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Macro To Move Rows To The Bottom Of Sheet

I am attempting to write a macro so that when a user selects enters a particular selection in a cell, it will automatically move the entire row down to the last row and shade it in a different colour.

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Move The Sheet Tabs From The Bottom Of The Screen To The Side?
Is there a way to move the sheet tabs from the bottom of the screen to the side?

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Copy Macro To Bottom Of Same Sheet
I am doing a financial statement for a person but I did not create the workbook. The book has two sheets linked together. I am overwriting the names and numbers from last year's form. I have run out of lines on the first sheet and don't know how to copy and paste the macro to the bottom of the sheet so that I can carry on with inputting my numbers. Here is a sample of the workbook.

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Move X-axis To Bottom Of Chart From Top
I have made a chart in Excel to show the half life of cells for a science project so it basically has days along the horizontal axis and percentage on a logarithmic vertical axis. However, the horizontal axis always appears at the top of the chart when I use a vertical log scale (if i dont use logs then its at the bottom where it should be). Is there any way i can move it to the bottom? i've tried everything i could think of under "format axis".

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Move Rows From One Sheet To Another ...
i learned how to highlight a row by placing an X in a single cell, my next question is:

Is there a way (most Likely there is) By placing "J/C" into a cell, make the entire row cut and then insert itself into my second sheet on row 2? "insert into a new row and not over existing information?"

now i have done this in the past using a Macro, select the row and then by pressing ctrl+k it would cut the row and then insert it into row 2 of the second sheet.

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Filter & Move Rows To Another Sheet
I need to update a sheet called Database by filtering the word Served in column F (6th field) of another sheet called Detention Register. After the 'Served' rows have been filtered today's date needs to be pasted into column E for all of these rows.

The filtered entries from A:F only then need to be cut & pasted into the next empty A column cell in the Database sheet. Finally, another macro called Update Database needs to be called.

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Move Strikethrough Rows To Sheet
It is supposed to take the rows with striketrhoughs and transfer them to the other sheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()

If Cells.Font.Strikethrough = True Then
Sheets("Completed Deployments").Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=True
End If

End Sub

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Automatically Move Rows To Another Sheet
I have a spreadsheet that contains large amounts of data. I've looked through the forums and tried to adapt other VB code to work for me all to no avail.

I would like a macro to automatically cut a row from sheet1 and paste it on to a new line in sheet2 when data is input into column 'X'. (The data input in to column X is a date the specific case is resolved)

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Move Rows From One Sheet To Another Based On The Year
I want to do is copy all rows from the worksheet DATA based on column G (Date) and copy it to a new sheet based on the date (all 2003 on the 2003 sheet and all 2004 on 2004 sheet.....).

I have already created the new sheets including headers minus data. I would like to have all the data moved except the last to Columns AW & AX. I have two hidden sheets in this workbook. Would it be possible to have it auto-populate future entries from the "DATA" worksheet to autofill onto the new sheets?

Just noticed that I titled the Thread with Move but what I am asking for is copy. I cannot change the Thread title.

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Macro To Move Rows And Organize
I have been trying to do this for 3 days using "Record Macro", but something always seems to be messed up. The main problem is that the worksheets are protected and the macro asks for the password.

Here is a calendar sheet that I've been working on. It contains the calendar on sheet 1(not important) and a client roster on sheet 2. The client roster gets filled quickly, and obviously gets unorganized. What I'd like to do is create a macro so that when a date is entered into column AA (when a client is discharged), that entire row is moved onto sheet 3 (Discharged). At the same time, I'd like all of the names in column A alphabetized.

I even tried to create an "Organize" button so that the users could just click it and alphabetize. The problem I ran into with that was that the users are using Office 2000, and the names get alphabetized but all of their information no longer matches up.

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VBA Macro To Move & Insert Rows And Average
I would like to have a VBA code to the following:Please note that the rows are dynamic and I need the results row for every customer.Currently it is totalling and displaying the results column at the botton of every customer but I need it at the start of every customer

1.When the new customer number starts the cells are shifted and moved one row.

