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Find Smallest In A List

I am trying to find the smallest values in a list. that part is easy (use SMALL). But, I want the ref to the cell where that value is in, not the value itself. Additional problem occurs when more than one of these values are the same. Example: A1 = 1; A2 = 3 ; A3 = 2 ; A4 = 2 ; etc. If I want the smallest, I want "A1" as result, for the 2nd smallest I want "A3", for the 3rd smallest I want "A4". So you see that a MATCH formula will not work beceause some of the values are the same.

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Smallest Number In A List/Bigger Than X
Is there a forumula that will allow me to find the smallest number in A1:A10 that is also larger than the number in B1?

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Smallest Number From List But Greater Than 0
I'm using this =SMALL(A:A,1) in a cell but i need it to ignore the number 0.

Because where theres no data it shows 0, but i need it to pick the lowest from the places where that data actually shows. something like this


So i need t get that 54.2 out of there.

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Finding 10 Smallest Unique Values In A List
I have been using the SMALL function to find 10 smallest values in a list, however, some of the values are the same, is there a way of only having the 10 smallest unique values within a list?

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Find Smallest And Largest Non Zero Date In A Range
I am having some data running into 60 (C:BJ) columns and 200 rows. It is the record of dates query raised and answered with refernce to query number in the A coulmn. I have zero value as entry for the unused cells in this range due to some constraints. I need to find the smallest and the largest non-zero date in this range for analysis purpose. I plan to use the difference between these 2 dates to calculate turn around time for a query.

Problem is to find the smallest and the largest non zero date within range C6:BJ6 which would be used as input in the Networkdays formula.

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Find 0 Or Smallest Negative Number From Range
I am trying to write code that will locate either a 0 or the smallest negative number in a range, eg,

example 1,
8, 6, 2, 0, -0.5, -2
the result would be 0

example 2,
8, 6, 2, -0.5, -2
the result would be -0.5

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Find Smallest Absolute Value And Row Number With A Macro
I've a large excel file contain a sheet of values. With a Macro I would like to
1) find the smallest absolute value in a certain column
2) find the row number where this value was found
3) Copy certain values from this row to another place.

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Find Smallest Number With Multiple Criteria
I need a formula that will give me the smallest number based on multiple criteria.

For example, I want to find all:

1. Product A
2. 1 Liter
3. Smallest Price

In other words, out of all 1 Liter Product A's, I want to see the smallest price point.

I tried a sumproduct but I can't get it to work. Something like =sumproduct((A1:A100="Product A")*(B1:B100="1L")*(small(C1:C100,1)))

How can I get the small formula working within the sumproduct? Or is there another workaround?

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Address Of Smallest 5 Numbers (return The Value In Column 1 For The Smallest 5 Numbers)
I am using the following array equation to return the value in column 1 for the smallest 5 numbers. It works for small 1 and 3 but i get a #NUM! for 2 , 4 , and 5. The smallest 5 numbers are:




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Find All The Records That Appear In My List More Than Five Times Then Make A List
I have a list of 200,000 e-mail addresses in a excel document in column A. What i am trying todo is find all the duplicate e-mail addresses within the list that appears more than four times.

I have tried this forumla in colunm B so it lists how many times the record appears: =countif($A$2:$A$244270,A2) which works fine and then a number appears next to each record. Then i pressed the sort filter to arrange all the records in number order so all the 5's are at the top of the worksheet but that does'nt always list them in the correct number order.

Basically all i want todo is find all the records that appear in my list more than five times then make a list of just one of those 5 records so i can remove them from my e-mail system.

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Smallest Number Which Is Not Zero
How can i easy return the smallest number higer than 0 from a set of numbers?

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Smallest Value In Range Linked To Another Value.
D3 = SMALL(H6:H45, COUNTIF(H6:H45,0) +1)

to determine smallest value in range excluding 0 is it possible to link that smallest value to another value like a name?

