Formula To Convert Uppercase Words Only To Lowercase

Apr 18, 2014

Formula that will convert uppercase words longer than three letters, into lowercase. Leaving the rest of the string unchanged?

For example,

Mary and John at IBM thought this was a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. Becomes:
Mary and John at IBM thought this was a great opportunity.

I have also tried using more func's REGEX.SUBSTITUTE but I couldn't get that to work either!

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Change First Letter Of Word From Uppercase To Lowercase In Each Cell Of First Row?

Sep 18, 2013

Is there a way to get Excel to automatically change the first letter of single word entry to lowercase in each cell of the first row of my worksheet leaving the case the same for all other letters?

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Return Value Only If All Words Are Uppercase?

Apr 16, 2014

I have about 5000 rows with mixed upper & lower case words. I am trying to get only values if all words are upper-case. I have office 2013.

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Conditional Convert To Lowercase

Nov 3, 2009

Is it possible to convert to lowercase all words unless a word has two or more consecutive capitals or two or more consecutive capitals followed by fullstop?


This Is a Test (TIT)
This Is a Test (T.I.T.)

should become

this is a test (TIT)
this is a test (T.I.T.)

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Extract Uppercase Words From A Cell

Apr 23, 2014

I am looking for a formula that would extract uppercase words from a cell. I have cells containing this kind of sentences:

"FROZEN PRODUCTS;Frozen avocado;FROZEN FISH;SweeT things;"

so I started with this Macro to extract uppercases and punctuation:

Public Function majuscules(zone)
Dim sel As Object
Dim i As Integer
For Each sel In zone

[Code] ........

It works pretty well but gives all the uppercases, and what I want is only those of words fully in upper.

Is there a way to tweak this formula so it gives all the uppers that touch another upper.

In the example case, it should return:

The little cherry on the cake would be if it could give me:

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Combine 2 Cells Containing Text The Convert All To Lowercase

Dec 17, 2008

combine 2 cells containing text the convert all to lowercase

i.e. in say A1 John, B1 Smith
convert this to c1 johnsmith

this is to me used as a user name generator

then in cell d1 create a 5 digit unique number (password)

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Automatic Macro To Convert To Uppercase?

May 22, 2014

I am trying to accomplish the following, when i enter a word in column C but in the odd row i want a macro to automatically convert that word to uppercase.

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Macro To CONVERT To UPPERCASE Needs To Be Tweaked

Mar 24, 2009

I am using the code below to convert all input on the spreadsheet to UPPERCASE. This was working fine until I added a Column that contains dates (Column D is formatted like 03/Mar/2009). So when I type in 03-03 in column D I get: 03/Mar/2009 instead of 03/MAR/2009

Can the code be tweaked to accommodate the dates?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

'Converts ALL input to UPPERCASE

Dim cel As Range
Application.EnableEvents = False

On Error Resume Next
For Each cel In Intersect(Target, Target.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, xlTextValues))
cel.Value2 = UCase(cel.Value2)
Next cel

Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

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Convert Uppercase Sentences To Sentence Format

Jul 19, 2007

I need to find a formula that will allow me to format an upperase sentance to sentance format.


I need the sentace to format like this:

"Uppercase sentences should no be formated using the 'proper' formula."

and not like this:

"Uppercase Sentences Should No Be Formated Using The 'Proper' Formula."

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Convert Words Into Numbers

Aug 31, 2009

For my research in medicine I build a spreadsheet with google docs. After having received most of the data I transfered the spreadsheet into an excel file. The next thing I would like to do is to convert the words in the spreadsheet into numbers so I can calculate with them. For example: every row in column E consist of one of the two words: 'man' or 'woman'. I would like to convert the word 'man' into a '0' and the word 'woman' into a '1'. Is it possible to write a formula or function for this?

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Convert Numeric Value To Words Without VBA

Jun 1, 2014

Note : It works for a value having two decimal places. It truncates if you have a value having more than two decimal places. Note : The following formula can convert amount one less than 1 trillion into words.

For example : $ 1,250.50 = One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars and Fifty Cents

$1,250.50 is placed in cell B5.

Paste the following formula in cell C5.

source : [URL] .......

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Text Convert To Other Words

Apr 9, 2008

Do any formulas can converts text to an anothers words ?

sample : if any words to ( LA CA LN & TN ) than Change to "USA"

Col: A will have the abnormal text .

Col: B want to consolidate that's to "US" if match with the certeria /

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Convert Words To A Figure

Jul 1, 2008

In cell A1:A10 I have various words.

I am trying to convert them to a number assuming every letter = a number in sequence of the alphabet then is summed together. ie:

a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4 ............. z=26.

So the word Excel would equal 5+24+3+5+12 giving me the answer 49.

