Multiple Macro Buttons (radio Buttons)?

Feb 10, 2012

I am trying to create a worksheet that has multiple radio buttons. Each radio button is linked to a Macro. I need there to be many buttons running down one side of the worksheet. Each button needs to perform a macro that is relevant to the cells in the same row that it is on.

Essentially what i am trying to do is make a macro that when the button is pressed copys data from H6 and paste it into B6. The button is situated above I6. I need a button for each row from 6 to 110.

While this macro is easy to create (i use the record button and then assign the macro to the button), i would have to do this 104 times and assign a new macro to each button.

Is there a quicker way?

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Selecting Radio Buttons Using A Macro

Oct 20, 2008

I created two radio buttons on a spreadsheet where a user can select
one button for Yes and the other for No. When I right click these
buttons, I notice the names (shown on the left hand side of the
formula bar) are:

Option Button 3 (for No)
Option Button 4 (for Yes)

I'd like to create a macro that automatically selects the Yes or No
button depending on a cell value in another tab. If the cell value is
1, the macro should select Yes. If the value is 0 the macro should
select No.

I tried running the macro below:

Sub testSelectYesOrNo()
If Not IsEmpty(Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1").Value) Then
Select Case Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1").Value
Case Is = 1
Sheets("Sheet1").OptionButton4 = True
Case Is = 0
Sheets("Sheet1").OptionButton3 = True
End Select
End If
End Sub

But when this runs I get a "Run-time error 438 Object doesn't support this property or method"

When I click debug, the text "Sheets("Sheet1").OptionButton4 = True"
was highlighted.

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Radio Buttons.?

Apr 8, 2009

I've got a small problem with radio buttons. I've been asked to add a few to a sheet we use at work, problem I'm having is when I add these new buttons from the forms toolbar and then assign the cell link for them some of the other radio buttons on the sheet asume the cell link of the new buttons and when I change them back the cell link for the new buttons change ? i could understand this problem if I had maybe copied them and modified the copies perhaps but that isn't the case.

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Radio Buttons Reset

May 5, 2008

I am having around 80 - 90 radio buttons in my excel page for filling up the forms, but each time i need to give this to a new user i have to reset all the buttons manually, is there any way where in i can do this in one go and all the radio buttons are reset at once without me doing this manually.

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Action From Radio Buttons

Feb 16, 2007

What code do I need to have behind a command button to carry out an action (for example select cell A1 or B1) depending on which one of two radio buttons are selected? I have tried:

Sub Button23_Click()
If Opt1 Then
End If
End Sub

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Can't Delete Text Box Or Radio Buttons?

Feb 22, 2013

I have inherited a spreadsheet that has a text box and a radio form that I cannot delete for the life of me. I can't click to select either one nor right click to do anything. I have an "Approve" and "Reject" button on top of them and those work great. But how do I delete the others?

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Resetting All Radio Buttons Within Worksheet

Feb 25, 2013

I am creating scorecards for our company and ratings are inputted using radio buttons (form control). I have a "clear" macro that clears all fields and radio button values (none is ticket). This macro is called throughout different sheets, as different roles in the company have different KPIs and should be on different sheets. I need a code that detects all radio buttons within a certain sheet and clear their values. I cannot put specific radio button names, as I have a lot.

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Autofilter Based On Radio Buttons?

Feb 18, 2014

I need to filter data from row 87 downwards depending on the choices above. Some of the choices could be only one like in the measurement type. That I can take care of but what if the choice is more than one, it could be four and it is not fixed. Is that possible in autofilter? This is when they go to checkboxes where they may have many option. The mounting part is best example of many options. This is the part I can't incorporate to macro. It's somoething dynamic. I can't make my filter autoadjust. So essentially,I wanted to automatically edit the filtering based on those 10 criteria, which is also in ten different columns.Sample work.xlsm

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Cannot Delete Textbox Or Radio Buttons

Feb 22, 2013

I have inherited a spreadsheet that has a text box and a radio form that I cannot delete. I can't click to select either one nor right click to do anything. I have an "Approve" and "Reject" button on top of them and those work great. But how do I delete the text box and reject radio button?

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Radio Buttons In Protected Sheet

Aug 6, 2008

I have a pair of radio buttons on an Excel 2007 sheet. I want the buttons to be clickable, but have the sheet protected.

Both are defined as unlocked. The Group containing the two buttons is also defined as unlocked.
But when I protect the sheet, one of the two buttons gets the pop-up saying the cell is protected - the other button is fine. I've even tried unlocking the cells behind the buttons, but it still pops up.

