Lookup Date And Return Specific Cell Value From A Range

Jan 31, 2014

I have a table that has a number of new starters and corresponding appointments offered, what I originally required was to lookup the chronological date after the new start date.

However this has now been scuppered by my boss who has requested that not only lookup the date, but also add who the appointment is with, but if I do this the first array formula stops working and to tell the trust I'm not to sure how to do it anyway.

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Lookup Within Date Range And Return Value

Jan 14, 2013

I have a four columns, one with created date, one with proposed date, one with a name and one with a dollar amount, I want a formula that will look at the two columns with dates and report back based on the name, the total dollars of each line where the dates are prior to today.

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Lookup Nth Occurrence Of Date & Return Adjacent Cell

Jun 5, 2008

I have a list of dates in column AF. I would like to retrieve a value from the 2nd occurrence of a date, so I used the function for the Nth Occurrence on this website as follows:

Function Nth_Occurrence(range_look As Range, find_it As String, _
occurrence As Long, offset_row As Long, offset_col As Long)
Dim lCount As Long
Dim rFound As Range
Set rFound = range_look.Cells(1, 1)
For lCount = 1 To occurrence
Set rFound = range_look. Find(find_it, rFound, xlValues, xlWhole)
Next lCount
Nth_Occurrence = rFound.Offset(offset_row, offset_col)
End Function

The excel formula I am using is as follows: =Nth_Occurrence(AF2:AF622,AE2,2,0,1)
Where AE2 is the date I am looking up. My question is this: When I put in a date ("1/12/2007") instead of AE2, i get the correct value. I tried giving AE2 and the AF column the same date formatting (3/14/2001), but this doesn't work. The date I am searching for also changes, so I cannot just type the date into the excel formula.

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Lookup Cell And Return A Range Of Cells

Jun 9, 2008

I have data inputted into cells a-o in rows 1-250. I want to search, lets say row 1, (I do want to search all 250 rows if that info is relevant!) and if cell m is blank then I want to return all the info from row 1 into row 260. If there IS data in cell m then I want to return nothing. Bottom line I want to return all the data in all the rows that contains nothing in cell m.

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Return Value Of Specific Date That Is On The Calendar Into Respective Cell?

Dec 14, 2013

Basically, it is a scheduling of approving or rejecting of request dates. whereby, i will receive the request dates from Google doc form and then i will extract the data from web into the excel. The data i receive will include the ID, Date request and Remarks.

With the Information in hand, the data will then be "plot" into a schedule (which is a year calender that i have created on excel) base on the ID requested from the web and the ID in the excel.

After plotting, i also want to check if the number requested date exceed the quota set PER DAY, if it exceed, then i have to reject, if its not then approve.

So here comes the problem.. After all the dates have reflected on the calender, I want to get the information from the calender result(which is whether the date is approve or reject) back on to respective ID and Dates requested.

I have attached a example excel for clearer view of my explanation.

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Formula To Return Specific Value If Cell Falls Within Range

Apr 6, 2012

I am looking for a formula that will enable me to determine which one out of five thresholds a percentage falls within and the retuns a specific value for the corresponding threshold. Here is an example of the data (only showing three thresholds):

1 ___0.0%_____50%_____$5.00
2 ___51%______75%_____$15.00
3 ___76%_____100% ____$25.00

Where the values in A1 and B1 are the low and high ends of one range. I would like the formula to determine which range the value falls within and return the value in collumn C (C1 for the A1:B1 range).

I can do this using multiple 'if' statements, but am looking for a much more streamlined way to determine the proper value in column C.

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Return Cell Address That Falls Within A Range Of A Custom Lookup Function

Jul 3, 2009

I am performing a lookup using the populare user defined function nlookup, which does not take a lookuparray argument to find lookup values. But I only want to return lookup values that fall into a certain array. To accomplish this, I figured out that I need a way to specify a condition of the type "if cell address of lookup value falls within range"

It should be possible if I find a way to return the cell address of the nlookup value, but as nlookup is not limited by a lookuparray argument, so I was not able to use the address/index/match that come up in similar questions.

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Sumif Return The Specific Value Based On The Lookup

Sep 21, 2009

I have attached an example. I am wondering how I can get [K2] to return the value 501 based on the lookup.

