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Insert An Auto Number Into Invoice Template

I have a template of an invoice (in excel) but I need it to automatically
generate a different invoice number every time I open it. Such as 001 the
1st time, 002 the 2nd time etc.

I have no knowledge of macros & do not want to uses Acess.

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Auto Insert Invoice Number
I've created an Invoice Template in excel. Each time I open it I'd like a certian cell "D3" to increase by one number starting at 2000. Each time this is opened a new customer information is input and then saved to their file. Please give me the very basicis on how to do this. I've already gone into other forums which have provided a code, but I have had any luck getting ti too work.

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Auto Invoice Number Copied Sheet
auto incrementing my invoices.

The way I do my invoicing is like this. I have 1 Invoice in a worksheet (eg April 1) When I make my invoice for the next day I right click on the April 1 tab at the bottom. Right click/Move copy/move to end &check the create a copy box. It changes to april1(2)I then right click and change the date to the next invoice date. This might seem goofy, but it works for me. I have my Invoice number at the top of the page in cell e2. Is there a formula to automatically increase the invoice number by 1 every time I copy it?

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Saving An Invoice Number When Reopening An Invoice
I have an Excel Invoice Template, saved as a template.

I have code that generates a new invoice number each time the template is opened in VBA Editor. The auto numbering system works great! However.... (here comes the sad part)

After I enter all the data I need on the invoice, I want to save a copy of the invoice in a different file folder, which I can no problem. The problem is, if I re-open the saved invoice, we will call it Invoice #100, excel asks me if I want to update, if I say either yes or no, the invoice number will change to Invoice #101. I'm sure you can see how this can cause a major problem if we need to compare information later on, finding the correct invoice would be almost impossible as it would not match the customers invoice number.

What I need to know is:

Is there code I can add to the existing code, to stop the increment on a saved invoice, but not on the original template?

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Code For Moving Data From Row To Template Invoice Format - My Worst Nightmare
I’m looking to create an invoice-type format from data in a row but only when the client requests it.

So, if there is a Y in column R. i.e. the client wants an invoice format then.

I have been given a “template” format by the team manager that I have to use. Its far from ideal, well for me anyway, for moving things around and I’m struggling to get anywhere with it.

I’m trying to take the data from the row in the source / client worksheet, which will be created via a code from here, and transpose it to a copy of the “template” worksheet which sits within the same workbook. This is made more complicated because in some cases the data for the invoice will be in two or more rows, because there will be a few items on the same invoice, but they will still be on the same worksheet.

The source / client worksheet has data from columns A to T with a header in row 1.

The details will need to be transposed from the relevant row from each column to the “template” worksheet as follows
From column in source / client worksheet To cell in copy template worksheet.

From - To

This is where it gets messy, or more messy should I say


For each of the six sections M to N above there may be more than one relevant items which will be on rows 3 onwards of the source /client worksheet.
So, ideally I’m guessing based on if there is data in column A of the source / client worksheet then M to N above will need to copied downwards, i.e. below itself on the template worksheet say from column A and B rows 33-45 copied to A and B rows 47-59 until all the data is copied over.

Blinking eck ... this is a nightmare… a real nightmare. This more than one section above is really bad… I’m at a complete loss.

Although if its really not possible they may have to have another template worksheet with the second, third etc items on as I just can’t see this working.

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Retain Auto Number Sequence After Row Insert
I'm using a simple auto numbering command.

eg: cell A1: 1
cell A2: =(A1+1)

then shift, copy/paste cell A2 until A600,

This creates a sequential number column from 1-600. My problem lies when a new row is inserted, which is left blank. How can i maintain this auto function upon a new Row insertion?

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Auto-fill Informtion Using Invoice
I have an invoice I use for my business. I want to be able to type in the sku # and then have the description and price fill in automatically. The invoice already calculates the total retail price based on the number ordered, tax, S&H and discount level. It then gives you total due for items bought. Getting the invoice this far was a miracle for me, but I get tired of retyping all the info now that sales are picking up. I have attached a copy of my invoice file.

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Count & Insert Template Sheets
I need a coding for count of "Reconciled" items and insert that number of template sheets.
Attached is the sheet for your better understanding.

With the help of attached example I need a coding which will count the number of items the word "reconciled" appears in control sheet (L:L) and should insert that number of template sheets. In this example the count is 16 so it should insert 16 new template sheets.
Pls note the count would not always be the same and count would not always be in cell L123.

After inserting the template it should be renamed as the combined value from the cells.
for example from control sheet the template should be renamed as from E8,D8 & F8
First should be affiliate then subdivision and then currency. It should include "-" between the names.

