Fill Info In Sheet One And Have Same Info Appear In All Sheets That Follow

May 12, 2014

I would like to fill in a a form on page /sheet one and have the same info on every sheet that follows is it possible?

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How To Fill Vertical Columns With Info From Horizontal Info

Aug 22, 2014

I have attached a spreadsheet and I am trying to capture the info in lines 2,7,12,17 and return the info into column d,e,f,g

The info in these columns at present has been manually entered but I am sure it could be automated.

OOL Roster Final 18-31Aug14.xlsx

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Loop Through Sheets To Gather Info On First Sheet

Apr 4, 2014

I've started building a macro that loops the sheets and collects the information onto the first worksheet. I've been using Activesheet and activecell references but i'm afraid looping will change these references.

[Code] .....

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Fill Textbox With Info From Combobox

Jul 31, 2007

I am trying to insert information from a combobox into a textbox. The issue I have is that the information in the combobox is generated by accessing a network folder and filling the combobox with the names of the various folders. The combobox only generates the first seven digits of the folder...

Private Sub combobox1_DropButtonClick()
Call ShowFolderInfo("j:Consultant ServicesState Projects")
End Sub

Sub ShowFolderInfo(folderspec)
Dim index As Object
Dim fs As FileSystemObject
Dim folderObject As Folder
Dim SubFolders As Folders.......................

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Copy Certain Info On Many Sheets To One

Nov 25, 2008

I have a workbook with a number of worksheets. (say they are called A, B, C, D). Each sheet is exactly the same.

what i would like to do is look down column A in each sheet in turn and where there is a "y", it will copy the entire row of information (say A to J) to my "master" sheet.
i want it only to copy (not delete) the information, but then enter a "y" in row A for all the columns it has copied.

(thereby meaning the next time i run it, it will not copy those rows again.)

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Using Macro To Paste Same Info In Different Sheets

May 28, 2009

my macro is set up to do the following in my book once the user inputs a row of information. the user will go to the opproperate sheet based customer and input all info.

the macro is run (ctrl+z)

the macro takes the last row in the active sheet, and pastes it into the last row of the "ALL" sheet. then it goes and sorts the sheet in order.

i want to adjust it so that the user will input the row of information into the last row of in the "ALL" sheet. then based on the given informaiton, paste the same row in both the corresponding customer and location sheets.

im assuming im going to need to use some variables?

attached is the test spreadsheet.

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Merge Info From 2 Separate Sheets

Aug 8, 2008

I have information in range(p10:Q10) on sheet DEMO! that I want to paste the Values only into a Separate sheet "LIST!" in columns(W:X). The row will vary and will be based on the cell: "DEMO!A3" and will match a cell in column A of "List!"

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Auto Pick Up Info From Different Sheets By Conditions

Dec 26, 2013

I'll need to pick up the rates from sheets "SYD" & "BNE" by info from column A of "Summary", which means if the info in column A is "sydney", the formula should pick up the rates from sheet "SYD", if it's "brisbane", the formula should pick up the rates from sheet "BNE".Also, the rate should be matched by the column B,C & D from "summary" page.

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Table Of Contents - Drawing Info From Various Cells On Different Sheets

Jul 29, 2009

I have a "Generate Table of Contents" button that launches a macro. This macro builds the Table of Contents, creates (3) columns (Patient Name, Date of Pickup, and Frequency), finds all of the sheets in the work book (already renamed to a patient's name), sorts them alphabetically, and lists them under the Patient Name column.

This code works great - The next challenge:

On each sheet (which corresponds to a patient in the database), there is a cell that is filled in that states which day the patient picks up their medication. There is another cell that designates how often they come to pick it up.

I am at a loss as to how to direct the macro to: For each sheet, go to the specific cell, and then report it in the table of contents.

It somehow needs to bind the information together... meaning the patient name, date of pickup, and frequency must be displayed correctly each and every time on the same row.

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Get Info From One Sheet To Another?

