File Access Control Using Range

Jun 29, 2012

I have sheet where I need to restrict access to a select group of individuals. I have a formula in a select case statement that runs from the workbook_open event and have hard coded the names of the individuals who can access the file. If they are not on the list, they are prompted for a password. This works OK, but I have sheet that is hidden and want to maintain the list of users there and update the code to loop through the values in a named range. I have a snippet of the current code below.

Select Case function_name
Case Is = "user1"
Run "enable_access_code"
Case Is = "user2"
Run "enable_access_code"
Case Is = "user3"
Run "enable_access_code"
Case Else
' User not authorized or opened while not on company network
' Prompt for project password
End Select

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Access Control Properties Of Controls Within UserForm, MultiPage & Frame

Jan 30, 2009

I want to access the Properties of a number of controls in a running form, and these controls may or may not be contained in a Frame or a MultiPage.

In particular I want the Top and Left for these controls, which means I have to first find out if the control is contained in a Frame or MultiPage so I can get the reference for Top and Left. I'm ok with doing this for controls inside a Frame, but the MultiPage is eluding me. I get an error when I try to access these controls and it looks like they are actually owned by the individual Pages of the MultiPage.

how do I find out if a given control is contained in a given MultiPage?

Validate UserForm MultiPage and Frame Controls

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Excel 2007 :: Data Validation List To Control External MS Access Table Embedded

Jul 11, 2013

I am familiar how to perform the task of bringing in an access table into excel, then using a data validation filter to control the data set in Excel 2003.

How to replicate this procedure in Excel 2007?

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File Linked To Access Database

Jul 10, 2009

I have created a 'price list' database in ACCESS. Then in EXCEL I created a pivot table which retrieves data from one of the database queries (the query was saved as a .dqy file).

I emailed the file containing the pivot table to a colleague who is on the same server. He saved the excel file on he desktop & renamed it. When I update the databse file on a shared public drive on the server, he is able to 'refresh' his desktop file successfully !!

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Exporting Excel File To Access Via ADO?

Feb 14, 2012

I have about 180 Excel files (each one with 51 columns and around 30,000 rows) that need to be exported to an Access table.I'm using the routine below which is extremely time-consuming. I'm sure there is a better way to export an excel file to an Access table.

Sub ExportHistData()
Dim rst As Object
Dim cn As Object
Dim i As Long
Dim lstCell As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
lstCell = [a65536].End(xlUp).Row
If lstCell = 1 Then Exit Sub


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Having Trouble Opening An Access File Using This Code.

Feb 9, 2009

Having trouble opening an access file using this code. Using the following code

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Tracking Access To Excel File Through VBA Rutine

Dec 23, 2009

I was looking for some help on a VBA solution. I would like to run an on open event for a scheduling workbook. It should open a logging workbook, write the %username% to the first blank line in A:A then save and close the logging workbook, leaving the scheduling workbook open and ready for input.

The following UNC can be used as the location for the logging workbook....

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Disable Access To Excel Backup File In VBA?

Oct 7, 2011

Is there some sort of vba code that will stop excel from creating a backup copy of the export file from access?

XLApp.ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True

This code saves and closes the workbook, but it then creates a backup copy. I would like to enter some code so it stops making a backup file.

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Updating Access Database With Excel File

Jan 24, 2014

I've been trying to make this work for hours and hours and am finally giving up. Most of this code was found on the internet and I've attempted to make it work for my project but I keep getting errors. I use VBA with Excel quite often but never with Access before. Currently I am getting an "Object doesn't support this property or method" error at rs.Findfirst.

I have an excel worksheet that mimics the access table with five fields, an ID field, lastName, FirstName, DeptID (int), Email. I want to search the Access table for a match on the email field, and if it doesn't find the match, to add a new record using values typed into the excel sheet.

Sub UpdateDB()
Dim cn As Object
Dim rs As Object


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Macro To Access/edit/save A Text File

Apr 21, 2008

I have an xl doc in which one of the sheet's column A changes value every 1 hour...

What I would like to know is.. if there is a method in which i can copy these values from column A to a text file every hour...

The range of cells containing values in Column A also varies every hour.

Also, the old values in the text file needs to get deleted before the new values are updated every hour.

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Format Text File For Excel To Import Into Access

Jan 12, 2010

I have a large text file that is generated daily and want to import into MS Access as the end result.

First I need to reformat into the row format in excel rather than the format it is in. The issue is not all the segments are the same number of lines or they may have mutli message lines. The names with colon : after them I want to be field names in the table which I wish the text file to import into. Please, I am looking for assistance with this.

I have attached sample data of the text dump, and the name of the file is as you see but different date on the end. At the very end of the text file you will see the desired output which I will then import into Access

Also every new message begins with the dotted line and the date and time at the end.

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Can't Control Directory File Is Written To

Mar 1, 2014

The script below writes a ".csv" file to the same directory that contains the workbook the macro, "foo" is run from. I'd like to change the script to always write the file to a separate directory which is: "c:etcupload".

