Finding Location Of Last String Of 26+ Consecutive Blanks In Row?

Jan 18, 2013

I've attached an example of the data I am trying to solve this problem for. Basically I am looking for strings of 26 blanks or more in a row, but I want to determine the ending location of the last string of 26+ blanks. I've been able to determine the location of the maximum string of blanks, but that max group of blanks isn't always the last set over 26.

Any link to find the location of last string of blanks of 26 or more? The example I attached is a good example since there are two strings of 26+ blanks with the last one being shorter. I've also include the answer I'm looking at the end of the data in the example.


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Recommence Consecutive Numbering Based On Blanks

Mar 17, 2008

a macro that will populate a column with consecutive numbering, recommencing where there is a blank cell to the immediate right.

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Count Consecutive 0 Starting From Last Non Zero Cell In A Row (excluding Blanks)

Mar 13, 2014

Formula to count the number of consecutive zero starting from the last cell with non zero value.

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Counting Consecutive Cells In Range With Blanks And Displaying Specific Value?

Mar 27, 2014

I wanted to count the number of instances that Matt's been late. If there are consecutive timestamps (ex. 600-620, 620-640) that he's been late, I wanted Excel to display 1 and then I'll just sum it up. Or if Excel can do this directly, add all the instances because what I actually need is the total per person.

In this example, I would need a result of 4 instances.

tell if the blank cells will affect the formula or if I still need to do something about them.

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Finding Difference Between Non-consecutive Numbers?

Jul 11, 2013

I have got the following issue. I have got a large list of values in a column. I need to detect the the ones which are in non-consecutive order and display the difference in single numbers. For example:

1 fine
2 fine
3 fine
7 - 4,5,6
10 - 8,9

In other words I need to find the missing values and get them displayed.

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Finding 2 Out Of 3 Consecutive Equal Cell Values?

Sep 10, 2012

Say I have Column A populated with Employee Names, and Column B populated with "Pass" or "Fail" (which indicates a passed or failed customer service call monitoring).

For each employee, I want to be able to look at all of their overall scores (usually between 3 and 10 evaluations per month) and easily highlight people who have failed 2 out of 3 consecutive evaluations.

I want to integrate this feature in to a weekly quality report.

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Finding The Maximum Occurrence Of Text Over Non-consecutive Cells

Jun 15, 2009

Im trying to figure out how to show the highest occurrence of text in 10 cells which are not next to each other. Some of the cells will also be blank And the other thing is if there is a draw e.g. 5 2Z and 5 1Z I'd like it to show that, either with a word e.g. "DRAW" or anything really other than just putting whichever of the 2 "notes" in it feels like

Attached is a spreadsheet (all other data deleted) that shows what I am wanting to do I have typed the results I am after directly in to the cells in columns BE & BF BE will need some kind of countif, but when I try that is says I have too many arguments! I have to leave the columns in between blank in this case as they have other info in them, which is really annoying as if those 10 cells were contiguous then the formula

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Finding The Location Of A Cell

Jul 10, 2006

i am trying to find the location of the current cell and use the information to print it to screen. For example, if the cell A1 is selected, i need to get the location A1 and use this value for a vlookup. is there a method that returns the current cell location "A1"??


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Finding Value And Copying It Down To New Location In A Loop

May 18, 2012

I have a worksheet with a various data in column B.

1/ I want to search column B one row at a time looking for a string value of 'Town'.

2/ When the first row containing this string is found select a left 35 chars substring of the value in the column C and copy this down in column A if the value in Column B = '0000/00' UNTIL the string value of 'Town' changes

3/ Repeat 2/ until the last instance of 'Town' has been processed.

4/ Column A will have some empty cells where Town has not been populated. These rows should be deleted and replaced with one empty row between each change of Town value

3/ Continue pasting this string value into each successive row

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Finding Minimum Value In Column That Has Blanks And Break?

Aug 15, 2013

Sheet 1, column B range is B4:B39 & B54:B85 Data will look like this

Or very similar to it, I want to be able to find in order smallest to largest across 6 cells, meaning in cell c4 I want 4-333, d4 20-55, e4 20-77 and so on for only 6 cells as that is all I have room for on the sheet. of course if there are only 2 sets of data then 3-6 will be blank. but I think if I can get something working I can add that part.

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Finding Difference Between Latest And Previous Value Excluding Blanks

Dec 4, 2013

I need a spreadsheet to record the number of calls taken by my staff YTD, and have it laid out as follows:

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6

The "Increase" is a simple =B4-B3 etc. But, there is a problem...

Say for example a member of staff is ill one day and therefore doesn't take any calls, I end up with a 'blank' cell in column 'B'...