May 11, 2012

how to use vba in excell. First question. 1) I have a spreadsheet with names in column one and other info in columns B-I. I would like to make excell do the following. If I enter the name a second time and so on, then can excel take the info out of certain cells from the first entry? Say column C, D, and G and auto enter them for this new row. 2) can I copy parts of a sheet to a new sheet and then when I make changes or new entries then they will update the copied sheets info?

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Move Differently Named Sheets In Workbook - Some Missing Due To No Info

Apr 18, 2013

I am trying to use a macro to move a range of excel tabs to the front of the workbook however some of the tabs could be missing due to no information.

If I simply record the macro by moving them manually if the procedure arrives at one that is missing it would report an error.

So in essence I need it to look for the tab and if its there move and if its not move onto the next until it arrives at the last one.

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Getting Sheet Name And Info From Cell

Mar 5, 2009

I have about a 100 sheet workbook for a project my company has upcoming. All the sheets are numbered 1-100. I also have another sheet that has the description of each pay item on ROW B of the sheet. Well here's my question. I'm trying to get a function that i can just copy and paste in each sheet instead of changing the number on each sheet.

For instance...

I would be using =Descriptions!B2 for sheet 2, and then =Descriptions!B3 for sheet 3 and so on. My question is does anyone know how i can get the sheet name so then i could just copy and paste one function that would be like =Descriptions!B(SheetName)

So that way i can just copy and paste instead of having to change it each time. I found this function to get the sheet name but can't seem to incorporate it into the =Descriptions!B

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Macro To Get Info From One Sheet To Another

May 29, 2007

I need to make a macro to get sales information from sheet one to sheet 2 in a different order with a few other things that need to be added in everything I need is in sheet 2.

Sheet 1 is what I work with and I need it to look like sheet 2 using a macro I wrote what I need in sheet 2A13-...

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Moving Info From One Sheet To Another?

Dec 13, 2011

how to move info from one sheet to another in the same workbook? Sheet one has several columns, including company name. Sheet two has company name and phone number. Not all the companies on sheet two are on sheet one (1500 on sheet 2, 200 on sheet one), so a sort-cut-paste won't do it.

If the company name is on sheet one, I need for it to get the corresponding phone number from sheet two and put it in the phone number column on sheet one.

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Sheet Last Updated Info

Nov 12, 2006

I have sheets Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 and Master in a workbook.

In sheet Master, I list Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 in range A1:A3. In range B1:B3 I want to return the date in which the sheet in A1:A3 was last updated. So everytime Sheet1 has changes, I want the date to be logged in B1. Same with Sheet2 (B2) and Sheet3 (B3).

I have tried writing the code but it returns errors.

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Recalling Info From Another Sheet

Jul 13, 2006

I am creating a spreadsheet and I need it to recall info from another sheet. I dont know how to do this. The way I am designing it is so that sheet 1 has a spot to input a date, on the second page of the spreadsheet, will have a list of customers and due dates, if the date inputted on sheet 1 is past the date of their due date on sheet 2, I want their info to come up on sheet 1.

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Search For Info In Sheet 2 Based On Date And Text Criteria In Sheet 1?

Jun 18, 2013

Here is an example of my spreadsheet: Excel example.xlsx

I would like to get all the bid/ask quotes for the different currency pairs in sheet 2 into sheet 1 sorted by the right date and time.

I need a formula which recognize the time + the currency from sheet 1 and search for it in sheet 2 then brings the right bid/ask quote back into sheet 1.

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Have Userform Read Info From Another Sheet

Dec 8, 2009

I have two sheets, the first is "Form" & the second is "Tracking". The "Form" sheet contains one button that, when clicked, brings up a userform. The userform has 11 checkboxes & two buttons ("View Next" & "View Previous"). The "Tracking" sheet has 11 columns (A - K), which will contain either "True" or "False".

I need the checkboxes in the userform to pull the values from the "Tracking" sheet. For example, the "Tracking" sheet has the following information listed: ....

