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Increase The Receipt Invoice Number By 1

I created an receipt template in excel. How can I have it increase the receipt invoice number by 1 every time I open this template? For example the first receipt is 100, I want the second receipt to be 101, and so on.

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Saving An Invoice Number When Reopening An Invoice
I have an Excel Invoice Template, saved as a template.

I have code that generates a new invoice number each time the template is opened in VBA Editor. The auto numbering system works great! However.... (here comes the sad part)

After I enter all the data I need on the invoice, I want to save a copy of the invoice in a different file folder, which I can no problem. The problem is, if I re-open the saved invoice, we will call it Invoice #100, excel asks me if I want to update, if I say either yes or no, the invoice number will change to Invoice #101. I'm sure you can see how this can cause a major problem if we need to compare information later on, finding the correct invoice would be almost impossible as it would not match the customers invoice number.

What I need to know is:

Is there code I can add to the existing code, to stop the increment on a saved invoice, but not on the original template?

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Invoice Number Change
Leith got this perfect for me, but my example does not work right. Not sure why it does not save last invoice number too the workbook. The invoice number increase works great, I must be missing a step.

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Last Invoice Date Per Customer Number
I am trying to automatically show the date of the last invoice per the customer number.

I have attached an example.

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Auto Insert Invoice Number
I've created an Invoice Template in excel. Each time I open it I'd like a certian cell "D3" to increase by one number starting at 2000. Each time this is opened a new customer information is input and then saved to their file. Please give me the very basicis on how to do this. I've already gone into other forums which have provided a code, but I have had any luck getting ti too work.

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Increment Invoice Number On Open
I have created a templet for an invoice, but I cannot get the invoice number to increment. I am using the following code from a previous thread

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("Sales Invoice"). Range("B7").Value = Sheets("Sales Invoice").Range("B&").Value + 1
End Sub

The address of the invoice number is B7 and the name of the sheet where the B7 is located is Sales Invoice.

I want to start the invoice number at 100000 and add the letters PM to the beginning so that when it is displayed and printed out it reads PM100000.

Then I want it to increment by 1 and this number be placed in the B7 area when the invoice is opened next time.

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Insert An Auto Number Into Invoice Template
I have a template of an invoice (in excel) but I need it to automatically
generate a different invoice number every time I open it. Such as 001 the
1st time, 002 the 2nd time etc.

I have no knowledge of macros & do not want to uses Acess.

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Auto Invoice Number Copied Sheet
auto incrementing my invoices.

The way I do my invoicing is like this. I have 1 Invoice in a worksheet (eg April 1) When I make my invoice for the next day I right click on the April 1 tab at the bottom. Right click/Move copy/move to end &check the create a copy box. It changes to april1(2)I then right click and change the date to the next invoice date. This might seem goofy, but it works for me. I have my Invoice number at the top of the page in cell e2. Is there a formula to automatically increase the invoice number by 1 every time I copy it?

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Determine Next Invoice Number Stored In Range
I am trying to add a number to invoices (invoice numbers) on a UserForm that is used to make and/or modify scheduled service records for a cleaning business. We fill out the schedule well in advance of when the jobs are scheduled to be done, some customers are on a set schedule such as once a week, everyother week or once a month. Some just call in when they need cleaning. Each day has 27 rows set aside for possible customers (most are not used). We make out as many invoices in advance as is possible and fill-in the rest as they call-in. This leaves a lot of gaps between days

I have an auto-advancing formula tha takes a helper column to give me invouce numbers when there is a customer listed in column B and blanks space where there is no customer listed. This does make for volitile invoice numbers.

Formula in row 3 of the invoice coulmn "A": =IF(B3="","",H3)
Formula in row 3 of helper column "H": =IF(B3="",H2,H2+1)

The helper column only advances if there is a customer listed in column B of that row otherwise it repeates the last number. The invoice column only displays this helper number if there is a customer listed in column B of that row. I can't figure out how to get this to work on a UseerForm with vba.

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Formula To Increase A Number By 10%?
formula to put in microsoft excel 2003 to increase a number by 10%, so for example, 20 by 10%.

