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Find/Count Most Common Words & Phrases In List

I am attempting to take a very large list of keywords, and find the most common words and phrases within them. For example, if I had a list that said:

excel formulas
excel spreadsheet formulas
excel help
excel formulas help form
formulas for excel

I would like to come away knowing that "excel" and "formulas" are common words within the list.

Currently, I believe this can be accomplished by doing the following:

1. Break down each line into all of its possible combinations.This would mean that the line with "excel spreadsheet formulas" would return:

excel spreadsheet formulas
excel spreadsheet
spreadsheet formulas

2. Once the entire list is broken down into its many parts, use the pivot table feature of excel to determine how common each of the parts is within the entire data set.

So, my questions are these:

1. Do you believe this is the best way to solve my problem? If not, what would be the preferred method?
2. If this is the best method, what function or script would I use to accomplish the first step of breaking down the lines into their individual parts?

Mike Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;It appears I put too many characters in the title of my post. It should read: Common Words - Decomposing Text Phrases

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Find Common Words In Cells And Create New List
I have a spreadsheet of part #'s, descriptions, manufacturer names, and manufacturer part #'s. (It's a list of the inventory in my warehouse). Each row contains information for just the item in that row. Row 2 references another part in my warehouse, row 3 yet another, and so on.

Many of the parts have more than one potential manufacturer and part #, (meaning that any of those manufacturer's part #'s are basically the same tool; just different brands. At one time we may get a shipment of one, at other times we may get a shipment of another). For example, a screwdriver may be listed like this:

Part # 1234 screwdriver, mfg Snap-On, part # 456, mfg Stanley, part # 789, mfg Mac Tool, part # 439.

Then further down the list, there may be another part listed like this:

Part # 9980 wrench, mfg Stanley, part #741, mfg Snap-On, part # 852, mfg Proto, part # 369.

If you can imagine that data across the cells of a spreadsheet row, notice how the mfg name 'Snap-On' was the first mfg name on the screwdriver, but it was listed as the 2nd mfg name on the wrench.

So, here's my question: I want to be able to group all of the items made by any one manufacturer together in a new list. If all of the manufacturer names were in the same column, I could simply sort the list by that column, but since I've got thousands of rows with the mfg name I'm looking for in different columns on different rows, I thought maybe a macro could search each row for the word I'm looking for, then if found, take the whole row and copy it to a new worksheet. So the end result would be, If I wanted to see all items of which Snap-On is an acceptable supplier, I could get a list of all potential Snap-On items grouped together.

I'm sorry this is so long. I may have over-worded this and it may not be too clear. I could email an example of the spreadsheet if anyone needed more info to figure out what I'm looking for and was willing to take a look at it.

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How To Count Unique Words In A List
Usually it's to count for one unique word in a cell. But what if I have 2 or more unique word in a cell and need to be counted for?

for example
10827Holiday Decorations & Party Supplyholiday decoration supply10827Holiday Decorations & Party Supplyseasonal decorative
this category has 5 unique words in the synonym list

11044Facial massagerfacial11044Facial massagerbeauty care product11044Facial massagerbeauty appliance11044Facial massagerbeauty11044Facial massagerbeauty care11044Facial massagerbeauty product11044Facial massagerfacial appliance
this category has only 5 unique words although the synonym list is much longer.

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Function To Return Common Words To 2 Cells
I'm trying to write UDF which getting RegEx pattern and a certain cell as arguments and returns only matching string. For examples for string "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", and RegEx pattern "w{4}" the function will return two words "OVER" and "LAZY". What should I change in my code?

Function GetPattern(myPattern As String, myString As String)
Dim regEx As RegExp
Dim Matches As Object
Set regEx = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")

With regEx
.Pattern = myPattern
.IgnoreCase = True
End With
GetPattern = regEx.Replace(myString, "$1")
End Function

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Count Words In Range Mixed In With Other Words
I have tried Sumproduct and Countif and can not get a proper count of rows that contain specific words in multiple columns. I have attached an example spreadsheet where I am looking for a result of 7 rows that contain 1 to 4 specific words within phrases. The example looks for the words: "virus", "spyware", "malware" & "adaware", and ignores any other words like "aware" or "ware".

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Combining List Of Words Into New Words, Conjugation
I have 4-5 separate lists of words/letters and I would like to combine them in a certain order but creating all possible combinations resulting a new word. It's like a conjugation tool for verbs. For example if List 1 = be/el/ki/meg; List 2= m List3=e/é; List4= gy/" "; List 5=" "/ek/sz/nnek So the output has to be (if the order is List1+List2+List3+List4+List5)= bemegy/bemegyek/bemegysz/bemesz/bemész/elmegy/elmennek/ ..... and all possible combinations.