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Macro - Using Sheet Template Need It To Auto-Rename
*Inserts an existing worksheet template and places it at the end (or after all) the existing worksheets.

What I would like the macro to also do is:

*Automatically rename the inserted worksheet (via my worksheet template) in sequence to the existing worksheets

Example: So let's say I have 3 existing worksheets titled Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 (that's basically the default naming Excel uses). But would when I insert a new worksheet (via my worksheet template) it is shown as Sheet. And if I insert another one, it would be Sheet (2). So basically it is showing as such:

Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet, Sheet (2)

What I would like the macro to do is automatically rename those last 2 worksheets (and any subsequent worksheets thereafter) in sequential order. Basically displaying it as such:

Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, Sheet5...(and so on and so forth)

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Invoice Number Change
Leith got this perfect for me, but my example does not work right. Not sure why it does not save last invoice number too the workbook. The invoice number increase works great, I must be missing a step.

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Last Invoice Date Per Customer Number
I am trying to automatically show the date of the last invoice per the customer number.

I have attached an example.

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Increment Invoice Number On Open
I have created a templet for an invoice, but I cannot get the invoice number to increment. I am using the following code from a previous thread

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("Sales Invoice"). Range("B7").Value = Sheets("Sales Invoice").Range("B&").Value + 1
End Sub

The address of the invoice number is B7 and the name of the sheet where the B7 is located is Sales Invoice.

I want to start the invoice number at 100000 and add the letters PM to the beginning so that when it is displayed and printed out it reads PM100000.

Then I want it to increment by 1 and this number be placed in the B7 area when the invoice is opened next time.

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Increase The Receipt Invoice Number By 1
I created an receipt template in excel. How can I have it increase the receipt invoice number by 1 every time I open this template? For example the first receipt is 100, I want the second receipt to be 101, and so on.

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Determine Next Invoice Number Stored In Range
I am trying to add a number to invoices (invoice numbers) on a UserForm that is used to make and/or modify scheduled service records for a cleaning business. We fill out the schedule well in advance of when the jobs are scheduled to be done, some customers are on a set schedule such as once a week, everyother week or once a month. Some just call in when they need cleaning. Each day has 27 rows set aside for possible customers (most are not used). We make out as many invoices in advance as is possible and fill-in the rest as they call-in. This leaves a lot of gaps between days

I have an auto-advancing formula tha takes a helper column to give me invouce numbers when there is a customer listed in column B and blanks space where there is no customer listed. This does make for volitile invoice numbers.

Formula in row 3 of the invoice coulmn "A": =IF(B3="","",H3)
Formula in row 3 of helper column "H": =IF(B3="",H2,H2+1)

The helper column only advances if there is a customer listed in column B of that row otherwise it repeates the last number. The invoice column only displays this helper number if there is a customer listed in column B of that row. I can't figure out how to get this to work on a UseerForm with vba.

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Find Largest Invoice For Each Individual Identifying Code Number In The Table Without Using A Pivot Table
Data Table including-

List of Identifying Code Numbers for customer invoices

Multiple repetitions of individual Identifying Code Numbers in list

Various data in table range including Various Values of invoices from different dates for each repetion of Identifying Code Number.

- Wish to find largest invoice for each Individual Identifying Code Number in the table without using a pivot table.

i have tried combining Max and Large functions with Vlookups etc.

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Use One Template To Enter Data With Users Being Able To Start Entry From A Number Of Different Starting Points
We're trying to use one template to enter data with users being able to start entry from a number of different starting points. this changes they way the look-ups have to work. The attached sample explains it a whole lot better.

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Updating Excel Files...Old Template To New Template?
I Have a number(30+) of excel files based off of one template. I have since updated the template, thus making the the old ones obsolete. Is there a way to update the older files to use the new template without having to copy and paste the addition's row by row column by column?

None of the additions to the template will change the placement of existing data, nor will it change the data itself. It will however add Values to cells that were previously empty.

Hints, Tricks, or Ideas?

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Auto Date Insert
if I add data into C2 then the current date will appear in A2. I also don't want the date to change every time the project is opened.


If I enter $32,500 into C2 - The current date (4-Dec) would appear in A2.

then if I close excel and I open it tomorrow, A2 would still read as 4-Dec, while if I enter $23.52 into C3, the current date (5-Dec) would appear in A3.

- would need to be able to enter multiple entries on one day as well.

