Restore Cell Default Format

Jun 27, 2007

In a worksheet, I should have selected the region where data is present, and center align all the cells. Instead, I selected the entire worksheet and did the same, so that whenever new data comes in the relative cells are already formatted. This has caused the workbook size to increase dramatically. (So, I assume that changing a cell property from the default value uses some memory). Is there a way to restore the format of the blank cells to the default values, so that memory is freed and the workbook size decreases again?

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Excel 2013 :: How To Restore Default VBA Libraries

May 21, 2014

Any way to restore the default reference libraries that are checked the first time you open Tools => References in VBA in Excel 2013. I think I accidentally unclicked something that's necessary to run the program, and I can't find a "default restore" option or anything of that sort.

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Default Date Format

Aug 28, 2008

In a new worksheet, I enter the following inputs:
Input # 1: 08/26/08 and see 8/26/2008
Input # 2 (in a different cell): 08/26 and see Aug-26
Input # 3 (in the same cell as #2 because I didn't like the result I saw): 08/26/08 and I still see Aug-26

Question: The desired result I would like to see in all three cases is: 8/26/2008
Would someone please explain:
1) How do I set the default date to automatically assume current year if I merely enter 08/26 ?
2) Why entering 08/26 is such a grievous sin that I should so horribly point Excel in the wrong direction - or at least until I reformat that cell?

System info: Windows XP Pro & Office 2003
Regional Settings: short date format M/d/yyyy

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Changing Default Exponential Format

Jan 28, 2014

In excel if it changes number to exponential format it would default to, for example if number is 12345 -> 1.2345e4, 0.012345 ->1.2345e-2

I was wondering it is possible to which a function to change this default format ie for example 0.012345 -> 12.345e-3

I basically want this kind of formatting as its would display information in terms of milli, micro, pico (or the opposite side kilo, mega, giga and so on).

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Make New Default Number Format?

Jul 15, 2013

I like to make my numbers with no decimals, with a comma. This means I have to constantly press a number of buttons to put them in the format I want. Not too big a deal but is there a way I can make one of the buttons in the number group default to the way I want the numbers to appear?

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Change Default Date Format

Oct 3, 2006

i am trying to change the date format for the B column.

if you look the format for this column is dd/mm/yyyy, BUT, it is not. the real format should be mm/dd/yyyy.

ex. 08/01/2006 (mm/dd/yyyy) but excel thinks it is dd/mm/yyyy

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Change Default Format Of Cells

Jul 1, 2008

whenever i start a new worksheet in the workbook, it's format is set as custom format. At the same time, whatever pivot table draw will be in this custom format. Is there anyway i can change the default format back to general? There is also a sample attached...The actual db is kinda more complex than that but there is a limitation of 40kb so...Is there any other preferred website to upload files?

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How To Change Default Worksheet Number Format

Nov 26, 2012

I have a large project with many worksheets. Somehow I managed to change the default number format for new worksheets to Time. So... when I create a new worksheet and paste stuff into it I get everything in AM/PM. How can I change the default number format to Number?

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Set Default Column Data Format To TEXT?

Jan 30, 2013

In Text to Columns, is it possible to set the default column data format to TEXT?

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Excel 2010 :: How To Reset Workbook Default Format To General

Jan 25, 2011

Using Excel 2010 - I have a large workbook with multiple worksheets - been using it succesfully every day for a long time. All of a sudden every empty cell, and any cell not specifically formated in every worksheet has a default cell format of Time. Any new workbook created is OK.. defaults to 'General' - But, if I add a new blank worksheet to this particular workbook it defaults to 'Time' format. How did the default cell format for this workbook become set to 'Time' from 'General' and how do i fix it?

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Default Chart / Graph Format Copied When Pasted Into Word?

Aug 28, 2012

I work with a team of users that are continually publishing reports in Word that contain charts and graphs copy and pasted from Excel into Word 2010.

