Get The Last Word In Phrase

Nov 4, 2006

I'm doing a macro to get the last word in a phrase

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Search For Only One Word / Phrase In Range Of Cells

Jul 23, 2014

I try to search for only one word/phrase in range of cells. I would like formula to return the cell value that contains work/phrase I asked to look for.

For example: A1 contains "Apple", C1:3 contain "Cherry juice", "Apple pie", "Orange bonbon". I want D1 to check which cell from range C1:3 contains word/phrase from A1 and show it to me - "Apple pie".

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Add A Word Or Phrase In Front Of The Data Already In A Column Of Cells

Apr 3, 2008

what's the fastest way to add a word or phrase in front of the data already in a column of cells?


cell contains product description and I need it to show
company name product description

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Opening Word & Count Word Instances In A Word Document

May 26, 2006

I have an excel program that is supposed to count word instances in a word document. I can't seem to find the right declaration for a word document.
For example to declare a workbook in excel its

Dim wb As Work Book

I've tried

Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim doc As Word.Application

as shown in some of the forum posts, but an error user-type not defined keeps displaying.

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Macro That Deletes Row Before And After Certain Phrase

Nov 3, 2008

I need a macro that searches my spreadsheet for a keyword in Column B. If it finds the keywords (or an array of keywords would be even better), it then deletes the entire row above the keyword, the row with the keyword, and the row below the keyword.

So for example,

(Column B)
1 - Row Above
2 - Keyword Row
3 - Row Below

If the macro finds the text in column 2, it would delete 1, 2 and 3.

I need to have a second macro that performs a very similar function.
it copies the 3 rows (similar to the example below) to a different sheet based on the keyword.

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Seperating Parts Of A Phrase Using Vba

Aug 3, 2009

I have a phrase in a listbox formated as such: "Company Name / Company ID # / City, State"

I need to be able to seperate the values out into seperate categories:
Company Name
Company ID #

Is there any way to do this within the code?

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Phrase Search Macro

Jan 26, 2014

I would like to write a macro which checks if phrase from column B (lets say 13845) can be found in column A cells.

For example DDH113845G389.

I think that it should be some kind of loop but I'm afraid I can't handle it.

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Find Phrase And Look Up Corresponding Cell Value

Mar 24, 2009

I have three columns.
Column 1: A list of items with a very long text description in each cell
Column 2: The Key phrase found within the long description in the cells of Column 1.
(The key phrase is different for each cell).
Column 3: Custom shortened description in text format.
Column 4: Formula to return the Custom shortened description, equivalent to the item in Column 1

How do I create a formula in Column 4 so that Excel searches for the Key phrase found within the string of Column 1 and returns the custom description in Column 4?

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Extract Characters From Phrase

Nov 15, 2006

i have a list of information, and from that i want to extract a certain piece from that information and out it in a new cell...
eg. 'KLM00506', 'KLM00409-10', 'KLM00821-9' etc

as you can see, the info is not in the same length
what i need is to take out the FIRST 6 characters and have the remaining to be in a new cell

anyone has an excel formula that i can use ? not really interested in code, cause in this particular worksheet, everything is at its' place, no code required

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Count Certain Phrase When There Is Multiple Answers

Jun 4, 2014

In the attachment, on the totals sheet I am doing a count of the results on Sheet2. Under "Alcohol as it Applies to Me" on Totals I am trying to count the 5 different categories, but the original question is a pick all that apply so at times there are multiple answers. I can't figure out the formula to count each phrase when there is multiple answers.

HRA Results.xlsx‎

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Identifying Phrase In A Text List

May 14, 2014

I have a cell with a long list of phrases all separated by commas.

So it would appear, chicken, beef, steak, soup, fish

I want to create a rule in a cell to identify if one of those phrases comes up - so if chicken comes up then a 1 would appear.

To make it interesting is it possible to grab two words from the cell, so grab the words chicken and beef from a mass of words in one cell and bring it across.

I have these cells which contain huge amount of text and preferences and I am looking to identify these entities on if they contain these words.

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Rank Instances Of Phrase In A Column

Mar 21, 2014

Let's say this is my data. It's already been sorted so that like entries are all grouped together.


I need to make a macro that numbers my data like below.






Essentially, my data is many columns and sorted on a bunch of different levels. I need a quick way to assign a rank to every row in the same group, to see at a glance which performed the best.

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VBA Code For Find And Replace A Particular Phrase

Apr 23, 2008

I am trying to write a code for VBA code for find and replace, I want to find a particular phrase (i.e. 1. Value Added Processing) which is all in one cell and replace it a range of cells of other cells which is contained on a different sheet.

So basically the original 1 cell would be replaced for anywhere between 1 to 20cells. Depending upon what I type in.

Worksheets(1).Range("B2:B50").Replace What:="1.ValueAddedProcessing", Replacement:= _
"Sheet1!A1:A11", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, ReplaceFormat:=False

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Text Configuration - Tell A Cell To Pick Up A Phrase?