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Convert Numbers To Words

Jan 17, 2008

how to convert figure into words eg 1250 (one thousand two hundred fifty only)

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Convert Dates To English Words Using VBA

Dec 23, 2013

how to convert dates to text without using addon, using VBA. like 23/12/2013 to Twenty third december, two thousand thirteen,

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How To Convert Numerical Numbers To Words

Jun 20, 2014

how to convert numerical numbers to words in MS excel & MS world

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Amendments In Function Convert Digits To Words (US Dollar)

Nov 1, 2009

Before I got this Function from your Form to convert digit to words.

Function is as following..right now i m getting as following:-

If i type 123..i m getting one Hundred twenty Three with this script as below.

But i want US Dollar one Hundred Twenty Three..

Can any one add the word "US Dollar" in this script.



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Check For Lowercase Letters

Nov 17, 2008

Is it possible to do a true/false check for lowercase letters in a cell?

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Find Position Of First Lowercase In Cell?

Jan 9, 2013

I have in the first column something like this:

GLOBAL DESCRIPTION1 Particular description1
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION1 Particular description2
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION2 Particular description1
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION2 Particular description2

I want to to have in the second column:

Particular description1
Particular description2
Particular description1
Particular description2

So far I have this: +IF(EXACT(A1;UPPERCASE(A1));A1;+RIGHT(A1;LEN(A1)-(FIND(X;A1;1)-1)))

X standing for the position of the first lowercase, which I don't know how to get.

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Changing Lowercase To Upper Case

May 15, 2008

I am using the following code behind this sheet. In row 9 and column D if I put a lower case letter i want to convert it to uppercase automatically can you see what I am doing wrong.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Debug.Print Target.Text & " " & Target.Value & " " & Target.Value2
Dim vVal
'If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Target, Range("C9:D28")) Is Nothing _
And Intersect(Target, Range("G9:H28")) Is Nothing _
And Intersect(Target, Range("K9:L28")) Is Nothing _
And Intersect(Target, Range("O9:P28")) Is Nothing _
And Intersect(Target, Range("S9:T28")) Is Nothing _
And Intersect(Target, Range("W9:X28")) Is Nothing _......

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If Statement To Remove Lowercase Letters

Aug 4, 2008

I'm having trouble with separate a text string.

The first part of the text is in all uppercases and the latter part is in lower cases as seen below.

PLAVIX BLOOD THINNER RXNo Title Assigned - #588303

I have to separate PLAVIX BLOOD THINNER RX and No Title Assigned - #588303

into 2 separate columns from that one column.

Is there a faster way of doing that than doing it manually?

Is there an If statement for that?

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Case Sensitive Sorting (all Caps First, Then All Lowercase)

Sep 12, 2009

Is it possible to have this type of case sensitive sorting (first all words beginning with a capital later and then all cells beginning with a lowercase letter):


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Converting Text From Upper Case Or Lowercase

Aug 8, 2008

I have created a text convertor which will convert any text into upper case or lowercase (not very complex but very handy!) Is there anyway way that when text is in uppercase and I convert it to lower case that it makes every character after a full stop in upper case

David was not well. He went home

I currently get
david was not well. he went home.

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Can We Unmerge Words With The Any Formula??

Jul 31, 2009

Can we unmerge a complete address in seperate seperate coloumns? Like Complete address is "1st Floor, 2a Harrison Road, Erdington, West Midlands, B24 9AA" and i want to split it like Address[1] "1st Floor" , Address[2]: "2a Harrison Road", Address[3]: "Erdington"...

Is there is any formula which can split data with the help of seperators (Comma or space) ??

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Numbers Into Words From 1 To 999,999,999 Only By Formula Not VBA?

Aug 22, 2013

EXCEL FORMULA CHALLENGE:Needs a formula like as above , expand the formula to generate from One to Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine? 1 to 999,999,999 all numbers into words between this range ?

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Replace All The Times That These Words Appear In The Rest Of The Sheet With The Words In Column B

Sep 20, 2006

I have a column of words in Column A and I want to replace all the times that these words appear in the rest of the excel sheet with the words in Column B. If someone has already answered a similar problem link me to the thread because I can't find anything.

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Formula To Count Different Words In Array?

Apr 10, 2014

I need a formula to count the total number words occurred in an array. It has to separate the "," and count.

Here is a scenario:

8.Apple, Banana
9.Banana, Mango
10.Mango, Apple

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Formula To Show Words In Column?

Dec 16, 2013

Excel. Let's say this how a column looks like:


Is there a formula to get this outcome:

a 1
b 2
c 1
d 1

If not, is there a way to create a list of words that are in a column?

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Add Spaces Between Capitalized Words With A Formula?

Jan 16, 2014

I'm trying to find a formula to add spaces in between capitalized words

example :

cell A1 = MtVernonRoad

trying to make it say..

Mt Vernon Road

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If / And Formula That Includes Ratios And Words

Jan 30, 2014

What I need is a formula for the following:

If Column A equals "No Show" and Column B equals "Anthem" then sum of cell C2 divided by D2

Every time I input this simple little formula I get an error.


No Shows

No Show

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