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Lookup 2 Criteria And Return Info In Specific Column

Feb 8, 2008

I've got a database that is sorted by date...

I need a formula that will look for 2 criteria and once it finds those 2 matching criteria, I need it to return the information on that line that's in column 6, let's say.

so in one column I have the date, the next column I have the sales persons name, 4 columns over I have their order number.

In cell a1 of worksheet 1, I have a drop down ready that has all my sales persons listed. In cell a2 I will manually enter the date that I need to reference.

I need the formula to then look for cell a1 and a2 in worksheet 2 where I have my spreadsheet with the info I mentioned above, match that criterium in worksheet 2, and return the info in column 6.

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Lookup Specific Text From Same Date

May 19, 2014

Basically i have date in col A, Name in col B and Status in col C.

Let say A2 & A3 are both 1 Jan 2014, B2 & B3 are both "exam 1", C2 is "success", c3 is "failed"

Is there any where to add helper column so in row A2 : C2 mark with "blank" and A3:C3 mark with "yes"

So then when i pivot it ..i can add the helper column as criteria and choose "yes".

I attached sample file here [URL] ..

Just click download on that site and you can save or open the data.

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Lookup Last Date For Class With Specific Criteria?

Jul 26, 2013

I manage a list of web-based classes offered by my company - each class name, date, time, and attendance is recorded in the list. Periodically, we send out marketing emails for these classes to promote attendance, which is also recorded in the list.

Issue: I have a summary list of the class names (where each class is only listed once) and I'm trying to come up with a formula that will pull the class date for the last time that course was marketed.

I have attached an example of what I am trying to do - using colors instead of class names. The last date marketed for each color is already hard-keyed into the summary to show what should be there.

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Two Columns - Lookup Rate Corresponding To Specific Date

Jan 30, 2012

I have 2 cols of dates; col1 effective from, col2 effective to. In col c i have a list of corresponding rates. How can i look up the rate corresponding to a specific date. I've tried lookups and matching formulas but not working.

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Function To Sort A Range By The Values In A Specific Column And Return The Range

Mar 25, 2009

I was just recently forced to create my first UDF and after how well it worked I now am very interested in learning more. I am trying to create a function to sort a range by the values in a specific column and return the range. I know this should be really simple but for some reason my code dies whenever it gets to my inner-most loop. I need to use this in a larger function but for now this is my only question. I did find that Excel 2007 has built in Functions for this but my company still uses 2003.

Public Function SortRange(rngToSort As Range, valCol As Integer)
Dim Swapper As Variant
Dim i As Integer, _
j As Integer, _
k As Integer

For i = 1 To rngToSort.Rows.Count
For j = 1 To rngToSort.Rows.Count - i
If rngToSort(j + 1, valCol) < rngToSort(j, valCol) Then
For k = 1 To rngToSort.Columns.Count
Swapper = rngToSort(j, k)
rngToSort(j, k) = rngToSort(j + 1, k)
rngToSort(j + 1, k) = Swapper
Next k
End If
Next j
Next i
SortRange = rngToSort
End Function

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Lookup Date And Ticker And Return Price

Dec 4, 2012

What I need is a formula that finds the ticker (actually it is a CRSP permanent number) and the date in Sheet 1 and returns the price in Sheet 2 (cell B2 etc.), and if no price is available, return 0.

I have attached a shrinked example (the actual dataset contains more than 150.000 observations). example.xlsx

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Lookup Value Within Range And Return Another Value

Jan 4, 2014

I have a list of names in sheet1 column A and 3 more list of names on sheet2, sheet3 and sheet3. What I'm trying to do is find a match for each name on sheet1 column A on the other sheets and depending on which sheet it was found, I need a specific value returned to sheet1 column B.

For example, if A1 was found on sheet2, then on B1 I would need to return the value "Morning" but if it was found on sheet3, then I need the value "Afternoon" and if found on sheet3 I need the value "evening" returned to B1 and then the same for every other name on the list found on sheet1 column A.

What I tried was this.

