Incorporating Data Analysis: Regression Into A Macro

Apr 10, 2009

I'm trying to write a macro that will analyze data from one spreadsheet and do a regression. The information I want to be output on the same sheet. I tried to use the record function, but I got an error. It said "Run-time error '1004': ATPVBAEN.XLA could not be found. The code read:

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Data Analysis: Place Called Data Analysis Under Tools

Nov 22, 2006

in excel, is there a place called data analysis under tools? im an exchange student in sweden andthe work that teacher gave me is half swedish and half english.. im looking for histogram there.

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Data Analysis With Macro

May 3, 2007

i want to run data analisys(Rank and percentile) on each row in my sheet and put the results on a new sheet
(the reuslts are 4 rows ) My problem is some how the command of the run analisysWon't run the command

kStop = . Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
ActiveSheet.Name = "Analisys_Results"
Sheets(" Total time data").Select
Var = 4
Var1 = 8
For ILoop = 1 To kStop
If (ILoop > 1) Then
Var = Var + 4
Var1 = Var + 4
End If.....................

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Incorporating Lookup Value In Macro

Oct 2, 2007

I have the following sendmail macro. However I need the "To" section to be the result of a lookup in a worksheet. The specific function that i need it to be is: =VLOOKUP(A837,'Tenacity Jobs'!1:65536,5,FALSE)

How can I incorporate this function so it will insert the result of the lookup into the "To" box ?

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Incorporating Macro Import Within Another Sub?

Jan 13, 2012

The following code (blue font) finds specific worksheets in an active workbook, and copies them into a new workbook then names the new workbook the same name of the worksheet. It all works perfectly.

The second code below (red font) imports some vb into the new workbook. It works fine if I manually open the new workbook and run it in the immediate window. However, I would like to incorporate the red code into the blue code so it all runs as one. I've tried inserting the red line after the "ws.copy after" line and after the ".saveas" line, but no dice.

For Each ws In wb.Worksheets
If UCase(Left(ws.Name, 2)) = "CC" Then
Set NewBook = Workbooks.Add


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Using The Regression Function From Within A Macro

Jul 9, 2009

I am wanting to write a macro which uses the excel multiple regression function (a part of the data analysis add-in). I tried recording a macro while I selected the regression function (Tools> Data Analysis... etc.) which produced the following:

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Linear Regression Over The First 5 Points In The Set Of Data On The Same Graph

Mar 2, 2009

I have a set of data. I know how to do linear regression over the whole set of data. How do I have another linear regression over the first 5 points in the set of data on the same graph ?? I am using Excel 2007

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Regression Error - Non-Numeric Data / Contiguous And Complete Rows Or Columns

Apr 10, 2013

However I have a subject at uni that requires me to create a series of regression models, histograms, correlation matrices etc.

For part of the assignment, i have to run 4 regressions (one for men & one for women) with dependent variable as average wages, and independent as bfast 1,2,3 and dinner 1,2,3 (all of which are dummy variables) (0 for male and 1 for female).

The second two regressions are exactly the same, except average wages must be transformed into log which i have already done.

I dont know how to differentiate the regression models into male and female (if possible). We must also include residuals and residual plots.

I keep getting an error that says non-numeric data, the other says input range must be a contiguous reference.

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Modifying Macro - Accounting Analysis

Jan 18, 2009

I have the macro shown below, which I found in a 2003 issue of the journal of accountancy - and it works great. However, it only works on a data set that begins in cell A1. I want to incorporate it into a spreadsheet I have where my data set begins in cell E15 and goes down from there(column E will be the only column that this macro will need to run on and I need it to work on a data set that will vary in length). This macro performs a Benford analysis, which analyzes the first and second number of a data set.

Dim Arrayone(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arraytwo(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arraythree(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arrayfour(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arrayfive(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arraysix(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arrayseven(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arrayeight(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arraynine(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arrayzero(0 To 9) As Integer
Dim Arraytwotest(10 To 99) As Integer

Dim x, I

Dim Row As Long, Col As Long, Step As Long, Colcells

Dim Digits As Long, Total As Long

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Macro Call To Analysis Toolpack Subroutine

Feb 2, 2007

I know this problem has been answered before, but my browser is giving me hell when I try to use the search function, so here I am clogging up the post forum.

I would like to be able to access one of the subroutine functions built into the Analyis Toolpack add-in. Using the macro-recorder, here's what I came up with:

Application.Run "ATPVBAEN.XLA!Random", ActiveSheet.Range("$F$23"), 1, _
15600, 7, , ActiveSheet.Range("$A$3:$B$12")

I get a run-time error 1004 when executing stating that "ATPVBAEN.XLA Could Not Be Found". I'm sure this has to do with they improper way in which I'm trying to call this function.

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Monthly Analysis On Data

Sep 29, 2007

I am trying to do some analysis on montly bank account data. To do this I need to take the bank statement information for the month and put it into a table that shows every day of the month (see attached example).

I am currently doing this manually but I'm sure there must be a smarter way of doing this.

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Data Analysis In Pivot Table?