We have a custom script that leverages a PDF engine to automatically convert .doc files to .PDF files that we distribute electronically to our clients. This all works great, but only if all my users select 'paste special' and Enhanced Metafile Format when adding their excel charts into our reports. Most of these people aren't tech savvy, and I'm havin ga hell of a time getting them to follow this workflow and am hoping there's a way in Office 2010 to select the default paste from excel into word when the content is a chart.

It seems like the default paste from excel is an embedded chart/graph that you can then further manipulate each component of the chart in Word; the default doesnt' paste an actual image. I am assuming the pdf renderer is using a lower resolution .PNG version of the image and when these are scaled for print and or pdf, they look like crap.

Is htere anyway I can automatically change the default paste format for the chart from excel into word to be an EMF/EMV (enhanced metafile?) Either thorugh the registry or some other saveable setting?

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Restore Validation Using VBA

Nov 28, 2007

I want to do is allow a user to choose entries from a data validation list and then they can remove the validation to make some edits to the selection. I have it set up so that they can do this by clicking on a command button that will remove validation for the selected cells.

What I want to now do is to be able to restore the validation in case they have made an error. My first thought was to have a hidden "Master" sheet that has all the relevant validation in it and then when the user picks a range to restore validation to, just copy the cells from the "Master" back to the working sheet (it should be noted that the range to restore validation to may contain cells with different validation). I'm sure the code for this is quite simple but I am still learning. The steps I want to do are:

1. Store the range of cells chosen on the worksheet
2. Go to the Master worksheet and select the same range
3. Copy the range from the Master worksheets back to the same range on the original worksheet.

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Restore My Settings

Mar 26, 2007

i made XL App settings in a way suits my needs...........

Is there a code to restore these settings when i reinstall the XL App ?

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Restore A Previous Save?

Sep 28, 2013

If I erroneously saved over an excel document that is stored on an external drive, is there any way to restore the previous saved document, or am I screwed.

The thumb drive is plugged into a computer that gets backed up onto a network server, but I assume that the external thumb drive is not backed up with the c drive and r drive on the server.

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VBA - Restore All Font Except Formatting?

Mar 19, 2014

I'm a beginner to VBA and I have a dataset with different loan rates for different schools. So far I can highlight rows based on their rate and order them from least to greatest.

What I want is to be able to restore all of the font to default (i.e. undo the highlighting) without changing the format of a specific column of cells (My G column, with the loan rates, goes from Percentage format to General format)

I'm using Selection.ClearFormats, which changes the format of the cells to general as well as it only restores the format of the cells I highlight, rather than the entire worksheet

So basically, how can I delete all formatting of all cells without changing the cell format (Percentage vs General)?

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Restore Excel File After Deleted?

May 26, 2014

i accidentaly deleted excel file how can is recovery it

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Hide Toolbars & Restore Visibility

Aug 13, 2007

I have a procedure that stores the Commandbar names and visibility settings in an array on open. Another procedure hides all Commandbars on open and restores their original visibility settings on close. For some reason the "Standard" and " Formatting" toolbars don't return to visible on close.

My error log says "08/13/07 18:21:37 [QA.xls]MCommandBars.bRemoveMenus(), Error -2147467259: Method 'Visible' of object 'CommandBar' failed". I have tried manually testing the hide/unhide procedure with hard coded settings and checked the correct variables are being sent and all seems to be correct.

I am pretty confident that the procedure to store settings is correct but have included the code just in case, also just noticed the "Standard" and "Formatting" toolbars are the only two visible at programme start.

Public gsaMenus() As String

Public Function bMenuSettings() As Boolean

Const sSOURCE As String = "bMenuSettings()"

Dim bReturn As Boolean
Dim iCounter As Integer
Dim cbrMenu As office.CommandBar

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Disable The 3 Buttons (minimize / Restore And Close)

Feb 26, 2012

I want to disable the three buttons (minimize, restore and close) excel.


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Force Custom View On Restore Down Click

Apr 1, 2008

I need to create a macro that whenever the user clicks the restore down button it will not restore down, but either do nothing, or make the application display full screen. The following code runs when the workbook opens and whenever a different sheet is activated and I would like it to run when the user clicks the restore down button.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
Application.ShowWindowsInTaskbar = False
With ActiveWindow
.DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = False
.DisplayVerticalScrollBar = False
.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False
End With............................

