Graphing Measured Dimensions

Jun 20, 2014

I am trying to graph dimension measurements that are automatically added as a new worksheet upon completion of a CMM program. Do I need to move all of my data to one work sheet to be able to graph it or is it possible to call the same cell on multiple sheets? Also is there a way to set the graph up so that it updates the information every time a new sheet is added? I have a sample workbook attached that only list one dimension the actual workbook will have many dimensions listed. Sheet 1 is blank and sheets 2-4 contain the information from the CMM.

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Working With Dimensions

Sep 5, 2007

Is there a way in excel to say if i select Item1 and it is 100mm x 30mm x 100mm, excel will say this will fit into a compartment called A1 and may also fit into a compartment called B6.

I have a list of all the compartments and what the internal dimensions are. So is it just a matter of saying if these dimensions are within those of the compartment then that item will fit in.

I have a list of some what 6000 Items that have dimensions. I may pick 200 or so of these items to fit into special compartments of a machine. Because of the varying sizes i need to know what compartment each item will fit in so i can build a machine big enough and get the right size compartments.

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Dimensions Of A Graph.

Nov 25, 2008

My macro prduces some text ang a graph on the screen and I can print the result.
Ok so far. But when I run this macro in a different screen resolution, the layout of the page is disturbed: the graph is on the wrong place and the dimensions of the graph are different.

Of course I can drag and resize the graph and include this proces also in the macro but I think this is not the right way. My question is: are in VBA commands which can fix the graph to a location on the sheet/screen and adjust the graph to the requested heighth and width?

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Get Array Dimensions

Jul 3, 2007

I am working with a dynamically declared array. Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to get the dimensions of the array so that I can work with them? e.g. to loop through the array.

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Redim Array 2 Dimensions

Apr 28, 2014

I iterate through a list and store the data in an array.

[Code] ..........

This works fine, but I tried to have 2 dimensions to the array and It no longer works!

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Check 4 Different Columns That Have Dimensions

Nov 16, 2009

I have a worksheet with many dimensions and I would like to have a formula or macro to do the following: I need to check 4 different columns that have dimensions and calculate the best combinations in order to fit within the least amount of 96 inch boards.

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How To Find Dimensions Of Named Range

Apr 12, 2013

I'm a bit uncertain if my named range has turned out the way i want it to.. Is their anyway of finding the dimensions of my namned range, i.e. # of rows and columns?

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Importing Inch Dimensions With "

Aug 13, 2009

I am a woodworker. I have a CAD program that gives me a cut list of all the parts I need. I then take this list into Excel and do some stuff with the data.

all the dimensions are in fractional inches where ' is used to designate feet and " designates inches. I use the find and replace command to get rid of the ' and ". if the dimension is just a fraction like 3/4 Excel thinks this is a date and displays march 4th. I have tried formatting the cells to numbers before i do the find replace with no luck.

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Saving The Dimensions Of A Rectangle Of Data

Feb 4, 2010

I am trying to automate the cleaning and compiling of some data, in fact its quite a lot of data, there will be about 200,000 lines over several spreadsheets.

Determine the width of the data on spreadsheet1
Determine the rows with empty cells at the bottom of spreadsheet1
"now that I know the dimensions of this rectangle"
Copy a rectangle (with the same dimensions as the one on sheet1) of data from sheet2
And paste this rectangle into sheet1...

"This is the point of the excercise, I cannot have any gaps in the data (this includes at the end of a spreadsheet) as it needs to be a continous flow from one shreadsheet to another"

This is what I have done so far... I understand if it is laughable, I've only been doing this a couple of days.

Sub HowMuchSpace()

' No. of columns
Dim bWidthOfColumns
Range(Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(":*", ":*").Cells.SpecialCells _(xlCellTypeConstants).Count).Value = bWidthOfColumns

'No. of rows
Dim lNumOfRows
Range("*:*").Value = lNumOfRows

End Sub

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Split The Individual Dimensions Into Seperate Columns

Jul 20, 2009

I have a lot of carton dimensions that are always presented in the same manner and would like to be able to split the individual dimensions into seperate columns.
The format is always: Length Width Height. Presentation of data is always ???x???x??? or ??x??x??? (ie two or three chrs seperated by the letter X). If the full string is stored in column A I would like B to display Length, C the Width and D the Height. I find it easy to use LEFT for Length but struggling with Width and Height which I'm sure are easy, just can't get my head around it.