May 8, 2014

Data Analysis . I have 7 tables gathered in one spreadsheet but in seperate sheets. Tables have the same columns but different data baceause they come from different locations. Now I would like to create pivot table to combine data from all 7 tables. I read a little and I got to know that relationships is needed between the tables but I can't create it because I don't have unique data in the table. Usually tables consist repeating names, locations, some numerical data.

For example every table consists worker's name. I create pivot table from one of 7th starting from worker's name in row field and put some data in value field. Then I add another workers from another table. I can do it but when I put in row field I have workers from second table under those from first one. And of course data are badly calculated. I would like to have all workers in row field with proper data. It means one column with all workers from all 7 tables an then some their data

I know I can copy all of them into one big table and then create pivot table but this is solution what I wanted avoid. I know it will work but these data can change from time to time and it will be very hard to maintain spreadsheet. When data will change I will have to copy manually .Is there any solution to create such a pivot table from multiple tables sources but with the same column structures?

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Data Preparation For Statistical Analysis

Jul 8, 2014

For my thesis I collected data of football players. I have the data in an excel file, but it is unstructured. Due to the nature of the dataset, I don't want to sort it out by hand. The result should be that the dataset is ready for statistical analysis. I have three categories, namely; Player_Performance, Player_Profile and Transfer_History. I will discuss them now.

Player Performance
In this excel file the performance data of the player is gathered. As you can see, the player ID and the player name are a row above the performance data in different competitions. This data should be on the same row. Player ID, Name and then the performance data. How can I achieve this?

Player Profile
The player profile file is the easiest. I want to delete the double information. Some players are 2 times in the file. I want to delete every row which doesn't start with a player id. I also want to remove player id's which arent followed by player information.

Transfer History
The transfer history is the same as player performance. In the first row you will find the player id and name, and beneath are the different transfers. I want to put every transfer in a row of their own. The row should start with player id, then name and then the transfer. So it is possible that one player id will be on more rows.

In the attachment I put the files as they are and three files of how it should look like.


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Analysis Of Dive Data Automate

Feb 11, 2010

I need to extract for each individual dive: Onset/start of dive (when the whale has completed its surface interval and begins its descent)

Rate of Descent (meters/second)

Onset/start of bottom phase (the whale has stopped descended and begins the "foraging" phase of the dive...not necessary the deepest point reached)

Number of lunges (you can see these if you plot the data. They are lunges at depth indicative of feeding behavior)
End of bottom phase (begins to ascend)
Rate of Ascent
End of Dive (surface intervals begins)
I've attached a brief sampling of the data in case you're curious.

Over the years I have identified these points through visual inspection of Excel charts. It's very easy, but extremely tedious and not at all efficient. I am interested in expediting this whole process and am more than willing to learn programming (i.e. visual basic or the like)...but only IF it is the best approach for this application.
I have attached two dives worth of data, so we can see what the data looks like. Each data set can contain from 1 to 8 hours worth of data.

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Data Analysis That Has Headers With Subheaders

Nov 20, 2009

I have student demographic data, then I have to track how each student did on each question, but each question also corresponds to a reading standard and I need to pull two pieces of info from that. How they scored on the assessment (# of answers correct), and if they missed a certain standard twice or more (There are 4 instances of StandardA in the test and they had wrong answers on 2 or more of them). I have the solution to the first part. I entered the results of each question as a 1 for correct and 2 for incorrect then did a countif and only counted the 1s. I am stumped on getting an analysis of how each student did on the indicators. Since the indicators can occur more than once, generating a pviot table doesn't work in this instance, it'll count of 1s and 2s for StandardA, StandardA2, StandardA3, etc. and not the counts of 1s and 2 for all instances of StandardA.


What I want:

For student Bob - Number of times he answered incorrectly StandardA, StandardB, StandardC, StandardD, etc.............

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VBA - Selects Data From Column Only For Analysis?

Sep 16, 2013

Each month we receive an updated budget which includes info for every month of the budget year. I want the user to be able to select the column (which relates to a month) that they want to use for the analysis. I will use the data in this column only for analysis. How can I do that?

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Efficient Layout Of Data For Analysis

Jul 16, 2009

the sheet is very long and monitors the sales activities of each individual every day extending vertically down the sheet until the present day.

my first priority was to get the information recorded but now i am wanting to use it.
how would an expert arrange this data to make analysis easier going forward?

ultimately i will be wanting to look at individuals, groups of individuals, certain types of activity etc within various time periods.

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Stock Market Data Analysis In Excel?

Mar 16, 2014

Below are the weekly closing prices for a stock market index. I'm looking to use conditional formatting to highlight in green "buy" signals and in red "sell" signals.

Buy Signal: If the index rises 4% above any previous low point.

Sell Signal: If the index falls 4% from any previous high point.

DateAdj Close


In the above example a Buy Signal is generated on 1/13/2014 because the market closes 4% above the low of 68.24 on 12/9/2013.


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Data Is In Rows, Analysis Page In Columns

Jul 1, 2009

I am having issue setting up an analysis page for a report that I have. I am trying to find out for each individual what are the currently working on, completed, and the average time it took to complete. I have the data but it is in the following format:


The way I need the data appear with the name above with the data below as shown below.