Aug 15, 2013

Text configuration - how can I tell a cell to pick up a phrase from one cell, but if that phrase is equal to one particular phrase, then produce a blank.

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Search For Keyword Or Phrase In Website Using Excel?

Apr 11, 2012

I would like to search for a keyword or a phrase in a website using excel.

Generally we copy the keyword or a phrase and paste it in google and go for search. but i wanted to do this using excel as i have to search same pharse in multiple websites.

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How To Count Number Of Times A Phrase Is Repeated In A Row

Jun 24, 2012

How I can count the number of times each unique phrase in row "A" is repeated?

For example if my data set was

Red Hat

how can I get excel to count the number of times and return data like

Blue 1
Green 2
Black 1
Green 2
Red 3
Red 3
Red 3
Red Hat 1

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Multi Keyword Phrase Finding Macro

Jun 8, 2007

I have a large keyword list in a sheet called "AllKWs" In ColA from A3 downwards).

What I'd like to be able to do is this, which I'm sure will be complicated, but I will explain.

Say keyword phrase sheet has 25,000 rows of data (could be more/could be less).
I click an assigned macro button.
A pop up box appears.
I type in a word or words I'd like some info on, so for example I type in a word or words like "car rent"

It then returns for me on a new sheet called "Multi Keywords" a lot of data on this sheet, which would hopefully be as follows:

All Row 1 will contain Column headings
All row 2 will contain Total Counts (I'll explain in a minute this row)

So, all data to be returned from Row 3 downwards.
OK, as to the data to be returned.
All returned data In all Columns to show data in descending order by No of occurrances/appearances

Col A (From A 3 downwards) = The actual number of 2 word appearances (In this example that contain the words "car rent"

In Col B = All 2 word Phrases Containing ("In this example "Car Rent")
(As a note, In this example, ColA (CellA3) could only show the number"1" and ColB (B3)could only show the phrase "Car Rent") once. (As there isn't no other possible combination).

In Col C =The actual number of 3 word appearances listed in descending order That
contain the word "Car rent"

In Col D =All 3 word Phrases Containing "Car Rent"

In Col E =The actual number of 4 word appearances containing "Car Rent" listed in descending order

In Col F =All 4 word Phrases Containing "Car Rent"

In Col G =The actual number of 5 word appearances listed in descending order

Actually if anyone can crack this I really do take my hat of to them.
OK,A few more points,

Cells B2,D2,F2,H2,J2,L2,N2,P2,R2, All contain the word "Total:" and if the macro can fill in the number as appropriate.

So for example Cell L2 (For 7 word phrases) would say something like "Total:42" (If in Col L From L3 downwards the macro found 42 7 word phrases that contained the words "Car rent"

Ok, Cells A2,C2,E2,G2,I2,K2,M2,O2,Q2 All these cells will contain the word "Total". So these cells would list the combined total number of occurrances of all the phrases.
So for example cell K2 might say "Occur:324" as the total number of occurances of 7 word phrases that had the words "Car rent"in.

OK. as an example, I will post a code that Jindon wrote for me sometime ago. I'm posting this now, as it is very similar in what I would like this macro to be able to do, and might help as I'm sure this 1 will be complicated. This 1 looks for a phrase, returns by No of occurrances etc, but for all the combinations (Word lengths) within the Keyword phrase list, rather than what I'm asking for now, which splits them into Number of words columns.

Here it is anyway:

Sub NicheKeywordFinder()
Dim a, dic As Object, X, myTxt As String, b(), c(), n As Long, i As Long, e, s, myTotal As Long
myTxt = InputBox("HuaHinCarRental - Niche Keyword Finder") 'change to suit
If Len(myTxt) = 0 Then Exit Sub
Set dic = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
dic.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
ReDim b(1 To Rows.Count, 1 To 1): ReDim c(1 To Rows.Count, 1 To 3)
With Sheets("All KWs") 'change to suit
a = .Range("a1", .Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Value
End With

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Insert Line Feed At Intervals In A Phrase

Aug 24, 2007

Each cell in Range("A1:A2000") contains a remark, each phrase or remark is
Between 5 & 70 characters all written without line feeds (carriage return,i mean Alt Enter) Just spaces between words. What I would like to do in every cell is to force a line feed (Alt Enter) every 10 characters, and if the 10th character happens to be in the middle of a word I want the line feed to be inserted at the end of this word. Note that the phrases are not necessarily multiples of 10.

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Find Phrase In One Column And Apply Formula To Different Columns Same Row?

Aug 27, 2013

I am trying to come up with a macro that will find rows that contain the words �as % of Revenue� and then calculate and apply the appropriate formula to the actual and budget columns. I have attached a sample of what the source data look like.

The formula divides the category�s total expense by the revenue in row 4. For a complete macro, I would want to also subtract the budget result from the actual result and put its result in the �better (worse)� column. I need to use this on 12 or so different workbooks which is why I�m wanting a macro.