[Code] .....

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Control Text File Import

Aug 22, 2007

I have a text file and need to convert into excel output using macro with a few selection item. Im attached a text file at least u know what how the text file look. In the text file, please ignore the 1st page(introduction page). In page 2 onward, what i want macro to run is to sort the items to excel into each column like 'BOOKINGNO',P.DELIV','CNTRNO','TYPE','INCOMING VSL','VOY','L. PORT'.

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How To Display A Gif File In A Dialog Box Using An Image Control

Jan 11, 2010

my code brings up an empty dialog box.

The file I am trying to view is saved as follows: C: Test.gif

What I have done.Added a image control to a dialog box, called image1
Added the following event handler to image1:
x = c: test.gif
Image1.picture = loadpicture (X)Pressed F5 to test the code and brings up a dialog box with a blank image box.

Not called the userform in the main module (didn't seem much point considering the test failed)

My questions

where I am going wrong with this, the correct code?

Also in inputting the address of the file I could not use the C: format as this brought up an error. What is the correct format?

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Automatically Control File Download Dialog

Jun 29, 2006

complete the attached code (Excel VBA) to automatically process a File Download dialog from Internet Explorer. I want to click "Save" which will produce the "Save As" dialog. Then I need to enter a default filename like (C:Temp) and click "Save" again. When this is working, I will hide Internet Explorer to make the operation completely transparent to the user. The URL is a sample chosen specifically for this test case.

Public Sub Report_Test()

Dim objIE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
Dim strURL As String
Dim varItem As Variant

' Establish connection to the Internet Explorer application.
Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

' Set Internet Explorer visible.
objIE.Visible = True

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Open Document File From A Button Control

Apr 24, 2007

I have created simple buttons on my spreadsheet to do most everything that is needed, except to display a "Help" file. The "Help" file can be a pdf document or any other document format that will work. I don't think I need any user forms or ActiveX controls. But, then again, I am a relative newbie to VB. Is there a simple way to have a button control on an Excel spreadsheet open and display a pdf file or other document? Or is there a better way to do what I'd like?

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Master File To Control What Is Entered And When (locked Months When Not In Use)

Sep 7, 2007

i have this side project that i have been working on for the last few days around work... Excel based of course. to cut a long story short i have been working on a Master File (Team Leader)... this file controls around 15 other files (Team Members). from the Master File the Team Leader can lock / unlock worksheets for the Users (required) for the Team Leader this is displayed on a Listbox (Jan-Dec signifying 12 worksheets per person). Also the Team Leader File has two combobox's for "Team Member's Name" and "Type" then they see a large "commandbutton" that reads "Change Users Stats". the point of this is for the Team Leader... using their Master File to control what is entered and when (locked Months when not in use).

the User (Team Member 1 out of 15) then just enters their data within that given Month which is unlocked. so the Commandbutton checks for the Name Listed from Combobox1... then checks to see what Type from combobox2... then from the listbox checks to see which months need to be Locked or Unlocked. Additional: the "Type" indicates percentages from the Users File.

E.g. Type 1-3
type 1 = 100% in cell c5
type 1 = 50% in cell c6

etc etc...............

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Access Single Column In A Range?

Oct 25, 2013

I have a named range that is 5 columns wide by 100 rows. On another part of the spreadsheet I want to have a column point to just one of the columns of that range. How can I reference that column using a cell formula? I have a lot of these all over my spreadsheet, so i don't want to have to assign each individual column its own name.

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Programmatic Access To Trust Access To Visual Basic Editor

Jan 10, 2007

I am Generating Excel file with Macro using my (c#) application.

I am able to generate Excel file in development environment, but in Production it gives following error:
"Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted Line: Microsoft Office Excel"

I did googling a bit and found that I have to open Excel file physically make few security related changes in macro as below.

1. Open the Office application in question. On the Tools menu, click Macro, and then click Security to open the Macro Security dialog box.
2. On the Trusted Sources tab, click to select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project check box to turn on access.
3. Click OK to apply the setting. You may need to restart the application for the code to run properly if you automate from a Component Object Model (COM) add-in or template.

Can i do above changes at runtime (using some code)?

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Access/Reference Named Range In Another Workbook

Oct 5, 2006

I have two workbooks wkA and wkB. I have a named range in wkB called BName.. can someone tell me whether it is possible to set a range variable (say, raA) from wkA to this named range in wkB. I have tried something to the effect of set raA = wkB.range("BName") but this doesn't work.. I've also tried set raA = [].range("BName") to no avail. I'm wondering whether named ranges can actually be read from other workbooks.

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Spreadsheet Control With Range

Jan 16, 2010

Hi all im having a tough time trying to figure out a way to select a range (which will be the entire row )based on a condition that will be data selected from a combobox and display that range in a userform with spreadsheet contol 9

what i have so far is a worksheet with all the data.
i have a combobox on a userform that is prefilled with data from a specific column

every thing is working except when i select the entire row how do i change that to a range that i can use in the spreadsheet control 9 that is added to the userform.