Preferentially I would like to automate it in a way that it straight outputs into MS Access. Also can it be automated that it reads the list from a file (database)?
(Also can it recognize the word by letters? Because the basic word that I would load the program= List2+List3+List4)

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Count Of Zip Codes Common To 2 Lists
list of 30+ zipcodes, in a word document and a list of 90+ zipcodes in an excel document (which contain the 30+ from the word doc) I need to:

get a total count of only the 30+ zipcodes from the word document that exist in the excel (ignoring the other 60+ zips). I do not need:

to get a count for each single zipcode

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Find Words - Deleting The Words - And Deleting Some Info After The Words.
I am trying to find certain words in a column and delete the word and characters following. For example, Say I have a column of info as seen below. This is a test of me. I am just experimenting with this stuff. Deleted (6/15/01) Let me know what you think. I am not sure about it all, but I guess I will figure it out. riviledge1 (01/05/06) Now let's see what happens when I try to test it.

I want to find all the "Priviledge1 (01/05/06)" and replace with nothing. Please note, the date will change with each record, so I need to figure out how to tell Excel to find "Priviledge1", delete it and the date behind it. So I want to delete "Priviledge1" and the next 11 characters including the space.

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How To Find The Most Common Numbers
I have 300 number groups and each group has 22 different numbers (from 1 to 80).

Can I find the most common 5 or more numbers in these groups by excel, macro or any program?

for example, let us suppose that 4-15-23-36-45 are the most common numbers and these numbers are in 8 groups from 300.

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Build List From Common Cells
Got something I need to do that I have never done.

I have a column on a worksheet1:

I have a column on another worksheet2:

In the column next to the above on worksheet2, i want to pull the numbers in for that (the numbers are contained in ONE column):
NBC | 1
ABC | 1 2 3 4
CBS | 1 2

Im not sure how to go about this?
In the example I attached, on sheet 2 column B, that is where I want the numbers to build to.

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List Non Common Values Between 2 Columns
I have 2 columns of data looks like this:



What I'm looking for is a formula to compare col-a to col-b and create col-c to look like


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Find Common Values In Two Lists
I have two lists, one is 15,000 records, the other 100 records. I want to find the common records between the two.
I am using this formula currently, but is returning an incorrect result--

this is the record number in M2

it is returning
as the common record. This formula is from Joseph Rubin's book F1 Excel Formulas and Functions

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Find Out The Most Common Keywords In Column
In column A I have 50,000 cells, each containing 1 to 10 keywords. For example
A1 = "jobs"
A2 = "jobs in milton keynes"
A3 = "it jobs in milton keynes"
A4 = "sales jobs in milton keynes"
A5 = "well paying brickie work in spain"

At first I was trying to find out the most common keywords in column A, and I used the following code to do so

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Find The Lest Common String-value In A Range
Everything is explained inside the attached WB.

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Find Common Numbers Between 2 Columns
I need to find out common numbers between columns. Each column has multiple number entries seperated by a comma. For example:

Column A: "5592,12222" and Column B: "1,2,3,4,5592,123123" and Column C: "3, 4"

I need to find out any numbers that are found in more than 1 column. Hence, the result should be something like "3,4,5592". If no match is found then maybe can indicate by coloring the cell. My data is over 50,000 rows and 30 columns. I need to do this for each row one by one.

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Conditional Formatting - Find Common Material
What i am trying to do is to to determine the common material that is
used among different model do product in a product family. I have the
column C the various part number for the product family. Each product
model is made up of different combination of the parts.

In I3:U3 i have the model number for each product. Under each are the
combination of various part that make up each model. What i need to do
is in column G conditional formatiing that if all the different model
use a particular part (part number). The respective cell in column in
the row will be color. This will help me to determine what are the
parts that are common to all the product.

Column C Column G Column I .........................Column U
Part no Common Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4
12-1234-56 no color 1 4 0 6
13-2345-45 color 2 3 2 2
14-1234-56 no color 0 2 4 2
14-1234-56 no color 0 2 2 2

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Remove Duplicats And Find Common Data
I have a list of parts in Column A, often times with duplicates in the column.
I have a list of parts in Column B (from another source), again, with duplicates.

What I need is - leaving columns A and B alone;

Column C to be unique Column A parts
Column D to be unique Column B parts
Column E to be parts in common between Columns C and D.