Eg. H6 = 5 K6 = Ben
H7 = 4 K7 = John
H8 = 9 K8 = Ted
Thefore D3 = John

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The Smallest Value That Is Greater Than Or Equal To
I am looking for a function like MATCH if the match type were set to -1. However my data is sorted in ascending order. I am mining data from a Pivot Table, and it has dates across the top. Of course the pivot table will have the data sorted in ascending order from left to right. I want to find the first date that is greater than today. With weekends and holidays I can't just use TODAY()+1. Is there a function that can do what I am asking? Also I do not want to change the pivot table itself.

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Finding Non Zero Smallest Numbers
Find smallest numbers in the range ignoring zeros.
I want it returned as value "1", all others - as value "0".
Example: range A1:J1 contains - 5,0,7,3,6,5,8,0,9,3
desirable result in the range A2:J2 - 0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,1

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Largest And Smallest Sequences
I am using excel 2007 and I need help with the following if anyone would be kind enough. I have a dynamic array that consists of stream of 1's and 0's. I want to be able to find the largest sequence of 1's and the smallest sequence of 1's. So at a point in time the array mite be 111110001101111000 and I want to be able to dertermine the longest contiguous sequence of 1's. But as I say the array is dynamic and so I need to do that after each input.

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LOOKUP Return Smallest Value
I have a large set of numerical data, with each column having a text heading in the first row.

I want to use a function similar to HLOOKUP that can return the numerical value in a certain row of a column that has a specified heading....AND if there is more than one numerical value that meets the criteria, I want it to return the lowest numerical value.

My numerical data cannot be sorted into ascending order.

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Averaging Smallest, Non-zero Numbers In A Row
I'm struggling to get the syntax right for this formula. I've been trying variations on the following formula but can't get it right:


Columns AP:AZ:

Any column in this range could have a zero value.

What I need: The average of the 8 lowest non-zero numbers in range AP:AZ

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Smallest Number In The Column
Currently we are using the formula below to get an average of column E in a spreadsheet. I was wondering how to modify the formula to get the smallest number in that column rather than the average.

=IF(ISERROR(SUMIFS(E:E,A:A,K2,B:B,K3,C:C,K4,D:D,K5)),"Not Available",AVERAGEIFS(E:E,A:A,K2,B:B,K3,C:C,K4,D:D,K5))

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Finding Smallest Value In A Column
In column A, I have a list of names.
In column B, I have a list of values.
I want column C to show me which name has the smallest value from column B.
In other words, if there are 5 names, I want ONE name to give me a value of 10 (for the smallest value), and the rest of the names I want to show zero.

I also have in column D another list of values.
In column E, I want to show first, second and third place amongst the list of values from column D. The rest of the names I want to show zero.

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Return 3 Lowest/Smallest
I found this spreadsheet on ozgrid, but can not locate the original post to move my question to -- mods please move if you can.

As for the question:
The spreadsheet attached searches an array, and shows the top 3 scoring names. How do I modify it to show 3 lowest scoring names without changing the rank field?

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Returning Second Smallest Unique Value
I'm creating a spreadsheet and have had difficultly creating a function that returns the second smallest unique value.

For example if my data set is:

2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6

I'd want the function to return "3". I've tried playing around with the SMALL(array, k) function and trying to use a COUNTIF function for "k".

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Sum Smallest Value Per Row If Value Exists In Column A
The whole "story" is explained, in details, inside the attached WB.

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Return Smallest Value, Larger Than Specified Value
I know function Vlookup finds the largest value less than or equal to the given value. However, If I want to finds the smallest value larger than or equal to the given value, How can I do it? assuming I do not want to use VBA.

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Lookup Nth Largest/Smallest Value
Is there a way to reverse a lookup function?

I have a s/s attached, basically B is like an output of figures after some calculations. And I am trying to find from largest to smallest values and then having column E reflect the Letter beside that number...

tried using match but messed up.

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Return Nth Greatest/Smallest Value
I want to ask if there is a way to find the next greatest maximum without a ton of auxiliary coding....Is there a function which does that in Excel? For example from the following list it would give 45:


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Smallest Prime Factor Of A Number
Is there any formula witch i can use to find the smallest prime factor of a number?

Example: In A1 i write 30 (30=2*3*5 (the prime factors))

in B1 i write a formula, and the result will be 2 (smallest prime factor)

What is the formula?