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Excel - Adding Radio Buttons / Checkboxes

Apr 3, 2014

I was viewing this thread here: [URL] ...

How to add checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Using VBA To Link Radio Buttons To Display An Observation

Dec 15, 2008

I work in the science field and I'm trying to record an observation with some codes within a template. I have 5 different codes (A-E) to choose from and want to display the code that the person has chosen for each of the 6 compounds they are working with.

I started creating these command radio buttons with some code to display the results in part particular cell, but I would need to do this 30 times linking each group together to get what I want. I know there's an easier way to do this but ....

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Using Enter To Select Radio Buttons Or Checkboxes?

Feb 14, 2012

just wondering if there's a way i can make the Radio buttons and check-boxes in my forms select-able by hitting enter? My form is quite long and it takes too much time for users to always have to grab the mouse and click the box, if they could just tab to the radio box or check box and hit enter to select it it would be awesome!

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Group Radio Buttons & Link To Cells

Jul 31, 2007

I am trying to make a basic worksheet that will have radio buttons. I have searched around for about 2 hours and can not find any documentation on how exactly to create a buttons and make it do what I want. I have also tried F1 in Excel but that hasn't helped any either. I did stumble uppon a file called "Options.xls" when searching this forum but it does not explain how the buttons were made. The only thing i can figure out how to do is basically insert a button onto the document, and rename the label of the button that's about it. I basically want to create a group of (3) or so buttons. If button A is picked, cell D1 will display "x". If button B is picked, cell D1 will display "y", and so on. Is there a link to an example out there that shows how to create and use buttons?

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Checkbox Or Radio Buttons That Make Other Cells Appear Or Disappear?

Jun 17, 2014

by using radio buttons or checkbox, or anything similar. Based on the answer, I would like cells to appear below the question, for example in B3 another question would be "how many guests would you like to invite?" and B2 would be their answer but is preset to "0"

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Radio Buttons Macros Hyperlinks And Moving Back?

Sep 6, 2002

I'd like to insert some radio buttons in a worksheet that activate a hyperlink to a web page and then be able to go back to where I started (ie the radio button)

I can link the button to a macro which was a recording of clicking on a hyperlink. The trouble is when I hit the return arrow to return to the sheet from the web page I go back to the location of the hyperlink not where I started from.

Is there a way to do this with the buttons.

If I can rearrange the sheet to allow for more narrow columns I may be able to just use the hyperlink friendly name argument and do it that way but I'm not so sure I can insert more narrow columns without messing up the layout of the whole sheet. With a button I can float several of them over an area regardless of the width of the columns.

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Pivot Table With Tick Boxes And Radio Buttons

Oct 18, 2006

every week i send out a pivot table to different project co-ordinators and would like a way of having simple option button so that they can have the data by "hours" or "costs" and can use tick boxes for the row fields they want to show, for example, "profession", "workstage"," name","cost rate". The page field will always be "Project" and the Column Field will always be "Period" and " Date"

I then want the pivot table to change automatically to their choices. I am pretty basic with VBA so may need explanantions too. It would save me sending out 10 versions of a pivot table all feeding off the same data! They could actually do something themselves! (i know they could drag the fileds they want into the areas they need them but trust me when i say they are not that advanced, they are good at ticking!!)

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Radio Buttons To Behave Similar To The Forms Version Of The Button

Dec 17, 2009

I'm trying to create a form using radio buttons from the "Forms Tool Bar" and not sure I shouldn't be using the "Control Tool Bar"

I've got multiple buttons and wanted to group them so i used the "Group Box" from the Forms tool bar but now there's a box around the buttons (I've turned off Printing for the box) that gets in the way of other text on sheet. I did some searching and thought I read where you could also use the drawing tool bar and draw a rectangle around the buttons which would then let them operate independent of other groups of buttons but that doesn't seem to work so I'm guessing I imagined it. I also noticed that if you don't draw the "Group Box" around the hole radio button box, they don't work with others in the same "Group Box"

I'm not sure if I should use the buttons in the "Control Tool Bar" but I'm thinking I should so that I have the flexibility should I decide to do something different in the future. I'm thinking about using the buttons to hide a sheet as well as select the sheet for printing, but for now one hurdle at a time.

Lastly I tried looking up some information on how to get the "Control Tool Bar" radio button to behave similar to the "Forms" version of the button (i.e. click the button and it appears to alternate from other buttons in the group), however when I place my mouse over the button it selects it rather than letting me change it's state from true to false.