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Restore Excel Undo History After Running Macro?

Jun 11, 2014

I managed to implement a macro that adds a time/date stamp in Column A when any of the subsequent cells in that row are changed. With this now working, I really need the ability to restore the undo history in case a change to the data needs to be reverted.

Sub procedure:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim c As Range
Application.EnableEvents = False
For Each c In Target
If c.Column > 1 And c.Column < 21 Then
Cells(c.Row, 1) = Now
End If
Next c
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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List Box: Save/Restore Previous Selections, Output As Array

Nov 7, 2007

I haven't used List Boxes much previously but decided to use one in this instance because I wanted the capability to make multiple selections. I used the following in a list box called "ListBox_Analysis_Code":

Private Sub ListBox_Analysis_Code_Change()

Dim iPtr As Integer
Dim sTemp As String

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Cell Borders (get Back The Default Cell Bounders)

Jan 16, 2010

If I've defined borders for a range of cells and then, changing my mind, change it to "No Borders", those cells are still different than the normal, non-formated cells. Is there a way to get back the default cell bounders?

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Changing The Default Value Of A Cell

Oct 1, 2009

I've been asked to make an Excel spreadsheet for work that tracks each employee's gross earnings, deductions, and net earnings, as well as calculates the holiday pay. I'm mostly done, but I've run into a problem.

Holiday pay is 4% of the gross earnings. I've got gross earnings in column B, and the formula in the holiday pay column is =PRODUCT(BX,0.04), where X is the row (i.e. in row 4, it is =PRODUCT(B4,0.04).) However, if the cell in BX is empty, the holiday pay displays as 0.04. So for whatever reason, it is assuming that the value of an empty cell is 1. Now, I can solve this by manually entering 0 into every gross earning cell.

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Get Default Value From Cell For Inputbox

Oct 2, 2008

I am working on a production spreadsheet, and I'm trying to figure out the easiest way for my coworkers to enter data into the system. Each shift, we produce from 5-20 different varieties of chips, and we keep track of how much we've made of each. I've decided that a simple ADD and DEL button at the end of each row will work (unless anyone can think of something easier or better, let me know pls).

Cell G3:G30 is where data will be stored for each variety. The default value for each variety is stored in column C. I found a very basic macro that adds a value to a selected cell, but I wish for it to find the default quantity for the variety in that row (changes day to day as per our schedule), and add it to the value in column G. The DEL button will do just the opposite.

I have 3 worksheets that I need this macro in as well (days, afternoons, midnights), but I don't think that will be any problem. I've searched around for a solution, to no avail.

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Cell To Always Show The Default Value

Aug 13, 2007

i want a cell to always show the default value of "tier 1" if its empty.

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Default Cell Value Before User Input

Aug 14, 2013

I need a cell to display a default value (something like "Input Here") which a user can overwrite with a value. When the value is erased, the cell should return to the default. Preferably, it'd be great if the cell reset to the default value whenever the workbook is opened as well (i.e. won't save the user's input value).

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Change Default Cell Color?

Mar 10, 2014

I would like to change the default color of any excel sheet I use to grey from the standard white and I am struggling to find out how this is achieved.

In other words, I am trying to have all cells in the sheets I work with appear grey on my screen by default. A coworker of mine used to work in banking and she has grey cells but does not know how she changed them.

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Get Cell Value For Default Of Text Box In Form?

Jan 15, 2010

Is it possible to get the value of the E39 cell, and use that value as the default text for a text box in a user form?

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Creating A Default Cell Content?

Oct 8, 2008

Is it possible to set the default contents of a cell instead of having it blank? I want a cell to say "No Data" if you have not entered any data into that cell, and when you do, then it is replaced by whatever you entered. If you delete the contents of the cell, it goes back to the "No Data". Hence the "No Data" being the default contents of the cell.

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Cell Enters Default Text In / Or Textbox?

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to get a particular cell to have normal dimensions when not within that cell, but once opened, contains a default text preferably within a text box format/size.

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