How To Combine Cells With Similar Value

Jan 11, 2012

How to combine cells with a similar value inside them into a single cell. Here is what my data looks like.



For example, I need to have every cell with SNM9012 to combine into the same cell. If I could figure this out it would save me hours vs pasting the similar lines into textmate and removing the enters.

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Combine Similar Products And Put Into Correct Columns

Jun 21, 2007

Try this on for size...

On the MSP sheet is a list of products with a weeknumber and quantity.

I need to combine products that match in the same week and add their quantities.

Then I need to put the quantities into the VOLUME worksheet.

Any products that arent listed need to be added on the bottom.

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Combine Rows With Similar Info In Dropdown Menu Or Selection For User

Nov 29, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that has a long list of charges... some of those charges have multiple codes attached to them... when this happens I am wanting to group them together and let the user pick which one they want to view at one time.

Here is a very small example of what exactly I am referring to... with charge #14 I am wanting it to combine and let the user pick between 2565 and 2566. The problem is that the values can range and will not always be 2565 & 2566 and there is 10,000 + records similar to this.


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Getting Cells With Similar Criteria

Jul 19, 2007

Is it possible to get multiple cells with the criteria? it always happen to only show the first cell in a column that have that criteria. For example, I have a column1 named "projects" and a columnb named "employees". How do I get all the names that have the same projects?

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How To Vlookup Summing Similar Cells

Dec 18, 2013

I have attached the file, in the last sheet (Consolidated) i need to get the data from all the previous sheets, my problem is that whenever i have similar cells the data that is showing is only the first value and not the sum of all values,

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Merging Cells With Similar Data

Mar 2, 2005

I am trying to merge two cells that have the exact same content in each cell. Everytime I do this, I get a pop-up warning that Im trying to merge cells with content in them and that only the upper-left content will remain. This is exactly what I want, without that pop-up, as I have to do this for multiple columns at a time.

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Automatic Background Color In Cells With Similar Data?

Nov 29, 2012

I, daily get a list of individuals with some data against each one of them. E.g Amit would appear 7 times in the list, John would appear 10 times in the list and so on and so forth. I am required to sort the data as per names and then fill one background color. One color for one person so that it becomes easy to read data specific to an individual.Ia there a way that the color fills up automatically. note the names and number of entries are not same everyday.

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Copy Color Cells From Other Sheet Similar To Lookup

Jun 29, 2009

I have two sheets, one is "Summary" sheet and the other is "Sheet1". Both sheets has the same template. The "Summary" has color bordered cells and the "Sheet1" has no color. Whenever new color had been added to "Summary" sheet, I would like color from "Summary" sheet to be copied to "Sheet1" in same locations like if red been added to D12 cell in "Summary" sheet, D12 in "Sheet1" will automatically filled in red from "Summary" sheet. Similar to Lookup.

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Macro To Set Current Time In A Cell Without Changing Similar Values In Other Cells

Mar 4, 2012

I have a Macro 'Timenow' to give current time in a Cell of MS Excel, but then it changes all Cell values of sheet where the macro was used.

Sub Timenow()
' Timenow Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+b
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=NOW()"
Selection.NumberFormat = "h:mm"
End Sub

Even assigning value to variable does not work:

Sub Timenow()
' Timenow Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+b
Dim TN As String
TN = Format("=now()", "h:mm")
ActiveCell.Value = TN
End Sub

how to restrict the macro to change the value of current/active cell only without effecting other cell values?

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Macro To Combine Cells In A Row To 1 Cell While Skipping Blank Cells

Jul 2, 2014

I need to combined all non blank cells in a given row into 1 cell. But within each row i have 5 phases that the values fall into, which is denoted by the 1st charter 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. for example, in a given row i have 1-a, 1-c, 2-d, and 1-f and these values occurs in non consecutive columns starting from G to ALR. I need a macro that sorts these values in one of the 5 phases. So in another sheet the macro would combined [1-a 1-c 1-f] in Phase 1 and [2-d] in phase 2. and if there are other phases it would put them in the appropriate cell.

