Dynamic Named Range For The Product Name On The Product Details Sheet

Dec 24, 2008

I'm working on a order spreadsheet system, and I have one sheet called Product Details, where the product name, list price and product code are found, these link to the Sales order page, and I need them so that they can be added to.

So far, I have created a dynamic named range for the Product name on the Product details sheet, and linked the the range via a list validation on the Sales order sheet.

The drop down list displays the products and can be added to by typing new product names on the other sheet.

What I need now is that when a product on the sales order page is selected, it draws the the list price and product code data automatically from the sheet, I tried using a normal vlookup, but I couldn't get it to work. I also need the list price and product code columns to be 'dynamic' so new values can be added further along.

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Type The Product Id In The A Column Of The Orders Sheet(Sheet2) To Auto Insert The Product Name In The B Column

Jul 16, 2006

In the first sheet I have two columns, one for the product_id and one for the name of the product. So the Sheet1 is like a small database. The second sheet is for the orders.What I want is when I type the product id in the A column of the orders sheet(Sheet2) to auto insert the product name in the B column so i dont have to write it every time.

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Lookup Manufacturing Details Depending On Product Type

Dec 15, 2009

I have created a drop down list of products that we manufacture on a tab in excel. I want to use this list so we can create production/manufacturing paperwork that can be used in our factory.

On other tabs I have created the manufacturing specifications which are a list of specifications and cutting sizes that vary depending on the 1st column /size selected. The rest of the data for follows across.

However for the three products the manufacturing specifications are different so what I want to know is can I create a formula that says if I select product A then look at product A's specification tab, if I select product B select product B's specification tab or if I choose product C then look at product C's specification tab?

I can create a vlookup formula that works for one product and drops the necessary information into a sheet I have designed but I don't know to get it to distinguish the correct cutting info depending on the product type selected.

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Conditional PRODUCT Function Formula (return The Product Of A List Of Numbers In A Column)

Sep 30, 2009

I am trying to use a PRODUCT formula to return the product of a list of numbers in a column, between 2 specified dates. The spreadsheet is arranged as follows:

Column BA list of dates
Column C & DNumerical data not used in any calculations
Column EThe numbers to multiply together
Cell A1Start date to be used in the PRODUCTformula
Cell A2End date to be used in the PRODUCT formula

The formula I have to multiply the data in column E, subject to the start and end dates in Column A is:


This returns zero though works appropriately if I replace “PRODUCT” with a “SUM”.

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Macro For Name Generation From Product To Product With Sizes And Filenames

Jan 30, 2014

I would like to have a Macro to go from the first tab called "Start" and end up with the second tab "End" automatically. BAsically I need to take the product on each line under Tab Start and reproduce it for sizes 35-41 always ending with "-(size)". Then this new Product with Size needs to be multiplied one below the other for as many times as I have pictures (number shown under column B of the tab Start). Next to this value in column B of tab End I'd like the same name listed again but with the number 1, then 2, then 3, etc. as needed and the extension .jpg.

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Product Look Up: Look Up A Product Based On The Number And The Qty

Feb 20, 2009

i need to look up a product based on the number and the qty. see the example attached.

On tab "Printer - S" 1 need to lokup the costs based on the product code 8 and the qty 100. How do i do this and make it adjustable for any range of priduct codes and qtys. Again, becuase this will be used on a Mac Office, i cannot use macros.

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Cell Referencing: Enter A Product Name In One Cell And Have The Price For That Product Automatically Appear In Another Cell

Feb 3, 2009

I'm trying to create a supply order form. Is it possible to enter a product name in one cell and have the price for that product automatically appear in another cell? Is there a formula that I can use to make this happen?

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Delete Random Product From Sheet

May 11, 2009

I have an excel sheet with several thousands products.

I also have an excel sheet with hundreds of products that need to be deleted.

The excel sheet with the products to be deleted have a unique product model number to identify with.

I've been using the "Find" feature to query 1 product at a time. It works but it's slow. Is there quicker way to do this?

For example can I feed a list of Product Models to excel and tell it to delete the items?

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Product If Function For Conditional Range

Oct 30, 2013

Currently trying to calculate the cumulative performance for a range of months. For example, I have the below figures:






I want to create a product if function where if I'm looking back 6, 12, 18 months etc from a specified month (e.g. Sep 2013), it will calculate the product for the range of % (e.g. Apr-Sep for 6 months, Oct 12-Sep 13 for 12 months, etc...). I would imagine it will be =product(1+if(Column A range=6, Column B range))-1.