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Auto Insert Value In A Column
I have an excel sheet where I gather information about companies. There are two columns involved in my problem. Column "D" and column "E". In column "D" I put the country code (example: DE for Germany, GB for England and so on..) In column "E" I put a number (for example: 45786521). What I would like Excel to do is to autoinsert the value of the column "D" before the numbers I have written in column "E". For example if in Row 12 column "D" is GB. And then I write the number 555888777 in column "E", then after the number is written and I hit Enter I would like column "E" to look this way: GB555888777. So the GB (value of the column "D") is inserted at the beginnig of the number I just wrote in column "E". How can that be done?

P.S.:I know that there is a possibility to add the values of these two columns in another column, but as there are far too many columns in the worksheet I would not like to add an extra column just for this.

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Auto Insert A Date
I want a bit of code so that when I insert data into column 'C', it inserts today's date into column 'H' - in the same row. (So when I insert data into C22, the code inserts the date in H22). I want to do it with VBA code rather than an in cell function.

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Auto Insert A Row With Info Populated From The Row Above
to be able to do is have a stock control sheet that tells me how much of 1 item we have in stock which is easy, the hard part comes when this stock is sold as this stock can be sold to a number of different customers e.g.

We have 10,000 X Pens

Customer 1 buys 1,000
Customer 2 buys 6,000
Customer 3 buys 3,000

i need a way of saying that we have 10,000 pens but if we sold 1,000 then we can click a button (macro maybe) and that will automatically see that we have 10,000 for that line and we have only sold 1,000 so we need a line inserting saying that we have 9,000 remaing and so on.... The sheet needs to record who these goes to though, that the reason i was thinking of adding a row

If this doesnt make sense then i am happy to answer your questions?

i can upload an example excel sheet if required if someone can explain how i do this?

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Auto Insert And Resize Picture
I have a sheet where I would like to have a picture inserted in a particular cell range and auto resized into that range. What I'm looking for is, if I type the name of a picture (meathead4uu.jpg) in a cell (Say, B3) then the picture should appear in range D14 to E28.

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Auto-insert Date In A Cell
I would like the current date inserted automatically into a blank cell when I click on it. It will always be in the same column, but a different date on each row for that particular entry. I used to use datepicker.xla--loved it, worked great. But now I get an erroe message when I installed and tried to run it on a new pc. Does excel come with a drop-down calendar you can pick a date?

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Auto Insert System Date & Time
I am currently using Excel 2007 and I am looking for an easier way to enter the system date and time into a cell. I am aware of the MS-Excel shortcuts but work in an environment where data capturers still often get it wrong.

Is it possible to use a Excel function/button to auto insert the system date and time by clicking on a cell/button or Alternatively use a calendar to do so.

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Auto Insert Comment Based On Value Entered
Is there a way to auto insert a cell Comment when a particular value is entered and then have the Comment copied to a cell in another worksheet in the same workbook?

The value entered into the cells i want this function to work with is from a Validation list. If the cell's value was to change, for instance the user going back to a cell to change the value for whatever reason, I would like the previous comments to remain and then give the user the choice to edit comment or not.

I've had a look in the Forums using search but nothing close seems to be forthcoming.

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Look At Two Sheets And Auto Insert Content From One Sheet Another
I have two sheets

One is the master and the othere sheet which has the raw data.

On each sheet you have a unique code for the product which is the same on both sheets.

From the raw data sheet i want to the weight for that product to be inserted onto the master sheet.

(the problem is that both sheets are not in order so you cannot just copy and paste the column)

the unique code on the master sheet is G9 and the unique code on sheet 2 is A27 the weight on sheet 2 is r27 and want the corresponding weight for the product to appear on the master sheet in column BI9.

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Macro - Auto Insert And Create A Worksheet
Is that possibe to use the "templeate" sheet and lookup the "Master" sheet to create a new worksheet called "result"

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Auto Copy Template On Record Entry & Link Set Cells Back New Record Entry Sheet
I am looking to create a macro that will create a new sheet when data is added on a summary sheet. Example.

1. Summary sheet called "Variations" contains columns that will contain the information needed for new sheet (Columns A to D)

2. When data is entered on "Variations" sheet: Column B, then macro automatically creates new sheet renamed to e.g. VO1 (Number used on "Variations" tab) and is a copy of "Master" tab.

3. Data entered in Column A to D on "Variations" tab is automatically entered onto new sheet created (e.g VO1). Shown is blue on attached file. Additional data is updated on "VO1" sheet and this then links back to "Variations" tab

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Insert Row At Specific Location And Auto Fill Formulas From Above
What I need is to insert a row at row 59 and autofill the formulas including drop down list from the above row. This is what I have so far (Thanks to Reafidy and shg).