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6
5 04/01 -19
6 05/01 25 25

My problem is the increase in calls from 03/01 to 05/01 YTD ISN'T 25, it's 6.

Is there a formulae I can use that works out the difference between the latest number of calls taken and the last number of calls taken (excluding the 'blank' cells)?

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Longest Series Of Consecutive 2 Chars In String?

Aug 23, 2014

I'm looking for a formula which returns the longest consecutive series of occurrences of 2 chars in a text string.

In the case I'm trying to count the longest consecutive number of nine-spares (9/) in a bowling game.

For example:

|7/|X|9/|9/|9-|9/|9/|9/|9/|X8/|longest series of 9/ would be 4.
|9/|9-|9/|9/|7/|9-|(8)/|X|7/|9-|longest series of 9/ would be 2.
|9/|(8)1|X|X|72|63|7/|8/|8/|9/9|longest series of 9/ would be 1.

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Using VBA Codes To Generate Consecutive Numbers And Convert Them Into String

Jan 10, 2013

If n = 5, then I want to generate a string like this: "1+2+3+4+5". Similarly, if n = 7, I want the string "1+2+3+4+5+6+7".

I can generate the consecutive numbers, but have not figured out how to generate the required string.

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Count Consecutive Occurrences Of Left Character In A String

Feb 7, 2014

I'm trying to use logic to identify each of the strings below, I want to count the occurrences of the left most character appearing consecutively. The answer is to the left

I'm trying to do this via a formula vs. vba if possible





[Code] .....

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Using VBA Code To Generate List Of Consecutive Numbers And Convert Into String

Jan 10, 2013

If n = 5, then I want to generate a string like this: "1+2+3+4+5". Similarly, if n = 7, I want the string "1+2+3+4+5+6+7".

I can generate the consecutive numbers, but have not figured out how to generate the required string.

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Searching A String For A Digit Location

Aug 13, 2008

I thought I could use

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Save Location As String Or Range?

Aug 22, 2013

I often need to save the user's current position on a worksheet, do some stuff then get them back to where they started. In the past I've saved the current location sometimes as a string and sometimes as a range.

Sub BackToRange()
Dim BackToHere As Range
Set BackToHere = Selection
' do stuff
End Sub

Sub BackToString()
Dim BackToHere As String
BackToHere = Selection.Address
' do stuff
End Sub

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Button Browses To File To Generate String Of Location?

Nov 8, 2011

I want cell D28 to be text of the location to the file selected through CommandButton1.. tia

This is what I have so far:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim browse As Long
Set Application.GetOpenFilename("All PDF files (*.pdf*), *.pdf*", , _
"Choose a Filename") = browse
ActiveSheet.Range("D28") = browse
End Sub

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Finding The Frequency Of A String In Other String(s)

Dec 8, 2009

I'm looking for a formula that will count specific word in a cell.

I want to know how many WWLL are in this cell, which is 4.

I wrote this custom function to provide the answer. It is used like so: ..

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Summing Values After Finding Max Consecutive Values

May 11, 2009

I have 10 columns (A-J). Column B is the Date & Column C is the Time, I have the data sorted 1st by date then by time. The 5th Column, E, is Size. The 10th column, J, is "Position."

This 10th column, J, is in binary format. A 1 equals a Position & a 0 equals no Position.

1) I need to find the Max Sum of the Size in which the Max consecutive set of 1s has occurred.

2) I need to also do this on a day by day basis, using the Date in Column B, without having to manually go through & modify all the formulas to reference the date.

I have a Sumif formula for the 2nd but it won't copy down to update the formula for each unique date. I have to manually change the date values & I have ~957 unique dates to do; so it would be a rather painstaking process if only done manually. Moreover, it doesn't count the Max Sum of all consecutive 1s in Column J...

The length of the non unique columns (all columns w/o unselecting the duplicate entries) is 19,068.

If you can be of help, I'd be very brain is overloaded w/googling & using trial & error.

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Finding A Cell In A Variable Location Based On The Contents Of The Cell

May 2, 2012

I am creating a macro to automate data analysis for work, but I've become stuck.

I need to find the coordinate of the first cell in a column with word "reserved" or "extended" contained in the cell, and then assign the row number of that coordinate as a variable to use for moving data around. Basically, I want something like VLOOKUP, but instead of returning a value, I want it to return the coordinate.

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Finding One String Within Another

Mar 13, 2013

I have this formula on my worksheet to test if column A="-" or "+"


I would like to enhance this so that the test looks for the the + or - inside column A which might be a whole string rather than just one character and returns the same result (an NA# error if found).