This goes in Sheet1 B1 (then I would drag it down to search for the rest)

"Afternoon", IF(AND(MATCH(A1,'sheet4'!$E:$E,0)),"Evening","Un-assigned"))

Now the problem with this is that it only works if there is a match on sheet2 but if there is no match, it just returns "N/A" and it does not move on to sheet3 and/or sheet4.

I also tried with vLOOKUP instead of MATCH and the same thing happens.

I also tried this and the only thing I get is "Un-Assigned"


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Lookup And Return Range

May 11, 2007

I am trying to display part of a worksheets new sheet based on some criteria. I have a worksheet with a list. I have a date field in the list. I need to breakup the into several sheets based on the dates. I want all of items in the list with a February date put onto a tab titled February and all items on the list with a March date on a tab titled March. I haven't been able to find a funtion or code that will do this. The new tabs don't have to be created through automation. i can create those manually. i am looking for a formula or possible code to put on the new sheets that will look up and return specific rows from the main worksheet with the master list. i attached a sample of my worksheet. I need to search by Column O titled Date of Next Review.

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Lookup Date In Column And Finding Specific Text Value Row And Clear

May 10, 2014

I have a userform where the user will identify a record to delete. I need to search another worksheet (Month) for the event's name which is associated a date. Once it finds this event's name I need to clear the contents of that cell.

Here is the code I am using for the record deletion from the 'Data" worksheet. I need to also locate and clear the cell as stated above.

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How To Return Data With Specific Date In Macro

Jun 1, 2014

I have my tracking data sheet in my master file.

I wish to create a macro code to only retrieve the data on the file last modified date with the specific date.

For example like this :

I wish when I click on the List button, it will pull out the file that is from 28/5/2014 till 30/5/2014 which I have input in B6:B7

I have my code like this but it will pull out all the file in the folder:

Dim iRow

Sub list()
iRow = 11
Call ListMyFiles(Range("C4"), Range("C5"))
End Sub

Sub ListMyFiles(mySourcePath, IncludeSubfolders)

[Code] ........

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Return A Lookup Value Based On A Range Of Options?

Jul 13, 2013

I have used the below formula which works in a standard cell, however I would like to have this is a VBA code using the Target.Offset option, however I can not get this to work. There may also be a better way of doing this.

The code is looking to see if the 1st cell (A118) is empty or not, if it is empty do nothing otherwise it then looks up the value in the 2nd cell (B118) and assigs the appropriate name from the range values.

=If(A118="","",LOOKUP(B118,{0,0;0,"";1,"Main Bank";71,"PFS";80,"Main Bank";106,"Dry Clean / Photo";112,"SCO";141,"Cafe";168,""}))

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Look-up Text From List Then Lookup Its Return From Range

Aug 13, 2008

(1) I've created a list in A2, which looks up F1:F27. I'd like to place an IF or Vlookup function in B2, that returns the corresponding cell from range G1:G27 based on selection in A2.

(2) Also, is it possible to include the fill coulour based on selections in A2 and B2?

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Return Date Value Once Widgets Reaches Specific Quantity

Jun 15, 2012

I have a list:

Item Code - Description - Quantity - Date
02099 - Blue Widgets - 500 - Jul 1
02099 - Blue Widgets - 200 - Jul 2
02099 - Blue Widgets - 300 - Jul 5
02099 - Blue Widgets - 500 - Jul 9

What formula can I use that returns the date (Jul 5) once the Widgets reaches 1,000 pcs?

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Return Array Index Number For Specific Date

Jun 14, 2008

I looking for a macro which will help to open a file with current week number in name.

The problem is week 1 is starting on 30/03/2008 (finacial year) and ends on 28/03/2009.

I've made two dimensional array (week number, weekday) with all the dates from that period.

I have problem with code to search through the array for given key, return index and write it into variables.

For now my code looks like:

Sub week()

Dim i As Long
Dim j As Long
Dim k As Long

Dim week(51, 6) As String

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Formula For Determining If Two Date Columns Fall Within Specific Date Range

Apr 21, 2006

Let's say I have thousands of employees, but I need to determine who worked for me during a particular date range, and all I have to go on is their start date in one column and their end date in another column.