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Increase Reference Number
in cell A1 I have a ref no. eg aa/01/bb
in cell A2 I have a ref no. eg aa/02/bb

only the middle number increases in the reference each time eg: /01/

is there a formula that can achieve this or am i doomed to manual input, I have made a few attempts but cannot work it out.

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Macro To Increase A Number
what i need is a macro to run when I print a form. I am making a job card with a unique number on it ie: 100. when I print the form, I then need the 100 to change to 101 and so on. I cant work this one out.

EDIT - Ive attached my work in progress. It is for a computer repair shop. I have a few macros in there as I need to email a copy of the workbook too.

when you open the workbook, you will see the job number in red. I just need a macro tht will increase that number +1 every time it runs. I also need the email macro to rename the workbook to the customer name input in cell B4 - but I think im best to post this request in a new thread?

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Getting A Value To Increase Or Decrease Number Or Rows...
I need to be able to select a certain number (from, say, 1-20) from a drop down menu, which will decide a number of rows (filled with data) on the next sheet. As I prefer not to give anyone the sheet I'm actually working on I made a quick look-a-like which might explain this better.

A and B are different scenarios, with different values in the fake drop-down menu I made. Just to pass on the understanding of what I want the values to do. If putting a drop-down menu there is troublesome, then I can live without them. But entering a certain value in the field and getting that number of rows for a certain product is what I need. I tried searching for a function/macro to use for this, but I dont know what exactly to look for. Name, etc

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Macro: Increase Row Number Each Month
I am trying to write a program that needs to select a different cell everytime it is ran. For example, this month when it runs I need it to select cell BL137. Next time it is ran it will need to select cell BL138. Month after BL139. The cell it selects will always be in the same column (column BL) and the cell number always increases by the same amount (1).

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Format Number To Increase/decrease
How can i format my excel spreadsheet cell so that a number


displays as


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Increase Number In Same Cell Across Multiple Worksheets
I have multiple worksheets (too many, actually!) and each worksheet is a record. I need to enter a Record Number into B5 of each sheet. The Record Number doesn't start at 1. I'd like to enter a number into the first sheet and the rest of the sheets to increase by 1. However, I only need to do this to some sheets.

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Increase Aphanumeric Number For Each Change In Data
I have many data in a worksheet named "Table" with "Item" in column A and "Reference" in column B. For each change of item, I need to assign a reference number with a prefix. Below is a sample of the data.

Column A Column B
Item Reference
Orange R9
Orange R9
Orange R9
Apple R10
Apple R10
Apple R10
Mango R11
Mango R11

The starting reference number is not fixed. It could start from 8 or 10.

Thought it would be possible to automate this process using vba.

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IF Function Formula Logic: For Every Increase Of Of Mhz, Give 25.00 Per 100 Increase
I have a test due in the morning, and I really need this question answered ASAP, if anyone could. I need to create an IF formula for this situation: the standard Mhz is 500. Give 55.00 for that standard. But for every increase of of Mhz, give 25.00 per 100 increase.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Increase Or Decrease The Number Of Decimals
Is there any keyboard shortcut to increase or decrease the number of decimals shown directly (I mean without having to use ctrl + 1... etc )

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Receipt Error
i want the values to come up without saying na and add up the total with only the values selected

problem = error comes up when values are entered, total only works when all the fields are filled in, i want it to work without all the fields having to be filled in


download the excel file to try fix

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User Select A Receipt # And Copy The Information
In the attached file, I want to have the user select a receipt # and have it copy the information, for that receipt from the log, to the receipt tab. Then I want it to print the receipt. The macros that are in the file already, were created before I added a column for Receipt No., and don't ask for user input. File is attached.

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Find Largest Invoice For Each Individual Identifying Code Number In The Table Without Using A Pivot Table
Data Table including-

List of Identifying Code Numbers for customer invoices

Multiple repetitions of individual Identifying Code Numbers in list

Various data in table range including Various Values of invoices from different dates for each repetion of Identifying Code Number.

- Wish to find largest invoice for each Individual Identifying Code Number in the table without using a pivot table.

i have tried combining Max and Large functions with Vlookups etc.