2.Insert the results word and it displays the results thats displayed currently at the bottom,shoudl be displayed at the top where the row gets inserted in (1)

Current view:

Customer Date of POD Del date Diff Percent

123456 03.02.2009 03.02.2009 0 100
05.02.2009 10.02.2009 5 0
Result 0

(The result is that if all the rows are 100% ,the result row is 100% else it is 0%)

Preferred View:

Customer Date of POD Del date Diff Percent

123456 Result 0
03.02.2009 03.02.2009 0 100
05.02.2009 10.02.2009 5 0

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Macro To Move From One Sheet To Another Based On Responses
I have a spreadsheet in which the user will respond to questions using "T" for "True" or "F" for "False". If there is a certain number of T's I would like the macro to take the user to one sheet in the workbook or if there are a certain number of F's I'd like it to take the user to another sheet in the workbook.

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VBA Macro To Move Data To Summary Sheet Based On ID's
I have had several intro programming classes, but not with visual basic. I've noted the problem lines with comments below. The problems are probably very easy syntax error.

Sub list()

Dim counter As Integer
Dim counter2 As Integer
Dim id As Double
Dim id2 As Double
Dim palletnum As Integer

ActiveSheet. Name = "Pallet Detail"
ActiveSheet.Name = "Pallet Summary"
Sheets("Pallet Detail").Select

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Delete Bottom 6 Rows
I have the following code which goes into three different worksheets and deletes the bottom row.

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Blank Rows At The Bottom
I am only using 581 rows in my worksheet. Excel's scrollbar lets me scroll down to 682...

I have tried everything from Google ranging from...
- Selecting all the blank rows, deleting them via right click menu
- Saving and re-opening the workbook
- Running pre-made macros, making my own macros

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Import Bottom X Rows Of File
Is it possible to use the import external data function in excel to import only the bottom 1000 rows from a database? Right now I've only been successful at importing all the data but I only want the last x number of rows. The database is currently an excel file.

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VBA Sum (summary Will Appear At The Bottom Of The Sheet With A Total )
I have a worksheet which contains details of a storage rack. I would like to be able to identify lines which have identical values in columns B, C and D then take the value in column E and add it to all other occurances when B, C and D are identical. A summary will appear at the bottom of the sheet with a total next to it.

The full list is 600 rows in length....

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Sort Data And Copy Top & Bottom 10 Into New Sheet
I'm looking for a simple piece of code I can use to manipulate the data on the attached workbook. Firstly, I need to be able to sort the data by column O ("Balance"). I then need the code to extract all the information for the top 10 and bottom 10 rows and paste the info into a new worksheet. The code will need to account for the fact the number of rows might increase/decrease with this report.

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Macro For Copying Rows Of Data In Sheet 1 To Sheet 2
I have a couple of spreadsheets that requires me to copy data from Sheet 1 that matches certain criteria to Sheet 2.

I have tried using posted VB codes that have been written for other people but they dont seem to work (this is probably to do with me not actually knowing what I am doing, as I am not sure what I should be replacing and what I need to be deleting etc out of the pre-written code )

I need to be able to search on column e in Sheet 1 for anything that has just h written in the cell and then copy all the rows that match into Sheet 2. I also would like to ensure that when it is copied it doesnt go in row 2 but maybe 4 or 5 as I have quite allot of headings.

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Search Column Bottom Up Then Delete Rows Based On Value Found
I've attached a dummy worksheet that shows constant values of 1.00 in columns D and E. In the actual workbook, user action will sometimes cause these values to change to something other that 1.00. The user may wish to delete the action that caused the change.

I need a macro that will search from the last cell in column D upward to the first instance of a cell that is not equal to 1.00 and select that cell and those immediately above with the same value as the first found cell.

For example, in the attached worksheet the search would start in the last cell of Columd D and search upward. It would find cell D23 and upward to D19. These entire rows would be deleted.

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Is There A Macro To Transfer A Row Of Data From Top To Bottom Row Of Range ?
I have a s/s encompassing over 350,000 rows.

Data consists of a series of ranges from columns A:N and rows varying in number between 3 and 30.

There are two blank lines between each range of data.

Each range is (with exception) numerically ordered down column H (e.g, 1, 2, 3, etc).

Problem: there are around 1100 occasions when a range contains a row of data which is to be disqualified from consideration. On these occasions the data always appears in the top row of the range and is identifiable in column H by the nine codes 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999).

I wish to find a macro which will :

1. where the top row of a range in column H is one of the codes 111 to 999, transfer that row of data to the bottom of the range.

2. delete the now empty top row from which the transfer was made from.

3. insert a new blank row at the bottom of the range below the row which the data was transferred to (in order to maintain the two blank rows above and below each range).