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Highlight Smallest & Largest Values
I have a work document with multiple rows of information. In each row I need to locate the maximum and minimum values. (The rows aren't long - there are about 10 values in each). I then would like to turn the font of the lowest value in each row red - and the font of the highest value in each row blue. I would also like to be able to skip blank or unimportant rows.

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Compare Smallest Value With Cell Above & Calculate
I'm having trouble with the "sister" formula I need to add. I've tried the function SMALL, but apparently not in the right format.... Here is some data again, with the answers I'm seeking & notes in Col C:

mon....6....(first data pt, so nothing here)
tue.....8.....33.33 (this is 2/6ths higher than 6)
wed...10....66.66 (this is 4/6th higher than 6)
thurs...8....33.33 (same as tuesday)
fri.......6.....00.00 (Equal to the lowest data pt, ie 6)
sat.....5.....(finally a vlaue less than 6, so: "ERR")
sun.....7.....40.00 (7 is 2/5th higher than 5)
mon....15....200.00 (10/5ths higher than 5)
tue.....4......(a new lowest value; "ERR")
wed....8......100.00 (4/4ths greater than 4)

That is, any value in Col B that is GREATER than the lowest, SMALLEST value that has preceeded it - in chronological order - will reflect the % by which it is greater. When a new lowest value appears in Col B, a simple text "ERR" would appear, and THAT new low value will be the new "target" the subsequent values in B are compared to. (In the example, once 5 appears, we stop looking at 6...)

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Multiple Criteria Lookup For Smallest Value
I have a workbook with 4 sheets with Carrier rates based upon weight breaks and cities. I.E. Carrier 1 services City 1 @ 1.30 per LB for 0 -100LBS and 1.55 for 101 - 199LBS. What I need is a forumla so that someone can input the city and weight on sheet 1 and it will search the 4 sheets and return the cheapest Carrier in the event that there is two carriers with the same rate it would return both. It would also need to return the rate for that city and weight.

For example

User inputs "City 1" "112 LBS" formula searches the 4 carrier sheets and returns values "Carrier 1" & "1.55" as this is the cheapest carrier and the rate they charge per LB for this city.

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Return Cell Address Of Largest & Smallest Value In Column
How would I return a cell reference (address) to a cell that contains the largest number in a list?

I tried using "Address(large....) where I get the correct column, but the returned row # is the actual value in the cell (the highest # in the list).

I eventually will want to delete the highest number to leave the cell blank.

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Set Chart/Graph Minimum/Maximum Scale To Nth Smallest & Largest Value
I am trying to manually format a few graphs in my sheet. I, however, leave the major units of the axes to be automatically calculated. The code that I use is given below:

With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue)
.MinimumScale = Range("Min").Value
.MaximumScale = Range("Max").Value
End With

Now what this does is that it sets the maximum of the scale exactly equal to maximum of the range being plotted and hence a few parts of my graph overlap with the border of the plot area. Is there any way in which I can round the max and min scale of y-axis to the next highest and lowest major unit respectively or may be add and subtract a value proportional to the major unit of the y-axis. I cannot add a constant in the code given above since I that does not suite my requirements.

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Find Validation List
Is it possible to search a sheet/workbook for a validation list?

I set up a specific one to test some things, but cannot recall where I did it....

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Find The Record List
I have a list of names and i am using a vlook up formula. The problem i fall into is that it will only find the first Jon. How can i get it to find all of the Jon's and get all of the data?

Name Size Lan
a1 b2 b3
Jon 5 9
Jara 6 7
Fish 7 6
Jon 9 5

how can i get all of this info ifi nees the 2nd jons information

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Find Sum In List Of Of Numbers
I have a list of numbers in a column and I need to find which numbers
when summed together equal a figure. I have a list of invoice amounts
that I need to match up with payments (the payments are always made for
several invoices so I need to come up with sums of several invoices to
get to this payment amount).

An example would be I have this in the following section (A1:A10):

I need to find which combination of these figures would sum $1,173.76.