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How Increase Sheets Number+1 For All Sheets With Vba?
How increase Sheets number+1 for all Sheets with Vba?

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Receipt Date Needs To Be Subtracted From The PO Date
i have receipt date needs to be subtracted from the PO date.

PO CreateReceipt

ive already changed them to number format. then tried a1-b1 but i wont work. im getting value error. Cant use the add ins tool for now. fyi. any other formulas.

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Invoice Numbers
Been doing a lot of searching with no luck, I think this is a very easy fix I hope.

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Invoice Address Query
I'm using excel 2007.

I have a master invoice worksheet and a name/address worksheet within the same workbook.

I want to create a dropdown bar? in the invoice, to select a name and address to put into the invoice.

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Refresh Invoice Numbers
I have a invoice that I use, thanks to royUK is working pretty good now. I'm not sure if there is a code I can add too refresh my invoice counter. When I clear the page it moves up one number,now that I have two invoices in the same book it does not refresh the invoice number in the other invoice. royUk worked on this a lot yesterday and had some great ideas in cleaning it up. On my one day invoice he was able too give me a warning when I ran out of cells to input my marcos, but not sure how too do it in my two day because it has two pages. Their are so many helpful people here, I wish I could take them all too dinner.

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Macro To Select An Invoice
Testing to see if this works ( ignore the multi posts, forum had a problem )

I basically need a macro to select whats inside the blue border area and print it.

I plan to include a button next to each invoice so i can just click the button and have it print the adjacent invoice.

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Incremental Invoice Numbers
Is there a way to create incremental invoice numbers via a formula in excel every time it opens up?

I would like it to appear in a specific box "e5" on the spread sheet I have read a lot of info but I am lost I have no idea what vb is or how about editing it.

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Copy Of Invoice Using Macro
I m making invoices and daily i have to make around 100 invoices, every time i have to select/copy the latest invoice and paste it downwards (as attached).

kindly tell me a macro so that i can click on button and invoice# 02 (as highlighted & attached) should be pasted on the place where i will keep my Curser. It should be pasted on the place where i will keep curser.

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Trying To Make A Automatic Invoice
im trying to achieve is creating an microsoft word (or simalar) invoice from my excel spread sheet.

My current excel spreadsheet is set on a monthly basis. on it it has my customer list. I provide a service for people so at the end of that month i enter what type of service and who for and make a seperate invoice based on the calculations........ C#&P ive got no idea what im talking about

Im gonna make a fake formula and hopefully somone will understand what im trying to do, everything in these brakets { } is what im trying to do

={cell F6 (customers name)}({send the info in this cell (customers name) to word temlate and insert into customers name section})

Good way to explain it is that i want excell to automaticly create a word invoice, and im guessing i need to have a word template for it.

I really hope someone understands what i am trying to do because at the end of the month it takes about 2 hrs to enter all the different info for the customers into my excel spread sheet and another 2 days to make all the invoices for each customer and it is only a matter of time before i make a simple mistake which could cost me thousands...

was told that words mail merge would work but it wont do what is required. Open to any and all sugestions

I also got told to steer clear of word cos excell can make a good invoice and it would be easier

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Move INVOICE To Other Worksheet
i have this at the moment:

in a sheet named CURRENT is all our data.

when the jobs done the Satus Column "F" is changed to INVOICE
and then once a day or whenever they are all moved to a new sheet named the month and year, in this case JUN 09 this works fine as it is but at the moment i have to delete the lines myself from where it took the data from in CURRENT or AtoZ then remove them in 1 go.

Simply put, i want the code to remove these lines itself....

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Automatic Invoice Creation
I need a macro to copy the data from the rows in Sheet3 into a specific place on "Sheet2" (Column "C" to E10 on Sheet2, D to E11, Q to E12, R to M12, S to T12, G to Y26, H to AF29, M to AF30, N to AF32, and lastly the current date to AC10) then rename the sheet to the Value of "E10" on that sheet then Copy that sheet to a new workbook and then clear the data on "Sheet2" so that only the information that was on the sheet before the data transfer is left and reset the name back to the original. My problem is i'm going to need this macro to do this for every row of data (Customer) that is in my list range of B10:R2114. So i'm looking for maybe a macro that loops an amount of times equal to the counts of data in the address range


I have a macro that Creates a new workbook (which you name and place, which is good) and then copies a specified sheet over to the new workbook. I hope I wasn't to convoluted in what I'm trying to accomplish. heres the current macro I'm working with.