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Use Vlookup To Output Product Number And Quantities On Separate Sheet

Jun 27, 2013

I am trying to put all my parts with quantities on a seperate sheet called "Parts List" Every time you select a quanity for one of the parts, I want it to pop up on my parts list. This will make it easier to identify the exact parts I want and also the quantity I need. This will be much more convenient then scrolling down my parts list and trying to find the one's with quantities.

I think I need to use a vlookup or even a Macro but I don't know how to go about doing this.

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Link Dynamic Named Range To Another Sheet

Apr 9, 2008

I have a dynamic named range named ’db’ in sheet1. I need to have the same range linked to sheet2 starting in cell A1.

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Sum The Product Formula

Mar 26, 2008

I have a Sumproduct formula that should be resulting in 0. However, it is resulting in a very small number. I have 2 columns of data. The first one contains -169.5, -123.4, -34, -67.4, 169.5, 123.4, 34, and 67.4. The second column contains all 1's. When I create the following formula, =SUMPRODUCT(H27:H35,J27:J35), it results in 5.68434E-14.

Sometimes, when I have different numbers in the first column, but it still adds up to 0, the Sumproduct works.

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Sum Product Formula

Aug 29, 2008

What I need to do is count the number of cases and values of everything written between the first of January and today (242).

I know how to do it by counting the days from the 1st of Jan to today but how can I do it so it automatically updates each day.

This is what I have at the moment.

The product name is in K, the date is in H and the value is in M. The range is from cell 7 to cell 94


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Conditional Product Of Sum

Mar 3, 2009

Maybe I should say conditional product of conditional sum. Eitherway, the values in column J are summed if P is column R for the repective row.

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CSV And Product Database

Feb 6, 2010

uses CSV files for importing product data, problem is both have it formatted differently. What i ideally need is a master file that i can change whenever a price needs changing or product adding, this feeds down into 2 csv files that are formatted for the relevent softwares and then i can use a macro to upload these automaticly at end of day. ive tried using just excel but had no luck, i tried using access and custom reports but keeping getting errors as page size is 35 fields long and doesnt want to export as a csv,

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Sum Product Over Different Workbooks

May 15, 2014

I have Workbook A and Workbook B(csv file)

In workbook one I want to look for a unique code that is in both workbooks and if it is then return a result of the total.

As an example


Code qty
a0YC000000YWPE1MAP 10
a0YC000000YWPE1MAP 1
a0YC000000YWPE1MAP 14

Result I need is 25.

What to type if it is a different workbook and not just a sheet.

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PRODUCT Shows A Value Even If 0*#

Jun 8, 2006

PRODUCT shows a value even if 0*# =IF(H15*I15=0,"",PRODUCT(H15,I15))

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Adding A Condition To Sum Product?

May 6, 2014

I have the following which works just fine

=SUMPRODUCT(--(Table_owssvr[Migration Slot]>= (ActualMigrations!D$3-6)),--(Table_owssvr[Migration Slot]<= ActualMigrations!D$3),
--(Table_owssvr[Department]= $A6))

If I then add a condition ie

=SUMPRODUCT(--(Table_owssvr[Migration Slot]>= (ActualMigrations!D$3-6)),--(Table_owssvr[Migration Slot]<= ActualMigrations!D$3),
--(Table_owssvr[Department]= $A6), --(Table_owssvr[Is_Migrated]="TRUE"))

It returns nothing even though the Is_Migrated is TRUE

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Sum Quantities Of Product By Year

Dec 27, 2013

I have built a pivot table that shows parts used during a period of years. I need creating a formula that would sum each part by a particular year.

The table is as follows

A part number
B date
C total quantity

I want to display the totals on a separate sheet.

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Using PRODUCT For Large Dataset

Jan 6, 2014

I have a set of 5,800+ data points between 0 and 1 that I would like to multiply together. When I use PRODUCT for the whole set, the formula returns 0. However, I can use a smaller subset of the data to return a very small number. I'm curious if Excel has a closest-number-to-0 or number-of-cells-for-PRODUCT limitation. Is there another way to perform this calculation?

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Sum Product Formula With Criteria

Jan 27, 2009

The following formula takes a census of people in our area by date and by hour (sample data attached): =SUMPRODUCT(--(FLOOR(Data!$B$4:$B$39,1/24)<=$B2+C$1)*(Data!$C$4:$C$39>=$B2+C$1))

The formula works great, but I would like to add another component whereby the census will only count someone if they have a certain description (see column A - with color descriptions). So how can I setup the formula, to say, only look at the "red" colors during the same specified dates/times and give me the same type of census...instead of looking at all of the data or creating 50 different ranges for all the colors?