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OLAP Pivot Table Hierarchic Dimensions

Jul 19, 2006

I am working now on macros changing the datas in a pivot table created from a OLAP cube. I have there some hierarchic dimensions in the format of Category.Group.Item etc. When creating a macro with recorder i get something like this...

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("cube").PivotFields("[Dim_Item]").CurrentPageName = _
"[Dim_Item].[All Dim_Item].[CategoryA].[GroupA4].[Item550321]"

Is somewhere out there any tutorial to that [All Dim_Item] thing? ... cause i feel there IS what i need, that with some cunning command i could show an item without knowing his group and category, but i cant get the macro working.

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Create Table Of Dimensions With Multiples Of Variables

Oct 11, 2007

I am trying to create a spreadsheet containing a table of dimensions that are multiples of up to six loadable variables. I work for a stainless steel tank manufacturer. The body of tanks are formed from coil stock of varying widths. Typically these might be 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and possibly 1800mm as well as the imperial equivalents. This could mean up to eight variables but in reality all are unlikely at any one given time.

We are told the volume that the tank is required to contain and a target preferred diameter. The theoretical height is therefore derived from this information. But now comes the tricky bit. It is desirable, to minimise cost of welding by minimising the number of strakes or wrappers. Can anyone give me a formula or whatever that can be used to do this and hopefully generate a table of close heights up to say 40 meters. Thus allowing an operator to select from say five presented options.

I have a table in a spreadsheet that the three principal widths of 1200mm 1500mm and 2000mm generate. It was created for me a while ago by a gentleman working at the Amsterdam Museum that Iím happy to send for perusal. The trouble is he never told me how he did it and no matter how hard I try, I cannot discover the method or formula. The first column gives the total combined height, the second the number of 1200mm wrappers, the third the number of 1500mm and the last the number of 2000mm. It is that simple

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Creating A Formula Based On Dimensions In A Single Cell

Dec 10, 2009

In my business I deal with a ton of different dimensions for my products. A lot of times the dimension will be within the cell as follows, "Product A 17x27 Brown", is in a single cell.

Is it even possible to write a code or formula that will find the "17x27" in the description, recognize it as a "dimension" and then run the formula that I need which is

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Determine Original Dimensions Of ActiveX Image Control

May 12, 2014

I have a worksheet that contains a number of ActiveX image controls, which have been scaled to a uniform height to serve as thumbnails.

I have also created a class, where each instance is initialized with one of these image controls, and events (specifically the on click event) are captured. When the user clicks the picture, it opens a userform containg the same picture. However, I'd like that picture to be at its original size, not the scaled-down size.

how can I determine the original dimensions of a picture used in an image control? I can tell that the original resolution is there (by changing the PictureSizeMode to clip), but I can't find any properties that show me how big that image actually is, only ones that return or set the size of the object itself.

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Graphing Every Second Column Of A Row?

Feb 11, 2014

I am creating a new sheet that is gathering the data points from the master sheet. These data points are in the same row, but are in every SECOND (=every other) column.

I am struggling with the =INDEX function, which I presume is the best way to gather these data points. I'll then graph this gathered data.

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VBA Select Data For Graphing?

Jan 28, 2013

I have a spread sheet that we input data on and produce a simple graph. When I started we plotted these graphs by hand on chart paper. When we started using spread sheets I learned how to graph the problem is these guys we have working in the field don't know how or care to learn how to make a simple xy graph.

Six months ago I started automating a workbook so our field guys could just plug in numbers and have the needed graph, I put check boxes to select the points to calculate the slope and intercept. I hard coded to plot to say line 21 then at the end of the test we always have a zero point that we don't plot so I put that on line 22 then have a macro to hide everything before I print it.

I think I would like to dynamically select the data for graphing but I'm not sure about the best way to do this. My first thought is to key on the x axis column with a loop and graph data from zero until the x looses value.

