Cell Codes For Less Typing

Aug 11, 2007

Is there a way I can set up the worksheet so that in one cell I can type out for example product codes/numbers and by doing the description for the product will come up in another cell. Rather then copy and pasting very the many different product descriptions?

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Automatic Cell Lock After Typing?

Nov 23, 2012

I want to learn how i can able to do a function or ... to LOCK a Cell automatically after editing or typing and no one able to edit it again without entering Password.

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Running Macro After Typing Into A Cell?

Mar 23, 2012

Is it possible to have a macro run as soon as there is text typed into cell A2? Basically, I have a form that needs to be filled out, but somehow, users forget to put their name in the box. So I don't want any information to be able to be typed in until a name is entered.

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Auto Jump To The Immediate Right Cell After Typing Any No

Dec 5, 2007

is it possible to create in Excel something similar to the text box you have when you enter the product key on the text boxes?

like for example, when you need to type 1997 as your id.
when you typed "1" in A1, cursor will automatically move to B1.
when you typed "9" in B1, cursor will automatically move to C1...
and so on..

thus, user that fill in the form does not need to press enter, or right arrow key when inputting their id.

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Typing Formula Into Cell - No Result Displayed

Aug 15, 2014

I'm typing the formula straight into the cell and funny thing happens: the cell displays the formula, but not the result...

SO now I can see =A2+B2 and no values.

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Typing 230713 Into Cell Comes Out As 01/09/2531 Instead Of 23/07/13 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Feb 24, 2014

when I type a 6 digit date into Excel cells formatted to dd/mm/yyyy very strange dates are being displayed. Tried opening a new book - just the same result. All is ok typing with the / in between but I don't usually have to do that. Regional settings have been checked and formatting etc.

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Using Selected Cell Instead Of Typing Input Into Vlookup?

Jan 26, 2009

Is it possible to click on a cell and use the cell info as the input data for a search instead of typing data into a cell for a vlookup?

For example, I have a spreadsheet with numbers corresponding to stock codes. Would it be posible to just click on the stock number to return the information on the stock (levels, sizes etc...) instead of typing the stock code in for a vlookup calculation.

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Dropdown List (DV) Doesn't Work Same As Typing In Cell

Aug 26, 2013

I have written code in which cell color changes according to cell value. To change cell value I have used drop down list (Data/Validation/List). Main question/problem is code works well when cell value is changed by typing from keyboard only.

Code doesn't work when cell value is changed using drop down list.

Attached is the test file : Test_26082013.xls

Also refer link [URL] .....

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Auto Fill A Cell With A Color When Typing A Number?

Jul 2, 2014

When I type numbers in the cells from D4 to D14, E4 to E14 and so on, the particular cell should turn into "Green". All the the cells will remain "yellow" and blank until numbers are entered based on the daily cleaning of machines. When particular machine no is entered in to a cell cell, that cell should turn green(this shows that "service is done for that machine")

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Adding Data By Row Based On Typing In Cell Contained In Row

Mar 10, 2009

I've built (but not completed) a spreadsheet used to organize multiple Bill of Material lists. This list is a row-by row list of products with information relating to a specific part number including: Mfg, Part#, Qty Used, Cost Ea, Vendor, among many more.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish first. As this list grows, my intension is the be able to recall a row of data (or control what columns of the row are recalled) from this list and be able to easily add them to the list. I would like to be able to do this by typing in data in one cell in the row (like the Part#), and then have a macro or VB code that will automatically fill in a defined number of columns with the descriptive data like: Mfg, Cost Ea, Vendor, etc.

Currently, the data for the rows (if it already exists) would reside higher up in the list on the same worksheet but could also potentially be on another tab in the workbook.

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By Typing Specific Text Into Cell A1, It Will Know What Goes In Cell B1

Apr 3, 2008

I am creating a spreadsheet that when I type the product series in cell A1, it will automatically know to enter the corresponding catalog # into cell B1. I will be doing this for hundreds of product series.

For Example:

If I type AEP into cell A1, the worksheet will automatically enter #123 into cell B1,

If I type DEB into cell A2, the worksheet will automatically enter #458 into cell B2,

and so on...

I understand that I will have to create a master list with what series goes with each catalog #, but I am not to sure where to go from there?

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Formula Must Ignore Typing A Letter In A 24hr Format Cell!?

Oct 15, 2009

Well following on from my question earlier, I am still playing with my timesheet/rota I'm developing.