I am doing this so I can then use SpecialCells to clear the cells containing the + or -

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Finding Text Within A String

Oct 24, 2008

On my spreadsheet I have a column entitled: "Item Title", and the data within this column can look like the following;

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Finding String In Array

Aug 8, 2013

I have list of strings to be searched in column A2 to A150 (A1 has column title). The array that needs to be searched is in B2 to AG1000 (B1 to AG1 has column title). I want each string in column A to be searched in the full array. If match is found the corresponding column title (B1 or C1 and so.) and cell address needs to written to a new result columns in AY and AZ. it should work for duplicates as well i.e. the string can be in all the columns of array from B to AG. and all of them needs to be written to result column.

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Finding The First Number In A String?

Jul 31, 2014

I'm trying to extract the number portion from the following string. I'm trying to use FIND to find the first digit between 1 and 2 so I used an "or" argument along with the code number, however it's not working here. What I really want to do is find any digit between 1 and 9 in the string, however I started with this formula for now. why this doesn't work and provide a better formula. I want to understand why this didn't work to understand the functions better. Text string is as follows "standard VAT rate: 20% (Jan 1984)". The formula I used in the following =MID(A253,FIND(OR(Char(49),CHAR(50)),A253),2) where A253 contains the string. Is it possible to use a logical argument within a find?

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Finding The Last Space In A String

Nov 17, 2006

there is AT() which finds the first occurrence of a string searching from the left like FIND() and SEARCH(), and RAT() which finds the first occurrence searching from the right-to-left.

A single column with names:
John Doe
Jane Marie Smith
Dr. Alex R. Jones

I need two columns that would look like:
Jane Marie........Smith
Dr. Alex R.........Jones

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Finding Numbers From String

Aug 11, 2009

I am trying to find numbers from a string. I have for example words "EUR Fwd 9x12" and "Eur Fwd 11x15" And i want to write a function that reads the first number from a string if there is only one number before "x" or two numbers if there are 2 numbers. So I have tried to build following function:

Function NumbersInString(Word As String) As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim FirstNumberInString As Integer, SecondNumberInString As Integer
For i = 1 To Len(Word)
If IsNumeric(Mid(Word, i, 1)) Then
FirstNumberInString = Mid(Word, i, 1)
If IsNumeric(Mid(Word, i + 1, 1)) = False Then
Exit Function
SecondNumberInString = Mid(Word, i + 1, 1)
End If
End If

NumbersInString = FirstNumberInString & SecondNumberInString
End Function

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Finding The First Number In A String

Apr 8, 2007

We are trying to make either a macro or a function that will look through the contents of a cell, find the first NUMBER and then paste the results to another column. Below is an example of what may be in cell A1:


We want only to find the FIRST NUMBER in this string, so the result should be 7.

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Lookup But First Finding A Unique String?

Jul 3, 2014

mockup.xlsxStarting out with a 9 by 11 grid.

Column A will have times that need to be referenced in a lookup. (Ex Sat 8:00am)

Row 1 will have basball field codes reference with a lookup. (Example Field 4

Cells B2:I11 have distinct codes or possibly nothing. (An example would be: Tier 1 A1-A3)

These codes will move around from time to time. They will always remain distinct within the grid, but could appear in any of the cells from B2:I11.

I have 2 columns I want to populate with values from the grid.

First is Fields. I want the first cell to populate with the baseball field found in row 1 of which the code Tier1 A1-A3 falls under.

For example if this season Tier1 A1-A3 is found in the column under Field 4, then I need to return Field 4 as a result.

Second is the time. I want the time to be populated based on what row the Tier1 A1-A3 code falls in.

For example if Tier1 A1-A3 is in the Sat 8:00am row, then I need that value returned.

In short, I need to search the grid and find a given value. I then need to use a lookup (or other tool) to return the first value in that row. And secondly via lookup return the first value in that column.

edit: added spreadsheet example. First sheet is grid in question, 2nd sheet is a typical schedule.

The first Team (Scared Hitless) is A1, the team they play first is Sands Duel Fuel (A3) They play at 11:00am on Field TR3.

You will see on the grid under TR3 and Sat 11:00 the code Tier 4 A1v3. This code is what I want to search and correlate into times on the schedule rather than doing the data entry by hand.

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Find Is Not Finding Character String?

Jun 11, 2014

I have a cell that has approx 22000 characters. I'm trying to remove a specific character string from a cell by doing a find and replace with "". It works for characters in the first part of the cell but not for characters in the last part of the cell.

Example: I do a find/replace for the characters 21242 to "" in column A and I get the expected results. I do a find/replace on 69294 to "", again I get the expected results, but if I do a find/replace on 85203 to "", I get "Excel cannot find what I am searching for" (but its there!)

My cell size is within the max size of 32,767 characters so not sure why its not working.

Attached a sample worksheet.

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