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Macro To SummIf Values At Bottom Of Page
Referencing the spreadsheet below, I'd appreciate some help with a macro that finds the last row of data in a spreadsheet, and fills in all the data from cell C22 through H23. There are many spreadsheets like this one in my workbook. The last line of data is usually at a different line for each spreadsheet....

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Delete Rows Matching Criteria & Move Rows
I have a worksheet in which I have sorted the data based in date and numbering (column I and E). I would like to create 2 macros for following actions:

1- all rows with the value "TOM" in column C will have to be deleted.

2- all rows with a value of 601 or 602 in column E, will have to be moved to the bottom of the sheet after the last row with data. The rows that have been moved will have to be sorted based in date (column I) and numbering (column E).

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Function Macro Debug: Continue Onto The Do Loop At The Bottom That Does All The Work
I am having a problem with a custom funciton I am trying to create. It will exit after it is finished with the IF Then Else statement. I need it to continue onto the Do loop at the bottom that does all the work.

Function UPCECheck( num As String) As Long
Dim CheckNum As Long
Dim TempCheck As Long
Dim X As Long
Dim Holdtxt As Variant
UPCECheck = 0
CheckNum = 0
Debug.Print Len(num)
If Len(num) = 12 Then
Holdtxt = num
ElseIf Len(num) < 12 Then
Holdtxt = "000000000000" & num
Holdtxt = Val(Mid(Holdtxt, Len(holdtext) - 12, 12))
End If...................

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Macro For Copying Certain Rows To Another Sheet.
I'm trying to create a macro that examines a sheet of data, and if the data in a certain column (column P) contains either A,B, or C then it would copy the entire row over to another sheet. If it contained a blank or D,E, F, etc,etc then it would just ignore that and move to the next row.

I have no idea where to start, i've searched google and here on Mr.Excel.

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Macro To Clear Rows On Another Sheet
I have a macro that copies data into another sheet (OR) from sheet1 (EDS) but as I don't want the data added from the last row I want it to overwrite and clear any data that was there before. However I still want to keep my headings which occupy rows 1 and 2.

This is the code I was using...


This is pretty inefficent but it works. I don't want to make a new macro I like keeping it inserted in my current one. However I couldn't figure out how to get it to delete the rows past row 2 (it could go to infinity but I don't think there will ever be more than 30 rows of data).

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Find Rows With Commas, Then Move Those Rows To Another Row
I've got an excel file with over 20,000 rows with Column A being having values of a "Vendor Number" while Column B has a "Vendor Name" Here is an example:

Vendor #Vendor Name
1001ABC Supply
1002Larry, Moe, Curly Inc
1003John Smith
1004Fred, Wilma, Barney LLC

I'd like it to find the rows where the Vendor Name has a comma present, and then put it in another sheet, or in another column like column C and D. If I can't get both the Vendor # and Vendor Name re-inserted someplace, that is OK. The Vendor Name is the big one.

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Add Numbers From 2 Rows,then Move To Next 2 Rows & Repeat
I have 3 columns and 200 rows. The first column is for Name of product. 2nd column for number and 3rd for $value of number of products. Have 200 rows. Have done a sort and checked. 2 sets of rows are for the same product name. I want to know if it is possible to add up values in 2nd and 3rd column, 2 rows at a time , then 4th and 5th column and so forth, by some formula rather than doing it manually?

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Macro To Automatically Add Totals To The Bottom Of A List Created With Advanced Filter
if it is possible to write/record a macro that will automatically add a summary/total row immediately below the data that is created from an advanced filter. (XL00)

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Macro For Saving Multiple Rows Of Data To New Sheet
I am looking to save a range of data from an input sheet, to a data sheet.

I know how to save indivdual cells to a worksheet in the form of a data

what i am looking to do is save A6 - J6 down A19 - J19, but only saving the data which is entered

A6 - J6
A7 - J7

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Macro To Apply Existing Formula To All Rows In A Sheet
I'm currently applying these formulae manually, and also instructing other people to do the same, due to my lack of understanding of macros. Hopefully someone can give me some instruction as to how to do this automatically. I'd like people to be able to open sheets sent as normal CSV's and apply a macro to get them into the right format, changing only rows with data in them.

