Disable Typing In ComboBoxes

Jun 10, 2009

How do I keep users from writing data into ComboBoxes on a UserForm?

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Typing And Adding More?

Dec 24, 2012

When I'm doing cells in a column, there are times where I start a word and it tries to complete the word based on what I wrote before. For example, I'll put Base I, Base II, Base III... etc.

How do I get it to add the word base, but then I can continue typing the numeral after it? I do not want to create another column after with the numeral. So as I type B, A, [click certain button and continue typing] II

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Allow Typing But Not Pasting

Jul 12, 2007

On a sheet of my workbook, I need to allow typing but not pasting. I'm using Workbook, because I'd just as soon not allow pasting anywhere.

If the data is copied from within Excel, this seems to work:

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

but if the data is copied from somewhere outside of Excel, it pastes it anyway.

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Typing In Comboboxs

Nov 14, 2006

I'm in need of a macro that takes data from cells in column A and moves them into different cells. Each block of data includes a company name, contact name, address and usually (but not always) phone, fax, email, website, etc. I want to move each set of contact info into a set of cells that begin in column A, starting with company name. refer to the attached spreadsheet

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Typing Accents In XL 2003

Sep 23, 2007

Is there anyway to type accents in Excel the same way you can do in Word,
for exemple ctrl+' before e gives

I am using the Language setting "US and Western Europe" for Office Language settings.

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Fast Typing With Keywords

Mar 1, 2007

I'm working on an Excel spreadsheet and basicly i'm inserting manually data from a lot of paper forms.

It isn't a dificult thing, but is boring, because I have to do more than 2000 forms per week!
I want to accelerate, and how to do that

Problem: "Address"! The Excel page that i'm working has a column to feel with Addresses manually, but I have a table with all correct Address names from the city that I'm working about in other page.

What I would like is when start typing some keyword from the Address cell, it could show me all the choises of input (based on the correct Address Table)

Excel, by default, show, by exact order, all the choises, already typed on the same collumn.
I don't want that.

- imagine I have the Table 1 (representing the table with all city adresses) with a collumn called 'Address' with:

A1 - Street ZXY
A2 - Avenue QWE
A3 - Street QWE
A4 - Avenue ZXY

when typing on another Table, if I write something like QWE show me the A2 and A3 to choose wich I'm going to feel, and the same to ZXY, showing the A1 and A4. Other thing, if I write QWE street may show A3 also. Keyword is what i'm talking about

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Cell Codes For Less Typing

Aug 11, 2007

Is there a way I can set up the worksheet so that in one cell I can type out for example product codes/numbers and by doing the description for the product will come up in another cell. Rather then copy and pasting very the many different product descriptions?

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Using INI Files With Comboboxes

Jul 22, 2014

I'm thinking of writing a small tool to store user information on certain files.

The user data will be input by means of comboboxes on a userform.

Each combobox will need to contain a list of values previously used for that combobox. (I'm planning to use a separate ini file for each combobox)

All of the user data entered for a file will be saved into a single ini file.

Most of this is straightforward however I'm not good with comboboxes. And working this in with Ini files makes it harder!

I'm struggling with the following concepts:

SOLVED - How do to make a combobox populate with all the values from its ini file
SOLVED - How to identify if a selected value in any combobox is new (i.e. wasn't in the original list presented to the user)
SOLVED - (From above) How to write this new value to that comboboxes ini file (so it will appear in future lists for that combobox)
How to input two values from any given combobox
(From above) How to record two values for one field into the files ini file.

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Comboboxes 2 To List 500 & 225

Aug 27, 2009

i have a table on sheet1
(Names) (Total) (Status)
1. John 500 Active
2. Dave 200 Active
3. Andrew 175 Active
4. John 225 Active

On my userform there are 2 comboboxes. In combobox 1 I have Rowsource as Column A (Names), if I select John I want Combobox 2 to list 500 & 225.

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Tab Between Worksheet Comboboxes

Mar 1, 2008

I'm sure this must have been answered before but I cant find it, sorry.....

I have 12 comboboxes on a worksheet. They are normally filled out by typing the first 3 characters of one of the entries in the list they are populated with.