Sub ChkDates()
Dim c As Range
Dim DelRng As Range
Dim ArcRng As Range
Dim i As Long
Dim l As Integer
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For i = 60 To 8 Step -1
Set c = Cells(i, 33)
If IsDate(c) Then ..............

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Macro To Insert Auto Sum Function In Various Rows With A Column
I have to create a spreasheet monthly that has perhaps 60 transactions. The data is in columns A - G, with columns E and F having the costs figures. I need to sum the value in column E and also in Column F every few rows. The problem is that sometimes there are two rows per transaction and other times it could be 30 rows per transaction. Where I will be lucky is that there are two rows between transactions, and the sum goes in the first empty row.

Basically what I would need it to do, from a macro point of view is to go down column E, and every time it finds the first empty row, insert an auto sum. It would then need to ignore the next row, because it too, is empty.

Just Column E - I need an autosum in the "empty row 1's)

empty row 1
empty row 2
empty row 1
empty row 2

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Add A New Sheet From Template And Edit A Template
I created a one-sheet template, and a new workbook from that sheet. When in that new workbook I go Insert>Sheet>Other and select the aforementioned one-sheet template, Excel crashes, or if not, it adds the new sheet, but then no longer saves the workbook and starts producing error messages (like: "An unexpected error has ocurred. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel.").

Now, the complication is that this is working when I do a model operation with a generic template sheet. So I checked the template that I actually want to form sheets after, and Excel finds no errors, nor does it's name contain any unusual characters. What could Excel prevent from working with a template like this?

How do I edit a template? The only way I can find is to manually find the spot in finder, open, and save with the same name. But: if I do that, the documents basing on that template don't change accordingly. If they're intended not to, the whole template procedure makes no sense. I could then just as well copy a file. — I've been searching for tutorials on that, but google doesn't even return a single result on Excel "edit template". Therefor my very basic question here.

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Insert Picture & Auto Size To Active Cell Dimmensions
What I am trying to do is to give the user the ability to insert a photo and have it autosize into a range of cells--so far I can only get it to work with a single cell and a predefined file. Can this be refined so that rng references a group of cells and pic somehow lets the user input a file name or pick its name and location?

Sub test()
On Error Resume Next
Set pic = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("C:
On Error Goto 0
If Not pic Is Nothing Then 'Found it!'
Set rng = ActiveCell
With pic
.Height = rng.Height
.Width = rng.Width
.Left = rng.Left
.Top = rng.Top
End With
End If
End Sub

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Insert Number In Cell To Return A Set Number
I need this for a tracking sheet of scores. For example, 1 gets 100 points, 2 gets 90 points, 3 gets 80 points, etc. I need to set it up for 10 places. I have no idea and have fiddled with it for two hours now. I need to be able to put a 1 in the cell and 100 appears after I hit enter, etc.

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VBA Macro To Delete Rows/Columns, Insert Formulas & Auto Fill
I'm running a macro that opens another workbook and read data from it.How can I incorporate this code into my macro.Sorry i don't knwo VBA.

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsmsimantbDesktopINFRACHEM_POLYMERS - DON''T DELETE.xls]Sheet1"

UserGRP_MAcro Macro
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Existing userGroup"............................

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Copy From Template And Select Any Sheet That Starts With S And Copy / Paste This Template To
I have a list of invoice #'s on a sheet named "Temp Sheet".

I have a VBA macro that created a new tab for each entry and named it the invoice #. So basically the vba code created a new tab ( based on the number of invoice #'s on my list ), and named each tab an invoice number. So if I had a list of 10 invoice #'s, named S1-S10, the vba code created 10 tabs, named S-1, S-2,. S-3.....

Now to my question.
I have a template sheet I want to copy from ( "Template" ), and select any sheet that starts with "S", and copy/paste this template to.

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Using Letters In An Auto Number
I have a database to which I am connecting a form, I need to have a unique ID for each record and due to the number of tables need to include letters in my numbering (ex. U00001, for Users; B00001, for Books; and V00001, for videos.) I have adjusted a very helpful macro I recieved from Roy Cox and am currently trying this code on the "user form":

Count_Row = 1
DATABASE_RECORDS = Sheets("Users"). Range("B1:B10000")

'To identify the next blank row in the database sheet

If DBRECORD <> "" Then Count_Row = Count_Row + 1
RowNum = Count_Row
X = RowNum - 1
Sheets("Users").Range("A1" & RowNum) = "U000" & X

This is supposed to find the fill the "A" (ID) column after the "B" Column has been filled. Currently It is placing U0001 in cell A12 when all that is in the sheet is headers.

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Insert New Row & Increment Number
I've created a spreadsheet that tracks problems using an assigned problem number. Attached is the spreadsheet.