I have a start time and an end time, which is formatted as hh:mm then an hours cell which adds them up for you.

BUT if someone is on a rest day or a holiday day or a sick day etc, I would like them to be able to type that in without the cell that adds the hours up going doo laly!!!!! (######)

So, is there anyway they can type say 'R' and then getting the hours total cell to ignore it because it isn't a time?

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If Statement Limit Workarounds: Convert Various Codes From One Column Of Spreadsheet Into Different Codes In Another Column

May 5, 2006

I'm trying to convert various codes from one column of an excel spreadsheet into different codes in another column. I was able to accomplish this with "If" statements, however I'm only able to string together seven of these statements in one command. Is there a better way to add formulas for more than seven conversions? Below is a copy of what I've done so far with the seven converts:


I want to add about 15 more codes to convert within this formula but it's maxed out in the format I'm using.

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When Typing To A Cell Check If This Number Exist In A Range Of Cells (in Sheet 2)

Nov 28, 2008

I need help to this : When i type a number to a cell and press enter , i want to check if this number exist in a range of cells (in sheet 2) , and if exists , excel show me a message. Actually i use it for my *** club. Number is the client code. When i writte 50 in a cell , i need from excel to check if this client own me money , and show me some message..

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VBA Codes (track Changes) On One Cell

Feb 21, 2009

I created a financial forecast model from scratch. The model is self-contained and has no external links.


Before firing a question at you, let me explain briefly how the model works. I have an assumptions tab, several costs tab from various departments that ultimately feed the Results tab (target price on a monthly basis) . Let's assume that my target price is on line 200. To me more specific, for Jan09, the target price is on B200, Feb09 on C200 and so on.

Management will feed the model themselves, given that they are assigned specific areas that they can input their forecast.

Issue or question to you

I would like to track historical changes to the price on line 200 on my target page. That is for every individual change and their impact on price.

To illustrate this let assume the following:

Let say User A made several changes on his forecast, I would like the macro to automatically record the individual change that has been made and the impact it had on the target price on line 200.

Assume that User A made two changes on his forecasting sheet. He increased the cost of supplies by $50,000 (on one cell) and increased the cost of labour by $10,000 (on another cell).

What I would love to have is a macro that would record the changes that User A changed; (i.e. cell, tab, user) after he entered the $50,000 and after he entered the $10,000. This would be recorded on a separate sheet.

Thus, immediately he entered the $50,000 on the cell and press it would record the change and the impact it had on price on the target page. Then when he entered the $10,000, it would do the same.

The format of the "changes sheet" that would contain the changes would look something like this:

USER..Date..Cell changed...Tab..From value..To value. Price Before Price after Impact (Price before less price after)

I am aware that there's a lot of details but if you don't understand the issue, it's very difficult for you to resolve.

I assume that it requires a VBA code of some sort to set this up. Given that I am not familiar (a true dummy) with VBA, I would need like a step by step instruction.

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Cell Colour Pallete Codes For Commands

Oct 18, 2008

where I can find the colour pallette codes for commands like, as my suck it see method of guessing the right colour is pretty time cosuming.
selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 34

and secondly, can rgb be used to fill cells colour i.e. something like
range.colour or background whatever the command is. rgb(255,255,255)

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Post Codes To Autofill Suburb Cell And Matching More

Apr 7, 2008

I am working on a large volume spreadsheet comprising of the usual mailing list fields such as first name, surname, company, address1, address 2 , suburb, state, postcode etc etc

Is there a way for Excel to auto fill a line of details (or display a list the matching entries)?

this way, i can start to enter a semi-unique field such as surname, company or address and a list of matching entries pop up for me to select the best fit.

I then would fill in the remaining data.

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Data Validation To Automate Budget Codes In Cell Range?

May 6, 2014

Data Validation setup: "Allow" is: List "Source" is: =$E$12:$E$15


The codes in E column are what is entered in a worksheet range (user cannot see the list). Needed is to show both the two-character code in column E and the text definitions in column F in the dropdown. As data validation now works, users only see the two-character code and are not remembering what the code stands for - they need to see the definition.

Is there a way to show both the two-character code from column E along with the text in column F? When user selects, only the code would be entered in the target cell. (Is data validation the correct technique?)

I have set this problem up in closely located cells to construct the issue. In reality, the validation list is well off-screen from where the user is actually inserting the codes and there are many more codes/definitions.

