Encourage Enabling Of Macros: Disable Macros When Opening Then The Worksheet Menu Bar And Other Command Bars Are Still Available

Aug 26, 2009

I have an Excel 2003 program that contains macros. One of the macros hides certain command bars and disables the worksheet menu bar. On close the opposite is true. The problem is, if a user uses the disable macros when opening then the worksheet menu bar and other command bars are still available. I would like to hide all of the data sheets and display another sheet that would normally be hidden displaying a message that the macros have to be enabled for the program to work correctly if disable macros is chosen. When the enable macros are used I would like the Error page to be hidden.

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Enabling Macros Without Re-opening Worksheet

Aug 25, 2006

if you open a workbook & choose not to enable macros, is there any way to later change your mind & set macros to enabled without having to close & reopen the workbook?

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Disable Macros On Opening Using Vba

Feb 22, 2007

I have created an Excel template that the company sends out to suppliers to provide us with Quotations. I've added some VB in the Before Save module to prompt the user to do certain things. The problem I have is that I run another procedure that loops through a list of data and re-formats it using the template and therefore every time it tries to save a file the Before Save prompt pops up.

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Auto-disable Macros Opening Workooks Via VBA

Aug 1, 2006

I have to open some woorkbooks via VBA disabling macros automatically (the reason of this is very hard to explain, my boss wants it in this way)

Does any parameter exist to add it to the woorkbook.open function? or any trick to do this?

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Encourage Users To Enable Macros

Jun 14, 2008

I have been looking at Dave's Script found in this post Determining if macros are enabled It works just like i want it too. But when I try and use it in my workbook with differnt sheet names it doesnt work. I have even tryed to rename the sheets in the example file and it stops working. My sheets are as follows:

Sheet1 (JI)
Sheet2 (GC)
Sheet3 (ET)
Sheet4 (SV)
Sheet5 (JB)
Sheet6 (P)
Sheet8 (Info Sheet) <----This is where the Notice to turn on Marcos is
Sheet9 (D)

I have the following code in Module2

Public bIsClosing As Boolean
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet
Sub HideAll()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If wsSheet.CodeName = "Sheet8" Then
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End If
Next wsSheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = True...................

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Enable/Disable Macros When No Macros Are Present

Jul 28, 2008

I have a user that keeps a maintenance log in an Excel worksheet and sends an updated copy once a week to a board member. Two weeks ago, the board member started complaining that he was prompted to enable/disable macros on opening and became worried when my user stated that no macros were used in the book. He is now concerned that we have sent him a virus.

I know the file is clean because I've scanned it, and when I look at the file in VB, there are no modules or classes present just the Sheets 1-3 and the ThisWorkbook file. None of these objects have any code in them. My user does have some macros in PERSONAL.XLS but they are not used in the workbook in question.

No one else gets the prompt for enabling/disabling macros. Even if I set my security to prompt for any macros, I get no message. I'm convinced that there must be some setting in his Excel that is causing this individual to get this message. Is there anything else other than a macro that would cause this?

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Enabling Macros

Feb 11, 2010

I recently reformatted my hard drive. When I re-installed Office 2007, I was unable to run a Workbook that has a Macro in it. First, I went to Add-ins and added the Solveradd-in. When I opened the workbook, I enabled Macros. However, all I get is a maessage saying that the MVB did not compile. I know there are some things you have to do to solve this, but I cannot remember the procedure I went thru 2 years ago to get this to work. Does anyone know what steps I must take?

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Pop Up All The Time When Enabling Macros

Feb 10, 2010

I have a workbook with that contains macros on a worksheet. When I open the worksheet, I sometimes forget to enable the macros.


1.Sometimes I get the message about macros being in the file that I'm opening and sometimes I don't - I don't understand why it doesn't pop up all the time and be consistent.

2. If I don't get the pop up screen or if I do but forget to enable the macros, I get reminded when I try to run a macro. For example, I have a check box and try to check it but I get the message that the macro has to be enabled. So I enable it, but the macro doesn't run. I have to uncheck and then recheck the box to get it to run.

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Why Enabling Macros When I Open Some Of My Files

Apr 21, 2009

i am trying to work out why i always have to enable macro's when i open some of my files that i have macros in, as i save them as enable macro file. I run excel 2007
as there are files i want to open without clicking on the enable button.

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Enabling Macros In Multiple Session

Feb 17, 2010

I am using the code below to open multiple workbooks in their own instance of Excel.

On my system, as well as most of the ones I've tested it on, enabling macros in the "parent" workbook, i.e. the one that contains the code, leaves them automatically enabled in the new session of Excel, as though the settings are carried over.

However, recently I've found a few systems where this is not the case. Enabling macros in the parent workbook opens the others, and then I have to enable macros again in each of the new sessions. Is there a way to fix this? All of the systems mentioned above have macro settings set to "disable with notification" and this cannot be changed.

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Using A User Created A Form In Other PC Without Enabling Macros?

Jun 17, 2014

Is it essential to enable macros in whatever the pc i use, if i am interested in using a form which i created in a different pc with macros. is there a way to avoid this. because each and every time i dont want to change the settings in excel in other pc. the form which i create will be filled by my colleagues and they have to send it back to me.

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Enabling / Disabling Worksheet Command Buttons?