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Sumif/product Formula

Sep 29, 2009

I'm trying to do what I think its a simple formula with Excel 03 but can't get it to work. The info is in two work sheets - A&B.

D Jones 1/2/09 13 Bell
E Smith 1/6/09 12 Smith
F Cox 1/28/09 12 Cox
G Cox 1/28/09 10 Collins
H Collins 1/28/09 11 Jones

In worksheet B, Column 2, I need to pull the SUM of COLUMN 3 IF THE NAMES IN BOTH MATCH AND THE DATES MATCH

I've spent hours tyring to get this thing done!

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Match Certain Criteria To Product?

Dec 21, 2012

I tried to use SUMIFS and VLOOKUPS to resolve the problem, but it didn't work out too well.

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If Product Exists Then Copy To That Row

May 9, 2009

The workbook I have created will allow user to set up records for customer pricing. The code below is the module that will check if the file already exists and if so it will add the new record to that file and If it does not exist it will go to a nother module to create a new workbook.

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Countif, Sumif Or Sum Product

Jan 25, 2010

I have a table with 3 columns,

Project Person Hours

A B 1
A C 2
A B 3

So on project A persion B has worked 4 hours. I seem to be able to use sumproduct for counting how many times the person is in the project but I cannot seem to add on the final hours part.

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Multiple Parameters In Sum Product

Oct 18, 2011

Im currently using the below formula but was wondering if its possible to combine the parameteres that im looking up in coulmn L in sheet one so i dont have to do the formula three times? something along the lines of={"P11111";"P22222";"P33333"}?


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Declaration Of Variable In Sum Product

Aug 14, 2012

I have two issues in SumProduct formula.

1.Formula Def.Cells(c, d).Formula = "=SUMPRODUCT(--(Severity =" & """" & severity_3 & """" & "),
--(OFFSET(Severity,0,4)=" & """" & module & """" & "))"
Where severity_3= Shipping

There are many fields like Shipping, Shipping-UI, Shipping-BE.

I want the formula to consider all the above when severity_3= Shipping and take the count & not only consider Shipping(Shipping*) .

2.Formula test = "0 - Unclassified" Or "Alpha Testing" Or "Beta Testing" Or "Functional - Interface" Or "Functional - Report" Or "Regression Testing" Or "Requirement Review"

when i use the above formula , it is displaying the message "Run-time error'13':Type mismatch There are spaces in the criteria i have used but i am not sure how to resolve this

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Diagonal Sum Product If Formula?

Aug 31, 2012

I am stumped on coming up with a dynamic formula that calculates a value based on an increasing number of "sums of products". Specifically, I need to calculate the total number of repeat users based on a "decaying' repeat rate. In other words, I need it to calculate = Sum[... +(d5*f5)+(d4*g4)+(d3*h3)]

or in equation form:

n = (1, "infinity")
i = {1, 2, ... (n-1)}

"Xn" is the calculated value of repeat users for month "n" (output/result cell)
"mi" is the number of new users (in month i)
"Nn-i" is the column 'number' of the repeat rate value (%) multiplier

Here is a screenshot of the first couple rows to illustrate:

I actually have about 70 months of data (rows) and roughly the same amount of columns representing a decaying repeat rate (70 or so) and these will be increasing as time goes on so I need this formula to be dynamic (i.e. - copy it down the column of (# of repeat users)

I am using Excel for Mac 2011.

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Sum Of Unique Product In Excel?

Nov 29, 2012

Have a data in given format:-






But i want sum of the no with same name, as given below:-





Is there any function / macro to find the sum of the given product in column?

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Use Sum Product On Cells That Contain Formulas

Mar 19, 2014

I have the current formula to use as a count based on 2 criteria.

=SUMPRODUCT((TEXT(Order!A2:A65535,"m/dd/yy")=TEXT('Order Confirmation'!$L$13,"m/dd/yy"))*(Order!H2:H65535>=1)*(Order!A2:A65535"")*(Order!H2:H65535""))

Column A on my Order sheet is an entered date and L13 is a specific date criteria - this works fine on its own
Column H on my Order sheet is a calculated value (cells contain a formula) - this part does not work

I have tried changing the "*" to "," as I have seen suggested elsewhere but this does not work either. I believe that the SUMPRODUCT function is having trouble with the H column because it contains a formula and not an entered value. How to make this work or another way to accomplish the desired outcome?

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