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Generating A List Of The Five Most Common Responses (Text-Based Mode)
I would like to generate a dynamic list of the top five most common text responses in a range. For simplicity sake, let's assume that the range spans cells A1 to A20, and the list is generated in cells B1 to B5. So, essentially, I am seeking five separate formulas. One to calculate the most common text element, one to calculate the second most common text element, one to calculate the third most common text element and so forth.

I am currently working with the two formulas below but finding it incredibly difficult to merge them into a working format.

Formula for finding second most common number:

Formula for finding most common text element:

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Compare Multiple Column Of Data And List Out Common And Unique Component In Adj Columns
I am trying to compare multiple column in a worksheet to find
common component in all the columns and what is unique to a particular
column only. And list the results/finding in adj column. What i am
trying to accomplish is something as below.

Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3
Column2 Column2 Column2
02-1234-12 07-1234-12 02-1234-12
04-1234-12 03-1234-12 02-1234-12
05-1234-12 02-1234-12 06-1234-34

Common to all Unique to sheet1 Unique to Sheet2
02-1234-12 05-1234-12 07-1234-12

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Get Words Into Column Then Count

BCD1Words in SentenceRepeated TimesSentence2I2I go to the cinema every month on last Sunday3Go2I go to work at 7 O'clock4 Worl Cup will start on 2010

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

i want to convert all the words in column d by get one word from the column d and skip repeated

example word "I" mentioned in d2 and d3 so i get "I" in cell b2 then count it it mentioned two times in column D

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Count A Table With Words In It
I am trying to use Excel to do my manpower allocation and planning. So I have
a column of employees and a row of months. I then put in the project name
that each is working on in a given month.

then at the bottom, I just sum the number of people working on a particular
project in a month and do a simple calculation between the number of
available people and the number who are allocated. This works beautifully IF
each person only works on one project in a month. As we know, this is an
unreleastic assumption!

What I would like is for me to put in multiple project names in a cell and
for the 2nd table to be smart - i.e. if I put in Project A & B for John, then
it should count John as 0.5 for each A & B not 1 for each A&B. Similarly if
John is working on 3 projects, then it should count only 0.33 for each
project John is working on.

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Count In A Cell Where There Is Several Words
I have a problem to count some words in a column: in fact, in the cell they can write several words and my objective is to count in this column how many times there is the word "info" but as they can write several words in the same cell,(for example: speciality, info, degree) I can t really count how many times the word info is written in the column.

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Count Repeated Words
I have a table with some reapeated words in, I wondered if anyone had any methods of counting words and displaying the total in number format. for example if I had in cell A1-Hello and A2-Hello and A3-Bye how can I get Hello = 2 and Bye =1

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Count 2 Or More Words In A Cell
I am trying search & count 2 or more words within a cell using a worksheet function. See below example:

The texts are in A1 (only)
Entered by John at 02:19 PM on 02/13/2007
Entered by Smith at 02:20 PM on 02/13/2007
Entered by John at 02:30 PM on 02/13/2007
Entered by John at 02:21 PM on 02/12/2007
Entered by John at 02:22 PM on 02/11/2007

The words I am looking for are "John" and "02/13/2007" and the count should be 2. I bolded what should be counted.

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Count How Many Of The Same Words Are In The Cell
I have 1 or 2 maybe 3 words in a cell (difference words). I need to count how many of the same words are in the cell and place the number of words another cell I have included a file the same word may appear in other cells in same column which has to be counted into the same cell

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Count Letters From Words
i can count how many "A" there is in a text put in 1 box and "B" to be put in another box etc.

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To Count The Words Separated By A -
I would like to count the words separated by a "-"

Right now I have this below


But what I would like is for the formula to count the WORDS and Numbers in a cell that are separated by a

so the answer would be 8

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Count Words In A Cell
I am looking for code to look at a cell and see if it contains more than one word. So if Cell A has one word Cell B = ? If Cell A has two or more words Cell B= something else. I assume that searching for spaces would be best way to accomplish this

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Vlookup (matching Phrases For Values)
I am doing a project where I have two lists, one list is much larger than the other but has more info. I need some of that info for my other list, so I have used vlookup, but it hasn't helped.

The formula that I am using is

now the value I am searching for is "ANOS" which I know is in the search column, but the answer when I search is #NA. When I take out false the right value will fill in fro "ANOS", but if two words are similar such as "ALLN" and "ALEX" then it will give the same values for both which isn't right.

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Count Equal Words In 2 Ranges
In my workbook, I want to count how many duplicate words in 2 ranges.


Col A are more than 10,000 words and Col B are more than 10,000 words.

I want to count total duplicate words in these 2 ranges.