Mar 25, 2012

I have some command buttons on a worksheet that I would like to disable, preferably make not visible, until a specific person logs in. I already have code to display worksheets, or hide them, depending on who is logged in. I would like to just add this code to the end of the login procedure, to make these buttons only visible when that person is logged in.

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Set Up A Menu Bar And I Want To Run Two Macros

Dec 24, 2009

I have set up a menu bar and I want to run two macros. The code I am using for some reason is only running one of the macros. I can't figure out why the other one will not execute.

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Disable Macros After Specified Date

Feb 16, 2009

effectively disable ALL macros associated with a workbook if it's opened after an "expiration date" that's buried on a very hidden sheet.

I think I can figure out how to render the entire workbook useless after the expiration date, but I need to retain all formatting, underlying data and formulas so that macros can be re-enabled if I change the expiration date.

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Enable/Disable Macros- None There

Apr 24, 2009

On several of my worksheets, I'm asked if I want to disable/enable the macros but there are none associated with that particular worksheet- matter of fact, none of my worksheets have macros unless pivot tables count, so why am I being prompted in that way?

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Disable Cut / Copy And Paste Using Macros

Jun 27, 2014

I want to disable cut,copy,paste functionality (shortcut keys also) from excel.

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Pop Up Message To Enable Or Disable The Macros

Apr 17, 2008

Whenever I open an Excel file that has macros in it, a message always pop up and ask if I want to enable or disable the macros.

Is there a way to get rid of the message?

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Open Workbook, Disable Macros

Apr 22, 2006

Is it possible to open a workbook via vba, but disable the macros? I know this sounds strange, but the workbook is coded to prevent users from saving it, and the only way to save it is to either open it with macros disabled or change the variable OKtoSave to true, but the variable is global only to the sheet and I can't find a way to change it through a macro written in my personal.xls workbook.

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Open A File Programatically And Disable Macros

Jun 28, 2009

When I have a macro open another file, it always activates the macros in it. Is there some way to disable the macros?

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Opening Workbook Without Macros But Timing Out?

Jun 3, 2012

I'm trying to open a workbook that someone sends me once a week, and suddenly it's timing out (hourglass) and not opening.

I know for a fact that he put in some formulas (but no macros) that reference a file only he has access to.

And, auto calculation, he leaves on.

I see the file open on one of the 3 sheets in it, but the hourglass never goes away, and when I Ctrl Alt Del, it says Excel is Not Responding.

Is there any way I can get this file to open so that I can fix it or transfer the raw data to a new workbook?

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Autorun Macros On Opening Workbook

Mar 22, 2008

A macro to automaticlly run macros in my workbook when I schedule it to open through scheduler at a given time.

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Option To Hide The Sheet When Disable Macros Is Clicked

Apr 29, 2009

Is there any option to deactivate the "Disable macros"


When i open the userform it asks for enable and diable macros. If i click "Disable macros" then the users can manipulate the data inside the excel sheet. i need to avoid this problem.

So, is there any option that if i do "Disable macro" then the corresponding sheet for the which the Userform is linked should not be visible or hidden.

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How To Disable Combobox On Radio Button Click In Macros

May 19, 2009

how to disable combobox on radio button click in excel macros'

I have 2 radio buttons: optionbutton1 and optionbutton2 and two comboboxes: Combobox1 and Combobox2.If i select 1st radio button 2nd combobox should be disabled.Vise versa

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Prohibiting File From Opening If Macros Are Disabled?

Feb 23, 2003

I have a file that contains Macros that I want to share with others. The only problem I have is that users have the right to enable or disable macros. If they disable the macro - some of the security functions could be lost.

Is there a way to create a macro that will not allow the file to be opened if they choose to Disable the Macros.

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Security Warning About Macros When Opening 2003 File

Mar 3, 2009

I'm using Excel 2003 and recently when I open a file, it prompts out a Security Warning message about Marcros which at the end contains 3 choices: Disable Macros, Enable Macros, and More Info. I then click Enable Macros to open the file. Once open, I go to Tools > Marco > Run Marco (Alt+F8). A Macro box prompt out but the Macro list is empty. I try different choice inside the pull down menu "Macros in" but the Macro list is still empty.

Where can I find out the macro which triggers the warning message of Security Warning when opening the file? And how can I delete the macro if found useless.

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Delete Macros And Command Buttons

Jan 23, 2007

I managed to save workbook as values only by the help of this forum

Now is it possible to disable the commond buttons, when the workbook is saved as values only or can we delete the macro's.

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Enable Macros Upon Opening A Workbook And Avoid Receiving The Message

Jul 14, 2009

What is the code to enable macros upon opening a workbook and avoid receiving the message "Security Warning-Macros have been disabled" in Excel 2007?

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If Macros Are Diabled At Security Prompt, How To Prevent Workbook From Opening

Dec 15, 2008

I am relying on macros for a lot of functionality and security.

Is there a way to stop a spreadsheet from being opened/accessed if a user disables macros at the security prompt?

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Assigning Macros To Command Buttons In Excel?

Aug 14, 2012

I have written a piece of VBA code which I want to assign to a button in the front end of excel, however once I assign it and then press the button to run the macro (which works) I am not able to then press it again incase I need to re run it?

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Docking Command Bars? (tool Bars)

Jul 6, 2009

In the code below using msoBarTop places the menubar at the top but it seems to just place it in a new row at the right of all menus.

How or can I dock the menubar next to the last menubar?

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