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Graphing Time To A Sum Of Hits

Dec 1, 2006

I have a graph / time problem

I have a program that is spitting out raw data to me that I would like to be able to put into a graph form in a efficient manner, but Iím not sure the best way to accomplish this.

Here is what Iím working with:
I am getting a list of time date stamps that appear as follows.

11/30/2006 6:02:25 AM
11/30/2006 6:02:36 AM
11/30/2006 6:02:40 AM and so forth.

Each stamp represents a hit to a link.
What I would like to be able to do is graph the number of hits per hour verse the time of day hit. Showing the time on the x & the number of hits per that hour on the y axis.

I can convert the time to decimal, but I still need to find a way to get excel to graph the sum of hits per hour.

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Graphing Standard Deviation

Mar 19, 2009

I was wondering what the best way to create a standard deviation graph was? I have a single row of numbers and need to make a stadard deviation graph.

I read somewhere that the analysis toolpak would be useful for this but having installed it i'm not really sure what to do next.

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Calculating And Graphing A Rectangle

Dec 12, 2009

If I graph a straight line and on several points on this line I want to graph rectangles, how would I calculate the corners of these rectangles.

The rectangles will not always stand 90 degrees on the line. This difference from 90 degrees is in cell L6 The direction of the line is known and the sides of each rectangle is known as well as the center of the rectangle (in meters N or S and E or W). Currently I have the direction of the line in cell L5, the long side of the rectangle in cell L3 and the short side of the rectangle in cell L4. The centers of the rectangles are in rows 1 and 2 of columns M, N, O etc. For instance cell
M1 = 450 (N) and cell M2 = 400 (E). The corners are to be calculated in reference to the values in these cells.

I have been calculating it long hand with a calculator but that takes me a long time and they tend to change things quite regularly. I have to incorporate this with macros that draw the line sition but I have that. Going clockwise from the right top around they would be called corner A, B, C and D.

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Dynamic Graphing/Charting

Mar 26, 2008

I have a workbook with Sheet1 and Sheet2. Iíve programmed information from to be calculated and results inserted into sheet2. A new result every Row. I plan to do a graph taking the X-axis and Y-axis values from Columns A and B respectively in Sheet2. What is the VBA code for dynamic updating of graph? Meaning, I want the graph (a curve) that will have points added to the curve, extending it, whenever a new row is added into sheet2 Ė Columns A (X-axis) and B (Y-axis). The rows are not defined. It can have 100 to 200 rows or more..

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Graphing Gains And Losses Of Personnel

Apr 15, 2009

I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with a current problem that I am facing in my work center. Periodically we have personnel check-in on given day and then later check-out on a specified day. Is it possible to graph/predict/forecast our personnel losses in our department using a chart in excel? Or at least be able to know how many people we will be losing on any week...?

I have attached a sample worksheet of data with columns labeled Name, Gains, Losses.

Columns explained:

1) Name: Name of Incoming Personnel
2) Gains: Date that Personnel Arrived/Checked In
3) Losses: Date that Personnel will Check out

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Graphing 12 Month Rolling Data

Jul 2, 2008

I have researched and read multiple threads related to graphing rolling averages per month. I've setup my own but I cannot get it to graph correctly. The x axis will be the days of the month ie. 1-31. The y axis is obviously the sales volume. The legend should be a line graph for each individual month sales. I want the graph to reflect the current month and previous 12 full months.

I used the file user rockycj started for another user in a different thread labeled, "Excel Line Chart - 12 month chart moving with dates ". It was very helpful and I'm trying to get this completed before my deadline. If anybody could take a look and let me know, I would greatly appreciate the help. I have attached the file for reference.

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Graphing Blank Cells In Excel?

Jul 23, 2012

I'm having some problems with graphing 'blank' cells for my thesis work.

I am filling in data still as I go, and I'm trying to set up my graphs as well so I can easily go in later and modify, fill in more data, or whatever. But all the cells I've formatted as coming back blank are labelled as zeros on the Excel graph. I tried putting in to return #N/A but then Excel is still graphing the cells as zeros. Frustrating. I really do not want to have to recopy over 1000 data points, find the zeros, and cut them out later, I'll have enough to do writing the dang thing. How to modify the formula to have it correctly skip the points when graphing (it's a line graph)?