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Count Non-repeated Words In Cell
I want to count the nr of words in cell without counting the repeated words.
For example, in "this is a ball and that is a square", the total nr of words is 9, and the total nr of non-repeated words is 7, because "is" and "a" are repeated twice, and I just want to count it once.

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Formula To Count Words In Cells
I need a a formula that will count the number of times a word or phrase appears in a column of cells and assign a number

For example....

Big Red Ford Truck = 1
Ford Truck = 3
Red Ford Truck = 2

After i get the formula, I can sort by "greater than 2"

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Count Words In Cell Range
I am trying to count words in seperate rows,columns in a spreadsheet. I have tried to use the formula that was suggested in one of the formula pages but I did not get the correct answer. I tried to do just like the information said with a1:a5. I did get 5 as an answer but when I deleted one of the words it still said there were 5 words.

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Function: Selected String Contained Certain Phrases
I wrote this function to see if a user selected string contained certain phrases. It keeps returning united states so i am guessing its not cycling through the entire list.

Function region2(searchString As String)
Dim result As String
result = "None"
Dim lng() As String
lng = Array("arabic", "belg", "bul", "czech", "dan", "dut", "dutch", "euro", "finnish", "french", "ger", "greek", "greenland", "hebrew", "hung", "iceland", "international", "ital", "nor", "pol", "portu", "russ", "slov", "spanish", "swe", "swi", "turk", "UK", "united kingdom", "states")

Dim Country() As String..........

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Count Unique Words Appearing In A Column Once Per Row
I would like to modify the below macro so it only counts a word once even if it appears more than once in a row. The reason I want to do this is so I can get a snapshot of the data without certain terms being over-represented.

For example, in the attached example the word 'Microsoft' appears 5 times in row 4 but I only want this to be counted once. In the whole data set Microsoft appears 20 times but only in 7 of the 20 rows so I would like the count to be 7.

The example is set out as follows: In column B there is a description field which in practice will contain consumer complaints and inquiries. To keep the data anonymous the description is filled out with random words and all other columns are blank. The output of Andy Pope's unique word counting macro appears in I:J.

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2007 (Count Words Entered In Cell)
I'm working on a project and need some assistance. Using Excel 2007, how do I add up the total of the word "apples" to a cell.

Example: If Cell A1,A10,A25,A30 all have the word apple entered, how do I add them up in lets say cell B10.

Also, I need to do it where I can enter multiple words in 1 cell and have it organized according to how many times the word is used.

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How To Get Word Count And Extract N Words From A Cell
I have a column of address data that looks like

1924 ogden place blvd west unrulu
982 n aoto st apt #1234 easrlr

and I'd like to use a couple of formulas in the two columns to the right of this data
1st column:a formula to obtain the number of words in a cell
2nd column:a formula to extract the last n words from a cell (ex. the last 2 words)

so that the columns would have as their results
6 west unrulu
7 #1234 easrlr

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Count Of Specific Word In Cells With Many Words
Is there a way of counting how many rows have cells containing a specific word. Some rows will have multiple cells with the word in and some will have none. I only want a count of the number of rows and not the number of times the word appears. How can i acheive this with VBA?

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Find Multiple Words
I am using the code below to search an Excel worksheet for a pre-determined word and then delete the row the word is found in. It works fine, but I what I really need it to do is search for several pre-determined words and delete the rows.

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Find Words From One Range In Another
I need a way to do the following in Excel:

column A has text
column B needs a Formula that returns specific value(s)
ie. want to find any of 17 specific strings within a row in column A and return that (those) string value(s) in column B

for example row1 column A contains the following:
Troubleshooter Notes: Sound KVSND Tree was not used as doc exists that covered the specific issue

The formula in column B needs to be able to find any of the following values (note: these values could be placed in a lookup table):

and place the found value(s) in row 1 column B

in the above example column B would return the value:.............

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Restrict Cells To List Of Words

Below is my code which looks at Table1 and converts the cell to the appropriate colour when the cell equals the Case

What i would like to do is also have the Case be Data Validation anything else error

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim rRow As Range

Dim icolor As Integer
Dim ifont As Integer

With Application
.CellDragAndDrop = False
.CutCopyMode = False
End With

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Comparing A List Of Words Within A Range
I've got a list in "column A" of around 6000 lines which contains key words which I want to extract to "Column b" if It matches but it can match on more than one word .


Six Nations Ireland v England
FA cup Semi Final Chelsea v Liverpool @ Old Trafford

Criteria Sample

Ideally I would like to extract the first Town/Country as this is where the event is held unless the @ symbol is used then it's the last Toen/Country as in the FA cup example.