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Find 10th Value After Max In A List
In have 2 columns of data (temperature & gas evaloved) in A2..A200 and B2..B200
I use =INDEX(A2:A200,MATCH(MAX(B2:B200),B2:B200,0)) to find the
max value gas evolved in column B then read off the temperature from column A.

I now need to look down the list and take the 10th reading for temperature and gas evolved after the max gas evolved value in column B.

I've looked at the use of Index, Offset, Row & Match here on the forum in other posts but I juist cant seem to grasp it in my head what to do.

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Find Values In List
I Want To Add A Function To A Worksheet That Allows A User To Type A Word And It To Return Matches And Their Corresponding Number In A Different Column. For Example If A User Types In "new" In Cell A1 I Would Like For The Sheet To Return "new Deal" "1"; "new Order" "2"; "new Meal" "3"; And So One Until All Values Of "new" Are Returned. I Would Like These To Be Reutrned In A Pop Up Window If Possible.

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Find Position Of Last Particular Value In A List
What I have is a list of numbers, many of which are duplicated, in no particular order and I really want to avoid sorting. What I want to find is the lowest position in the list of a particular value. Unfortunaly MATCH only seems to return the first occurance of the value. Not really looking for a VBA solution.

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2nd , 3rd And 4th Date Find From List Of Dates
how to find the 2nd, 3rd and 4th date from list of dates.....

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Find Second Occurance Of # In List And Return Another Row
I have 2 columns of data in a report, the column on the right J has a text entry that can possibly occur 1 or 2 times in the list. If it occurs twice I want to find the second occurance and return what is in column A.

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Find And Change Certain Values In A List
I would like to find and change certain values in a list. For example I would like to change TG1050 to 1 from a list that contains the following values

TG1050,TG10500, TG420, TG350.

When I run my VBA the 2nd Item in the list changes to 1. I also need to keep the commas seperating the value.

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Find The Number Based On Other List
I have a new list of Serial Numbers that were given to me in an Excel file. The original source of the data was an AS400 database.

I wanted to "Find" some of these numbers in another list that I already had (List B). So I selected a cell in the new list, and pressed Ctrl-C. I then selected all of List B, opened the Find dialog box and used Ctrl V to paste in the Serial Number to find. The problem was that Excel said it could not find the Serial Number, even though I knew there is a match, and could see the number it should have found.

So I pasted the number I was searching on into an empty cell. When I checked the length, it was one character longer than expected. It turned out that that there was an extra leading space. I could delete this space in the cell, but not in the Find dialog box.

Also, when I selected the number in the cell, and this time highlighted it all, then copied it, and then pasted it into Find, the Find worked! In other words, it only didn't work when I did Ctrl C without selecting/highlighting the text.

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Find Predominant Number In List
I have a basic understanding of simple calculations but beyond that I am kind of lost.

I have a list of numbers ranging from $9,516 to $110,000 and I am trying to figure out a manner to determine what is the most common number rounded to the nearest $10,000.

When I use the mode function it only tells me the absolute number that has the most occurences. I am trying to determine the predominate group in the overall range. Basically I want to count the number of occurences in the forty thousand range, fifty thousand range, etc. so I can determine what is the most popular $10,000 range.

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Find Max Value Of Dynamically Changing List
my file was too big to attach, so to get it, go to [url] (p: SOCIALCHARM [all caps]). It's the only file underneath the 'documents' section.

This is a complex sheet, so I won't go into everything I'm doing, but really just the part I need help with. Instead of trying to explain it abstractly, I'll use a a concrete example (you'll need to look at the sheet to understand this).

The general idea is that I results from an online ad campaign (ie I ran ad X on site Y in position Z), and - given the results I have - try to optimize which ads I run where. Each in the real data (row 167 and below) represents a 'space' where an add can be run.

First, row 551:
The original recommendation is in Column T, which is Brand "Buddies" (column V). The total # so far for brand "Buddies" (col W) is less than the limit, so Column X = 0, and the updated recommendation (Column Y) is just the original recommendation from Column T.