A1 contains beginning date of employment
B1 contains ending date of employment
C1 contains specified beginning date (criteria)
D1 contains specified ending date (criteria)

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Lookup Value In Array - Where Found Multiple Times Return Closest Prior Date

Mar 13, 2014

I have a list of ID Numbers and Dates. Let's call this "List 1".

I also have a second list "List 2" which also contains a list of ID Numbers and Dates as well as a third column for Rating.

I am trying to extract the Rating for each ID Number from List 2 and display in List 1. The problem is that the Rating can change with time, so List 2 contains several different Date and Rating values for the same ID Number.

What I need to do is lookup the ID Number from List 1 and return from List 2, for that ID Number, the Rating at the closest date prior to the date for that ID Number in List 1. Example below:

List 1
List 2

ID Number


[Code] ..........

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Compare Dates To Date Range & Return Date Based On Outcome

Jul 1, 2008

I need to compare three cells of random dates shown in Column E, F,& G with Row's H5:AK5, H7:AK7, H9:AK7 (the Dates to these rows is Static on row H3:AK3.) EX: ROW 5 has Start Date, End Date (1) and End Date (2). Compare Cell H3 between Start Date & End Date (1). If H3 falls between or equal to Start and End Date(1) then highlight cell H5. Proceed till AK3 (higlighting only the cells H5:AK5). Then compare cell H3 between or equal to End Date (1) and End Date (2) (higlighting only the cells H5:AK5). Then do the same for ROW 7 and ROW 9.

To make things a bit more difficult I need to have " WK#" in Row 14 (these WK# is on another tab called "Task" of the workbook) needs to be displayed in Row's H4:AK4, H6:AK6, & H8:AK8. EX: Compare Date in D15 between or equal to Start Date & End Date (1) then display Wk# in D14 in H4. Continue till all dates in
D15:Z15 are compared to Start Date & End Date (1) and WK#'s in Row D14:Z14 are inputted if applicable in Row H4:AK4, H6:AK6, H8:AK8. I hope this is not confusing. I can't seem to use the upload option so here is alink to download a jpg of the sheet

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Lookup With Multiple Criteria: Return The Amount Paid And Full Cost Based On The Person's Name And The Date

Apr 21, 2006

I would like a lookup that takes multiple criteria and that is not an array formula! Unfortunately I decided to use array formulae and my spreadsheet went to over 45mb!! Not good. I've searched the forum for an answer to my questions but couldn't find any! I've attached a spreadsheet as an example. The examples I am using have {Sum(IF)} formulae in it (array) and I would like to change those to others that will not increase the file size so much and will not take too long to calculate.

Basically, I would like a lookup that will return me the Amount Paid and Full Cost based on the person's name and the date. the data and the results table are both on separate sheets. It would be nice to bring that file's size back down to less than 4mb!!

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Excel 2010 :: Return Min Date In Range Where Adjacent Range Is Blank?

Feb 7, 2014

I am working in excel 2010. I have a tracking document that lists free tickets and their expiry dates. In the adjacent columns we track redemption details of these free tickets. What I want to do is return the oldest expiration date from A only if the ticket has not been used (i.e. B is empty). This will allow me to see the date the upcoming tickets about to expire so we can make sure they are used.

Expiry Date________Redeemed by

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Return Value Of Lookup Cell

Nov 15, 2006

i have a little problem regarding look/ find/search procedure.

i dont know what exactly the term of this.

anyway i have attached an .xls file for your perusal.

- i want to search a value in a certain table and the return would be the value of index cell.

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Lookup Last Cell Containing X And Return Y

Jun 12, 2008

I understand how to set up a normal VLOOKUP, but I am not sure how to do the following: I am trying to set up a sheet that will find the last cell of a row containing "yes" and display the value of the cell at the top of that particular "yes" column. Maybe VLOOKUP is not the answer? I have attached an example of what i am trying to do.

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For EACH Cell In Specific Range Meeting Specific Criteria - Call Sub

Jul 1, 2014

Looking to have a macro call a subroutine every time it finds a cell meeting specific criteria.

Code in plain english would look like this:

For EACH cell in range A1:BZ500 meeting the following criteria:

Cell value is a date


Cell's date is at least a week or more in the future


Cell background (Fill) = RGB color code: (R:191 G:191 B:191)

DO the following:

Call repeatingsub

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