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Save Userform Info To Sheet

Nov 16, 2012

I created a userform with 3 textboxes and 1 combobox. I want the user to be able to open the userform, fill it, save the information on a worksheet and email the userform information according to the combobox information. I've managed to do the email part. It's working great. The saving to the sheet part I just can't figure it out. I would like to textbox1 info in column A row 2, textbox 2 in column B row 2 and Textbox 3 in column C row 2 and comboboix info in column D row 2 . After, if the user opens the userform again, I want the same thing to happen but instead of row 2, row 3 and so on.

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Using Combobox To Show Info From Another Sheet

Jul 14, 2014

I would like to use the combo box to perform a search function. I have 4 columns of data and 2 sheets, The first column in sheet 1 is the "Name". By selecting the person name in the combo box, the data of that person would be shown in another sheet (sheet 2). And now I have a combo box in sheet 2. How can I do this using the combo box?

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Display Selective Info From Sheet

Aug 21, 2008

I have a document that has a sheet for each project, 3 at the moment. On this sheet are various text & currency fields, 24 in total.

I want to create an overview document for all of the projects so it will display lines from the individual project sheets that are currently showing as NOT complete.

To clarify I currently have 4 categories for status at the moment: Planning, In Progress, Awaiting Inspection Report, Complete. So I want my overview to show anything that is not complete.

I also have no need for all of the 24 columns in the overview either, I've highlighted about 9 at the moment.

I think maybe a lookup and If combination is my answer but I'm not altogether sure if there are other functions out there that I just haven't come across yet, or how to combine an if and lookup.

Also I would like the data to be sorted firstly by Inspection Location and then in date order if possible. I know I could use the auto filter option once the data is pulled across but it was be easier for the other users of this document whose skills range greatly.

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Combine Workbook Info All Into One Sheet??

Jun 16, 2006

I have 3 commission workbooks all with about 20-30 worksheets in them with each one listing the sales rep and a history of commissions owed/paid. I want to create a single workbook/worksheet where I have listed all the sales rep and the amount of commission they are currently owed without have to copy/paste or type it all in one at a time. How would I go about this??

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Select Item On Sheet A Automatically Paste Info To Sheet B

Sep 24, 2007

I have a workbook with a Cost Analysis sheet, a master menu sheet, and then all the sub sheets. I have coded command buttons on the master sheet, so once a category is selected, it goes to the appropriate sub sheet. On the subsheet is a list of items of varying sizes, and command buttons beside that which will allow the user to "Select" that particular size. Once the size is selected, the verbage in cell B5 plus the verbage (size) beside the selected amount, and the prices (labor and materials) in the next two columns, need to be transferred to the first available blank line, starting with line C5, to the Cost Analysis sheet. I have never done coding before for a Loop (i.e. For i = ???) and am not sure how to get it to do what I want. After they select that, they can pick a command button that takes them back to the master menu so they can continue picking various items until they are through. Then the Cost Analysis sheet will show all the items they picked, (name of item, material cost and labor cost: Columns B, C, & D). Not everything is coded yet (such as selecting a command button to go back to the main menu, because I wanted to make sure I could solve this problem before doing the easy stuff).

I read over quite a few of the previous threads and am not sure how to change them to suit my circumstance. I know some code (VB), but not much. I do not understand the concept of DIM, and how the loop works to make it happen myself, and all the websites I could find were not suited to my situation of copying three cells of data to the first blank cell on another sheet.

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Userform Won't Load Info From Database Sheet To Invoice Sheet

Feb 16, 2008

I have a list box that I'm using to pull customer information from my "Customer" sheet to my "Invoice" sheet. I can actually open, select, and close the userform. However, I can't get the macro to put the information into the specified location on my "Invoice" sheet.

Here's my code so far:

Private Sub Cancel_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub customer_Change()

End Sub

Here is the "Customer" sheet I'm pulling the info from:

And here is the location on the "Invoice" sheet that I'm trying to direct the userform to:

And here's my userform just for reference:

The userform works perfectly until I press the OK button. That's when I get the error.