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Create X Element List From X Words
A friend of mine is playing a computer game, and he has to create 50 different potions to obtain her next goal. She would like to know if it's possible with excel to generate a list of potions based on 7 different elements. Here are the 7 elements : Black orchid, Cactus, Lotus, Pitcher plant, Rose, Tiger lily

Every elements could be repeated to generate one potion.

Therefore, the following combinations are valid :

Cactus - Cactus - Cactus
Cactus - Rose - Cactus
Cactus - Cactus - Rose
Cactus - Rose- Rose

As long as there are no more than 3 elements, it's ok. I'm not looking for the precise coding, I just need to be pushed in the right direction...

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Find Words Starting In - Macro
I would love to be able to click on an assigned button in a new sheet, and a pop box appears.

Then I can type in a word, click find, and the macro will go through my whole list of keyword phrases and find all the words STARTING with the word chosen in the pop up box.

Yes, I could just sort from a-z, find the word, then copy and paste etc.
But I work with large lists sometimes, and its just so much easier to type the word, click find and the macro returns the list of just the phrases with the starting word I've chosen

As a note. I did put a post up a while ago which a coder called Jindon solved which works perfectly. (A great job by the grand master)
This macro finds the words ending with.
So, what I would really like is exactly the same macro, but it finds words at the start of a phrases not the end of a phrase.
I'll post Jindon's macro now

Sub Find_Words_Ending_In()
Dim sTime As Single, res As String, msg As String, x As Range
Range("c3:c" & Rows.Count).ClearContents
res = InputBox("Enter word to find")
If res = "" Then Exit Sub
sTime = Timer
On Error Resume Next................

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Find & Highlight Words In Cell
I have received a workbook containing lists, unfortunately the names are listed in individual cells - several per cell, separated by commas. I need to highlight wherever a particular name occurs without splitting the data from the cell, ie like Find but within the cell.

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Find Matching Words In Two Columns
I have a spreadsheet with 65000 potential client surnames in column c, with contract details in neighbouring columns. I have also a spreadsheet of 6000 actual client surnames. I would like to search the large spreadsheet to make sure that none of the clients are contained in it, or if some are to highlight them.

Do I use advanced filter or vlookup? I use excel 2000 and due to the size of the first spreadsheet it takes 6 minutes to open/save e.t.c.

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Find Words Through Lookup Function
I have an issue with VLOOKUP. By runnig VLOOup we can get the data that there is present in a specified range. But how about to get the data DISPLAYED which is not there in the specified range. I tried combining IF and VLOOKUP functions. I am on a simple project now and I would be happy if I could get the answer immeidately

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Replace Words In Cell Matching Those In A List
Im hoping there is an Excel Formula (not VBA Code) solution to this problem.

I understand how to use the Substitute command in Excel, but I would like to be able to provide a list of words and have the Substitute command use that list to replace every occurrence within a given cell with a blank ("").

The twist to this is, that the List of Words will be Dynamic, and thus the formula will need to account for that.

NOTE: the formula should NOT replace parts of words, e.g., if the List Word is "can" and the cell to be evaluated contains "candle" the formula should NOT replace the "can" in "candle" with "". Only whole word matches should be replaced.

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Find Words Ending In A Certain Word - Macro
I have a sheet called "Words Ending In"

In ColA From A 3 downwards I have a large list of keyword phrases.

I am looking for a macro where I click on a assigned macro button and a pop up box appears saying
" Find words Ending With"
In the space provided I insert a word.

So, for example I insert the word "rent".

The macro then looks at all the data in ColA (From A 3 downwards) and searches for all keyword phrases ending with the word "rent".

If it could return All Phrases in ColC (From C3 downwards).

If it can't find any, then if a pop up box can appear saying something like "No Data Found"

That's it really.
If it could have a pop up box at the end saying
"Total Phrases Scanned: 1234"
" Total Phrases Found Ending With "In"
"Time Elapsed (sec.): 12.12353

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Find Similar Words Between 2 Columns & Move To Same Row
I have two different lists that have some similar text and some irrelevant text. What I need to do is move the matching words from column B to the same row in column a and leave blank the rows that have no similar words. Column A will not move ...

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Find Part Words In Column In Another & Copy
see attached spreadsheet. In sheet 1 I would like to look up each word in column D, seeing if they are in column B at all. Note if the word "Jill" is in D and "jilly" in a surname in B I would like it to get picked up. I have highlighted manually those that would get picked up. Those that do get picked up I would like to be copied into column C as per sheet 2 (this is what I would like it to end up like). There is a very long winded way of doing this using a find function and 1 column per word but as the actual sheet i'm using has thousands of different words this isn't really viable!

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