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Control The Sum Range With A Cell

Sep 12, 2007

I would like to define the range of cells in the sum with a number in another cell. Say I want to sum the past 10 years, I would like the sum definition to be controlled by another cell that includes the number 10.

If I want B1 to be the sum of A1:A10, B2 to be the sum of A2:A11, etc., I would like to be able to control the range of the sum with say, C1, which in this case would contain the number 10.

This would allow me to easily change the range of data I am summing: if I changed C2 to 15, B2 would give me the sum of A1:A15 for example.

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Get Range Specified In Refedit Control

Sep 7, 2007

I have built a user form that amongst it's other functions displays the results from three cells on one worksheet.

The values in these cells need to be pasted in three cells on a different worksheet (cells are selected by user using a "RefEdit" field on the form.

The VBA help files offer a single example of the paste special method (I've proven I can paste to the celss but of course that pastes the formula rather than the value!) that shows it operating on a single worksheet as follows:

With Worksheets("Sheet1")
.Range("D1:D5").PasteSpecial _
End With

So, simple question...

How can I use the Paste Special method to paste the values of the cells in cells specified by the user?

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Subscript Out Of Range :: Control Sheet

Sep 4, 2009

I have a workbook with 20 sheets, including a control sheet 'Validation Table'. By setting the required Background/Font in a cell named hdrDefault on sheet VT, I want to click a button on VT to invoke a macro to visit each sheet and set the named Header range, hdrxxx, to the same Background/Font. Originally had the code in a Private Sub linked to a button event, but this can't break out of the worksheet so have moved the Sub into a Module, and calling from the click event:


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Delete Range Name (control Character?)

Dec 6, 2006

I have a defined range in my workbook which I have not been able to delete (I think it got there through some malware because I didn't create it!)

The main annoyance is that the name refers to another workbook (to which I don't have access) and to a non-existent range therein (resulting in a #REF! error) - so I get the unwanted Update Links message each time I open the workbook. I have created my own workbook with the same name as the workbook referred to by the name, hoping that I may gain some level of control over this gremlin, but to no avail.

The name is "Flow" immediately followed by a thin-lined empty square (like the ANSI character 042 formatted using Wingdings2 font). It could be a line-feed character.

Whatever it is, I have not been able to delete this range name - either directly through the Insert / Name / Define / Delete commands or by using VBA. Using the menu commands I can select the name, edit it (even add a valid cell reference to the workbook name), and click Add - but that just adds a new name "Flow" without the control character and the original name remains! The original name also remains if I select the name and click Delete.

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Set Range Variable To RefEdit Control

Dec 3, 2007

I'm trying to set up a userform with a refEdit box that allows the user to select a cell range. I then need to assign that cell range to a range variable so the macro can use it. I'm having a problem reconciling the assigned string variable that refEdit returns and the range variable that I need.

So what I'm trying to say is that I can assign the range fine through the Userform, and I can see through the debugging screen that mySampleVariable (dim as a variant) holds a range value of 'Access Dump'!$A$8 (the correct range), but when I try to

Dim myRange As Range
Set myRange = mySampleVariable

The code bugs out because it apparently can't assign a string value to a range variable.

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Control Print Range Macro

Jan 11, 2008

the macro simply copies a master sheet, then re-organizes/re-sorts the raw data in the new sheet. At the end, I'm trying to set a print range to 1 page wide and inifinity pages long, figure out where the end of the fourth page is, then reset the print range to accommodate four pages. In case it matters, the macro starts with a form that allows the user to input a company ticker and name used in output.

The problem is that when I use the debugging step function (very tedious), it works perfectly. But when I run it normally, it locks up for about 30 seconds when setting the print range to 1 page wide, and cuts off the print range vertically at just over 2 pages tall. Brief explanation of a couple variables:

ColLetter is a function as follows:
Function ColLetter(ColNumber As Integer) As String
ColLetter = Left(Cells(1, ColNumber).Address(False, False), 1 - (ColNumber > 26))
End Function
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$1:$" & ColLetter(j + 3) & a + 7 .............................

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UserForm Control To Select Range

Aug 8, 2008

I want a control to select a range in a userform I'm creating.

I wonder if we can use the same type of control the wizards use, where you click on the right and choose the range? Alternatively, what's the best option?

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Convert Excel Table To Range Without Losing Data Connection To Access?

Sep 20, 2013

How to convert "Excel table" to a range without loosing data connection to access?

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RefEdit Control To Click On The Desired Range

Jul 8, 2009

I am using a refEdit control on a userform to get a range from the user (they use the refEdit control to click on the desired range). My problem is that the user typically has 3 or 4 different workbooks open and if one of them is maximized withing Excel, the user is unable to get to them to select the range (only the maximized workbook is displayed and usable). Is there a way around this?

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