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Copy Info From One Sheet To Another So It Organizes Automatically?

Dec 4, 2013

So i have two sheets with user info and so on, my boss asked me if i can transfer person names from sheet1 to sheet2 but each name must be in correct place acordingly to username column


in capture6: in F18 you see 139401arle and G18 is supposed to be his name but it's in other shhet as you can see

in capture7 his name "Ar Sveinung Leira" is in E5

is there any way to transfer names so that they go in right place?

Kopi av Computer List - 02 12 2013.xls

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Copy And Paste Info From One Sheet To Another Via Macro

Jun 4, 2009

I have to worksheets, the first is filled out and at the end Ive place a button that I would like to open the second sheet and fill in cells that have duplicate info from the first, so just copy & paste but kind of automated for speed.

I have only got as far as opening the second document with the macro, after that im stuck!

The Info I would like to be copied across from the "service Diary" to the "Service Report" would be As follows:

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Variables That Tell Other Cells To Pick Info From The Next Sheet

Jan 12, 2007

I have a blank log template on one sheet, On this I need to be able to enter two variables that tell other cells to pick info from the next sheet. The two variables being 1) Date and 2) DAY SHIFT or NIGHT SHIFT.

On the next sheet is an archive of data running in columns with the dates in row1 and the denoted shift (day or night) in row 2. The rest of the relevant info is in the columns below each date and shift

What formula would I use so that the log template cells fill with data from the archive when the date cell and shift cell data is entered.

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Search Using Info From Two Cells To Give Corresponding Answer From Different Sheet

Feb 14, 2014

see the attached 'Example' excel sheet.

I'm not the best at explaining, but I think that the excel sheet is pretty straight forward.

In Sheet2, cells C3 and D3 are manually entered by the user. I am looking for a formula for B3 that will take the information entered into C3 and D3, find the row in Sheet1 in which column C=Sheet2!C3 and column D=Sheet2!D3, and give the unique corresponding result from Sheet 1 for that row in column B .

So, for example,
if C3=A and D3=102, then the result would be 444
if C3=A and D3=104, then the result would be 111
if C3=B and D3=102, then the result would be 111

The combination of C3 and D3 is always unique and will never have more than one possible result in column B of Sheet1.

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Moving Row Of Info To First Empty Row On Another Sheet Into Specific Columns?

Feb 20, 2012


I have a workbook which serves as a master database at work. it contains two sheets: current residents of our facility (let's call this Sheet1), and those that have left/been discharged (Sheet2). It contains 87 rows and 34 columns of info.

I'm looking for a macro that will do the following:

When I click on a cell in any row (i.e. I need relative references) on Sheet1, the macro will (once activated):

1. Select the info between column D and column AH (inclusive) on the row where the selected cell is... i.e if I click on cell F4 before the macro is started, it will select the info from D4:AH4.

2. It will COPY this info

3. It will paste the info into the first empty row on Sheet2, starting from column C (i.e if the first empty row is 200, it will paste the info from C200:AG200)

4. It will then have a popup asking for: a. 'Date Left' and b. 'Reason', with two empty fields to input the info into. 'Date Left' is (obviously) a date value and 'Reason' is a text string. Once OK is hit on this popup, the Date Left will be pasted in column A of the same row (in our example, A200), and 'Reason' will be pasted into column B (again, in our example B200).

5. The macro will then go back to Sheet1 and delete the info that was selected between Columns D and AH inclusive (in our example, D4:AH4)

6. The macro will then save the workbook.

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Transfer Info From One Sheet To Another Depending On Cell Input

Jun 26, 2012

I am wanting to transfer data from one sheet to another depending on cell input


If I enter "2" in sheet1 cell B1, then I want a macro to take A1 to sheet2 but place it in A1 & A2.
Then say I enter "1" in sheet1 cell B2 goto sheet2 and put A2 into A3 and so on.

Depending on the number entered on sheet1 column B, the Macro duplicates the info from Column A in that row into column A on sheet2. ??

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