Hiding Tabs At The Bottom Of Sheet

Jul 23, 2014

I am using the following codes to hide the menu, formula bar and the headings. One more thing I need to do but do not know how - hiding the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The idea is not to let users to right click and unhide other sheets.

'Hide main menu
Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro "SHOW.TOOLBAR(""Ribbon"",False)"
'Hide headings
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False
'Hide formula bar
Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False

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Move The Sheet Tabs From The Bottom Of The Screen To The Side?

Aug 5, 2008

Is there a way to move the sheet tabs from the bottom of the screen to the side?

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Hiding Sheet Tabs

Oct 13, 2008

Hiding sheet tabs. can you hide tabs on excel?

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Excel 2007 :: Sheet Tabs At The Bottom Of Screen No Longer There

Apr 26, 2012

I am using Excel 2007. When I pulled up a workbook today with 3 sheets in it, all that comes up is the first sheet and the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen are no longer there. I must have accidentlly pushed some button, but I can't get to the other sheets. I really need the information on the other sheets. How do I restore the view that shows the sheet numbers at the bottom?

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Additional Tabs At The Bottom Of The Screen

Jan 6, 2009

So we created a workbook that has lots of worksheets inside it. The problem is due to the high number of worksheets there are alot of tabs along the bottom. Many of the tabs are hidden behind the scroll bar. Is it possible to have 2 rows of tabs at the bottom of the screen?

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Inserting Same Rows Into Bottom Row Of Different Tabs?

Jan 9, 2013

Quick way of inserting the same rows into the bottom row of different tabs, the difficultly comes as the bottom row of the other tabs varies. I.e tab 2 the bottom row is row 87, tab 3 the bottom row is 53 etc.

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Posible To Resize The Tabs At The Bottom Of The Worksheets?

Sep 26, 2007

Does anyone know whether it is posible to resize the tabs at the bottom of the worksheets?

I am trying to make them bigger so they are more obvious.

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Hiding Tabs

Feb 1, 2009

hi ive made macros on excell conecting my sheets so i dont need my tabs how can i hide them and then when i need them view them again.

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Excel 2007 :: Hiding Tabs With Hyperlink?

May 17, 2010

I am using excel 2007. My workbook contains a tab with several buttons with hyperlinks to corresponding other tabs in the workbook. The hyperlink works fine when the tabs are visible, but do not work when I hide the tabs.

Is there a way use hyperlinks on tabs that are hidden?

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Conditional Formatting - Change Bottom Sheet Number Color If It Exists On Top Sheet

May 25, 2014

First off I have an excel sheet that I have split into two windows. excel sheet.jpg

I am looking for a formula that will change the bottom sheet number a color if it exists on the top sheet.

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Shortcut To Bottom Of Sheet

Apr 7, 2013

I am looking for a shortcut key or some fast way of getting to the last line of information on a excel spreadsheet.

I currently have order spreadsheets with over 10000 lines used and everyday I need to add more lines and if I have used the Shift+F to locate an old order then I can be say sat on line 40 but my last inputted text could be on line 7000 and I would like to know how I can get to that line without knowing the line number.

The shortcut must take me to the last text entered cell not the last cell on the worksheet.

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Copy Macro To Bottom Of Same Sheet

Nov 13, 2008

I am doing a financial statement for a person but I did not create the workbook. The book has two sheets linked together. I am overwriting the names and numbers from last year's form. I have run out of lines on the first sheet and don't know how to copy and paste the macro to the bottom of the sheet so that I can carry on with inputting my numbers. Here is a sample of the workbook.

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VBA To Copy And Paste A Row To The Bottom Of Different Sheet?

Oct 12, 2012

I have a macro that I recorded which is supposed to copy the contents from row 38 of my calculate sheet and paste the values of it below the last record on my monthly summary tab but it is not pasting below the last row of data. It keeps pasting to the top record. My code is below:

Sub Copy_Record()
' Copy_Record Macro


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VBA Sum (summary Will Appear At The Bottom Of The Sheet With A Total )

May 22, 2009

I have a worksheet which contains details of a storage rack. I would like to be able to identify lines which have identical values in columns B, C and D then take the value in column E and add it to all other occurances when B, C and D are identical. A summary will appear at the bottom of the sheet with a total next to it.

The full list is 600 rows in length....

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Macro To Move Rows To The Bottom Of Sheet

Apr 24, 2009

I am attempting to write a macro so that when a user selects enters a particular selection in a cell, it will automatically move the entire row down to the last row and shade it in a different colour.