I.e. the list starts;

AAC - Al Arish - Egypt - HEAR
AAN - Al Ain - United Arab Emirates - OMAN
AAW - Abottabad - Pakistan -

The first 3 character are unique to each line.

I'd like to be able to enter the 3 characters in the first combobox & then tab to the 2nd combobox, etc, etc. No problem in a userform but how on earth do I do that when the comboboxes are on the worksheet?

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Two Comboboxes On A Userform

Jan 20, 2009

I have two comboboxes on a userform, they both get there list from the same formula. What I am trying to do is have the second combobox have it's selection preset based on the selection in combobox 1.

Combobox1 = 6:00 AM
when you click on the dropdown for combobox2 i would like 6:00 AM to be the first selection possible, but I dont want it displayed in the box unless it is selected.

Dim timdat1(1 To 85)
For i = 1 To 85
timdat1(i) = Format(TimeSerial(5, (i + 1) * 15, 0) - Int(TimeSerial(5, (i + 1) * 15, 0)), "h:mm AM/PM")
Next i
combobox1.List = timdat1
combobox2.List = timdat1
i am at a loss for where to go from here

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ComboBoxes Collection?

Jun 20, 2006

I am using the following code to determine whether a given range is the linked cell for a Combo Box by looping through the shapes collection.

Function LocateFormControl(OverRange As Range) As Shape
Dim objTemp As Shape
For Each objTemp In OverRange.Parent.Shapes
If Left(objTemp.name, 6) = "Drop D" Then
If WorksheetFunction.Substitute(objTemp.ControlFormat.linkedcell, "$", "") = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(OverRange.Address, "$", "") Then
Set LocateFormControl = objTemp
Exit Function
End If
End If
Set LocateFormControl = Nothing
End Function

However, when I use this code on big worksheets with many other shape objects (such as Comments), the program runs very slowly. Is there a ComboBoxes Collection that I could use to avoid looping through all shapes on the worksheet, or is there a different, faster way to run this code?

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Date Entry Without Typing Dashes?

Feb 28, 2006

I want to type "121505" in a cell and it display 12-15-05. What formatting do I use?

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Typing EMail Address Without Hyperlink

Jul 26, 2009

When I type a eMail address, such as: " myemail@hotmail.com " into any cell and then touch enter, it automatically becomes a hyperlink coloring it blue and underscored. I do not want it to be a hyperlink, for when it is a hyperlink, I have to click on remove hyperlink.

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Automatic Cell Lock After Typing?

Nov 23, 2012

I want to learn how i can able to do a function or ... to LOCK a Cell automatically after editing or typing and no one able to edit it again without entering Password.

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Search By Typing In First Letter Into Dropdown Box

Mar 14, 2013

I have been working on a Software Audit list that has been created by someone else. He has created an Application Colum and under that is a drop down box. I want to be able to search by typing in the first letter, i.e. 'S' but currently I just have to scroll down.

Do I need to create and Active X Combo Box to do this or is there another way? Also, is it possible to search on the first two letters, i.e. 'se'?

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Turn Off Messages While Typing Code

Oct 31, 2008

Is there a way to turn off those annoying error message boxes that pop-up when a line of code is incorrect? I pretty frequently go to another area of code to grab some previous code to copy and paste, and the error message box pops-up, so I have to hit OK to close it. It would be nice if it still highlighted the problem red, but I'd even give that up for those boxes to go away.

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Prevent User From Typing On Worksheet?

Feb 11, 2009

I have tables on a spreadsheet and userforms created. Is there anyway to prevent users from just typing on the worksheet so they will have to use the userform?

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Stopping User From Typing In Textbox

Jul 4, 2009

I have a textbox in a user form that I'm using as a way for someone to view what I've written but not for them to write in. Is there a way to easily disable them from writing in the text box?

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Block Users From Typing In A Combo Box

Dec 23, 2009

I have an issue with a user form I have created. When users open the form there are certain options (ie location) which are a combo box and I only want users to be able to select one of the drop down options.