Sub copySht()
'declare the variables
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim fName
With Application
'prevent unnecessary error messages
.DisplayAlerts = False
'switch off screen updating to speed up code and prevent screen flickering
.ScreenUpdating = False

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Two Invoice Forms: How Can Excel Know Which One To Choose?
I am using vlookup functions to print out invoices from ONE invoice form. Each of my clients has been given an ID number. To print, I am using a code that goes through a dropdown list containing ID numbers of all my clients located in cell J3 and prints out only invoices of stores that placed an order (invoice where total in cell P14 is >0).
Here is the
Sub Print_Invoice()

Dim rCell As Range

With ActiveSheet 'change to relevant sheet name if you want to execute macro from another sheet

ForEach rCell In .Range("A2:A10")
.Range("J3").Value = rCell.Value: Calculate
If .Range("P14").Value > 0 Then .PrintOut
Next rCell


Because of specific requirements of some stores I had to create a SECOND invoice form especially designed for a few stores only. How can I change the code above so Excel will know which form should be used for which store? I am thinking about “playing” with ID numbers.
Please note that each store has a unique ID number from 100 to 999.
Route 1 includes stores with ID number from 101 to 199. Route 2 includes stores with ID number from 201 to 299, and so on…
Stores requiring the second type of invoice have been given an ID number from 180 to 199 (for route 1), from 280 to 299 (for route 2), and so on…

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Selecting A Month To Calculate Invoice
Ive created an invoice. The data is being entered on the previous sheet & then this invoice reads the data from the previous sheet through the formulas as shown below. The data that is entered, is entered contineusly everyday, so the invoice calculates the amounts from the entire data input sheet. I need to add some controll to the invoice where I can select a starting date & an ending date, and then the amounts must be calculated on the invoice according to the selected dates.

27 Qauntity: Cost: Amount:
28 55 R 185.00 R 10,175
30 Net amount: R 10,175
31 Vat: R 1,424.50
32 Amount Due: R 11,599.50

[Table-It] version 09 by Erik Van Geit

RANGE FORMULA (1st cell)
H28 =SUM(Divenic!G5:G5004)
J28 =SUM(H28*I28)
J30 =J28
J31 =J30*0.14
J32 =J30+J31

[Table-It] version 09 by Erik Van Geit

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Incrementing Invoice Numbers Using Macros
I currently have a project i am working on based on a invoice system and in my case it is to do with Van rentals. what i am looking to do is create a macro so that when the user clicks the order van button, it brings them to the order page and automatically creates an invoice number which is automatically added to the invoice database along with the customers details and the date of the invoice in a different sheet.

i have been browsing various forums and tutorial and have come across an a piece of code that is incrementing numbers each time the button is clicked. I can add the first set of details to the invoice database however i am unable to create a new row which copies the formulas and just change the invoice number as it is incremented - it just copies the same number

Now i am a complete novice in using VB and i have knowledge to an extent using excel. Is it possible to do that?

Sub test()
' test Macro
Sheets("Invoice List").Visible = True
Sheets("Customer Menu").Select
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Visible = False
Sheets("Customer Van Order Form").Visible = True
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-12
Sheets("Invoice List").Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Customer Van Order Form'!R[7]C[6]:R[7]C[7]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Customer Van Order Form'!R[7]C[6]"

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Sorting Imported Data By Invoice
I have imported some files in to excel. I have attached the test document to give you an example of exactly what Im working with. Here is what I need to do.

1) On a separate worksheet I need to sort out the data by invoice number (Column E).

In the example I have on the worksheet titled "Main" I have listed what I would like it to look like. The purpose of this is that I don't want any spaces in rows. I just want a long list of invoice numbers and their information (Including the project number & customer on all rows). In long story short I want to erase all the information from A18:A25, and add project number and customer name to all the correlated invoice numbers. The way I think I can do this is that the first 4 digits of the invoice numbers are the same if their in the same project.