Here is my attempt to accomplish this task; however, I quickly realized it is woefully inadequate because I neither understand how to apply it to the different columns or how to find the next instance of �as % of revenue�).

Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
Cells.Find(What:="as % of Revenue").Activate
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C/R10C"
End Sub

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Search For A Phrase In Column - Function Return Error

Feb 18, 2013

I am trying to search for a phrase in a particular column but the excel search function is returning !Value as an error...

Both fields are text so nit sure what is wrong here.

I have a list of cities that i want to cross reference across a cloumn of notes on another sheet. So, I really want to search for the city (Sheet1 Cell A1) in Notes Sheet2 Cell A1) and I want to return it in Sheet1 Cell B1 Whether it exisits in the notes. I then want to copy this down my list of cities in Sheet1 Column a.

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Count Up How Many Times A Particular Phrase Within A Text String Appears

Feb 7, 2007

i have a spreadsheet where I need to count up how many times a particular phrase within a text string appears. The text string will be duplicated many times throughout the spreadsheet.

For example :

Miss X was at work on Saturday
Mr XX was at work on Saturday but not Tuesday
Miss Y was at work on Tuesday

So I would like to count up how many times "work on Saturday" appears in my spreadsheet, and then as a seperate query, how many times "work on Tuesday" appears.

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Find Specific Phrase In A Column And Change The Row Color And Its Border

Mar 27, 2014

I have the table, as shown on left in the appended image, and the final result should be the right one.

The steps are written as 1, 2, 3 and 4.


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Export Cell Contents To Word Fields In A Protected Word Document

Jul 6, 2009

Is it possible to export Excel cell contents to Word fields in a protected Word document? For example...

What code would be needed to tell Excel to open up, copy and export the contents of A2 in the active sheet of a workbook to "Field 2" in a Word document named "Report 01" and then put the contents of B2 to "Field 2" etc?

Do both applications have to be opened up at the same time or is Excel able to open up Word on its own? Will the macro be able to....

1. Automatically open up the correct Word document?

2. Look ONLY in a certain folder for the "Report 01" Word document?


Bring up a "selection" box that allows you to select the document you wish Excel to export it's data to?

3. Close and save the Word Document without any user intervention?

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Excel 2003 :: Count How Many Times A Word Is In A Range / Word Can Be In Cell More Than Once

Feb 16, 2012

I need to count how many times the word Test is in the range B4:H9 with

Range N2 = Test the formula below works if Test is only in the cell once.

=COUNTIF($B$4:$H$9,"*" & N2 & "*")

But I have data in cells like below, this is all in one cell, so how would I have it count all the times test is in the range when some cells have test 2 or more times in a single cell?


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Using The IF Function, To Make Entering A Word, Space Then Word Correct

May 6, 2009

How can I use the IF function, to make entering a word, space then word display correct and incorrect if not.

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How To Search For A Word In A Column And Have Entire Row Opaque Once Word Is Found

Sep 3, 2009

I need my macros to search for the word "Cancel" or "Cancelled" in columns "T" and "U". Once found, I need the macros to make that entire row an opaque shading.

There will be other wording in these cells that contain "Cancel" or "Cancelled". Is it possible for the macros to search in the sentence and find the words "Cancel" or "Cancelled"

I started on the code below but am stuck.

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Find A Certain Word In A String Then Return The Number Associated With That Word

Jun 9, 2009

Have problems using find and the Dictionary
What Im trying to do is find a certain word in a string then return the number associated with that word

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Pick Word From Excel Search In MS Word And Replace All

Jan 4, 2012

I am trying to automate the below process:

1. I have a excel file with Japanese words in column A and their English equivalents in column B.

2. I am trying to create a Macro and assign it to a button. On pressing the button Macro should be able to:

3. open a form where I can enter location of a word file.

4. Macro should open the word file specified in (3).

5. Macro will pick up first Japanese word from excel file (Sheet 1 - A1)

6. Search for that word in Word file

7. Replace the Japanese words in Word file with their English equivalent from excel (B1)

8. Then it should search for second word (A2) and replace with its equivalent (B2) and so on till it reaches last filled cell in excel file column A.

After a lot of search I could find a code from net (Below), made a few changes, but it is not working.

Private Sub OK_Click()
' Requires a reference to Microsoft Word xx.x Object Library
Dim sFile As String


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How To Find Specific Word And Sum The Column According To That Word

Mar 14, 2014

I would like to have a formula find a specific word in column L and return the sum from column E for the same fund from column C.

I tried using =SUMIF(L:L,"*annual*",E:E) but that gives me the sum of annual for the entire column. I need to be able to specify the fund.

word "annual" also appears in "semi annual" so I need to be able to separate the two.

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Searching For Word Copy Word To Different Column

Jan 22, 2013

I want to say if the word 'suitcase' is in column W (any row), place the word 'suitcase' in column Z, same row.

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