This is the current formula I'm using. =IFERROR(AVERAGE(C41:Y41), "")

And I put in =IFERROR(AVERAGE(C41:Y41), "#N/A"), which shows the cell as #N/A (which, I'd much rather it be blank, as then I can read the data easier), but it is still graphing as 0.

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Graphing Source Data From A Combo Box

Nov 20, 2008

I have got a table of results with wards along the columns and in the rows reading left to right weekly dates e.g. 5/10/08 12/10/08 19/10/08 etc.

How can I get a graph to change the data it displays from a combo box eg. A1 is selected in the combo box and it shows a line graph of the Data for A1 over the weeks? There are 50 wards

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Graphing - Selecting Specified Time Period

Feb 13, 2010

I have sheet that is populated with data daily. I wish to create graphs from information contained within a table in this sheet where i can select the start date and end date of the graph possibly from a drop down menu. I will be creating multiple graphs and wish for them all to change when i select the time period.

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Concatenated Range Names In Graphing Vba

Jun 21, 2007

I have a lot of seperate data that I'm trying to graph via a macro. I have one macro with a Do Until/Do While loops that runs before I import the data that creates and seperates the data into dynamic named ranges. My goal was to create a macro that graphs the different ranges using another Do Until/Do While loop. You'll see below that I have the ranges concatenated inside the loop so it does just that, graphs each set of data in each worksheet by running the same macro. Below is the code for the specific graphing macro and at the same spot, where the series values are set using the concatenated range name, the error message, "Unable to set the Values property of the series class." I have no idea what is wrong, but my guess is it's probably something simple.

Sub Graph()
Dim Counter As Integer
Dim CounterEQ As Integer
Dim Title As String
Counter = 200
Do Until Worksheets("IndustryEmployment").Cells(1, Head) <> ""
Counter = Counter - 1
CounterEQ = Counter
Do While Worksheets("IndustryEmployment").Cells(1, Explode) <> ""
GoingTo = Worksheets("IndustryEmployment").Cells(1, Explode)
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLine
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("IndustryEmployment").Range( _
"U15:U16"), PlotBy:=xlColumns.......................

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Graphing One Column To Many Other Columns Making Many Graphs In One Go

Jul 31, 2014

I have a column who's values I would like to graph against many other columns. I was wondering if there was something that would let me do that in one go.

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Vlookup To Return Multiple Values For Graphing

Mar 7, 2014

I am attempting to graph data based on work down in specific work centers to track efficiency. I can download all items that were finished for a certain time frame (yesterday, last month, last year, etc.), but the data only shows up as the item, quantity, and the date of closure. I take that info and copy and paste it to the close out tab of the other work book, where it references another sheet to pull in the time required to complete the task, and the work center that did the work. My problem is when an item has multiple work centers on the same item and then taking that info into a pivot table to graph. This can be done manually, but I was hoping I could create a way to only have to copy and paste the data and have it return the work done.

I have included a shortened version of what I am trying to do, eventually there will be 25000+ items on the data tab, but if I can get this to work, then i assume I can extrapolate.

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Graphing Formulas Woth Continuous Variables

Feb 10, 2009

I need to graph a function of SIN(X), I did it by writing my x-values in one column with small steps between each value and then calculating the sin(x) value in the column next to it and then graphing the two columns. But this raquires a lot of space on the spreadsheat and it would be convenient to be able to write it on the form y=sin(x). having x defined as a continuous variable. and then plotting the graph

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VBA - Graphing Data From Array Of Multiple Sheets

Dec 5, 2011

I am trying to graph data from an Array of sheets. I keep getting many errors... I tried using Cases too but this failed, it graphed the first Sheet but nothing else.....

Before Array Works! (Uses Cases)

Sub GraphTest4()
Dim LastRowGraph1 As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet

For Each ws In Worksheets
Select Case ws.Name

[Code] .........

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