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Text To Numbers :: Invoice From A Web Page
I would like to be able to copy an invoice from a web page, paste it into Excel and then run a macro on it that will strip away all unwanted lines. That much I have gotten fine. Obviously, part of this invoice is numbers (Qty, Unit Cost, Total Cost, etc.) but when my macro is complete these numbers are all stored as text.

What steps would I need to add to convert these numbers to numbers? I would like for this to all happen within the macro. This completed spreadsheet would then be linked to a table in Access where calculations will need to be performed.

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Auto-fill Informtion Using Invoice
I have an invoice I use for my business. I want to be able to type in the sku # and then have the description and price fill in automatically. The invoice already calculates the total retail price based on the number ordered, tax, S&H and discount level. It then gives you total due for items bought. Getting the invoice this far was a miracle for me, but I get tired of retyping all the info now that sales are picking up. I have attached a copy of my invoice file.

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Color Row Of Overdue Invoice Dates
I'm trying to build up a spreadsheet with the info below to follow up the due and overdue invoices. My point is to highlight the whole row for an unpaid invoice at the due date.
Here's the basic structure of the document:
A colum: invoice ref
B : name of customer
C : Invoice date
D : Due date
E and F: Amount in EUR and USD
G : Paid (Yes/No)

1. I'd like to highlight the whole row in red when the invoice is due/overdue AND unpaid (G = No). That means 2 conditions.
2. When invoices are paid (when G = Yes), the row should be green.
3. Highlight the whole row in orange when the invoice is unpaid and due in 10 days.

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Macro To Print The Invoice Worksheet
I made a macro to print the Invoice worksheet and I added a button to run the macro but I don't think I did it correctly.

Sub Print_Invoice()
Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

This is the information I used for the command button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

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Filling Invoice From Product Data When Price Goes Up
I have a worksheet that contains data on products including prices and I want to use that worksheet to fill out an invoice for every sale of those products. I know how to make the list/table dynamic and varify the data to "list", then use VLOOKUP to get the price to appear, but what I'd like to know is how to overcome the problem that will arise when a product's price has to change. Eg. if on 1/1/10 the price of product A rises from £15 to £20, how do I ensure that 2009 invoices do not change when I update/edit the price, but that the current price goes up? So far, the only thing I can think of doing is to create another product, but there are several other bits of data about each product on the worksheet which will not change (weight, height, width, supplier etc), so I don't really want to have to duplicate the unchanging bits and also leaving the productA with the old price in the list may lead to accidentally selecting the old price. What do you think? Is there a way of maybe fixing the price to date or something?

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Lookup Process For My Address Part Of My Invoice
I'm trying to create a lookup process for my address part of my invoice, I want it so when I enter the first address it automatically looks up and enters the rest of the information (Title, Name etc.) I've been trying to do this with vlookup and I can't seem to get it to work. I'm just getting #Ref! returned.

My address 'database' (list of addresses etc) are on a seperate sheet to the Invoice.

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Return Each Entry For The Same Customer Into The Automated Invoice
I have a set of data which is the total monthly sales whereby each customer has several entries.

I have created an automated invoice through a vlookup system, yet i encounter the problem that i need to return each entry for the same customer into the automated invoice. But my vlookup will only return one entry for each customer as it is looking up the customer code and just brings back the first one it encounters, is there any way to bring back all entries for each client?

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VLookup- Invoice Data Extracted From SAP And The Other Is A Workbook
I have 2 Workbooks. One is invoice data extracted from SAP and the other is a workbook I have to send to the client (has about 10 worksheets containing 5-10 different branches in each worksheet). The layout of the one I send to the client can not change so I am trying to import the values form the 1st workbook (SAP) into the 2nd workbook. What I do now is copy the first 4 columns of data for each branch and paste it into the 2nd workbook.

I was playing with a VLookup formula but I don’t think that is the correct formula. I need the second workbook to be populated with all the invoice info (Number, Type, Date, Balance) that appears in the raw data workbook.