These are the instructions I'm currently sending:

In cell n1 enter:
full phone number

in cell m2 enter:
=RIGHT("00000000" & J2,8)

Drag m2 to last record

In cell n2 enter:

Drag n2 to last record

In cell o1 enter:
Date of call

in cell o2 enter:

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Increase Speed Of Macro: Match In Font Color It Will Fill The Top With Orange And Delete The Bottom
My macro works fine but I'm interested in seeing if I can speed it up. What I'm doing is starting at the bottom and comparing it with the row above and if they match in font color it will fill the top with orange and delete the bottom. This works but usually takes several minutes.

Public Sub ADMINCompareList()
Dim varTest1, varTest2
Dim lng As Long, i As Integer, iTest As Integer
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For lng = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count To 2 Step -1
If Not Range("M" & lng).Font.Color <> Range("M" & lng - 1).Font.Color Then
Goto newrow
End If
varTest1 = Intersect(Range("J:W"), Rows(lng))
varTest2 = Intersect(Range("J:W"), Rows(lng - 1))
For i = 1 To 14....................................

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Macro - Copy Multiple Rows Of Data To New Sheet On Change
I have a multiple rows of data, but one column which is K has data like:


What i want my macro to do, is whenever that number in column K changes to copy all the data in row A thru K to a new sheet.

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Move 10 Rows Down
I've got a rather simple question. I need a code which would activate a cell which is located 10 rows down from the currently active cell. I found this piece of code

Sub move()
ActiveCell.End(xlUp).Offset(10, 0).Activate
End Sub

but somehow it does not do the job it is supposed to do.

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Move To Another Sheet
using VBA, where if in Column I = "TRUE", move the entire row plus the 1 row underneath to sheet named "PaymentData?

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Move Page Down 10 Rows - Sometimes
I have cobbled together bits of code from around this forum to do what I need (thanks to all those I stole from!) but I'm stuck on the last bit.

I have a spreadsheet and the user types into an input box what they are looking for and the cursor moves to that position.

If the data is initially off the page when it is returned it is on the last row of the page I now see. Sometimes it may be appropriate to see data below it.

Is there anyway the found cell can always be shown about half way down the viewable page? (so that about 10 rows below are seen - obviously if the data is at the top then no movment is needed)

I tried the "ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=10" but hit problems where the data was on a higher screen than the last search.

I am using excel 2000

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Move And Delete Rows
I am trying to create a macro the looks at column A and moves the entire row to another worksheet or deletes the entire row based off of the value in each cell. Right now I have the Macro replace the downloaded values to either AG, G, GI, ICP, IMG or delete. The idea be to move all of the values with AG in column A to the AG worksheet, move G to the G worksheet, etc.. and then delete all of those with delete in the cell.

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Move All Rows 1 Down But Skip Row 26
I've got a pretty nice Worklist setup in Excel that enables you to organize all the work you need to do in a month. However i end up with little holes in the list whenever i finish a task because what my macroes does is whenever a job is marked as done on the list it moves that job to sheet2, which contains completed jobs. I'd like to have a macro that shifts all the rows 1 down whenever a job is completed(ill just call it from the job complete macro) but it needs to jump over(skip) row 26 because that row contains some images that my macros use. Altso i would like to, if possible avoid inserting any rows or cells or hiding them because that will totally mess up my macros :p I know i know, im not dynamic enough.

I've included a sample of the worksheet so you can see what i want.

By the way, I've altso got some trouble with a public function.

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VBA - Deleting Rows And Move Up
I need to look into a particular cell on a specific column.

if this cell does not contain a number, then I need to delete the entire row, not column.

and then of course do this for 30K+ rows.

if sheets("sheet1").cells(x,7) is not a number ( dont know how to write this )

then delete row and move up.

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Move Rows Between Spreadsheets
We run reports from active directory to see user accounts that have not been logged into the network between 30 and 90 days. We have a few spreadsheets within a workbook (Investigate, Disable, Delete, No Action). All user accounts are imported into the investigate spreadsheet. What we would like to do is automatically take predecided accounts (service accounts that we do not log on to the network - only meant for services, etc) and move them from the investigate spreadsheet into the No Action spreadsheet. These accounts all start with svc. Generic accounts start with GEN and so on....

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Delete/Move Rows
I have a sheet that holds my inventory and has 3 colums. The colums are serialnumber, techid and date. I also have a sheet for each techid. Is there a way to delete/move a row of data if the serialnumber is entered on another sheet.


I have a serialnumber added to my first sheet. I go to a techid sheet and enter that same serial number. Is there a way to copy the entire row the same serialnumber is on and copy to the current sheet? Possibly a search function where I enter a serialnumber and it finds the same thing on the main sheet and copies the rows into the current sheet.

