seem to be any place that allows this under properties for buttons, although there does for command bars. However, I've tried recording a macro as I change the color, but nothing get's recorded so I'm not sure what the syntax would be.

I have a spreadsheet with several buttons and I'd like them to change colors as they are pressed so it's possible to see what you've already done. And then, as soon as any other cell on the sheet is changed, the buttons reset color.

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Compile Error On Close Of Excel 2003 But Not On Close Of Workbook

Mar 22, 2012

I am using Excel 2003.

It’s been working perfectly up until around an hour ago. However, now when I close Excel, I get compile errors.

These compile errors seem to be because Excel is trying to access controls in the workbook after it has closed. Since the workbook is closed, VBA can no longer ‘see’ the controls, and therefore it thows up errors.

I’m also getting a similar error on a Worksheets("DataExplorer").unprotect line, which seems to be because the worksheet isn’t there after closing.

These errors only occur when I close the whole excel application using the big cross in the top right. If I just close the workbook (using the smaller cross just below the big cross in the top right of excel), it doesn’t throw up these errors.

Just to clarify: all of the code runs perfectly when Excel is open. The errors are being thrown up for lines of code which run without problem until Excel is closed.

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Show A UserForm And Minimize

Mar 29, 2009

I want to UserForm.Show and minimize Excel at the same time then restore Excel when the Form is closed.

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