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Forumla To Give A Starting Number And Take One Away Each Time A Code Or Codes Are Dislayed In A Cell Range

Mar 22, 2009

In 1 cell i need a forumla to give me a starting number and take one away each time a code or codes are dislayed in a cell range. Something like this

A1 = 23 days or any number days i needed

Cell range B1:C52

every time a selected 1 or 2 letter code appears in the cell range i want A1 to subtract 1 day from the starting number, i would need it to subtract half a day if one code appears ie HD, the codes may be P, OT, HD

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Typing And Adding More?

Dec 24, 2012

When I'm doing cells in a column, there are times where I start a word and it tries to complete the word based on what I wrote before. For example, I'll put Base I, Base II, Base III... etc.

How do I get it to add the word base, but then I can continue typing the numeral after it? I do not want to create another column after with the numeral. So as I type B, A, [click certain button and continue typing] II

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Allow Typing But Not Pasting

Jul 12, 2007

On a sheet of my workbook, I need to allow typing but not pasting. I'm using Workbook, because I'd just as soon not allow pasting anywhere.

If the data is copied from within Excel, this seems to work:

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

but if the data is copied from somewhere outside of Excel, it pastes it anyway.

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Typing In Comboboxs

Nov 14, 2006

I'm in need of a macro that takes data from cells in column A and moves them into different cells. Each block of data includes a company name, contact name, address and usually (but not always) phone, fax, email, website, etc. I want to move each set of contact info into a set of cells that begin in column A, starting with company name. refer to the attached spreadsheet

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Typing Accents In XL 2003

Sep 23, 2007

Is there anyway to type accents in Excel the same way you can do in Word,
for exemple ctrl+' before e gives

I am using the Language setting "US and Western Europe" for Office Language settings.

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Disable Typing In ComboBoxes

Jun 10, 2009

How do I keep users from writing data into ComboBoxes on a UserForm?

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Fast Typing With Keywords

Mar 1, 2007

I'm working on an Excel spreadsheet and basicly i'm inserting manually data from a lot of paper forms.

It isn't a dificult thing, but is boring, because I have to do more than 2000 forms per week!
I want to accelerate, and how to do that

Problem: "Address"! The Excel page that i'm working has a column to feel with Addresses manually, but I have a table with all correct Address names from the city that I'm working about in other page.

What I would like is when start typing some keyword from the Address cell, it could show me all the choises of input (based on the correct Address Table)

Excel, by default, show, by exact order, all the choises, already typed on the same collumn.
I don't want that.

- imagine I have the Table 1 (representing the table with all city adresses) with a collumn called 'Address' with:

A1 - Street ZXY
A2 - Avenue QWE
A3 - Street QWE
A4 - Avenue ZXY

when typing on another Table, if I write something like QWE show me the A2 and A3 to choose wich I'm going to feel, and the same to ZXY, showing the A1 and A4. Other thing, if I write QWE street may show A3 also. Keyword is what i'm talking about

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Date Entry Without Typing Dashes?

Feb 28, 2006

I want to type "121505" in a cell and it display 12-15-05. What formatting do I use?

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Typing EMail Address Without Hyperlink

Jul 26, 2009

When I type a eMail address, such as: " myemail@hotmail.com " into any cell and then touch enter, it automatically becomes a hyperlink coloring it blue and underscored. I do not want it to be a hyperlink, for when it is a hyperlink, I have to click on remove hyperlink.

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Search By Typing In First Letter Into Dropdown Box

Mar 14, 2013

I have been working on a Software Audit list that has been created by someone else. He has created an Application Colum and under that is a drop down box. I want to be able to search by typing in the first letter, i.e. 'S' but currently I just have to scroll down.

Do I need to create and Active X Combo Box to do this or is there another way? Also, is it possible to search on the first two letters, i.e. 'se'?

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Turn Off Messages While Typing Code

Oct 31, 2008

Is there a way to turn off those annoying error message boxes that pop-up when a line of code is incorrect? I pretty frequently go to another area of code to grab some previous code to copy and paste, and the error message box pops-up, so I have to hit OK to close it. It would be nice if it still highlighted the problem red, but I'd even give that up for those boxes to go away.

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Prevent User From Typing On Worksheet?

Feb 11, 2009

I have tables on a spreadsheet and userforms created. Is there anyway to prevent users from just typing on the worksheet so they will have to use the userform?

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