Now, row 552, (the condition I'm having trouble with)
The original recommendation is in Column T, which is Brand "Pink" (column V). The total # so far for brand "Pink" (col W), however, is now OVER the limit, so Column X = 1. This means that excel now needs to search all of the creatives (in column E), filter out all the ones that don't match the size of the current creative in question (ie that are not of size 300x250 - E551), ALSO filter out any creatives of brands that have already hit their limit (in this example, brand "2-in-1" has already hit it's limit, as you could check by looking at X537), THEN, from the remaining creatives (ie those of size 300x250 and not of brand pink OR of brand 2-in-1), select the creative with the highest value in Column AI).

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Find Values Not In A List Of Numbers
I have a table with numerous business units in column F. The business units are shown as a number. i.e. Business unit # 00007, 00041, etc. There are around 500 different business unit numbers. I have a list of 60 specific business units that I want separated, leaving a remainder of 440 others. I want these 440 other business units to stand out, ideally with conditional formatting.

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Find Row List Box, Copy Cells To New Sheet
I have a large sheet with serial numbers of machines in one column and more or less important information in other columns.
Iím trying to write a macro that is activated by selecting a serial number from a list box. The macro should then find the right row and copy cells from that row and paste them on another sheet to create a summary of that machine.

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Find Duplicate Keywords, And List Maximum
I have rows of 10 keywords. I want the macros to compare the first row against all the rows except itself, then compare the second row against all the rows except itself, the third row against all the rows except itself, basically looking for duplicates...It will then record in a column for each respective row, the max # of duplicates found with another row..

For instance lets say I was looking at the 15th row, and it looked for duplicates elsewhere. It only found duplicates in the 4th row and the 5th row. In the fourth row, there were 5 keywords common, and in the 5th row there were 7 keywords common. Therefore the max # of common words is 7 for the 15th row, and that is what is recorded.

In addition the number of rows will probably vary it could range from 1 to 500. I included an excel spreadsheet that has visually speaking how this could work, maybe using COUNTIF. Basically it counts the # of common keywords for one row with all the other rows, pastes the count #s to the right, then finds the max of those count #s, copies the max into another column, then clears the count #s, and looks up the next row, repeats the same process. It is easier probably if you look at the attached spreadsheet to get an idea of what i am talking about..

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Find All Occureneces Of The Same Last Name And List Them For User To Chose
how to search through a list of last names in column B, then find all of the last names which are the same as what is being searched for, then list them along with their first name which is located in the adjacent column A, this list of names is then displayed to the user to chose the name needed.


a) User enters in the last name "Smith".

b) program searches all of column B and finds 3 occurences of the last name "Smith".

c) it then adds the first name to each of them which is located in column A next to each "Smith".
ie. John Smith
Larry Smith
Fred Smith
Maybe list these in a list box or something.

d) Now the user wants Larry Smith, so all he does is click on Larry Smith, and then that full name is entered into column A on the next worksheet.

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Find First Empty Row In A List And Copy Data.
I want excel to copy some data fram 5 defined colums into the first empty row in a list. The problem is decribed better in the attached dummybook.

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LIST Funtion: Find The Highest Number ?
I have several worksheets where I input data, and I would like a 'stats' page as worksheet 1. Work sheet one is a list of names in cells A4:A28. column B,C,D,E,F, and G contain the results using Countif. How would I now get excel to look down a column, for example B, to find the highest number in that column and then use the name from that line but in column A.

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Find Each List Value In Table & Copy Corresponding Range
Hopefully someone can help me and understand what I am trying to do. I'm almost finished my project and stuck on one last part! If I have missed a similiar example on the forum could someone point me to it

I have a list of Lines (a,b...) which start at point i and end at point j.
Line i j Point x y
a 1 2 1 6 10
b 2 3 2 7 4
3 2 3

I have have a seperate list of the points. Each i point and j point have x and y coordinates.
I want to find the i point value in my list of points and copy the following two columns (the x and y values) to Sheet2. On sheet2 I want to paste the i values in row 1 and the j values in row 2, skip two lines and move onto Line b.

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Data Validation Drop Down List Find
data validation drop down list find

i have a data validation drop list of week starting dates. the list works great, but
i have to scroll through more and more as the year goes on...

?can we have a letter sensitive find (as in an access combobox)...?

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