Avg Time3-

I am having issue because the data isn't setup in a column format. Also the data list is constantly growing so I want it to be something that can update itself so I am not constantly updating the report.

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How To Use Solver Add-in Then To Create Own Data Analysis Code

Nov 18, 2011

Is it easier to use the Solver Add-in than to create your own data analysis code? We are planning to design a scheduler for around 12 technicians in our contact center (doing phone support).

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How To Transpose Data Across Worksheets Into One Analysis Sheet

Oct 20, 2013

I've used the following formula successfully to pull data from multiple sheets and provide the total on an analysis worksheet. Example of worksheets and formula.


Example of one of the individual sheets holding original data:


Example of what I want to see using the Transpose formula (Analysis sheet):

=TRANSPOSE(INDIRECT("'"&A2&"'!C:C"),$C$1,INDIRECT("'"&A2&"'!C:C")) (My theory that currently doesn't work. I'd like to be able to pull data across worksheets and yield the transposed data into the corresponding row of the same merchant row.



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Perform Data Analysis Using Automated Tools

Oct 4, 2006

i am preparing my self to enter the microsoft Excel 2003 Exam.....

one of the mentioned points in the preparation list is: (Perform data analysis using automated tools) how to use the automated tools? and if possiable to get a file that i can apply these tools on it

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IF Incorporating VLOOKUP

Aug 10, 2009

I have a spreadsheet containing all products in sheet 1. I have a list of promotional codes in sheet 2. In sheet 1 I want to say 'If cell A2 is contained in column B of sheet 2, then say YES, if not then leave blank'.

I've tried the following but it doesn't work:

=IF(VLOOKUP(A6,Sheet2!B:B,1,FALSE),"Yes"," ")

I get #N/A when the item is not in sheet 2 and #VALUE! when it is.

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Data For Stocks - Analysis For Worst 12 Mths Performance Etc

Apr 16, 2006

I have a data base for a stock.

It goes like this:

Date Price
Date1 Price1
Date2 Price2

How can I do an analysis of the:

Worst 12mths performance (like how much is the maximum a stock drop in any rolling 12mths period)

best 12 mths performance

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Sensitivity Analysis Returning A Multiple On Percentage Data

Aug 2, 2008

I want to set up an automatic sensitivity analysis such as the one shown in example.doc attached, using my model that is attached (inventory model. zip). Going horizontally in the sensitivity analysis, I want to show 2H (3Q and 4Q) Sales Growth (30%, 35, 40,45,50,55,60%) and vertically I want to show 2Q Inventory Growth (50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%) and I want the inside data to return sales/inventory spread ( multiple). Basically it would divide the dollar growth in sales in 2H by the dollar growth in inventory and return a multiple. Is it possible to set this up automatically using the data that I have here?

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Incorporating Variable Into Loop

Jun 29, 2013

I'm trying to use loop to activate 3 workbooks "OSB1", "OSB2", and "OSB3" and their respective sheets. "OSB1" has sheet "OSB1" in it, workbook "OSB2" has sheet "OSB2" in it etc.

The digit on the end of each OSB is the variable I am using in the loop.

What I am trying to come out with is the following 3 workbooks and sheets being activated:


I've given up the code as I can't work out the inverted commas:

Dim x As Integer
For x = 1 To 3
OSB" & x & ".Sheets("OSB" & x & "").Activate
Next x

Is it possible to do this at all? The bit after "Sheets" is correct. It's part with the first "x" after the first "OSB" which is incorrect now...

( In my actual code I'm trying to do more than just activate the 3 sheets but need to work out the syntax for this to be able to edit the remainder).

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Incorporating An IF Statement To Basic SUM

Dec 3, 2009

I have the below formula to make a simple calculation:

I would like to adapt the formula to ask IF AG1880 is empty or not. If AG1880 is empty then I would like the formula to NOT make the calculation, but instead return "--" (nothing).

If it contains information, then I want the calculation (AC1880+AJ1880) to be made. If AG1880 contains information it will be text in a text format.

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Data Analysis Of Dates, Splits & Segments Of Department Codes

Jun 22, 2009

I'm trying to analyse data and summarise it by date (greater than 60 days, and between 30 days and 60 days), by department using the first two digits of department codes, and where there are multi-line order numbers.

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Excel 2010 :: Data Analysis Installed But No Window Appearing

Dec 8, 2013

We are running Office 2010 part of Office Professional Plus 1010 (corporate install). We have added both the Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak - VBA to the add-Ins and have the button on the toolbar, however when we click on the button, we don't get the popup window allowing the user to pick the analysis tool they want to use. Have tried this on a number of PCs (we all run the same version) and it doesn't work on any of them.

What we have to do do make this toolpak work?

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Incorporating DropBox Files Within Excel

Oct 31, 2013

I have a number of files organised in a number of folders on Dropbox. I create a macro to enable me to be able to navigate to a particular folder and then get a list of all the files in that folder to be placed within certain cells on the spreadsheet I'm working with in Excel.

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