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Sort Data And Copy Top & Bottom 10 Into New Sheet

Jul 30, 2009

I'm looking for a simple piece of code I can use to manipulate the data on the attached workbook. Firstly, I need to be able to sort the data by column O ("Balance"). I then need the code to extract all the information for the top 10 and bottom 10 rows and paste the info into a new worksheet. The code will need to account for the fact the number of rows might increase/decrease with this report.

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Script Hiding The Last Sheet

Nov 12, 2008

I am having trouble with this script. The script is suppose to remember the sheet the script is run on and return after it finishes. However when I run the script it hides the sheet that the script is run on and produces an error because it hid the sheet. I have been playing around with this and for some reason it also trys to hide the last active sheet in the workbook which also produces an error.

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Hiding A Cell In Sheet

Jul 30, 2008

i just need to hide a cell which contains a value in excel sheet.

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Hiding Rows And Columns With Zero For Entire Sheet?

Mar 16, 2014

I am trying to hide all rows and columns with zero balance in the cells with the use of a macro button.

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Hiding Extra Sheet In Pivot Table VBA?

Dec 19, 2011

I am looking to hide or delete the extra worksheet that is created when creating a Pivot table Macro. When I create a Pivot Table, it creates Sheet1 with it blank.

Is there a code that I can add to hide or delete the blank worksheet (sheet1)? Each workbook that the macro is distubuted in has a different workbook name, ex South_Report.XLSM, West_Report.XLSM.

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Hiding Specific Column And Updating Information On Another Sheet

May 30, 2014

Check the attached sample file

a. actual data in columns is approx 150 items (that is why i need to hide/unhide columns)
b. there are about 120 persons whom above items are issued depending on expiry of life of item i.e. issue date plus number of months mentioned in row 3. for example if coat was issued to John on 5th Jan then it's life expires on 5th May and so on.

Now what i want

1. by clicking hide checkbox only that specific column should hide or if i click Hide All check box all column in range should hide.

2. as i enter issue date expiry of that item should automatically update on corresponding month sheet i.e for above example 5th May should automatically get entered in sheet May.

I have entered sample data manually in months sheet.


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Hiding Rows In VLOOKUP Sheet Based On Null Values

Dec 30, 2013

I have created a spreadsheet from a master using vlookup. I want to be able to hide rows which contain a null value (NA) in column B (sample attached). Is there a formula I can use which won't interfere with the vlookup or do I need to hide the rows individually? I tried filtering but that only filtered the cell and not the whole row.

test sheet.xlsx

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Sum Across Sheet Tabs

Nov 25, 2008

Is it possible to Sum across sheet tabs, if so how?

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Collating Tabs Into One Sheet

Dec 11, 2013

I have a spreadsheet with around 250 tabs, all with a small amount of information on laid out int he same format. My question is can i collate this into one long tab?

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Lock Sheet Tabs Using VBA

Oct 13, 2008

I need to get rid of the option to DELETE a sheet. However, when I password protect the WORKBOOK (which does this fine) none of the Macro buttons will execute, even with Macro security settings set to ENABLE ALL.

Looks like I will need some VBA code to not allow any of the sheets in the workbook to be deleted.

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Referencing Sheet Tabs

Oct 7, 2005

Is there a way to use the "value" of a name in a drop-down list to reference a sheet tab name in a formula?

A1 has a drop down list. When a name (Bob's Sales) is selected from the drop down list, B1 shows the value of cell D5 from sheet "Bob's Sales".

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Alphabetize Sheet Tabs

Feb 10, 2005

I've got a bunch of worksheets that I'd like to re-arrange in alphabetical order. Anyway to do this quickly? Or do I just have to drag and drop them myself? (WXP, Excel XP).

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Locking Sheet Tabs

Nov 28, 2006

Is there a way I can lock the sheet tabs so they cannot be viewed or turned on by anyone except me?

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Sheet Tabs In 2007

Oct 7, 2007

Have designed a spreadsheet in 2003 at work and got home to work on in it using my machine which has 2007 loaded.

Have hidden the sheet tabs on the 2003 sheet and can not find the option in 2007 to make them visible again.

I realise I can ctrl-pgup and pgdn but I got a fair bit of movement from sheet to sheet to do and that wont be practical.

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Excel Sheet Tabs On The Top Row

Sep 25, 2008

is there a way by which i can have Excel sheet tabs on the top rather than currently at below.

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