I need assistance in inserting a new row and incrementing the sequential number after pressing the "Get/Assign New NCR Number" button. I am successful at getting a new row added, but am not able to increment the number. In addition, I would also like to have the table locked so that no deleting or amending the sequential number is allowed.

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Insert Certain Number Of Columns
somehow i managed to do this at first and then forgot to save my personal work book and cant remember how to do it.

What it is, is if cell A1 has a certain phrase in it ie Customer Reference then i want to insert four columns before it so it ends up in cell E1.

The other thing which i never managed to do is. I have 5 workbooks. master, book 1-4. I want to past all info in columns A:T from Book 1-4 into Master in the next available row.

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Insert Number 1 Through? Incrementing By One
I have a column that I want to insert number 1 through ? incrementing by one. Can I do this simply without having to type in each one manually?

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Auto Number Macro Starting At 5th Row
I need to number some rows starting at row 5. Need to place the number in column AB of each row.

Needs to quit numbering at last record (column F will have information in the last record)

i need this to be a macro, never done an autonumber macro before....

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Auto Populate The Number Of Units
i have been trying to write an Excel sheet in 2007
that can be given a random amount of (money) and show
me the best way to spend it.

Name - Power - Cost
1 - 10 - 20
2 - 20 - 40
3 - 40 - 80
4 - 80 - 160
5 - 160 - 320
6 - 320 - 640

So i have 40K to spend, i want to eneter 40000 into a box and it
will auto populate the number of units i can buy, always setting the weapon
#6 as the priority.

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Auto Number Unique Values
I have an excel sheet that has multiple rows for one PO number. I've created a row at the top to calculate all of the unique PO numbers in the sheet. However, I want to create another column that will give each unique PO number it's own ID number starting at 1. For instance:

Column B (PO Number)
4 - Counts unique values in B

Then in Column C I'd want
1 (unique number for 219)
1 (unique number for 219)
1 (unique number for 219)
2 (unique number for 220)
2 (unique number for 220)
3 (unique number for 221)
4 (unique number for 222)
4 (unique number for 222)

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Auto Generate Unique Number
VBA that autogenerates a unique number when a cell in excel is filled?

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Auto Number On Userform Not Working
I have a user form that has a label "txtcompno" which displays a "Auto incrementing" number everytime the user form is opened. e.g. 90001, 90002, 90003 and so on. This was working fine till yesterday, but has since stopped working for some reason: This is the code I wassuccessfully using before:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Me.txtdate.Caption = Format(Now(), "dd/mm/yyyy")
Me.txtcompno.Enabled = True
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("ComplaintData")
' find last data row from database
iRow = ws. Cells(Rows.Count, 1) _
If ws.[A2].Value = "" Then
Me.txtcompno.Caption = 90001
Me.txtcompno.Caption = ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value + 1
End If
End Sub

but now its giving me error - "Run time error 13 : Type mis-match". and its highlighting the line: Me.txtcompno.Caption = ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value + 1

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Insert Call When They Have Double Number
I want to insert call when they have double number, See attached sample.

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Insert A Number Based On A Text Value
I have a cell (B4)that may contain several different text values, i.e. Bill, Tom, John, Mike, Larry, & Dan. The value in cell D4 needs to relate to what text is in B4, i.e Bill = 6; Tom = 12; John = 8; Mike = 20; Larry = 15; & Dan = 10. I was trying an IF statement, but having trouble.

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Insert Number Of Rows Specified In Cell
I found lots of threads for inserting rows but not the one I need. I'm trying to insert rows with a macro on the position as specified in a cell f.e. in cell D4 I type the number 80 then the macro has to insert three rows at row 80

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Auto Generating Work Order Number
I am using Excel to produce work orders and I need each one to have its own unique number. Much like an invoice or contract number, each time I open the file I would like Excel to generate a new number for that spreadsheet with a value of 1 more than the previous spreadsheet.

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Auto Page Number Tabs In A Spreadsheet
I am interested in printing an entire workbook in one shot with multiple tabs, where each tab is one page. I would like to print the tabs such that the first tab has the number '1' in the footer, the second tab has '2' etc. And I don't want to go into each tab and type the number in the footer.

Does anyone know how to easily make this happen?

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“Stamping” An Auto Generated Reference Number
Is there a way to auto generate a unique number that will stay with the adjacent data record? My problem at the moment is when a record is deleted or the data sorted the ref number changes. I am using Excel 2008

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Auto Numbering .. Number The Rows In Column B From Row 4
I have an excel spreadsheet in which I would like to number the rows in column B from row 4.

Code I wrote:

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