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Multiple Macro Buttons REMOVAL

Jul 10, 2009

I need a VBA code to remove multiple macro buttons from 31 multiple excel sheets with a single click.

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Change The Color Of Buttons Or Command Buttons

Mar 14, 2007

Is it possible to change the color of buttons or command buttons? There does not seem to be any place that allows this under properties for buttons, although there does for command bars. However, I've tried recording a macro as I change the color, but nothing get's recorded so I'm not sure what the syntax would be.

I have a spreadsheet with several buttons and I'd like them to change colors as they are pressed so it's possible to see what you've already done. And then, as soon as any other cell on the sheet is changed, the buttons reset color.

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Call One Macro From Multiple Buttons - With Specifics As Needed

May 10, 2009

I've searched through the forums for this information, and I have found a couple of similar issues that have been solved, but copy+pasting the code into my form has not had favorable results.

Basically, here is what I am after:

I have a sheet that already has 4 buttons active, with a handful of other subs that they are calling. I am wanting to be able to add new buttons and have them call a universal macro that will forward them to my existing subs. However, I'm wanting a variable to be set based on the Caption of the button that was clicked. For example:

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Create Multiple Buttons All Assigned To Macro Code

Mar 6, 2008

I'd like to write a macro to create buttons with the caption "Fix" in over 300 cells. Furthermore, I would like each button, when pressed to run a macro that would copy and paste the values (paste special) of the entire row in which the button is situated as well as copy and "paste special" the values in the fixed cells $J$2, $K$2,$L$2, and $M$2. I've attached a file to clarify what I'm sure is an extremely convaluted statement of my problem.

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Color Multiple Buttons

Jan 27, 2010

I'm using this crude code to color multiple buttons at once. My query; Is there a way to make this code quicker and thus shorter?

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Buttons Available On Multiple Sheets?

Feb 4, 2012

I have a workbook with 20 worksheets. Sixteen of them represent the months and quarters of the year. On those 16 sheets, I would like to have two buttons (32 buttons in all). One button is to print (and does quite a bit of formatting) the report for that month and the other submits the report (formats, saves, and e-mails notifications) after the user completes it.

Rather than having to maintain 32 buttons, I would prefer to have two buttons that are available to each of the 16 sheets. Is there a way to do this?

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Multiple Toggle Buttons

Dec 9, 2008

I am having a small issue with my toggle buttons.

I have approximately 20 sheets that all have 4 toggle buttons on them. Coded as below (with different ranges for each button). So when I wrote them I took the easy (for me anyway) way and copied all the code for all the buttons in each sheet. (Buttons are named Zoom1, Zoom2 etc.)
Private Sub Zoom1_Click()
If Zoom1.Value = True Then
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 143
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=-10, Down:=-10
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 75
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=-10, Down:=-10
End If
End Sub.........

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How To Use Multiple Buttons To Assign Different Value To A Cell

Jul 1, 2014

There are 10 rows of data, and would like to assign value at the end of each row as "initiated" "In the process" "Needs to be Reviewed" "Completed", by using Buttons with different macros.

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Simplifying Formula For Multiple Buttons?

May 5, 2014

I have a series of rows and columns. Each intersection has a formula. I want to be able to manually enter text in the cells that contain formulas but then click a button next to the row if I want the formulas back. Here's what I have written so far. Is there an easier way to write these OR is there a more streamlined way of accomplishing what I'm after? There will be about 39 rows and 39 associated buttons.

(The screenupdating lines are there just because I don't want the screen to flash in any way when I click the button)

Sub Button1_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Range("C28") = "=IF(AF74=0,"""",AF74)"
Range("G28") = "=IF(AG74=0,"""",AG74)"


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Convert Multiple Hyperlinks To Buttons

Jan 7, 2010

Can hyperlinks be converted to buttons
I've a large number of links so a global conversion is what I'm hoping for.

P.S. I'm running Excel 2010

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If Statment To Hide Multiple Labels And Buttons In Vba

Sep 3, 2009

I would like for the If statment to hide multiple labels and buttons. How can I add more than one condition after Else:?

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Macro Buttons Or Icons In The 07

Jul 15, 2009

I have been using Excel for some time now but just started working back with the Macros! Finally figured out that you had to turn on the Designer tab to get to some of the functionality of the macros. I havenít been able to find ANYTHING ANYWHERE to tell me how to create buttons or Icons in the 07 Excel!

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