See attached workbook : Work Order Summary Sheet.xlsx‎

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Macro To Combine Cells In Row To 1 Cell While Skipping Blank Cells

Jul 17, 2014

However, in addition to what the macro already does, it is possible to add another work sheet in the same work book that outputs the values in separate cells? It also has to output the data in order: for example, in the first work sheet the data is inputted at random and has spaces but the macro will have to remove all the blank cells and output them in order based on the first value in the test string, 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 5;


blank 3-x Blank 1-y blank 2-z 1-k


1-k 1-x 2-z 3-y

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"if Any" Function Or Similar: Check A Range Of Cells (B4:B35) And See If Any Of The Contents Are Less Than A Specified Cell (M1) And Then Show A Message

Oct 7, 2006

I need to check a range of cells (B4:B35) and see if any of the contents are less than a specified cell (M1) and then show a message, (the message part I can do). I have tried using For Each but I then get the message for every cell that is below the specified cell (which in theory could be all of them). I have also tried using an If Any statement but didnt work.

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Combine The Cells In A1

Nov 26, 2008

In cell B1 I have the number 1
In cell C1 I have the number 1031000

I know how to combine the cells in A1. I am getting a result of 1-1031000

What I would like to happen is that 1 becomes 001.

Ending result is 001-1031000

problem is that cells in B could be one, two or three digits.

On a small scale I could fix manually but i have over 15,000 rows to deal with

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Combine The Cells

Oct 15, 2009

i m working on a spreadsheet and i need cell A+B=C..

Cell A has a first name (John)
Cell B has a last name (Smith)
Cell C has last name then first name seperated with comma

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Combine Three Cells Into One?

Jan 23, 2013

Is it possible to combine three cells into one? Like for example, column A is the first name, column B is the middle name, column C is last name.

Is it possible put it on a format like this: Last, First M.

(middle name on column B is a name, not an initial.)

And can I make it only the first letters are capped. Last, First M. Or all small letters. last, first m.

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How To Combine Multiple Cells

Dec 27, 2013

I have a data set that I am generating from a SQL database then putting into excel format. In this spreadsheet, I have a one to many ratio. I want to combine all notes associated with the same applicant_id into one cell. I also, only want the first Received Date and first Entry date that comes across. Is this possible to set up a formula/macro to do this manually for me? Each day I generate this data set, the number of entries can vary. I provided a smaller set, but I'm dealing with hundreds of entries.

12/27/13 0:0788695812/27/13 9:07Primary Call
12/27/13 0:0788695812/27/13 9:07Left Note
12/27/13 0:0788695812/27/13 9:08Left Voicemail
12/27/13 0:09886959NULL
12/27/13 0:13886960NULL
12/27/13 0:14886961NULL


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Combine Two Cells And Add Text

Feb 25, 2014

I want to combine two cells and add text. Then delete column D.

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Combine Two Linked Cells

Dec 1, 2009

I am making a report template in excel. I have written a macro to format the report based on the contents of two other sheets in the work book.

I am attempting to combine two cells in separate sheets as a linked cell in a third sheet.

i.e. in sheet 3, A1 I want to combine the values held in sheets(1).range("a1") with sheets(2).("A1") as a link which will update as the parent cells values are changed.

The cell has to be a link of the other cells as their contents will change based on the report requirements.

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Combine Mutiple Cells Into One

Jun 9, 2009

I am having a hard time with this one. I have 3 cells.

A1 Dallas, TX.

A2 Chicago, IL. (Sometimes Blank)

A3 New York, NY

I would like this info to transfer to another cell like this

Dallas, TX / Chicago, IL. / New York, NY (All in one cell with the "/" to divide.

When the "Chicago, IL." is missing it would look like

Dallas, TX / New York, NY

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Search And Combine Cells

Jul 9, 2009

I need to search and combine cells based on a specific set name. I would be just as comfortable if it automatically found similar names without me entering the names I would like combined. This is not required though.

EX: Search for John in Column A
Find 2 rows with John
Add each column from row with name John together individually


Name----Number 1 -----Number 2
John------ 1 -------------3
David----- 55----------- 65
John------ 5 -------------2

In the end I would like:

Name -----Number 1----- Number 2
John------- 6 --------------5
David-------55 ------------65

Then I'll be recalculating fields and repeating the macro for another name (this part I can handle). The current quick macro I made just combines highlighted cells, which is OK but time consuming. I took VB in highschool, but remember none of it!

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Combine Text From Cells

Nov 30, 2006

am trying to code a loop but I have no idea where to start.

With the help of you guys I have already got some code from a previous thread which gives me a list of hierarchical data now I want to be able to loop through this and actually have the 'parent' next to it.