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Move All Data Rows Up 1 Row
I created a macro that is supposed to copy the contents of about 500 rows, and move them all up one row. One of the things that is contained in those rows are a bunch of links to Microsoft Word documents. When I try to move the 500 rows up manually (just copying, and pasting one row higher), it works fine. The link remains entact.

However, when I use the macro I recorded, the link no longer works. It looks like it is there (the text used to represent the link is there), but when you click on it, nothing is there. Here's my code....

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Move Data From Many Rows To 1 Row
I have attached a sample file and would like to have the expected format as shown in the attached. Would greatly appreciate if someone could show me the faster way of reformating the data instead of doing it manually.

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Move Rows To Another Workbook
I have an original workbook. Also I have saved a "copy of the original Workbook". So the sheets and other headers are same. Now i want that If i delete a row in Original Workbook then the row should go out from origianl workbook and copied to "Copy of Orinal Workbook" in the same sheet from the the row is being deleted. Suppose row 7 of sheet1 is deleted, then the data of the row 7 from the original WB should go to row 2 of Copy of origianl WB (Being the first empty row. Similary if any row is deleted from sheet2 of Original Wb, the same should go to first empty row of Sheet 2 of Copy of Original WB. By this I want to keep a record of those rows which are deleted from the original Wb for future reference.

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Cut Move Range To New Sheet
I convert many large files from csv to Excel. Once I import the csv to Excel I must break the worksheet into multiple depending on when a Cell in column F is equal to a "cata" of which I do successfully with a macro.

The next step in VBA I attempt; is to go 10 cells to the right of the active cell (cata) and anchor that cell address so I may copy the range from "A1" to the anchored cell address.

I have been unable to pass the the value 10 cells to the right of the active cell. I would be grateful of any suggestions.

Here is the VBA Code I've been trying. (It bombs after it finds the cell 10 cells from the active cell.)

Sub SelectRange()
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 10).Select = EndRange
Range("A1,EndRange").Select 'not working'
End Sub

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Move All The Results Onto Another Sheet
I have a "Log Sheet" with dates in one column and times in another column.
Currently I have a formula which matches the months of the year and totals the time during that month below is this formula. (This formula id on the same sheet.

Now I am trying to clean up the sheet and I want to move all the results onto another sheet Lets call it sheet 2 and sheet 1

sheet one will have the months and times.

sheet 2 i want the formula in each cell, andto place the result in each respecting cell/
This is what I came up with but why is it not working?


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Vba To Copy Sheet And Move To The End
i am trying to get a vba procdeure to copy Sheet "Template" and move to the end, but when i run the code, the code copies the template but does not move to the end, how can the below be modifed?

Sub Macro3()
Sheets("Template").Copy Before:=Sheets(6)
End Sub

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Move The Picture Top Of The Sheet
How can I code a Picture so it moves atop a excel sheet?
I dont like the behavior this code runs.
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 1").Select
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementLeft 0.75

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Compare And Move Rows Of Data
I need to run the same database dump every day and find the differences. Both spreadsheets will have the same column headings, with Column A being the lookup value. Each spreadsheet will have many columns of data. I need to find the differences from Row 1 on spreadsheet A with Row 1 on spreadsheet B.

Spreadsheet 1, Column A value is 900026. Need to find 900026 in Column A on Spreadsheet 2. Compare all the data in each column to see what has changed. If anything has changed on Spreadsheet, copy the row from Spreadsheet 2 onto a new sheet and 'tag' which data has changed.

Also, again using Column A as the identifier, if there are rows on data on Spreadsheet 1 that do not appear on Spreadsheet 2, copy the entire row onto a new sheet and tag it as "Not on new datadump". And vice versa, is there are rows of data on Spreadsheet 2 that do not appear on Spreadsheet 1, copy the rows of data onta a new sheet and tag it as "Not on old datadump".

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Move Duplicate Rows To Another Worksheet
I currently have this code here that DELETES duplicate rows in the "Customer Number" column..

How can I modify this code to instead take any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc occurrence of a duplicate row and move it to a new worksheet named "Duplicates" and ALSO KEEP THE HEADER ROW?

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Move Text Into Columns From Rows
I have a set of data that has a store number in cell A1, the store name in B1 and then the store address in C1, C2, and C3. This pattern repeats for all ~300 stores. I am trying to get all of the store data on one row per store.

I have a set of data that looks like this:

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