Sadly they can also type in the combo box. How do I block users from typing in a combo box in a user form so that they are forced into selecting one of the drop down options.

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Running Macro After Typing Into A Cell?

Mar 23, 2012

Is it possible to have a macro run as soon as there is text typed into cell A2? Basically, I have a form that needs to be filled out, but somehow, users forget to put their name in the box. So I don't want any information to be able to be typed in until a name is entered.

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Auto Jump To The Immediate Right Cell After Typing Any No

Dec 5, 2007

is it possible to create in Excel something similar to the text box you have when you enter the product key on the text boxes?

like for example, when you need to type 1997 as your id.
when you typed "1" in A1, cursor will automatically move to B1.
when you typed "9" in B1, cursor will automatically move to C1...
and so on..

thus, user that fill in the form does not need to press enter, or right arrow key when inputting their id.

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Automatically Enter To Next Row Once The Typing Has Reach The End

Apr 21, 2009

Is there a way that Excel can automatically enter to next row once the typing has reach the end.

Example: I have 5 columns (A to E) and I am typing at column A. While typing, the text will go along to cell B, C, D and E. The problem is, if I don't manually go to next row and continue typing, the text will go to column F, G and so on. Is there a way where excel can automatically jump to next row if the text has reach column E?

Another problem is, say I have 3 rows full of text (column A to E). If I edit one of the row to exter some new texts, the whole sentence will go along to column F, G and so on. What I can do now is, re-edit all the rows to adjust them back.

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Stop User Typing In A Combobox

May 11, 2007

how to write VBA to stop user typing in a combobox but only choose from the dropdown list?

SO that to avoice any device I/O error.

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Change Font Color While Typing

May 11, 2007

Is there a macro or code snippet that can change the color of the font while i am typing in the cell. Means that if the font color int he cell is originally RED, i can type and change it to another color using VB code.

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Shorten Code Typing Methods

Aug 11, 2007

Instead of typing out my code hundreds of times, I would like to replace it with an abbreviation or variable(?). Here is my example. If I have this in the wrong place please let me know. I want to replace Activecell.Interior.Colorindex with ACIC. I tried to Dim ACIC as range, variant, string...to no avail. In combination I Set ACIC = Activecell.Interior.Colorindex and that didn't work. I have been toiling with VBA for a year and I am still trying to learn the terminology and understand it so please forgive me if I seem really NOOBIE. :-)

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Populate Comboboxes And Listboxes Using VBA

Apr 12, 2010

Looking for examples of the following:

1. population a combobox in excel vba using code as opposed from a sheet
2. population a listboxin excel vba using code as opposed from a sheet
3. population a combobox in excel vba using text from a file as opposed from a sheet
4. Getting the values from a combobox on a form to populate cells on a worksheet

These list boxes and comboboxes will be on a form.

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Using Indirect Function With Comboboxes

Apr 22, 2011

I totally understand how to make the combobox under form controls now but I am not having any success with the indirect function I was using as a list now that I have a combo box. I have attached the current form I am working on that just shows the list function still. How to convert this over to combo boxes with the indirect function?

I attached a second form with the feature I am asking about. It is just lacking the third list that I now have in place. (on the 1st attachment).

Attached Files

File Type: Corp MASTER (3).xlsx‎
File Type: Quote form (2).xlsx‎

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Populate 5 Comboboxes With Values 1 - 10

Mar 3, 2014

Within a userform, I want to populate five combo boxes and with the values of 1 - 10. I looked through several excel websites and found several solutions. However, I could not figure out how to adopt their solutions to my specific case.

My naming convention for the combo boxes are: cmboPeriod1, cmboPeriod2, ... , cmboPeriod5.


I know my with statement is incorrect. I know the compiler will automatically think 'cmboPeriod' is a variable. I just don't know how to get it 'cmboPeriod & j' to do what I really intend for it to do.

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Add Comboboxes On Userform At Run Time

May 7, 2009

I have a userform that has a text box. If user puts a number in it and click on proceed the userform must expand and display that many comboboxes. for e.g. if user inputs 8 and then click on proceed then there should be 8 comboboxes on the form. Is it possible to do?

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