For example:

1 Shops
2 Butchers
3 Meat
2 Bakery
3 Bread

I would like to be able to say

1 Shops
2 Butchers Shops
3 Meat Butchers
2 Bakery Shops
3 Bread Bakery

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Combine Identical Cells And Get Count

Jun 10, 2008

I have a list of transactions on accounts that have the account name multiple times. I want a count of just those account names but without the copies for the different transactions. I have like 5 entries (transactions) on say Bob Smith's Towing I need it to combine all five entries into one or delete all but one so I have a true count of how many accounts I have.

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Combine Data From Multiple Cells ..

Dec 11, 2008

Is it possible to combine datas from over 200 cells (all cells are from the same row) in one cell? I have tried CONCATENATE function and e.g. =A1&B2&... but is there shorter formula for this?

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Macro To Combine Several Cells Into One Cell

Jun 8, 2014

Creating a macro that is a combination of other cell values. the cell order is listed below:

C57 = contains a unique number that will change from time to time eg. 1234
H57 = 1 (this will always be the value of 1)
N57 = contains text eg. AUDUSD
V57 = contains text eg. BS
AB57 = contains a number eg. 1.8954
AH57 = 0 (this will always be the value of 0)
AN57 = contains a number eg. 0.01
AS57 = contains a number eg. 1.7954
AZ57 = contains a number eg. 1.9954
BH57 = conatins either 1 or 0 eg. 1

the cell needs to contain the above examples like this :
BT57 =OpenPosition(1234,1,"AUDUSD","BS",1.8954/0,0,0.01,1.7954,1.9954,1)

This will be needed for a total of 14 rows (57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, 83)

The cell with the results cannot have any cell references contained in the end results and must be formatted as above so that the add in program can read and pass on the information.

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Delete Unwanted Row And Combine Different Cells

Apr 20, 2012

ItemNew or UsedQuantityDescriptionScrap ReasonActionitem1new1000item1 description1item1 reason1item1 action1item2new1200item2 description1item2 reason1item2 action10000item2 reason2item2 action20000item2 reason3item2 action3item3used3500item3 description1item3 reason1item3 action1000item3 description2item3 reason2item3 action2

The above was imported to Excel from another software and somehow those unwanted rows with "0" were created.

Would like to delete those unwanted row and combine the reason on those rows into their respective rows above.

Please note: this is just a small part of the file. The file is big and row with "0" doesnt occur in a prodictable patten.

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Combine Data From 2 Cells Into 1 Cell

Mar 13, 2013

Let's say there is a name (Big Bird) in cell A1

Let's also say that cell B1 has =Today()

How can I make cell C1 = Big Bird 3/13/2013?

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Combine Text From Many Cells Into One Cell

Apr 15, 2009

Column A has the following values:


I want to combine the text from each cell into a text string so that each cell's text is separated by a comma, thus:


I can do this with a formula,
but this may exceed the 255 character limit when the text string needs to be transferred to a query.

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Combine/Join 2 Cells Into 1 Cell

Aug 23, 2006

I have a document that has 3 colums.

Complete Name | Surname | First Name

The Complete Name is currently blank. The others just list the users Surname and First name. In the Complete name I need it to have Surname,Firstname - for example

Complete Name | Surname | First Name
Jordan,Michael Jordan Michael

Is there a Formula (Not Macro) that I can use to combine the Surname and First name cells to populate the Complete name cell with the surname,first name???

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Combine Cells Compare & Delete Row

Jan 9, 2007

I have a data output from citrix that looks like the top half of the attached file. Each ID has 2 rows of data; open orders & recommended orders. Is there a macro that can sum up the two rows of data on to the first row (the one with ID and description in Collumn A & B) and delete the row afterwards, leaving only one row of data (format can be seen in the bottom half of the attached file). The original citrix report has hundreds of product IDs, which may vary from month to month. Original Format.xls

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Macro To Combine 2 Cells In Value Format

Jun 9, 2007

I have 2 cells that dump data in a column format. I need to combine these two cells with a ' after the data in the column. This macro will loop down until both column J and K are empty,
I need a Macro that
1. Will combine both cells
2. Data will be value format not formula
3. Macro Will run as soon as workbook is opened

1 Prop MD MD Objective
2 1' Test Data 1 Test Data
3 235' next data 235 next data

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