=VLOOKUP(H14,'[abcbank raw data sample.xls]Sheet1'!$A:$A+'[abcbank raw data sample.xls]Sheet1'!$A:$E,4)

H14 is the branch number on the client sheet (I cut the column containing the branch # on the raw data and inserted it before column A).

Raw Data From SAP

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Creating A Save Invoice Style Macro
I am still in the process of creating my Invoice, and now I want to add a proper save macro. I want to add a Macro button, which when clicked it copies that invoice sheet as it is and then places it at the end of the sheet tabs, so they're saved after the first 2 important parts of the invoice, and then saved in time order. If possible, i'd also like it to rename the invoice tab to the Customer's name/lastname IF Possible. I've attached the file so if someone fancys trying to do it for me, they can. I want these saved sheets to be seperate for each invoice/customer, and I want them to be in the same file as the invoice 'creator' it's self.

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Accumulate The Hours For An Invoice Period And Job Code Combination
My problem is that I have a worksheet tab (RawTimeSheetData) which contains a whole series of week/timecode values for a range of people.

I want to accumulate the hours for an invoice period / job code combination. As an example in the tab InvoicePeriodSummaryTimes cell D6 i want to sum all the hours from RawTimeSheetData where both cells A6 & B6 from InvoicePeriod tab = cells D6 & E6 from the rawdata tab.

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Invoice Templates To Copy The Names And Addresses From Them To Another Worksheet
I'm trying to figure out a way to get my invoice templates to copy the names and addresses from them to another worksheet to form a customer database if you will.

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Code 'To Invoice' Copy The Filtered List, And Paste On Sheet
I have recorded a macro to filter data on sheet 'To Invoice' copy the filtered list, and paste on sheet 'Invoice' in C16.

The code just keeps looping (not looping in a code sense, it just seems to keep flickering the screen like its going over & over) until it locks up 5-10 seconds-ish and then I have to re-start Excel.

The range B2:E22 is not always populated, it could possibly be B2:E2 (one row), I dont know how to copy the exact data so I expanded the range to what I think would capture any eventuality....

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Code For Moving Data From Row To Template Invoice Format - My Worst Nightmare
I’m looking to create an invoice-type format from data in a row but only when the client requests it.

So, if there is a Y in column R. i.e. the client wants an invoice format then.

I have been given a “template” format by the team manager that I have to use. Its far from ideal, well for me anyway, for moving things around and I’m struggling to get anywhere with it.

I’m trying to take the data from the row in the source / client worksheet, which will be created via a code from here, and transpose it to a copy of the “template” worksheet which sits within the same workbook. This is made more complicated because in some cases the data for the invoice will be in two or more rows, because there will be a few items on the same invoice, but they will still be on the same worksheet.

The source / client worksheet has data from columns A to T with a header in row 1.

The details will need to be transposed from the relevant row from each column to the “template” worksheet as follows
From column in source / client worksheet To cell in copy template worksheet.

From - To

This is where it gets messy, or more messy should I say


For each of the six sections M to N above there may be more than one relevant items which will be on rows 3 onwards of the source /client worksheet.
So, ideally I’m guessing based on if there is data in column A of the source / client worksheet then M to N above will need to copied downwards, i.e. below itself on the template worksheet say from column A and B rows 33-45 copied to A and B rows 47-59 until all the data is copied over.

Blinking eck ... this is a nightmare… a real nightmare. This more than one section above is really bad… I’m at a complete loss.

Although if its really not possible they may have to have another template worksheet with the second, third etc items on as I just can’t see this working.

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Lookup Invoice Numbers From A Raw Data File With ~5,000 Line Items On A Daily Basis
I have a spreadsheet, in which I need to lookup invoice numbers from a raw data file with ~5,000 line items on a daily basis. The lookup is based on two criteria searches (1) search product type (2) search product make. In this example, I have 4 product types:

1 – car
2 – truck
3 – boat
4 – motorcycle

For this example I want to search invoices; (1) first search for cars only (2) search for product make. In my attached example, the first item (cell E2) would return invoice number 7147875-FRD from the raw data file. The second item (cell E3) would return invoice number 7147877-NSN.

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